Sunday, August 28, 2011

When Darkness Comes

I used a gift token to Fantasiapelit brand of gaming stuff I got from Ropecon to buy a new game.

Eventually I chose the game "When Darkness Comes", mostly because it looked like it had miniatures as gaming pieces and it looked different enough from games I already own. And, heh, it has plenty of expansions up to date, and they're very affordable, too.

Obviously I haven't played it yet and only vaguely read the rules, but it looks like fun. It's "pseudo-roleplaying".

I mean, it's competitive game, only one player wins. But you're still a team, you can all always lose if you lose the scenario. And if one character bites the dust, it hurts the other characters permanently.

So there is a nice little tension between players. You can't win just by yourself, and not without other characters help, but if you sacrifice too much for others it's still game over...

Also, players got cellphones they can only use during their own turn.

So, players are encouraged to plan their actions and cooperation and trade for stuff and whatever, but only within the confines of cellphone's rules. I don't know if there are dead zones in the game, but it would be cool if there were. Oh, and if players are close enough they can just speak aloud, you don't need to call for a friend who's figuratively within arm's reach.

Anyway, I'm looking for a first game of When Darkness Comes.

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