Saturday, September 3, 2011

Epic Haley: The horror reveals itself to me

Today I played a 50 point game of Warmachine. I played again with Goreshade the Bastard and he was confronted by epic Haley.

We rolled a scenario, which was Destruction.

My list was:

Goreshade the Bastard
- Ripjaw
- Helldiver
- Nightmare
- Reaper

Full unit of Satyxis Raiders + Sea Witch
Two minimum units of Bile Thralls!
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall
Bane Lord Tartarus
Warwitch Siren
Satyxis Captain
Gorman diWulfe

And opponent had:

Epic Haley
- Thorn
- Hammersmith

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + Officer
Stormblades + Unit Attachment
Black 13th
Maximum unit of Swordknights
Arlan Strangewayes
Journeyman Warcaster
- Hunter

The khadoran warjacks there are destruction objectives.

Lancer represents Thorn, headless and armless plastic jack is the Hammersmith and Charger is trying to fit in the boots of Hunter.

Anyway, opponent won the starting roll and the picture is taken from the end of my first round.

Looking at it now it almost looks like nothing bad is going to happen. I had cast Shadowmancer. However, next turn:

Thorn ran forwards to negate my battlegroups stealth. Then Haley tried twice to cast a telekinesis on Nightmare but failed both rolls. It would almost have been better if the latter would have worked, as opponent changed plans and cast Domination on Reaper. Reaper then stomped about and killed Tartarus with a good damage roll.

Opponent then charged Reaper with Hammersmith but failed every single attack roll against Reapers back arc. A couple of sword knights did some serious damage then, though. But Reaper still had it's melee arm and cortex left intact.

Oh, and obviously Haley had used her feat, but until my own turn began I didn't realise how screwed I actually was.

Picture taken from the end of my turn looks this way:

I did next to nothing.

I had thinked epic Haley's feat to be a pulse-like effect. So that if I brought my Bane Thralls from my own feat and Helldiver that wasn't on table when Haley used her feat they wouldn't suffer from it.

Reading the Haleys card again was a harsh lesson. There was no loophole for navigating through her feat. So Goreshade didn't use his feat and Helldiver went back down to earth.

Gorman diWulfe did manage to throw Black Oil on Thorn, but it didn't really matter, as Thorn could walk into position.

Haley cast Time Bomb and Telekinesis around.

Time Bomb killed the necrotech and telekinesis moved Ripjaw near Thorn. Gorman diWulfe took two points of damage from time bomb. I need to write this down to continue the legacy of Gorman, the arm 12 model that always takes damage first, often multiple times during fight, until he dies.

Then swordknights killed what was left of Reaper (three damage boxes if memory serves) and Hammersmith charged time bombed Goreshade.

This is where I took another lesson. For some reason I read Deathwalkers stat card again. Somehow I had never noticed that Dark Restoration had been changed a lot from Mk1 rules. Until this day I had been playing Goreshade wrong, as Dark Restoration no longer places Goreshade on Deathwalker. Deathwalker just dies and Goreshade heals one damage point.

Goreshade was then promptly hammersmith'd.

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