Games I Know I Have Played.

The longer I have been writing this blog, the more anxious I grow about the fact that despite its name, it can never have all the games in I have ever played.

This is almost as serious dilemma as "can't hug every cat".

To ease my pain, I decided to start writing up all the games I know I have played, and approximate on how many times.

So let's start! At least for now I'm restricting these so that I won't take into account games I played as a child or directly with children. But I reserve rights to change that at any point.

Miniature games:
Warhammer 40k 3rd-4th edition with Chaos Space Marines. Quite lots.
Warhammer Fantasy Battles 6th-7th edition with Skaven. Quite lots.
Mordheim with Skaven and Carnival of Chaos warbands. Quite a bit, actually.

Role Playing Games:
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3th - 3.5th edition, a few campaigns that were never finished.
Kill Puppies for Satan
My Life with Master
Big Eyes Small Mouths


Alias *shudder*
Anachronism, one game.
Carcassonne, tons of. The more expansions the merrier!
Chaos in the Old World, a few games, mostly with 3 players only.
Chess, duh.
Elasund, somewhat.
Go. Less than five games.
Get to the chopper! Two games.
Magic: The Gathering. Quite a bit when I had those.
Mesopotamia, somewhat.
Munchkin, somewhat.
Once Upon A Time + Grim Tales. A little.
Primordial Soup. One game.
Race for the Galaxy, somewhat. Solitaire once.
Samurai. One game.
Space Crusade. A little.
Space Hulk (new edition). One game.
Trivial Pursuit. You just can't avoid that one well enough.
Yatzy. Sometimes you just get into these situations.

Throw a Pig. Not sure if translates such, or if there even if a translation.
Star of Africa. Again not sure if it's been translated anywhere.
Jaloviinan Tähti. A modification of the above.

... that weird Cthulhu race card game
... that very Talisman-like game at that one convention. Probably Runebound or Descent.
... whatever that Slack -themed card game ever was?

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