Monday, September 26, 2011

Dual infected

All kinds of nasty things has happened lately. Obviously new field of study makes it difficult to be all social and energetic enough to go and arrange games. I've managed to paint a couple When Darkness Comes miniatures, though.

Last weekend I got rather ill, it's funny as I don't get sick very often. And now it just came and ravaged me in a couple of days. Today has been a day of hellish pain in my throat whenever I cough up, but otherwise I guess I'm good enough to get going next day.

Also, as I got infected, my laptop got infected too. If I had to guess, I got the infection from Tabletop Gaming News -website, that had apparently been hacked. I guess this is the main thing of my posting. Also, Privateer Press had closed its forums because of some security issues. Is there a big virtual attack going on against the miniature hobby? Heh. Probably not, more likely we're collateral damage.

Yet I'm a bit worried how I will manage to do some of my stuff I have made into some sort of a habit on the internet.

Anyway, both my laptop being under quarantine until I get to save personal files and reformat the whole thing and me being sick, it has given me a bit of free time on other stuff.

As I've been painting When Darkness Comes -miniatures I've also kept some terrain close by to add in details if the current palette makes it possible. Such multitasking usually feels like a horrible chore, but somehow today it felt like casual, nice, relaxing thing to do. Probably because the WDC playing pieces are less detailed than in actual miniature games, so you just add paint as you feel like it without stressing about some insane detail.

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