Tuesday, March 28, 2023

My threat assessment ain't working no more

 A 50 point game of Warmachine.

My list:

Orgoth Sea Raiders
Kishtaar with Death March and Hex Blast
-Tyrant with Relentless Charge, Harpoon and Ripper
-Jackal with Arc Node, Flamethrower and Assault Shield
Ulkor Barragers
Assault Reavers with Standard
Strike Reavers
Reaver Commander

Opponent had:
Cygnar Storm Legion
Major Anson Wolfe with uh, spells

- 2x Coursers with Dodge, Voltaic Spear and Electrified Shield
- Stryker with Relentless Charge, Voltaic Halberd and Stormblazer Cannon
2x Stormguard Legionnaires

Scenario was a Mk4 steamroller scenario.

Opponent advanced with a unit and a solo on both flanks, and battlegroup in the middle as is optimal in this scenario. 

We had a sprawling fog bank in the middle that slowly dissipated as time went on.

I had Strike Reavers and Commander on left against Anson's Eiryss and Stormguard. On right I got standardized Assault Reavers with Ulkors nearby wondering what to do. 

Tyrant ran behind objective, and Jackal ran so that Kishtaar was able to cast Death March on Assault Reavers.

I had played eyeless sight on Strike Reavers to get Eiryss, but even with a re-roll 11 was a stretch. Stealth went on Assault Reavers.

Second turn opponent had pathfinder card at their disposal, which resulted in a Stormguard unit charging Assault Reavers. Three Reavers died. 

Eiryss shoots one Strike Reaver, and that was it for the casualties that turn. Cygnaran warjacks advanced cautiously behind fog.

But one of the fog templates got removed on my turn, Kishtaar walked to have her toe in center zone and used feat. And damn was that feat brutal with Tyrant. Entire Courser was dismantled in one activation.

Assault Reavers killed a bunch of Stormguard, and Jackal came to spray what was left of them. But even with feat only one target out of two died.

Strike Reavers managed to shoot one Stormguard on the left, but were at least protected by Set Defense. Ulkors were just picking their nose and doing armpit noises because fog was blocking line of sight to anything useful.

But yeah, Malifaux is definitely having and effect on my Warmachine play. I mean, the distance between Kishtaar and Stryker looked great enough not to worry. But with Energizer it was easy 11". After Eiryss shot Kishtaar's focus points away and dealt seven boxes of damage on top of it, it was only a matter of Stryker hitting Kishtaar.

And it did.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Interesting Conversation

 Did a Malifaux demo with my usual setup of Sebastian, Flesh Construct and 2x Guild Autopsy vs Philip & Nanny, Shikome and 2x Crooligans.

I don't know if it gave the wrong impression about the lethality of this game when Guild Autopsy Red Jokered Crooligan to death on very first shot opponent ever did. Uh oh.

At least Flesh Construct didn't do much to Shikome that had sailed full speed ahead to get to enemy deployment zone,, but then again Shikome was able to kill it with her activation. 

Models were dropping so fast in this game that when it was turn four I only had Philip & Nanny left on board. They had managed to score Breakthrough, but other than that I had only one point from strategy while opponent had three.

I could have tried to prolong the game and try to get Breakthrough end condition, but since it was demo game I decided to try something a little more exciting. Philip & Nanny charged Guild Autopsy, scored Accidental Roll Over and went to ask one more question from another Guild Autopsy that had one health left. 

Guild Autopsy just couldn't handle that question and died. 

But Philip & Nannys conversations weren't boring enough this time, as Sebastian could easily remove the remainder of their hit points. In fact a little too efficiently, when Philip & Nanny died to one hit when they had five health remaining - opponent had Assassinate for scheme. 

Opponent seemed to enjoy the game and soon enough this city may get Lady Justice within their ranks.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Slapsticking and Spitting

 A 50ss game of Malifaux on Vassal.

Strategy: Wedge Cursed Objects

Scheme pool: Spread Them Out, Load 'Em Up, Set the Trap, Leave Your Mark, Public Demonstration

My list:

Hamelin, the Piper & 3x Chosen
Benny Wolcomb
Catalan Brawler
Obedient Wretch
Rat Catcher
Malifaux Rat

Pool: 5
Schemes: Set the Trap, Leave Your Mark

Opponent had:

Charles Hoffman & Mechanical Attendant
Melissa K.O.R.E
Guild Steward
2x Hunter
2x Watcher

Pool: 3
Schemes: Spread Them Out, Load 'Em Up

Turn 1:

Hamelin starts to slowly build up Benny's rat machine with Rat Catcher and Obedient Wretch. I get a little anxious over the well-being of Hans, so Catalan Brawler walks to him and plants a scheme marker. So, instead of Hans, a Hunter attacks Catalan Brawler. 

Nix walks and charges the activated Hunter and deals a one point of damage, which wasn't much, but at least the activation ended with three blight tokens on the enemy.

Another Hunter kept shooting without hitting anything, so northern portion of the turn was safe-ish.

A big blob of robotic menace is advancing in the middle. Mechanical Attendant, Hoffman, Melissa, Guardian and even Guild Steward were all there. I was especially afraid of Melissa, but Hans managed to shoot some slowness into her. But still, I couldn't do Rat King shenanigans before she had activated. 

Hamelin had placed two more scheme markers with Obey via Obedient Wretch and Rat Catcher, so there were four scheme markers. Finally Melissa activated and shot Rat Catcher a bit. Bonus action grenades, however, did two damage to Obedient Wretch and Hamelin himself.

Both Watchers were almost hugging the table edges up and down, which kind of looked like Spread Them Out, or possibly Load 'Em Up.

Benny managed to do a Rat King just fine, and a Stolen threw up two damage in to Hunter that was engaged by Nix. 

Turn 2:

Then came the second turn where nothing seemed to work. At least in some important places it felt the same for opponent. But not for the first activation, no.

Melissa opens salvo, and kills Rat Catcher and deals again two points in to Obedient Wretch and Hamelin with grenades. 

Since Hunter was free to roam because of Deadly Pursuit movements, Nix re-engaged and didn't really achieve anything, except for a blight token with Drink Spirit.

Hunter jumps on Nix's chest and heaves him close to center point and starts shooting with great success. I was losing soulstones fast from just trying to keep Nix alive. 

That Injured +1 from Pounce On Chest had me worrying for the safety of that dog, so Catalan Brawled walks and schemes for safety measure.

But then another Hunter manages to pounce on the dog's incorporeal chest, getting that Injured to +2. I'm ready to kiss Nix goodbye when even Hoffman joins the dog beating club, but miraculously Nix kept surviving. Sure, it took all good cards from my hand and 60% of my soulstones but still he was living up to his name as one of the more annoying pieces.

Hans took a double shot at Watcher on top that had spawned a scheme marker, but failed to kill. But no worries, Hamelin can always obey him for an extra shot.

Rat King had to charge Guardian to tie up enemy, and surely enough gnaws off three points of health from the Guardian as well as slowing it. Guild Steward and Guardian attacked Rat King, reducing it to only three health remaining. 

But that Hunter, though. The one who already had five blight tokens. With it's low willpower of four it had already passed Wp attack stat 6 melee attack and Bleeding Disease from Nix. Obedient Wretch escaped the spot that had such forecast of shrapnel and used Bleeding Disease on the Hunter. Still, nope.

But then a line of kids started vomiting over Hunter, and every single of those spits hit the target, dealing one point of damage each, killing Hunter. Six out of seven damage points had come from children's stomach acids. Go figure. Damn shame the Hunter did not have Cursed Object, though. 

I'm breaking turn order a little here, because Benny runs off to a Hill. He takes a shot at Watcher, missing it but still starting a chase sequence. Next turn Watcher walks to place a scheme marker, while Benny is running behind the robot bat, hitting it with a rat or something. Next turn Watcher disengages, moves as far away as possible. Benny eats the Watcher's scheme marker and continues the chase, all the while missing his attacks or doing just one one point of damage. This continued until the very last turn, where Benny finally dismantled the thing. But... I mean. Yeah, that just happened.

In the end, I didn't get strategy point this round. Hamelin just couldn't obey Hans even when he concentrated first. But at least with a soulstone he was able to interact with Melissa to get a scheme marker for Set the Trap.

Scores go 1-2 for Outcasts. Guild got strategy and Outcasts scored both schemes.

Turn 3:

Guild wins initiative and starts again beating poor Nix. Opponent seemed to have a ridiculously good hand, but fortunately mine wasn't too shabby either - at least I got the Red Joker. I managed to save Nix from Hoffman, but it took all of my good cards away again.

Nix activated to heal, and while his attacks did pretty much nothing (those Hunters were still winning against stat 6 attacks vs their wp 4), but at least he got enough going on that he survived the remaining Hunter.

The dog was in a poor shape, though, so instead of Condor Security shenanigans Catalan Brawler decided to place a scheme marker and charge Melissa, not really doing anything. 

Guardian mauled Catalan Brawler, bringing him down to two health remaining. 

And Hans, oh, Hans... what to do with you. That's already four attacks against a weak four point minion without much of a result.

Watchers were spamming scheme markers, and Benny was doing the slapstick thing.

Melissa managed to kill Catalan Brawler, and Guild Steward and Mechanical Attendant healed whatever damage I could scratch on Melissa's armor.

It was looking real bad, but Obedient Wretch managed to land Analyze Weakness on Hunter, and even got in a Bleeding Disease. Stolen kids started doing what sixth graders do best and spat another Hunter dead. 

I got a list with a sniper par excellence, a rough bodyguard and a merciless gangster, even a spectral ghost hound and none of them had done a thing. But a line of vomiting kids, yeah, Guild, watch out!

Guild caught me by surprise by revealing Load 'Em Up on scheme markers. I had not considered that your own scheme markers also count for that... Whoops.

Scores draw 3-3... or so we thought. Actually opponent could have also revealed Spread Them Out, but my initial reading of the scheme lead me to think that the six markers needed to be on board at the real end end of the turn.

Turn 4:

Hoffman almost makes it! Kills Nix, that is. He gets Nix down to one health remaining. But then Nix activates and heals enough to weather whatever opponent threw at it. Later in the turn when Hamelin removed a scheme marker with Eyes in the Walls, Nix went back to full after a spree of unsuccessful willpower duels.

However, Hans finally lands a killing shot at a Watcher, securing a strategy point for Outcasts.

Benny does the slapstick thing.

Obedient Wretch tries to analyze Guardian's weaknesses, but doesn't find any. Kids stop doing damage but I can't really blame them. They've already done their part, and more.

Guardian smacks Rat King dead and charges Hamelin, hitting him down to three health. 

Scores "go" 3-4 for Outcasts thanks to opponent not getting a Cursed Object token removed. 

Turn 5:

Hoffman fails to kill Nix again. That dog has really soaked up some action points! At least eight from Charles, about as many from both Hunters as well as shots by Melissa. That is certainly an impact in the game even if Nix kept failing his attacks.

Until last turn, where Nix then started succeeding attacks. Guardian was at six health remaining and had six Blight tokens. Much to my astonishment, Nix passed to Bleeding Diseases against Guardian, killing it. 

But apparently there was some kind of complex karma thing going on, since now when Nix actually started doing something with its action points, Nix died to Melissa's melee attacks. 

Benny finally kills the damn bat and yakety sax stops playing. 

Since opponent was still playing for Spread Them Out, it became a race of activations for opponent not to lose models before getting a scheme marker placed out of Hamelin's line of sight. Mechanical Attendant managed, but both Guild Steward and Obedient Wretch fell to two passed Bleeding Diseases. 

Hamelin removed Attendant's scheme marker and we called it a game.

And it was when I was writing this and double checking things, I noticed the scoring error. 

Although game ended 4-5, I think it's fair to say it was a 5-5 draw because that point loss for Guild was on my conscience. 

Monday, March 13, 2023

Super Secret Meetup (It Just Had To Come vol IV)

 A 50ss game of Malifaux.

Strategy: Standard Guard the Stash

Schemes: In Your Face, Vendetta, Catch and Release, Secret Meetup, Set the Trap

My list:

Seamus & Copycat Killer
Madame Sybelle
Bete Noire
Carrion Effigy
Bone Pile with Grave Spirit Touch
Dead Doxy
Dead Dandy

Pool: 5
Schemes: Set the Trap, Secret Meetup (Dead Doxy & Young Nephilim)

Opponent had:

New Broodmother Crew (Neverborn)

Size: 50 - Pool: 8


 Nekima, Broodmother & Blood Hunter
Serena Bowman
2x Young Nephilim
Black Blood Shaman with Ancient Pact
Terror Tot

Pool: 8
Schemes: Set the Trap, Secret Meetup (Madame Sybelle & Athorak)

Turn 1:

I deployed Dead Dandy, Gravedigger and Copycat Killer far to the right, Seamus and Dead Doxy close to bottom-left strategy marker and more or less everything else in the middle. 

Most of the Nephilim gathered in the middle, too, which was a lot of concentrated black blood right there. Once Gravedigger took a double walk and planted a corpse marker past center line far on the right, the blob was diluted a little when Young Nephilim walked and charged Gravedigger, dealing some damage in.

I only realized how well this sacrificial trick "worked" when Copycat Killer transported Seamus there, and he already had a corpse marker for Cause For Celebration. But, quotations were there for a reason. Terrorize to remove friendly fire penalty? Missed. Concentrated shot at the Young Nephilim? Missed. Even bonus action shot with a boost from soulstone missed. Great job, Seamus. 

Nephilim shenanigans had the Terror Tot to grow into a Lilitu, who then lured Bete Noire nearby.

Madame Sybelle had tried to use Beckoning Call on Bone Pile, but the numbskull just wouldn't take the hint. Later Dead Doxy tried to take Bone Pile by one of its four hands, which also failed. And when the Pile finally activated, Athorak had already blocked any line of sight. Oh well. At least Young Nephilim for my secret meetup was behind my required building.

Turn 2:

It was a big turn for sure. 

Gravedigger miraculously survives attacks by Young Nephilim, and even manages to drop a corpse for Seamus to celebrate Blood Hunter to eat. 

Bete Noire goes to tickle Lilitu for a bit, and Madame Sybelle charges in to tickle Lilitu a lot, killing her. Bete Noire takes too big of a beating and fades away as is to be expected. What was not expected, however, was the attacker to the Young Nephilim from left who was Doxy's planned secret meetup.

Athorak goes hangs around close to his secret meetup building, looking almost as aimless as Dead Doxy, because Madame Sybelle in the middle of every melee on the board. 

Carrion Effigy came to heal Madame Sybelle and failed to activate Aura of Decay. Nekima came and scrapped the useless puppet. 

Black Blood Shaman went to guard top-right marker. I had a difficult choice of taking a point from strategy or from Set the Trap, but not both. I chose Set the Trap by disengaging with Seamus, shooting Blood Hunter dead and transforming Lilitu's corpse to a scheme marker with Dead Dandy.

Bone Pile places another scheme close to Athorak, while Doxy meekly places a scheme marker for at least secret meetup end condition.

Neither player got strategy, while Resurrectionists had Set the Trap for 0-1 lead.

Turn 3:

 Unsung hero of the match proved to be Gravedigger. The reason for no songs was most likely that the only thing he did was to survive time after time attacks by Young Nephilim. He then moved away from melee by digging up a corpse and then going to contest top-right marker. But, in the end, Serena Bowman set the twisted reality where Gravedigger had already stayed alive for far too long right by shooting him. 

Madame Sybelle failed to kill Serena, but at least Undivided Attention was up and running. 

Nekima summoned a Terror Tot and healed models. Seamus was missing shots left and right again. However, his shots were at least tolling opponent's hand... but still it ain't fun missing that big cannon so many times in a game. At least he managed to terrorize Nekima away from strategy marker.

Athorak summons a corpse which grows Doxy's meetup Nephilim into a Mature. Bete Noire pops up in the middle of the melee and finally somebody does something and kills Serena Bowman.

Black Blood Shaman runs to contest center-right marker, so there was two eligible models within 2" of the marker from both sides. Athorak and Doxy were arm wrestling (well, they were not since Athorak didn't take into Doxy's hand when she tried to make him fall from top of pillar) the center-left , so it was up to Bone Pile to open Resurrectionists strategy scores. Neither side reveals additional schemes, so scores go 0-2 for Resurrectionists.

Turn 4:

Otherwise decent enough looking game for Resurrectionists falls apart this turn, when Bete Noire uses Poisoned Fate on Mature Nephilim and succeeds. And then, only after then she tries to disengage. Failing spectacularly at that. I hadn't considered that the damage from Poisoned Fate is damage from an action or ability, so she kind of spelled her own doom. 

"Nyeh nyeh nyeh, imma poison your fate, Nephilim! Noo, I poisoned my own fate!"

Because soon after, Mature Nephilim activates and starts cheating to its heart's content. Bete Noire had ended her activation with three health left, so that was kind of bad news. After it had done cheating, Bete was at one health and Madame Sybelle at six. 

Next, Mature Nephilim casually kills Madame Sybelle with a severe. I still had one soulstone so I could have tried to block damage, but I had a suspicion that Madame Sybelle could be Secret Meetup target, so I let her die.

And if it didn't look horrifying already, Athorak charges Dead Doxy, gets Red Joker on damage and kills her with second hit. So it was something like twisting a knife in wound, when Mature Nephilim had moved near enough that Dead Doxy could have taken it by the hand and scored Secret Meetup.

At least Seamus kills Black Blood Shaman, and Bone Pile scores damage in to Nekima. Copycat Killer tries to kill Nekima (he could have done it with Red Joker and opponent blocking only one damage... if only...!) before she charges Bone Pile. 

Terror Tot grows into Young Nephilim, and the Young Nephilim who had been flocking around Gravedigger took a full double walk and Fly With Me to bottom-right strategy marker.

This turn Resurrectionists score nothing, and opponent gets a strategy for 1-2 for Seamus.

Turn 5:

Neverborns seize most of the strategy markers. I only have Seamus and Bone Pile who were able to get strategy markers, so... 

While Athorak and a summoned Terror Tot manage to bring Seamus down to less than half health remaining, opponent doesn't have enough scheme markers to score both Secret Meetup end and Set the Trap end. This was thanks to Copycat Killer's magnificent performance at killing a Young Nephilim.

Heck, that alone was almost more impactful than anything Seamus did the entire game. Okay, I'm not being fair to Seamus but missing his shots that many times in a game with plentiful extra shots... sheesh... he doesn't deserve any fairness. 

Both players get Secret Meetup end, which is amusing since neither pair actually met in their designated places. 

Neverborn also gets second strategy point.


Yeah. If we're looking strictly at points scored, this may have been the toughest game up-to-date.

I skimmed through the entirety of my Malifaux games on this blog, and out of games that were played in their entirety, ie, not conceded prematurely, with game size of 50 soul stones, I didn't find a single game of 3-3 points or less. Although I didn't read the write-ups where I had not clearly stated the end points, so I may have missed if there ever was one. 

Monday, March 6, 2023

Cactus Family

 A 50ss game of Malifaux on Vassal.

Strategy: Flank Reckoning

Schemes: Assassinate, Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Lines, Claim Jump, Search the Ruins

My list:

Madame Sybelle & Carrion Effigy
Bone Pile
Flesh Construct
2xRabble Riser
Guild Autopsy
Dead Doxy
Dead Dandy

Pool: 2
Schemes: Claim Jump (On Mortimer), Harness the Ley Lines

Opponent had:

Perdita Ortega, Neverborn Hunter with Lead-Lined Coat & Enslaved Nephilim
Francisco Ortega with Lead-Lined Coat
Pale Rider
Guild Mage
Nino Ortega
Abuela Ortega

Pool: 7
Schemes: Assassinate, Claim Jump (Nino)

Turn 1:

Surprisingly little happened on the first round except for positioning. Bone Pile was going to top-right corner, followed by a gathering of Mortimer, Guild Autopsy and Dead Dandy.

In the center was Madame Sybelle, Carrion Effigy and Dead Doxy. Below, both Rabble Risers and Flesh Construct.

Pale Rider had ridden with a summoned Pistolero to the corner of a building below and took a shot at Madame Sybelle, dealing a couple points of damage. Dead Doxy could have taken by the hand Carrion Effigy to heal Madame, or Rabble Riser to soften up enemy models. I thought that to be more important, so she pushed Rabble Riser a bit forth so that it was able to walk and charge Abuela, but accomplished nothing with a sword against a granny in a wheelchair. 

Turn 2:

Sybelle wins the initiative, which was Rabble Riser's chance to kill a granny. First Rabble Riser gets black joker on damage, then just generally misses and finally manages to score two points. Woohoo.

Perdita then summons a Nephilim Hunting Pistolero and shields just about everybody. A por el (however that is actually spelled?) has Abuela blasting Rabble Riser with shotgun, grudging him with adversary.

My strategy game didn't look good, so I sent in another Rabble Riser at the Pistolero from first round, hoping to kill essentially a five hit point model with two attacks. And it certainly looked like it's easier to kill a grown man than to beat a granny in wheelchair - strategy point was secured for me, too.

The summoned Pistolero shot the already injured Rabble Riser dead, so that was also a point for Guild. But it also became Monster Hunter.

Abuela shot a second Rabble Riser dead with her own actual activation, which was strategically an overkill but I had plenty of targets in my crew anyway.

Pale Rider and Fransisco kept shooting Madame Sybelle and Mortimer, while Effigy kept healing Sybelle. She had also suffered staggered from Pale Rider's gun, so she wasn't going anywhere too fastly. She instead walked, interacted a scheme and concentrated. Guild Autopsy and Bone Pile put scheme markers on the centerline, and even Flesh Construct did that before it went to fruitlessly tease Nino, who also had come to shoot Madame Sybelle.

Four scheme markers on the centerline were plenty enough for Harness Ley Line, and Mortimer claimed center point, pushing points to 1-3 for Resurrectionists.

Turn 3:

Guild won initiative, and Perdita summoned another beast-hunting Pistolero to get rid of concealing terrain. I don't know from where these Family members kept appearing. Did Perdita throw a pistol to a vaguely humanoid shaped cactus and behold, a cousin. Then Perdita shot Madame Sybelle with silver bullets, which was Madame Sybelle's silver bullet. No way I could deny Assassinate this round any more. She also shot Trick Shot and stunned my leader.

Since running away would be of use now, Madame Sybelle charged and killed Abuela with two strikes, and one left-over going to Guild Mage. 

Fransisco shot Madame Sybelle for a bit and emptied Resurrectionists soul stone pool. 

Flesh Construct started mauling Nino, bringing him down to two health remaining and two poison. Nino escapes and kills Madame Sybelle with a Red Joker on damage.

Dead Doxy pushes thee carrion puppet a little forward so it can try to soften up a Monster Hunter for my second Reckoning kill. However, Pale Rider punishes Doxy for taking a little doll by the hand by shooting her with a pneumatic rifle, dealing moderate damage even with two negative modifiers. Then it rides with Nino closer to Guild Mage's healing aura and shot a couple points of damage to Flesh Construct, staggering it. 

Carrion Effigy misses Monster Hunter with aimed shot, Pistolero misses a shot against Mortimer, and Guild Autopsy continues the trend of missing Monster Hunter. Strategy points for this round are starting to look grim.

Monster Hunter activates next, creeps along to Nino and stuns poor Flesh Construct, who is now stunned, staggered and injured +1. And at three health remaining.

Remaining Guild activations weren't that impactful, except for Guild Mage healing Nino to six. It was down to two, with Poison +2! There was zero chance for me to get Reckoning point, so Mortimer concentrated and blasted Guild Mage, Pistolero and Perdita with Decay, at least dealing single points of damage through Shielded.

Bone Pile placed a scheme marker and buried itself.

Scores kind of go 2-3 for Resurrectionists, although that might as well be 3-3 as opponent most likely had Assassinate scheme.

Turn 4:

Resurrectionists won initiative, which meant Bone Pile emerging in the middle of enemy crew, trying to claw Pistolero dead. Emphasis on trying, with a connotation of not-succeeding. 

Perdita had a devastating activation - first, she used trick shot against Mortimer and had Pale Rider land a weak shot against my henchman. She then takes a regular shot with manipulative penalty, hits and even gets Silver Bullets from flip. Last shot hits again despite manipulative penalties and would have dealt lethal damage if it wasn't for Hard-to-Kill. So, Mortimer was stunned, staggered, at one health remaining and unable to heal.

I didn't think he'd be able to get away from threats with his movement of 2, so he just concentrated and tried to score a lucky severe against Pistolero, but failed at that. At least he managed to make a moderate, so there was some collateral damage to Guild Mage and Perdita. 

Pistolero disengages from Bone Pile and shoots Mortimer dead, thus becoming a Monster Hunter. 

Game is starting to look like an unsalvageable wreck for Resurrectionists, but still Dead Doxy pushes Carrion Effigy a little forward and goes to charge Guild Mage, doing just one point of damage. 

Pale Rider shoots Flesh Construct dead and rides with Nino to Bone Pile and Dead Doxy. Carrion Effigy runs to offer some Aura of Decay. Monster Hunter charges Carrion Effigy, and finally Guild starts failing attacks on this round. Such joy was short, however, when Fransisco killed the thing with a total of one action point and four attacks. He also pushed Guild Mage into safety with Heroic Intervention. 

Remainder of my activations were planting scheme markers down the centerline, and opponent softening up Bone Pile and Dead Doxy. 

Scores even to 3-3.

Turn 5:

I spend Red Joker from my hand on initiative, and finally Bone Pile is able to kill Guild Mage. Woefully too late, but maybe I can snatch second strategy point this round.

Perdita activates and shoots Dead Doxy into shreds with a red joker on damage. Last remaining shots at Guild Autopsy didn't do much.

Losing Doxy before she managed to activate made the extra kill gosh darn unlikely, so Dead Dandy took a flight far, far away.

Enslaved Nephilim makes an exceptional multi-activation first by charging Mindless Zombie dead, then giving a shot for Nino with Obey, and Nino gives Concentrate for Fransisco, who gives card for Perdita. 

Guild Autopsy also runs, and Perdita doesn't want to play cat and mouse and removes Madame Sybelle's scheme markers instead.

Game ends 5-3 for Guild when Guild reveals Claim Jump on Nino and Assassinate.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Blessed of February

 A 50ss game of Malifaux.

Strategy: Wedge Cursed Objects

Schemes: Set the Trap, Assassinate, Hidden Martyrs, Spread Them Out, In Your Face

My list:

Kirai with The Whisper & Ikiryo
Datsue Ba
Lost Love
Carrion Effigy
Bone Pile with Grave Spirit Touch

Pool: 7
Schemes: Hidden Martyrs (Carrion Effigy & Bone Pile), Spread Them Out

Opponent had:

Rasputina & Wendigo
Snow Storm
Blessed of December
2x December Acolyte
Silent One
Ice Dancer

Pool: 2
Schemes: Hidden Martyrs (Hoarcat & Silent One), In Your Face

Turn 1:

Well, that was one of the more brutal turn ones in recent memory.

At one point we counted almost a total of forty points of damage having been done in total, and yet there were models left to activate.

December Acolytes started the slaughter with shooting Ikiryo down to one health remaining, and scoring some odd points to Drowned. 

Lost Love healed Ikiryo back to four, and Ikiryo launched herself at an Acolyte in an attempt to soften one up for Cursed Object points.

Rasputina placed some pillars and shot a blast at Carrion Effigy, clipping Kirai and Lost Love in the process. She pushed Blessed of December and Silent One with her bonus a bit forward. 

Kirai summoned a Goryo and barraged Silent One with spirits. Goryo was able to charge Silent One and kill her, not knowing I had just killed one of Rasputina's hidden martyrs. 

Hoarcat and Blessed of December maul at the Goryo, leaving the angry ghost at one health remaining or so. 

I had brought Drowned into melee with Ice Dancer, which might have been a reasonable match-up, but then the dancer was joined by Snow Storm. Drowned didn't die, but there wasn't much left to drown any more either.

Seishin gave a walk for Shikome, and then Datsue Ba gave walk for Seishin. Shikome went to place my first scheme marker for Spread Them Out.

Turn 2:

Rasputina was quick to activate after winning initiative. She walked forward and killed the Goryo, securing Cursed Objects for Arcanists. She also placed additional ice pillars as you'd expect.

Ikiryo manages to do the same against Acolyte of December when she scores onslaught from her first melee attack. She even has the activation point to place a scheme marker. 

Wendigo copied Rasputina's healing shockwave, which was annoying since I had already planned to move Carrion Effigy forward to deny heals. Well, it did that anyway but without much of an effect. Even trying to lure somebody to kill it failed when Blessed of December was not able to kill Carrion Effigy for my Hidden Martyrs.

Seishin managed to give an extra walk for Shikome, who was then able to go and place a scheme marker close to opponents table edge. 

Datsue Ba was trying to weigh Blessed of December's sins, and when I take a look at the pictures I'm not sure if I even activated Lost Love that turn. If I did, it probably just tried to heal Kirai.

Kirai summoned a Goryo, who then tried to kill a Hoarcat, failing at that.  Ice Dancer and Wendigo had beaten this additional Goryo within easy kill range for next turn.

Bone Pile took a double walk, trying to figure out what to do other than to leave Carrion Effigy to martyrdom.

Points go 2-2 when both players get strategy, Resurrectionists had Spread Them Out and Arcanists In Your Face. 

Turn 3:

Seems like I have forgotten to take a picture from this round. 

Blessed of December is finally able to kill Carrion Effigy, and uses pouncing strike to engage Datsue Ba. Bone Pile needed only to survive now, so it just walked a bit further away from action and placed a scheme marker. 

Hoarcat charged back into melee with Goryo, and I don't quite remember who killed what, but the end result was at least Ice Dancer and Wendigo dead, Goryo gone and a re-summoned Ikiryo engaging Hoarcat. 

Datsue Ba and Seishin were able to almost kill Blessed of December - in fact Datsue Ba could have probably done it, but I wanted to save the kill for next turn. 

Lost Love moved closer to melee between Datsue Ba and Blessed of December. 

But when it came to end phase, Blessed used deadly pursuit to push into melee with Lost Love.

Scores go 3-4 for Resurrectionists when both get strategy and Resurrectionists also Hidden Martyrs.

Turn 4:

Blessed of December starts the turn, kills Lost Love with one strike, eats his corpse to heal and then charges Seishin dead, essentially healing back to full. That just happened. At least this maneuver spent most of opponent's hand, so remainder of the turn I had easier time with connecting my attacks. 

Ikiryo was able to kill Hoarcat for Cursed Objects points and charged to engage Rasputina.

Rasputina starts spamming Ice Pillars to no end. Snow Storm can't quite finish Ikiryo.

I realized I had ran out of easy kills for last Cursed Objects points, so I tried to soften up Blessed of December as much as I could. But neither a summoned Goryo or Datsue Ba did enough. 

Bone Pile and Shikome had placed ample supply of scheme markers on the opponent's table half. 

Scores go 5-5 when opponent reveals he had Hoarcat as a martyr, and both players got strategy.

Turn 5:

Opponent won the initiative and pushed Snow Storm to my deployment zone with Rasputina and killed Ikiryo. 

I had my chance to kill Blessed of December and charged with Goryo. Blessed of December had Adversary so I thought I had a pretty good chance of scoring last Cursed Object point. But it turns out opponent had two 13's and Red Joker in hand.  /table flip

Blessed of December then ran to farthest corner where was no way I could reach... unless I summoned a Goryo at maximum distance and landed Mark of Vengeance with masks on it.

But, when Kirai activated, The Whisper revealed two sixes and Black Joker coming up. 

Datsue Ba almost killed Snow Storm, although she mostly just wanted to keep Snow Storm in place so Bone Pile would be able to run to get engaged. 

So, it was a closely fought 7-7 draw when opponent got Cursed Objects and In Your Face with Snowstorm, and Resurrectionists received end condition of both schemes. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

First and the Last

 Had a Warmachine Mk4 game.

My list:

- 2x Corruptor
Bane Warriors + attachment
Bane Lord Tartarus
Pistol Wraith
2x Necrotech

Opponent had:

Bane Witch Agathia
- Desecrator
- Reaper
- Deathripper
2x Bane Warriors
Bane Riders

Scenario was one from Steamroller document.

Scaverous started game and rushed forward. Agathia used her feat right at the start and gave stealth to almost her entire army, so on my second turn there was little to do. My warjacks lined up behind long wall in the middle, while Bane Warriors went to flank from the right. Pistol Wraith was sitting in the forest with Skarlock behind the secret gathering of trees. 

I did, however, manage to take a shot at Bane Rider in cover with Corruptor, and kill a single Bane Warrior with burster attack. 

Agathia repositions with all of her army to the circular zone, leaving a massive advantage for me in scenario.

Bane Riders went to punish Pistol Wraith, getting in range thanks to vengeance. Magical weapons came from a command card. 

Desecrator managed to snipe one of the Necrotechs dead with boosted blast damage roll. 

One unit of Bane Warriors ran to make a wall between Corruptor and Reaper, which had run to the zone as well.

On my next turn one of my Corruptors uses the unstoppable command card and charges Bane Riders. That activation was... less than ideal. I thought Corruptor would smack the rider dead and spend remainder of its focus bursting some Bane Warriors too, but all it managed to do was three points of damage to Bane Rider. 

Scaverous uses feat and casts Feast of Worms over Reaper. Second Corruptor removes some Bane Warriors with a ranged attack, which was far more effective than melee. I mean... it killed two models!

At least Bane Lord Tartarus did anything useful that turn - he single handedly, dual attackedly, wrecked Reaper. Skarlock also finishes with Excarnate what a Corruptor couldn't in melee with three focus... Removed that Bane Rider.

 My Bane Warriors ran to engage Desecrator.

Agathia removed Bane Lord Tartarus and a Corruptor and Bane Warrior Officer, but did nothing to contest scenario. 

After my turn I would have been at four victory points. So I don't know why I opted to killing Desecrator... But so I did. Scaverous moved into position to make a nice thresher attack, cast Feast of Worms and then failed to hit Desecrator. Yeah, not good. 

So I go into a kind of panic mode and want to make sure the warjack is gone from next to my warcaster. 

Bane Warriors run to give some Dark Shroud for Desecrator, and surely enough Corruptor kills last heavy jack from Agathia. But now that my Banes were not engaging enemy Banes, Scaverous had to sweat through five charging Bane Warriors - a terrifying prospect when Agathia hits Parasite on my caster. 

Scaverous has a focus point to blocking damage, but still takes eight damage in from the very first attack. Three Bane Warriors proceed to miss so I start to get a little hopeful - but nope, not today. Last Bane Warrior hits Scaverous and 4d6-1 didn't come out 7 or less. 

Maybe this was a lesson for me. I just needed one point.

Monday, February 13, 2023

The Joy of Markers

 I guess I'm kind of a sucker for effect markers.

And since it's been well over a year since last painting post, now might be the time.

Aura of Decay, Loose Bowels and Cursed Sludge are the ones I recently finished. Other markers are mostly from last year. For now, I think I'm missing only Drowning Aura, Urban Legend and Into Mist.

Although now looking at the picture I notice I have misremembered Remember the Lost and got Remember the Fallen instead. Whoops. Need to fix that right away. 

Here we have from left to right Remember the Fallen Lost, 2x Annoying (although its damn rare to get to use even one...), Aura of Decay in front, 2x Malifaux Mining Law behind Aura of Decay and 2x Negation Aura behind laws. 

Loose Bowels is there about in the middle, Rancid Smell, 2x Too Greedy to Die and last one on the right, Cursed Sludge. 

I left out Boring Conversation, Undivided Attention and Entropic Curse because those are old, old markers and these are new, shiny markers.