Sunday, March 11, 2018

Boneyard, continued

So, another session of 4-player Kingdom Death.

Year 4 was a sorry fight against the enthusiastic and playful Young Lion via Candice challenge scenario.

It's just...

I feel sorry for that lion. Whole fight it was sitting in the middle of nest of spiderlings, stuck in this gooey substance, begging for mercy.

Yeah, it had attempted to make a clever trap for survivors, but somehow got entangled itself. It managed to spring it's trap, but only to jump one meager space, before bogging down again. Or maybe it just wanted to play. Or maybe it was scared, because it didn't attack all that much, thanks to Ground Fighting.

Young Lion was so sluggish in it's movements that every survivor had time to dig into the nest and spawn some spiderlings, which they could cut up at leisure. Survivors did find someone buried in the webs. Perhaps for too long, as we were about to find out. But for now, Maldorox was saved.

Settlement event is Weird Dream. The story has to tell about your child, perpetual farting and realizing that you are the child. Burk saw a most wondrous dream about a gassy crater filled with unborn babies, one of which he was himself. Storytelling was astonishing, and gave us four endeavors for a total of seven.

Settlement received Lantern Oven and innovated Bloodletting. Finally settlement saw some real intimacy (A paradox? Sadly, not on this day and age, I suppose) and Maldorox and Jessie received twins, Mal-Mal and Samuel. We chose the Spartan way, Survival of the Fittest.

This year also triggered Hooded Knight. She was so triggered that she forced Twilight Sword to Burk. So, this particular homicidal maniac with disturbing subconsciousness is now to become the undisputed hero figure of Boneyard. Unsettling to say at least.

Year 5 hunt was Screaming Antelope, which goes down easily enough.

And the loot-bag nature of the Antelope showed itself. In total we received 7 Antelope resources, one vermin and four basic resources. On top of this Armored Strangers toss extra six resources.

Settlement event was Haunted, and Maldorox was convinced that there were spiders absolutely everywhere. Everyone was so annoyed from his paranoia that he was cast out from the settlement.

We also decided to include Flower Knight expansion, so we did the story event. Sleeping Virus Flower was given to Candice.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Envisillan Epilogue

Questionable honor acquired in questionable means.

Watcher has awoken, and Caramanca, Undulantele, Biliouli and Watcrifice enter the chambers below.

First turn reveals that there is already trap waiting in the first three hit locations. Caramanca decides to concentrate anyway.

Biliouli lobs a Founding Stone at Watcher and Watcrifice shoots Clawhead Arrow at Watcher, aided by two retinues. This hits and scores a wound, but he had to use his once-in-a-lifetime reroll to achieve this. Anyway, two wounds.

Then I mess up by not reading Vortex status correctly. Watcher nearly butchers Undulantele. I had hoped his evasion +5, block and phoenix plackart and dodge would protect him from Voidwarp, which undoubtedly would have happened. But before that he had to endure four accuracy 2+ attacks. Ten damage sank in and had spiral fracture for Undulantele.

Round 2. Undulantele fishes out the Blackout and survives. Caramanca finishes caratosis and deals four wounds. Then Caramanca dashes to back arc of Watcher and surges two extra attacks that hit automatically, yet again dealing two wounds. This results Watcher stepping over Undulantele and Caramanca, who are sent sprawling to the board edge.

Then Watcher makes basic attack and then purifies Caramanca, who survives beyond all expectations. Watcher did get his +1 damage token, though. Watcher has six wounds remaining.

Round 3. Necromancer's Eye reveals Black Out and White Out coming, so Caramanca makes ultimate sacrifice and draws them both for an instant head explosion.

Undulantele dashes and then walks to take a swing at the Watcher. Two hits score two wounds, except that is tripled to six, thanks to Twilight Sword. That... that kind of makes the Watcher dead. Just like that. Just when things would have started to get tough. Next AI card would have been Stupefy, that would have automatically targeted Undulantele, who would have been scared sane - so he wouldn't have been able to use Twilight Sword.

I realize this fight could have been even easier if I had not been so focused on trying to get Beast of Caratosis to work. After all, Twilight Sword would have killed Watcher far quicker. Come to think of it, this was probably a terrible mistake. If I was to survive until Gold Smoke Knight, I would have needed that +10-14 strength. And I also sent Biliouli in for nothing. Now she just took a few looks through Cat Eye Circlet, grew another piece of regal gear and ran off into darkness as a King's Man. Perhaps she's the King's Man I'm about to face soon enough.

As I was reading about the Watcher on the internet, I found out that it's not uncommon for the fight to go this way. Your best chances seem to be on the first few rounds of the showdown.

Year 26

Well, settlement gets 5 endeavors and settlement event is Stranger in the Dark, which brings a desperate survivor covered in blood to the settlement.

Hooded Knight pays a visit and takes Undulantele away with her. So the only survivor that actually survived the Watcher was Watcrifice, whose name is truncated from words Watcher Sacrifice. Ironic.

I pass the Twilight Sword to Lebugdé.

Armor ritual is a success.

It took two attempts for Vernark to cure her broken hip.

Watcrifice ruins himself Forbidden Dance and Synrosander learns Synchronized Strike.

Then I suppose I'll go after a level 3 Screaming Antelope.

Nulpala, Lyaschura, Merdency, Synrosander, and form the hunting party in this event revealing order.

First Nulpala draws Skittish. Then she finds Tomb of Excellence, which makes everyone sad.

Lyaschura draws Baby and the Sword. Since party has no noisy gear, I decide to go for it. Baby and the sword are both grabbed, but I ditch the sword. Result brings tons of disorders to the survivors, most notably ones being Fear of the Dark for Nulpala and Enfeebled for Lyaschura.

Stampede gives a bit of courage for everyone, plus brain damage.

Merdency gets Living Stone result, which starts the showdown immediately. Right after Nulpala has her insanity reduced to 0.

Showdown itself was long and, well, boring. All on my own volition. After a few turns I managed to glitch the antelope with Chow Down. It always took a full move towards Acanthus Plant it couldn't reach, and then trampled back to the same spot where it was because of Diabolical. So, not a fun fight, but very secure. One wound at a time the Antelope was depleted of it's deck, until nearing the very end there no longer was any Hit Location card that wouldn't ruin this cowardly tactic.

But the Antelope had three cards or something. It was no match for well-equipped survivor party with 6+ survival on everyone. Though it did have it's chance at a gruesome revenge - I forget how I messed up, but the beast trampled one of the survivor to the only hit location that had no armor points on it - but results were not lethal.

Year 27

Settlement event is Acid Storm, which yields even more scrap.

I received 24 resources... is that a new record, so soon? Or, make that 26 if you count the scraps from Acid Storm and Knowledge Worm.

Settlement builds Blacksmith and raises Pulse Discoveries to level 2.

It takes two attempts for Nulpala to become Abyssal Sadist, which solves her Fear of the Dark problems.

Armor ritual is botched and gives only insanity for departing survivors next turn.

Anhednia dives to Exhausted Lantern Hoard, only to die. This gives an extra endeavor from Graves, so Lebugdé follows her. He finds two Cocoon Membranes.

I decide to hunt White Lion level 3. Haven't fought one ever before, unless we count Beast of Sorrow - who is more like a level 2.5 White Lion.

Hunt phase was catastrophic. I didn't take detailed notes during and have forgotten the results, but most survivors had lost nearly all of their armor points and insanity, thanks to Overwhelming Darkness or mud slides or whatever there are. Oh, one of the results was the dreaded 63, Feet. But at least the survivors didn't all just, well, die.

Anyway, I was hopeful.

First round survivors made 7 damage to White Lion. Next turn it was meager four or so. Two rounds were easy, but then the nightmare began. Lyaschura suffered broken rib. Survivors were busy navigating around White Lion - not to do maximum damage, but to survive somehow. Now and then Merdency the Necromancer was able to shoot an arrow to deal some damage.

Merdency took quite a few attacks in and this made him vomit blocks of iron and bloody scrap. He passed at least four or five severe injury rolls before drawing the trap, and dying because of it. Well, this was also partly because the cat had drawn Golden Eyes trait. It was either Golden Eyes or Vanish, so I thought to have a little extra reward in the end.

Anyway, Synrosander was soon to follow. Fight lasted for ages with around six cards in the AI deck. Lion had been sniffing so much that it dealt a severe injury on every hit. Thankfully Ground Fighting was one of the few cards in the diminishing deck. When it popped up, there was a moment of respite to get rid of bleed tokens and to wait long enough to get Death Die to the survivor I needed it most.

Ground Fighting was still one of the last two cards, which gave me some hope. And the best case scenario happened here - lion drew Ground Fighting, leaving only one card in the deck - which was waiting until I would deal a wound. If I dealt only one wound, Lion would draw Ground Fighting again.

But since I had to attack with Counterweighted Axe, of course both attack rolls hit. So I decided to go big or (not) go home, rolling also the Death Die. Which was also a hit.

Every attack dealt a point of wound, so Nulpala is now the slayer of White Lion level 3.

And since survivors had encountered Feet during hunt phase, nobody was able to consume Golden Eyes. Flip the table -rage kind of thingy.

But I made a record on resources again. Let's tally it all up.

Fresh Acanthus (herb gathering)
Bugfish (from sky fishing)
5 basic scrap (4 from mineral gathering and one from the beginning of settlement phase knowledge worm since necromancer died)
6 iron (4 from mineral gathering + 2 from worm trauma)
10 basic resources from Lion Cub, Dead Monster, smashing Obsidian Tower and rewards from White Lion)
10 White Lion resources (victory, one critical wound and scavenger kit)
Elder Cat Teeth

33 resources. Wow. Almost pays off for the loss of two of my best survivors.

Year 28.

Settlement receives 7 endeavors.

Settlement event is Silk Storm.

Settlement gets Lantern Research to level 3 and makes some leather.

There's enough resources to develop Beacon Shield and Lantern Cuirass, and then oxidize the Beacon Shield right away.

Nulpala uses Momento Mori and receives instant See the Truth and White Secret, with the most useless results. Rolls from Bold and Insight didn't give anything useful either.

Lyaschura cures her Broken Rib, and then settlement has to face returning Biliouli, the King's Man.

...and I'm bitter over this fight.

Brutal, cruel and dark - yet, with some hope in it.

I dedicated one of the survivors to fish out for King's Step - and she had 7 tempo tokens before she finally succeeded. It would have probably been a lost case without Necromancer's Eye + Arc Bow combo. I was able to deal at least one point of damage almost every turn.

Silent Hymn cost me Phoenix Plackart - disorder gained from that resulted in Vestiphobia.

Oxidized Beacon Shield was such an amazing piece of gear in this fight. I dare say that all because of it I nearly, so very nearly managed to win. There were only two cards left in the AI deck.

But in the end it is a full party wipe.

Year 29

Settlement event is Phantom, which makes Home innovations useless and gives Phantom Friend to someone. I choose Darstra for this.

9 endeavors.

Astarno uses Momento Mori, and gains courage & understanding of Nulpala, This gives her Sweet Battle and Peerless. What an amazing combo. She also learns Abyssal Sadist right away.

Armor ritual fails. +1 insanity to departing survivors.

It takes two attempts for Twinja to cure her intracranial hemorrhage.

Watcrifice ruins his movement in Forbidden Dance, but Darstra succeeds. Then Astarno and Darstra both learn Synchronized Strike.

Now, I know you can only hunt level 3+ monsters after defeating Watcher. However, I house ruled an exception. You can hunt level 2 Lion God - which I did. I want that monstrosity to be more accessible, and I thought this could be a good way to do it.

Thanks to my earlier success with the Lion God level 1, I was quite confident. Especially when one of the survivors learned Zero Presence during hunt phase - perfect fighting art against Relentless AI deck.

Fight was exciting for a long while. Oxidized Beacon Shield once more being the key to success - only when the wielder ran out of survival points to dash out of field of vision, the troubles began. Also, I had ground the trap to become last card in the hit location deck - and survivors had depleted it. Bow wielder took his chances and triggered trap. He got killed because of this.

Zero Presence survivor died because Lion God threw a toppled pillar on her.

Eventually the survival-less Beacon Shield wielder died, as I desperately tried to score the few remaining wounds.

There was only Astarno the Necromancer left. And Lion God had two cards in AI deck. A couple of round she stands brave.

This must be the closest battle I have ever fought and won, as Astarno dealt the killing blow when she had four bleed tokens, and Lion God was attacking her - resolving the last AI card on it's deck. Astarno had lousy evasion value, so that card most likely would have killed her, if she had failed to kill first. So, a success of sorts.

Year 30

But it's no success when settlement has only three members at the dawn of the final boss fight.

Settlement event is Slender Blight, and it makes departing survivors to switch their survival and insanity values. And then.

Hooded Knight arrives and kills the last remaining male of the population. Gold Smoke Knight will only have Twinja and Astarno to fight.

But hey, Settlement has Bugfish, Hagfish and Jowls. So, I get a new innovation! Filleting Table. Hooray. Innovation after Lantern Year 25. A hollow victory.

Armor ritual is a success.

Other than that, settlement crafts some leather and makes Lantern Gauntlets for Astarno.

The rest are pretty much spent on Shared Experience to trigger Age 1 & 2 for Twinja.

And, uh. I guess the duo will now tackle ultimate boss of this game. The Gold Smoke Knight.

And what a fight it was!

I was prepared to die, like, on turn two or something. But Oxidized Lantern Shield and Club Specialization and Diversion Tactics made the two survive for surprising number of rounds - and even deal four wounds to the knight! Two came from perfect hits from club and two were lucky criticals, all done by the peerless, quixotic and stark raving Astarno the Necromancer, who was abyssal sadist and enjoyed sweet battle.

Abyssal Sadist and Peerless combine unbelievable well. This time I truly saw it in action. Astarno was able to use Oxidized Lantern Shield during her own act and then have free surge from Sweet Battle. When she scored some lucky wounds, they gave her +2 survival and +1 insanity from Abyssal Sadist / Peerless interaction. So until the end she was able to deflect + dodge most of attacks, especially when Twinja was still around with Diversion Tactics. Oh, not to mention the Tall Grass terrain, which combined with Astarno's gear gave the knight -5 accuracy.

It was a good last stand.

Rest in peace, Astarno. And the entire memory of Envisillan.

Before I give myself permission to start a new solo campaign, I will need to have Flower Knight and Manhunter painted, one extra survivor ready and have some progress on the wings of Phoenix.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Boneyard: the grim beginning

Oh my. The players are going to love this when they read it.

Anyway. First time ever I got to play a 4-player Kingdom Death.

Prologue lion killed my character and bit the eye off another, but otherwise prologue went surprisingly well. Settlement was named Boneyard, and we had nine survivors after returning survivors.

Three endeavors innovated Ammonia for us, and Skinnery and Bonesmith.

Year 1 hunt goes amazingly well. White Lion ambushes survivors on the second space on hunt board. Thanks to some Ground Fighting abuse we managed to kill the great cat without too much hassle. All the survivors were on the verge of dying, but I don't think anyone actually got permanent injuries. In fact it was the settlement event Rivalry that made my character take gaping chest wound.

Settlement builds Organ Grinder and innovates Paint. Two auguries don't give even slightest moment of intimacy for anyone.

Year 2 hunt is already Screaming Antelope, and I'm genuinely baffled on how easily that beast went down, too. First card was Chowdown, so survivors scavenged what they could while Antelope grazed from plant to plant. Nearing the end of the showdown, things went absurd. One of the players wanted to train fist & tooth proficiency, and was running besides Screaming Antelope, punching it as it wandered aimlessly. It had no cards in AI deck and since there were no knocked down survivors, it just trod with equal speed with survivors, thanks to one -1 Movement token.

Settlement event is Heatwave. Rivalry loses it's impetus.

Settlement builds Weapon Crafter and innovates Hovel. There was at least one attempt at augury. I don't quite remember what the last one was - possibly even more augury.

Year 3 hunt is The Butcher.

That's right. Year. Three.

So, I dare our dear players to lynch me next time we meet, for we fought Butcher one year earlier than we were supposed to. Prologue still messes up my mind when it comes to Lantern Year progress. Also, Screaming Antelope was a surprising quarry for lantern year 2, so I thought intuitively that next was the horrifying Butcher fight.

Random terrain cards were the Lonely Tree and the Nightmare Tree. Boneyard is on the edge of a forest, I believe.

The fight itself. Oh, we could have done it. We had a player wounding Butcher on 4's, but he failed far over half of his wound rolls. We dashed and danced all around Butcher in a most professional manner, and with only a little bit of luck here and there could have been victorious.

Maybe it could have been enough if my character wouldn't have died to the very first Severe Injury roll she had to make. All the other survivors died to bleed tokens, most resulting from Dreaded Trophies.

So, it was a full wipe at Butcher. But let's sigh from relief. I mean, it's the worst that can happen, it's all for the better from now on, right? Wrong.

Settlement event is Murder, so I suppose Butcher's lunacy truly was contagious even outside of the actual showdown.


Let's talk about Burk for a second. Earlier he had poked a gaping chest wound to my character during their rivalry, which is understandable. Accidents happen. But.

It didn't stop there, no. In fact, the hunger grew and now he murdered the most experienced survivor settlement had. Didn't get caught, though. Now HE was the most experienced survivor - no doubt his ultimate goal. To be the leader.

But then it was time to have population bloom. Eight endeavors prompted quite a few auguries, and Burk decided to become the progenitor of new fierce warriors.

Well, his only contact with other survivors had left a permanent mark on him. Mostly just violence and death. Mother (Igorina, was it?) and the child both perished. Burk figured out he had done a grave mistake somewhere along the road, but couldn't quite gather, where. Ashamed he received Performance Anxiety (cannot be nominated for Intimacy).

Population: One male, one female and one Burk.

All the rest attempts at Augury yield absolutely nothing. So actual year 4 begins with three survivors. But since we now have one surprise year worth of hunt out of nowhere with relatively good gear, this settlement is definitely salvageable as long as we have a breeding pair without performance anxieties (which, I must admit, developed out of a very good reason.)

But since the session ended, I realized we still have two endeavors left - one gained from Murder and one from the botched intimacy attempt.

I'm going to suggest we spend one of them for Candice & Ancient Lantern challenge scenario to have a decent chance to save the settlement.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Master Necrotech Mortenebra vs Butcher Unleashed

This 75 point game was played a few days ago. I forgot to bring camera with me. I tried to take some pictures with my phone, but the photo quality is terrible beyond extreme so I won't litter this blog entry with those. Because of this it's probably difficult to make any sense out of these writings. Oh well.

[Theme] Infernal Machines
Master Necrotech Mortenebra
- Corruptor
- Defiler
- Desecrator
- Inflictor
- Nightwretch
Machine Wraith
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor
Pistol Wraith
Warwitch Siren
Bile Thralls (max)
Mechanithralls (max)
- Brute Thrall (2)
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls

[Theme] Legion of Steel
Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed
- Devastator
- 2x Kodiak
- War Dog [3]
Iron Fang Kovnik
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor
Battle Mechaniks (min)
2x Iron Fang Pikemen (max) +Iron Fang Pikemen Officer & Standard
Iron Fang Uhlans (min)

Scenario was Recon II and Cryx started.

A single Desecrator made good job at stalling the Ironfang Pikemen flank. Nightwretch and Corruptor were also whittling that huge swathe of infantry, but there were over twenty models there. I was surprised that I actually managed to destroy one of the units.

Pistol Wraith failed to freeze an Iron Fang Uhlan that were in triangular formation in base contact. Shame. I would have stopped the entire unit in it's tracks. Since the Wraith failed, I had to bring the Mechanithrall unit from ambush to Uhlan flank. So that the cavalry would have something to do, instead of free reign over left side of the board.

But these were kind of inconsequential matters. What mattered was Devastator and Kodiak and Butcher3 in the middle. Inflictor tried to wreck Kodiak, and succeeded to take out both arm systems. Still, far from dead it was.

And then Devastator head-butted Inflictor, and Butcher charged the heavy warjack dead. Khadoran warcaster used feat to get some focus for mitigating damage. The other Iron Fang unit moved in, and along with the warjacks and warcasters and war dogs and war arguses made for quite an impenetrable fortress.

I couldn't figure any other course of action than to kill Butcher. My plan was to use Mortenebra's feat, cast Spectral Steel on Desecrator and move the warjack with Overrun. Then Bile Thralls and Deryliss and possibly even Necrosurgeon would wreck Kodiak that was standing in Desecrator's way. After Kodiak was removed, Pistol Wraith would shoot Butcher stationary, and Desecrator would go and get four automatically hitting P+S 17 attacks with re-rolls against Butcher, that had taken a few points of damage from Doom Spiral and Bile Thrall Purge attacks.

Pistol Wraith was the first one to fail. Bile Thralls made good job at destroying Kodiak, but even with re-rolls Pistol Wraith wasn't able to hit Butcher twice.

Desecrator was easily within walking distance of opposing warcaster, but instead of automatic hits, Butcher was Def 16 thanks to war dog.

Even if Butcher had been stationary, assassination wouldn't have been a certain one. Now I needed such numbers on all of the dice that even Mortenebra's feat wasn't able to swing averages that far up.

Then I had my warcaster with no focus and no intervening friendly models between Mortenebra and Devastator plus Butcher. Game over.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Envisillan, years 20-25

When things appear to be going too well, you're not looking close enough.

That's what happened. As I was skimming through rule book glossary, I noticed this teeny weeny detail: Secret fighting arts count towards the maximum of three fighting arts. And I've played as if they didn't. This assumption was based on the fact that Sculpture innovation describes Secret Fighting Arts as not being Fighting Arts.

Oh well.

This misplay has had a major impact in current settlement, as Mursonus should have been far less useful. He's existence is an abomination now, unreal, performing dream-like feats of killing monsters as well as enduring their attacks.

It's far too late to revert effects of this misplay, but to make at least some kind of amends with my conscience, Mursonus ceases to exist right now, right here. He was a secret savior all along.

I also noticed I've been playing hunt phase wrong - as a solo player I don't get to pick who's the event revealer. This has probably given me quite an edge, perhaps saved from a few deaths, even.

But at least I've also been playing brain damage wrong to my disadvantage - I didn't know the actual brain symbol there is one damage level. I've been rolling for brain trauma immediately as first point of damage has soaked in through insanity. Also I did not know that you actually retain your weapon mastery even if you switch to another weapon.

But let's get 2018 Kingdom Death started.

I want a new Sleeping Virus Flower, so I'm going after Flower Knight level 3.

Departing survivors are getting +2 Survival, +4 Insanity, +1 armor.

Team consists of: Fabenta, Anhemio, Niamur and Sacronicus, which is also the turn order for being event revealer.

First we get 69, Time Lapse. As settlement has fought the Phoenix, everyone gets a little understanding, but feel a strange change in their personality.

Looks like team consists now of:
Lyaschura, who is Traumatized.
Undulantele, who has Performance Anxiety.
Draemolo, who is Unrelenting and has Anxiety. This is troublesome, as he has no stinky gear and next to no armor either, as he was supposed to be mostly for support.
Valherdence, with Coprolalia. Her re-roll is also re-set.

Next Undulantele picks 43, fresh kill. Not surprising that the prizes go to Undulantele.

Draemolo reveals 09, but the golden light is soothing for him. Perhaps it reminded him of the place where his personality should exist right now.

Valherdence reveals Dead Warrior and decides to investigate right away, gaining the Black Guard Style which does nothing for her.

Lyaschura rolls 82, Consuming Grass. Both Lyaschura and Undulantele become stragglers and have to archive a gear.

Party arrives at the forest gate. Roll of 4 means everyone gets a bleeding token, thus starting showdown with two of those.

Herb Gathering gives fresh acanthus and some survival. Everyone is now at maximum survival. Though the bushwhacking came with a price: everyone took a point of head damage from Sudden Life flower knight hunt event.

Choking Heat gives +1 Movement token for a couple of survivors, and Whispering Leaves left Valherdence without insanity to protect from brain damage.

Fight in itself went surprisingly well. I got accuracy penalty for Flower Knight, and danced with the bird with high evasion survivors. Fight might have been on the easy side, but again it seemed like I drew the trap every other round.

In the end every survivor had their defenses devastated thanks to the Perfect Aim card or what it was. But nobody died. Let's go home from a hunt well done!

Year 21

Event is Cracks in the Ground, which yields a founding stone.

Settlement finally innovates Drums.

Sense Memory gives two Vespertine Arrows and Otherworldy luck for Valherdence.

I plant a new survivor from Warbling Bloom who eats Lantern Bud right away. This means a total of eight Endeavors.

I notice I have what it takes to cook a dish for the first time ever. And what a dish! +1 permanent evasion for Paraske. I will probably cry or something if he dies to some randomness after he will be resurrected via Sleeping Virus Flower.

Valherdence and Flont (the new flower face) use a little face painting techniques and drink two Love Juices right away. Valherdence forms a deep bond with Flont. How am I to convince Flont to eat Lonely Fruit, now? I'd be a monster to do that. Flont did lose his re-roll in this baby-making process.

Valherdence also found the time to pray at the shrine. Departing survivors are getting +1 armor to all locations.

Biliouli cures some leather and makes an extra love juice, which is put to use immediately. Finally the result I have been craving: Birth of a Special Child.

Settlement develops Bone Pickaxe, Almanac and Hunter Whip

With last endeavor Paraske attempts to learn Abyssal Sadist from statue, and succeeds in doing so.

I decide to hunt level 2 Sunstalker, as the level 3 fight with Flower Knight was so promising. But, yeah. Sunstalker is no joke. I don't know how you should fight it effectively. So much of the damage ignores high defenses altogether.

Paraske, Valherdence, Lebugdé and Pelastra is the revealing order.

Paraske draws Baby and the Sword, but as Paraske has no re-roll I dare not to risk it. After all there was this sailor-mouthed Valherdence within party. Got 82 instead. Consuming grass again. Luckily there's a whip in party now. Lebugdé lost rawhide gloves, and one point of evasion because of that.

Valherdence draws Perfect Meadow and everyone feels a little sleepy-headed. First roll is 66, Forbidden Word. Understanding the word gives Paraske some Insight, and Indecision disorder for Valherdence. Next roll is 16, Night Terrors. There is indeed a savior in the party right now. She gets Purpose from age story event, as well as her savior abilities unlocked.

Next Lebugdé rolls 100. I'm worried that I have to start showdown with next to no insanity now, but I suppose I should not complain when the cyclopean knight gifted the survivors with Steel Sword and Steel Shield. At the cost of draining Lebugdé's re-roll.

Crippling Misery breaks Pelastra's foot.

Paraske rolls a Nightmare, so he gets -1 evasion and some (8) insanity.

Overwhelming Darkness gives +1 population from Paraske's path of the brave. Then we got some events that dissolves both Almanac and a Monster Grease.

Fight is a disaster.

Very early in the game Paraske dies to some unlucky rolls from Sun Dial damage shenanigans. He was supposed to be my main damage dealer.

This has me panicking, so Pelastra uses her savior criticals, giving her a lot of hunt XP in not-so-good context.

For a little while fight goes a little better, but then Valherdence dies, too, and I'm left with two most inexperienced and undergeared survivors I had. With Pelastra even carrying the Steel Shield, slowing her down massively.

But there is only a couple of cards in the deck. Some of them nicely bubble moods. Soon situation is that there is one card left in AI deck, two on sun dial and two moods in play.

AI card is one of these that rotate sun dial and deal damage twice to survivors in light. Both survivors are reeling, so I assume I have only one chance to win this - surge an attack that hits and kills when the last AI card is resolving.

So Lebugdé raises his Steel Sword and strikes. And it's a miss. Quite a sinking feeling.

But then I realize that I got Pelastra left - and she does have a strength 6 weapon with only one attack (two hits would have brought trap) and I dash & surge her.

Such relief when Sunstalker dies, slapped dead with a shield!

Home, finally home, victorious!

Year 22

Event is Nickname. Lebugdé, also known as Foolish Sneak of Darkness, has thus became rather useless survivor. Savior got a nickname too, which I didn't bother to roll, because of next story event.

Which is Murder. Biliouli murders our heroic savior who dealt the killing blow to level 2 Sunstalker. Was she envious? Anyway, she received +3 hunt xp, Quixotic and Otherworldly Luck. Though it may not be a very wise choice, as seems like giving Otherworldly Luck to someone is a death sentence. Oh well.

So all that was left from the glorified hunting party is the Foolish Sneak of Darkness (-1 accuracy and speed) that has intracranial hemorrhage. Of course one of them is coming back rather soon, but still an aggravating situation.

Then Hooded Knight pays a visit and gives +1 weapon proficiency for Undulantele.

And lastly, as Paraske died during showdown, the settlement is visited by a Guest.

Departing survivors will gain +1 to all armor levels, +5 insanity and a random fighting art.

And then I'm left wondering what to do with eight endeavors.

Yearly innovation is Forbidden Dance. Shrine ritual is a success, thanks to Biliouli.

Settlement develops Dried Acanthus, Almanac, Monster Grease, Rawhide Drum, Cycloid Scale Shoes and Skirt, Sky Harpoon and Sun Lure & Hook.

A whopping 4 endeavors is spent at shared experience to make Paraske and Vadramanten ready for a Phoenix fight. Because that's what I plan to do. Level 2 Phoenix.

I was not taking notes during the hunt phase nor writing here, so details have been lost. But it was a good thing I gave two points of hunt experience for two new survivors - that particular hunt event ended showing up that would have erased them from existence otherwise.

Extra annoyance came from recurring nightmare, that made hunting party having to face Overwhelming Darkness twice. This results in having two survivors with Post-Traumatic Stress, and quite a few negative attribute tokens that Vadramenten spent whole fight removing with First Aid Kit.

I wasn't very happy when first card drawn was Gouge & Feast. This caused arm and body severe damage rolls for Vadramanten, who thankfully survived despite getting -3 on the rolls because of Top of the Food Chain. Would have been quite depressing to lose a survivor to first drawn card in a showdown.

Paraske managed to cause a critical wound the bird's liver, which helped immensely and made fight go relatively smooth.

Getting Phoenix down to last card remaining wasn't all that painful, but that's where table-flip inducing rage started to build up. Last card was Excrete, so it was a very safe card indeed. There was also Death Blow location coming next. So I attempted to wait until Phoenix was preparing for a poop and then have Paraske surge a lethal shot. He was hitting on 2+ and wounding on 2+, with re-rolls on missed attacks.

Hitting was no problem, but wounding was obviously the "1", that I even tried to re-roll with Paraske's once-in-a-lifetime. Bad choice, because re-roll was also "1".

And three next rounds it stayed the same. Paraske even received destroyed genitals injury during this terrible streak of nothing but 1's on wounds.

I suppose the story here is: "never interrupt a Phoenix on it's poop."

But Phoenix went down without other casualties than some permanent injuries.

Two Post-Traumatic stresses caused me to have only three endeavors.

Year 23:

Settlement event is Elder Council which further reduced available endeavors.

After innovating Momento Mori, I'm left with just one endeavor. Innovation choices were absolutely terrible, but this will at least give me mask maker if I'll actually win Butcher level 3.

Butcher fight is coming next, and Paraske had to receive Post Traumatic Stress.

This gives an evil plan, though.

Some Lonely Fruit for the flower-head ought to give me one endeavor from losing survivors during settlement phase. And if there were survivors who perish against the tree, I'd gain even more endeavors. Maybe I might even get to cure Paraske with those.

Except now when I'm searching for some details over skipping next hunt, I notice that I've been playing even that wrong. I won't be able to get Paraske to fight Lonely Tree, but he will be available if I go fight the tree. It just feels so very much more difficult without a bow master.

Settlement develops Brain Mint, Hollowpoint Arrow, 2x Dried Acanthus, Phoenix Helm, Arc Bow and Monster Grease.

And then I try to fight the Lonely Tree level 3.

Vernark, Anhednia, Undulantele and Vadramenten try to crack the shell of the tree.

First round is amazing. Survivors deal seven points of damage to the tree - along with a less useful critical effect (iron bark loses super dense.)

Clawhead Arrow hits and damages, and then Arc Bow does the same.

Axe master deals two points of damage, and twilight sword deals three. Of course this required quite a bit of surging.

Tree draws Dreamer's Fruit, which in itself does not cause direct attacks.

Second round is far more meager, with only two points of damage to the tree, one of which came from Sky Harpoon's special ability. Two survivors were dragged to farthest Tall Grass, and Vernark takes Broken Hip.

Next the tree draws Absorbing Roots. Again not an attack.

Undulantele and Vadramenten take their time to trek back to the tree. During this time tree grows quite few moods that Vadramenten tries to play off with Whisker Harp. I start to feel rather secure - being extra careful seems to be the "thing" with Lonely Tree. Slowly move and stalk the tree. Do not let it notice you're there. (Of course it knows you're there...)

Many turns pass when Lonely Tree has only five life points remaining. And I had slowly grinded with the aid of Cat Eye Circlet the trap card to be the only card left in the hit location deck.

I wasn't worried at all about any regular attack tree was making. Diversion Tactics, Evasion +4 and one block and one hit ignored from Phoenix Plackart and survival for dodge and Dried Acanthus made me feel invulnerable with Undulantele. Four dice for attacks from the tree hitting on 7+ seemed like a joke. But then I had to pop the trap.

Suddenly it would be around ten attacks from Basic Action or whatever AI cards would do. Many of the hit locations makes attacker suffer Basic Action. Generally I managed to get one location that didn't trigger attack, and that wound was done with Arc Bow.

Soon the tree was at one life point remaining. (I figured it would still require two wounds to actually kill it, since you can wound the monster "normally" after all life points have been drained.)

Next AI cards were Blood Lure and Handed Roots, with Lure being completely out of question, and Handed Roots denying possibility to hug the tree and gain benefits of diversion tactics.

So the axe master Vadramenten takes a swing, with +1 speed token, and every attack hits.

Still, Vadramenten was only scoring wounds on 8+. Which would also be critical hits. Anyway, Vadramenten scored a critical wound and gained a point of strength. Next wound roll is abysmal, which I re-roll with Axe Proficiency. It's a second 9.

I did not expect the tree to fall this "easily", though the fight did not feel easy. Well, I spent around four hours at it.

Undulantele, who started the fight with insanity 18 had only nine points left after the showdown - most of the brain damage coming from Phoenix Plackart. It took that long both in-game and outside of it.

One Fresh Acanthus was found during play and Scavenger kit gives ??? and that's about it. There were no fruits on the ground during aftermath.

But the guaranteed rewards, oh my. Highly coveted Drifting Dream Fruit and Porous Flesh Fruit. And Super-Hair ability for the whole group.

Paraske and Lyaschura have now recovered from their Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Paraske eats Porous Flesh fruit.

Settlement develops another Hollowpoint Arrow, makes some leather to construct Phoenix Greaves, and then special innovate Scrap Smelting.

I plan on cheesing Butcher3 with -2 movement and hope that he doesn't draw this +3 movement card any time soon.

So. Might as well. Die.

Random terrain is Egg Sacs, which isn't very helpful.

Flower Knight Badge gives Diversion Tactics. I randomize the tactic card by placing all of them in a row, then rolling a d3 to see which one is what I get. And I believe I have had this tactic at least in 50% of showdowns when I've brought the badge. Or perhaps even more.

... and it was a full wipe. Kind of. Terrible loss, at least.

After so much carefulness and preparations.

For many turns I humiliated Butcher, who couldn't do much, running around with his movement of 3. Now and then he landed an attack, but generally they didn't have me scared. Then Butcher sped up with Lantern Frenzy. He picked Paraske as his target, which could have made me giggle a little. Paraske had movement 8. Butcher had only 5, even with all the tokens from Lantern Frenzy.

I was overconfident, I admit. Right next Butcher began to spam his teleportation attack. There weren't that many AI cards left in his deck, so it turned up quite often. Paraske, last one of the starting four and stat-wise and amazing survivor. He gave us the language we speak. His arrows would strike true even if he were blindfolded. And then this Butcher teleport from over half the board away and does the thing that gave him his name.

Then the fight started to fall to pieces.

Caramanca, the red savior, was the only one who managed to run off with Pictographs. Everyone else - my A-team - dead.

Year 24

Settlement event is Phantom. Departing survivors will lose one point of armor randomly, and +2 to storytelling endeavors.

Hands of Heat becomes a tradition... right before Watcher fight on year 25. Not that I would have needed resources.

Nine endeavors, though. Better make them count, except with no resources it's going to be difficult.

And I realized I actually cannot nominate Biliouli for Intimacy, thanks to this regal plate covering her waist.

But I need new survivors. First Biliouli scavenges a broken lantern, and then starts doing Augury. It takes three attempts, but in the meantime this triggers Insight, which gave an extra endeavor. Oh well.

Undulantele and Lyaschura make a baby, and they don't even have to waste any re-rolls.

Biliouli prays armor ritual.

The new baby, Merdency, visits Momento Mori and gains instant Bold and Insight. This does mainly nothing, extra card when innovating and +1 endeavor, again.

So there are five endeavors left.

It takes three attempts for Merdency to learn Abyssal Sadist.

Lebugdé manages to cure his Anxiety, but intracranial hemorrhage is there to stay.

If I would have fared a little better against Butcher (meaning: I would have won at least Paraske and Vadramente still alive), I would have tried to hunt Lion God.

Now? I don't know. Maybe I'll try it anyway if I try some weird Vespertine Arrow + Death Mask shenanigans with +9 to luck.

Trailblazer makes the first hunt event a Lion God event. It's Geodes, which yields a little insanity for survivors and three (3) Iron. Only three venture to Worm Tunnels, though. And as sort of an achievement, Twinkare even descends to Crystal Lake and could have gone to Lantern City. He chose not to.

Next Lyaschura rolls 72, Something to pass the time. She doesn't have as good games as Livia had, so no-one is on the mood for one.

Undulantele receives Stark Raving from Lion God event White Pillar, but he had the almanac to protect him.

Merdency picks up a fresh acanthus from Herb Gathering, and then Jowls bites his nose off during Sky Fishing.

Then Twinkare gets 58, Scent on the Wind. And rolls 10. Skip next space. I take it that I still have to roll for Overwhelming Darkness, but ambush the monster.

Twinkare takes a -1 evasion token.

Undulantele is scared sane, but I could not take it. Had to re-roll, and gained a crab spider instead. (Undulantele has Twilight Sword. Being sane would have had quite serious repercussions - he would not have been able to attack at all, if he was sane!)

Same happened with Lyaschura, but I let it go. She has no sentient weapons.

Merdency gets insanity and courage.

And here we are. At the dawn of fight with Lion God. Ambush is going to help me immensely - the set-up in book looks suicidal. And I can get the bow-user on top of giant face and what else, oh my.

Honestly I did not expect Twinkare to survive, though I gave him Dried Acanthus. But against the odds - he did it. This also triggered Age for him. I rolled +3 permanent strength for him. Getting Post-Traumatic Stress and losing two levels of proficiency didn't feel that terrible any longer.

Then I proceed to rewards, and excited I read The Knowledge Worm story event. Roll 4.

If you want to call it intuition, then it was right. Twinkare did not survive. There went my Death Mask. But maybe I shouldn't feel bad because of it, as the showdown went exceedingly well. Monster giveth and monster taketh, I guess... when we take look at how Butcher fight went.

Fight itself was interesting. Ambush made it sure I had cover where survivors needed it. I tried to fish for some nice critical effects from hit locations before committing Twinkare. And I got the hematosis effect and -1 toughness token for Lion God.

Lyaschura gets frenzy from some brain trauma, which makes me hide her for most of the game. Merdency had his hands full at manipulating both AI and hit location deck, so most damage came from Undulantele and Twinkare.

Lion God completely wrecked two or three terrain pieces, one of which revealed the sinkhole.

Lyaschura had the time to study Lion Statues and eventually went to take the dive, when Undulantele was standing next to sinkhole in the blind spot of Lion God. I was quite afraid there as I didn't know how much there were knockback effects in the AI deck. But Lyaschura found Old Blue Box and the Urn thanks to some good rolls. Lion God had been slowly reduced to one AI card remaining, which was a heft effect. It was easy to navigate around as long as Undulantele had survival.

Eventually Lion God killed itself by hefting too many times.

Year 25

Settlement event is Haunted. Roll of 4 is annoying, losing insanity and an endeavor hurts.

Them there is some lantern branding. Hands of Heat continues to be a tradition, but next time settlement sees it on year 34. Loss of resources was troublesome, even if survivors received probably my all time high resources.

Settlement innovates Bed, which is kind of hilarious. Just before they encounter the ultimate predator, everyone goes to bed. It was just a bad dream all along.

I realized that I got zero re-rolls available, which makes Intimacy quite risky. But it's the Watcher fight. I need a bigger settlement.

Anhednia and Identula paint the founder's eye, and drink Love Juice. It's a healthy pair of twins. But since I had a matchmaker in returning survivors, I spent endeavor for Anhednia and Identula to have another moment of intimacy. This time only one extra population, and not even with +1 bonus strength from bed. But hey, +3 population.

Then I got only one endeavor left.

Biliouli opens Old Blue Box and receives Ancient Lion Claws and Lantern Mehndi.

She also tries to pray at the shrine, but this time departing survivors are only getting a little extra insanity.

It's a terrible thing to notice that all of your shining stars have dimmed as you wake up the Watcher. I have any hope at all in Undulantele and Caramanca, and I suppose a little in Biliouli. What does it matter if I lose my only King's Stepper on this fight, because there won't be another King's Man encounter if I lose?

So, next comes The Watcher. I just don't know when.

Settlement storage:

3x Iron

2x Monster Hide

2x Lion Beast Katar, 2x Bandages
Ancient Lantern, Dormant Twilight Cloak
Catgut Bow, Clawhead Arrow, 2x Hollowpoint Arrow
Arc Bow
2x Skull Helm
Bone Darts, Bone Dagger, Bone Blade, Bone Club
Scrap Dagger, Scrap Sword
Skullcap Hammer
Hunter Whip
Counterweight Axe
2x Full Rawhide Set, Rawhide Boots
Cycloid Scale Set
Sky Harpoon + Lure & Hook
Leather Armor Set + Leather Boots, 2x Shield
Phoenix Plackart, Helm, Faulds + Feather Shield
Sickle, Pickaxe
2x Monster Grease, 1x Lucky Charm and Fecal Salve.
Monster Tooth Necklace
Flower Knight Badge
Regal Helm, Plackart, Boots and Skirt (on Biliouli)
Steel Shield, Steel Sword
Butcher Axe
Twilight Sword (on Undulantele)
Necromancer's Eye, Cat's Eye Circlet
Lantern Mehndi, Ancient Lion Claw
3x Dried Acanthus
Brain Mint
Satchel, Scavenger Kit, First Aid Kit
Vespertine Cello, Whisker Harp, Rawhide Drum
1x Vespertine Arrow
1x founding stone

Organ Grinder, Skinnery, Bone Smith, Leather Worker, Weapon Crafter, Barber Surgeon, Skyreef Sanctuary, Plumery

Sculpture: Abyssal Sadist

Language, Paint, Symposium, Lantern Oven, Inner Lantern, Face Painting, Ammonia, Sculpture, Pottery, Cooking, Shrine, Hovel, Family, Sacrifice, Clan of Death, Pictographs, Bloodletting, Storytelling, Ultimate Weapon, Drums, Forbidden Dance, Momento Mori, Scrap Smelting, Bed, The Knowledge Worm
Mastery: Fist & Tooth, Katar, Bow

Life: Survival of the Fittest
Death: Graves
Conviction: Barbaric
Society: Accept Darkness

Population 14:

Astarno Meyhope (F) hunt xp 6, strength +4, evasion +1, Insanity 5
Courage 1, Understanding 1
Club proficiency 2
Hemophobia, Vestiphobia, Stark Raving
Has no re-roll

Biliouli (F) hunt xp 9, strength +7, evasion +1, Insanity 5
Courage 2, Understanding 2
Dagger proficiency 4
Sneak Attack, Otherwordly Luck, King's Step
Megalophobia, Secretive, Quixotic
King's Curse (head, body, waist, legs)
Fated vs King's Man
Marrow Hunger
Has no re-roll

Twinja Meyhope (F) hunt xp 1, strength +2, evasion +1, insanity 3
Courage 1, Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1
Sneak Attack
Emotionless, Shallow Lungs
No reroll

Anhednia Newlinga (F) hunt xp 1, strength +2, evasion +1, insanity 1
Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1
No reroll

Undulantele Forgamn (M) hunt xp 13, movement -1, accuracy +1, strength +5, evasion +2, insanity 0
Courage 5 (stalwart), Understanding 5 (explore)
Twilight Sword proficiency 6
Ruthless, Tough, Trailblazer
Performance Anxiety
Has no re-roll

Identula (M) Newlinga, hunt xp 0, accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2
Understanding 1
Sword proficiency 1
No Reroll

Lyaschura Forgamn (F) xp 7, accuracy +1, strength +4, evasion +2, insanity 0
Understanding 3
Sword proficiency 3
Defender, Swordman's Promise, Synchronized Strike
Traumatized, Recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress
Has no re-roll

Merdency Forgamn (M), xp 1, accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2, insanity 0
Courage 7 (matchmaker), understanding 4 (tinker)
Abyssal Sadist
Has no nose (jowls bit it off)
Has no re-roll

Lebugdé, Foolish Sneak of Darkness, (M) hunt xp 1, strength +3, evasion +2, speed -1, insanity 6
Courage 1, Understanding 3
Axe proficiency 2
Quixotic, Anxiety
Intracranial Hemorrhage
No Reroll

Vernark (F) xp 1, movement -1, strength +3, evasion +2, insanity 0
Understanding 1
Broken hip
No reroll

Caramanca (M), xp 6, accuracy +1, strength +4, evasion +2, insanity 1
Courage 2, Understanding 1
Sneak Attack, Caratosis
Quixotic, Indecision
Gaping Chest Wound
No reroll

Unnamed Survivor (M) accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2
Understanding 1

Unnamed Survivor (M) accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2
Understanding 1

Unnamed Survivor (F) accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2
Understanding 1

Upcoming events:

Hooded Knight on Lantern Year 26

Thursday, February 1, 2018

My life is Ruined

A week or so ago I played this 75 point game of Warmachine.

I don't think I ever played against Butcher3 even during Mk2. But I had heard enough horrifying stories. Which only escalated when I saw the opposing list.

Lord Exhumator Scaverous [+27]
- Corruptor [14]
- Deathripper [6]
- Inflictor [13]
- Nightwretch [7]
- The Withershadow Combine [9]
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius [4]
- Reaper [13]
Necrotech [2]
Satyxis Raider Captain [4]
Saxon Orrik [4]
2x Soul Trapper [1]
Warwitch Siren [4]
Bile Thralls (min) [9]
Black Ogrun Boarding Party (max) [11]

Opponent had:

[Theme] Winter Guard Kommand
Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed [+22]
- 2x Juggernaut [12]
- 2x Kodiak [13]
- Ruin [17]
- War Dog [3]
Kayazy Eliminators [5]
Winter Guard Mortar Crew [0(5)]
Winter Guard Mortar Crew [5]
Winter Guard Gun Carriage [17]

Scenario was Outlast.

All these arm 20 warjacks. Maybe I'd be able to snatch a few of them with Reaper and telekinesis and I don't know, something. At least opponent had no mechanics, so every system I'd break would be gone forever.

Once Butcher arrived around mid-field, I tried to assassinate him. He was sitting behind a few Kodiak clouds and assorted warjacks and a forest.

So I attempted to drag him through forest.

I left Scaverous without focus and tossed Telekinesis and whatnot all over the place. Feast of Worms was cast on a Bile Thrall that I had positioned for this purpose. Scaverous cast Icy Grip on Butcher and then turned him around for Reaper.

Alright, so let's scalpel the army commander away.

Reaper advances and shoots harpoon. I realized too late that I had forgot to cast Puppet Master on Reaper. Oh well. Need to boost the attack roll then. It's a hit, and damage has to be boosted also to secure at least one point of damage.

Guards! Guards! There is a security breach!

Triple 1's were mocking me there for my forgetfulness.

Well. Then I had most of my army in a broad semi-circle with Butcher3 on the middle. I aimlessly tried to cause some damage here and there to the warjacks, but I needed to hope for a miracle, which actually might not help, even if I would have succeeded in destroying a jack or two, or crippling a few.

Gun Carriage slammed Inflictor over Scaverous with high damage rolls. Maybe a mortar gave a shot too, I don't remember. But Energizer gave Ruin both a charge lane and reach to get to knocked down, focusless Scaverous.

Butcher didn't even have to use feat. Scaverous was dead.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Old Witch Deneghra (what?)

Alright, now it's been two weeks since I played these two 25 point games of Warmachine. It was against a returning Warmachine player I had never met before. And coincidentally, he also had Trollbloods as his faction. And Gunnbjorn was one of his warlocks.

I had same list in both games, and it was:

Wraith Witch Deneghra
- Harrower
- Helldiver
- Nightwretch
Bloat Thrall
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Soul Trapper
Warwitch Siren
Black Ogrun Boarding Party (max)

And it's the old Wraith Witch. Errata came after these games were played.

First game opponent had:

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet
- Dire Troll Mauler
- Mulg the Ancient
- Winter Troll
- Trollkin Runebearer
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min)

We had Mosh Pit scenario from prime rulebook, as some of those are better fitting for low point games such as these.

Implacability and general large-baseness made some trouble for both my Hellmouthing and shooting from Black Ogruns. I wasted my feat, and a total of 10 focus points over two turns were wasted on Hellmouths that killed one stone bearer, I think.

Somehow a decisive moves didn't happen. I had my chances at assassinations when Gorman was lucky at lobbing the Black Oil over Hoarluk. But when my troops had been reduced to Bloat Thrall, Gorman and Deneghra, I decided to just charge it and see how it goes.

Turns out Mulg and Mauler were able to kill the focusless cryx caster.

Game 2:

Here opponent had:

Captain Gunnbjorn
- Dire Troll Bomber
- Dozer & Smigg
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min)
- Stone Scribe Elder
Northkin Fire Eaters

Here I couldn't do anything to the dire trolls (again) but with a little better positioning Deneghra was eventually able to charge Gunnbjorn while incorporeal, resulting in a dead trollblood warlock.

These write-ups were quite a bit shorter than usually, but two weeks tend to do that.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cryx vs Trollbloods 50 points

Alrighty, it's starting to be almost two weeks from these games, so I better hurry them up here. Though I'm not sure if one can speak about hurrying, then.

Anyway, they were two 50 point games of Warmachine against Trollbloods.

First game was:

Wraith Witch Deneghra [+28]
- Deathripper [6]
- Erebus [16]
- Nightwretch [7]
- Skarlock Thrall [4]
Bloat Thrall [4]
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist [4]
Pistol Wraith [5]
Satyxis Raider Captain [4]
Saxon Orrik [4]
Soul Trapper [1]
Warwitch Siren [4]
Satyxis Raiders (max) [16]
- Satyxis Raider Sea Witch [3]


Captain Gunnbjorn [+28]
- Dire Troll Blitzer [16]
- Slag Troll [10]
- Troll Impaler [11]
Braylen Wanderheart, Trollkin Outlaw [5]
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min) [6]
Scattergunners (max) [14]
Trollkin Highwaymen (max) [15]

I did my best to remove Krielstone unit early on, and I succeeded. Though it cost Warwitch Siren and pretty much a Deathripper, at least for arc-noding purposes.

Satyxis Raiders and Highwaymen spent a few turns looking menacingly at each other, neither doing much else.

When sluggers entered middle zone to contest it a bit, Satyxis charged onwards and pretty much decimated the unit. Deneghra did have her feat going on that turn, too. I decided to try how Overtake option from Sea Witch would turn out, and all it did was that I could move one model so that it engaged another. For my benefit, I mean. Kind of feels like a non-option.

It was a swingy game, as after Deneghra's turn there were so few trollbloods left that it looked like a clear game to me. But then, after trollblood turn I started to think I was horrendously losing the attrition game.

But I had been able to snatch scenario points here and there. When I was one point off from victory, I was outnumbered almost three to one, I decided I had to take the zone on the right, no matter the cost. Fortunately there was only Slag Troll denying me that point, but Dire Troll was engaging both Deathripper and Erebus.

Deathripper tried to bite the troll really hard to cripple any of the important branches, but failed to do so.

Erebus walked to attack Slag Troll, but this provoked a free strike from dire troll. All weapons systems from Erebus went down. He did manage to freeze the Slag Troll though, and was rolling better damage with one die than with two dice. But this was not enough.

But then I noticed Deneghra was within charge range of the light warbeast. Problem solved at the last possible moment.

Game 2:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous [+27]
- Deathripper [6]
- Inflictor [13]
- Ripjaw [7]
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius [4]
- Reaper [13]
Scrap Thralls [2]
Warwitch Siren [4]
Cephalyx Overlords [8]
Satyxis Raiders (max) [16]
- Satyxis Raider Sea Witch [3]

Opponent had a list something like this, but I can't figure out last remaining four points. Maybe opponent forgot to deploy something? Anyway, the list:

Grim Angus [+29]
- Dire Troll Blitzer [16]
- Dire Troll Mauler [15]
- Swamp Troll [8]
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min) [6]
Pyg Bushwhackers (max) [15]
- Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar [5]
Trollkin Sluggers (max) [10]

This game went really fast, as Satyxis Raiders ran to engage Bushwhackers. Opponent was hesitant to commit ranged models to contest scenario zones, and underestimated threat of Scrap Thralls to objective marker. Well, Scaverous did sacrifice a whole lot of focus points in casting Feast of Worms to ease their job. Sooner than I realized Cryx had accumulated enough control points for a scenario victory.