Saturday, December 15, 2018

Skorne Thing

What's this?

A new player in my home town. Last weekend we had a 50 point game of Warmachine. My list was:

Void Seer Mordikaar [+29]
- Agonizer [6]
- Archidon [10]
- Bronzeback Titan [18]
- Cyclops Savage [7]
Bog Trog Trawler [3]
Thrullg [5]
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min) [5]
Praetorian Swordsmen (max) [13]
- Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard [4]
Venator Slingers (min) [8]

Opponent had:

Commander Coleman Stryker [+30]
- Cyclone [13]
- Defender [16]
- Lancer [10]
- Reliant [14]
Journeyman Warcaster [4]
- Charger [9]
Long Gunner Infantry (min) [10]

The list is four points short, so I suppose opponent forgot to deploy a solo or command attachment for Long Gunners.

We played a rulebook scenario to score a point from five flags. And how different it felt after having used to Steamroller scenarios.

Early on I'm a bit too greedy with the flag points - it was completely unnecessary for me to bring Bronzeback Titan to score a point from the middle flag and be pretty much there in the open, ready to be shot at.

So I lost my heavy beast. And I was against three heavy warjacks that were supported with two instances of Arcane Shield. Whoopsie.

Feats gave us both a "useless" turn. Slingers tried to give corrosion to Cygnaran models while they were under Stryker's feat. Praetorian Swordsmen used their minifeat in an attempt to do some damage to Lancer. They did some damage but did not break any systems. But at least the arc node was tied up.

Opponent, then, was mostly able to kill Praetorian Swordsmen that weren't under Mordikaar's feat.

Considering that I had no way of punching through all those warjacks, I schemed a plan to win with scenario. I had four control points thanks to Bog Trog Trawler. So all I needed was the flag Lancer was contesting.

These are the unlikely epic weird shenanigans that I so much enjoy. My plan was thus:

1) do as much damage to Lancer as was possible with Swordsmen.
2) cast Essence Blast spray, killing all the praetorian swordsmen that were not within 4" of the flag and kill the lancer
3) revive one praetorian swordsmen in base contact with the flag.

It all went fine until I failed to kill a couple of swordsmen with Essence Blast. I did not bother casting Revive, then. I saved three fury points for damage transfer instead, as Mordikaar was in a rather vulnerable position.

Stryker managed to land Earthquake on Mordikaar, so I thought game was pretty much over then. I don't remember if it was Defender or Reliant that rolled only four damage points in to Mordikaar, so I did not have to start spending transfers right away.

Mordikaar was shot to pieces, but not to death. Somehow he managed to survive Defender, Reliant, Charger, two hand cannons from both warcasters and a couple of Long Gunner shots.

I think there is a pattern here. It's not just Hexeris that pulls off these "shouldn't have" -survival situations. It's my Skorne as a whole.

There were no cygnar models contesting the last flag Skorne needed, so game was over. Sure there were swings in this game, though after losing Bronzeback so early on I continuously felt that I needed desperate measures to win.

And my desperate measure seems to be caster bait with odds stacked heavily against me.

Monday, December 10, 2018


A quick note about a game of Word Winder that was played some days ago. Here for statistical purposes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Low End Boss and minions

I finished painting the Watcher (former last nemesis boss in Kingdom Death), two spiderlings and four starting survivors for Kingdom Death.

They were mostly dipped and it didn't turn out too well this time. But at least they are finished now. Well maybe I have to clear that mess from some survivor bases.

Since I now have some real starting survivors, my current ones will likely see some adjustment in gear.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Vanguard test game

Well let's get this one written up.

Some time ago I got to play my first game of Kings of War: Vanguard.

Mechanics were fairly easy to grasp, as they shared a lot in common with Deadzone.

However, I had no miniatures. With correct base sizes at least. To figure out at least something, I dug up my Carnival of Chaos/Cruor et Caedis warband with the circus theme.

I chose Forces of Nature as my warband, as it seemed easiest to build around my circus models.

So there was forest shambler the circus bear, gladewalker druid Jack Saturn and salamander with heavy weapon as the strongman. Like that.

It was a 150 point game.

I had
Gladewalker druid (wicked dagger + lucky charm)
2x Naiads (with harpoon and sheaf of arrows)
Salamander with heavy weapon
Salamander with wicked dagger
Forest Shambler

Opponent had Basilean warband.

Scenario was to hunt down a deserter from Cruor et Caedis - a bard. Jack wanted her dead because she had somehow broken through his spells, and Basileans wanted her dead because she was from this horrible circus. At least this is how I construct the narrative now.

Bard kept sprinting 12" a turn, with only one 6" in-between. Jack used Barrier of Vines to shield bard from Basilean attacks - vengeance was reserved solely for Jack.

I got surprised with the movement rules, though. I thought I was secure, but it was merely an illusion when there isn't that much of an impassable terrain feature in Vanguard. Some sort of bow user climbed on top of ruin's rooftops, and kept shooting my models down - all the while being impervious to whatever I tried to do to him or her. Jack's lightning bolt was a good try, but Basilean special army power foiled that.

I had brought forest shambling bear to bard's route. Lying in wait. I built up that ambush attack with all power I had at my disposal. Charge + extra die meant 5d8 attack, hitting on 4+ or 5+ or something.

There was exactly one hit. Fine use of resources, I must say. I had saved a power for forced fatigue attack, but eh. Bard still had three wounds remaining, so I just left her be.

Then she took another run with 12". Looked like neither player would be able to kill the bard, and result would be draw.

I had one chance, though. Naiad with sheaf of arrows and extra power die did a 4d8 shot with piercing 2. Still, three wounds would be rather unlikely result.

But hey. Five wounding hits hit four dice.

Bard saved two, I think, and the end result was - Bard stopped singing. Forever. Somehow her lute did not stop playing. It was probably demonically possessed.

Unlikely attack results caused the game to end in draw, as the lone Naiad was able to fend off the basilean He-Man cat and survive attacks by some other knight person. Neither player was able to pick up the lute and there was no sixth round.

Later in the game my models started dying off. Though end result looks quite one-sided, I stood a chance here - even if we won't consider the main objective of killing bard. But even when odds were stacked in my favor, basileans somehow managed to survive without a scratch. Sure their army special power helped here, but still I failed to kill anyone even when that power was not used.

Well, whatever.

Bard is dead. That's good enough for me.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Gauntlet Has Begun

Year 19 hunt & showdown

Sanorad, Cratera, Spiress and Halyran start to hunt the mightiest White Lion settlement has seen skulking nearby since Beast of Sorrow. Soon the part realizes that the lion in question is in heat. This is a minor nuisance to everyone but Spiress, who has no protective barrier of insanity.

Second space is White Lion Cub, and by slaying the little ball of fur survivors anger the mother lion, which attacks immediately. Hunters were caught without Sonorous Rest or Herb Gathering.

I was scared.

And after the first turn I was doubly so. Though White Lion just stood there menacingly, but how menacingly! Smart Cat along with the hunt event result had the White Lion start with Enraged, Bloodthirsty and Alert in play.

Spiress hits with Hollowpoint Arrow, but is then picked as a target for Vicious Claw. But she can dash out of reach.

Halyran uses block and lures White Lion into tall grass, where it continues to scratch and claw him. Despite having impressive evasion +7, White Lion still scores three enraged hits. Halyran survives the attacks without being knocked down.

Sanorad gives the lion a scare by striking it's tail, which is a boon for survivors. Now triggering Bloodthirsty doesn't equal a dead survivor.

Power Swat targets Halyran, but only one hit assures safety in terms of being able to dash from the beast.

When the opportunity arises, Sanorad slays the White Lion.

Scared witless, the survivors make fun of each other in nervous laughter when they walk back to safety of settlement. They call each other names that stick to them.

Year 21

And when survivors were back, Sanurinn Pool greeted Halyran Sunearr, Wise Sneak of the Phoenix and Spiress Brightsilk, Foolish Savior of the Lantern and Cratera, Dingle Sneak of the Lantern and Sanorad, Dingle Fool of the Lion.

This foolishness has settlement innovate Storytelling

Frohlagodhen dies when playing Heart Flute. This gives Unar Bulvans an idea - a chance to have the spotlight turn to him instead of his brother. Unar plays the flute, summoning The Hand.

Falves, Klenovar, Lyrna and Parkara confront The Hand - none have ever been on a hunt, and are drawn by Falves' charisma. The Hand could have been coming with peaceful purposes, but this splinter sect immediately attack the immortal creature.


And a full idiot I was, taking survivor with Hellfire against a nemesis you can't finish off quickly. The Hand was just softly chuckling at my misery of having to watch Falves to slowly cook herself alive. Otherwise The Hand was not amused at having to come to Sanurinn Pool again. It had heard the Heart Flute melody first time, and Grissewan was still playing in it's court. There were no permanent injuries inflicted and the showdown went relatively fine - but compared to the joke of a fight level 1 hand had given, this was a scary one. No permanent injury rolls had to be made, but a couple of Dried Acanthus gears did get burned.

Even Falves did not die. She had the Undeathable charm, which saved her life but took away her once-per-lifetime reroll. Settlement has survival limit of 15, so it was just enough to struggle through the showdown with having to roll undeathable only once. But this would have been completely avoidable.

Applauding Hand also triggered another Undeathable roll for Falves, which she passed without incident.

As the Hand leaves settlement, rather than heard, the word "useless" is felt by everyone at the Pool. The Hand punts a lantern straight to Sanorad, who loses her jaw to this casual toss.

The Hand was not alone, though. This time it left someone behind. A cursed knight, King's Man, is about to execute everyone on sight.

Spenaccio, Halyran, Ghorum and Falves fend off this new threat. Falves dons God Mask, which agitates Chiloresc into a spree of something unintelligible.

Wisdom potion reveals how the creature is hissing and pulsating with acidic fluids in a most trap-like manner. All survivors have a shield, though.

Spenaccio gains King's Step on first try. Falves triggers trap. Silent Hymn affects everyone and makes positioning very difficult. Often survivors fall asleep right to King's Man's halberd blade. However, the drowsiness caused a fit of funniness in survivors. At least Falves and Halyran were laughing maniacally. Spenaccio starts to think himself as immortal, and Ghorum is lulled into sleep by this song. He forgets how to feel vengeful over fallen comrades.

Second time survivors start napping in the thick of combat it suddenly is not all that funny any more. Halyran and Falves wake up by slapping themselves in danger seizures, while Ghorum and Spenaccio are frightened to the point of flight.

Just as survivors are about to fall to the charm for third time, I deem it too risky. King's Man is on the verge of dying. Ghorum who would have been immune to curses is much too far, so Halyran has to make the ultimate sacrifice and tear the knight to pieces with his bare hands. Perhaps he should have done something else, as pieces of armor don't come off from his skin. They start to move on their own closer to Halyran's heart, and start forming a coat of plates. Halyran has fallen under King's Curse.

Year 22

Survivors are no longer the hunters. They have become the hunted. Something draws these human-like creatures to assault Sanurinn Pool. Was it the reckless playing of the Heart Flute, or perhaps there was a reason whe a particular dance pattern had been forbidden?

Whatever the cause, it doesn't only call nemesis attackers. There's a stranger in the dark - an ally, perhaps?

Sacrala considers it her duty to walk up to this man and greet him.

Stranger introduces himself as the Horizon Man, and warns Sacrala that the Sun is about to waken, and that there are people that should stop it. A threat is arriving, but even greater doom looms in the vicinity, and Sacrala would do well to bid her time. After telling this, the man crumbles to dust.

Settlement starts to prepare for the upcoming challenges. It's been a while since Sauna Shrine had been performed, so it goes a little awry and offers only insanity. But a little insane insight allows to craft a life elixir after final element - Rubedo - had been innovated.

Purified Spidunta and Klenovar drink a Love Juice and nearly die from the poisonous brew - it takes away the re-rolls of both. But they do get a Child of the Sun, Spinovar Who?

Chilons drills Spenaccio's delusions of immortality away.

Spenaccio, Parkara, Daress and Falves spend their time in rigorous training. Three latter learn Rhythm Chaser, while the first one mentioned has a Nightmare Training session.

Horizon Man's warning did not go unnoticed. And it pains Sacrala to not confront her somewhat of a personal nemesis, the Manhunter, she knows that even greater enemy is still to come.

Falves, Parkara, Spenaccio and Chiloresc attack the last body harvester to come to Sanurinn Pool.

Chiloresc is visibly distressed by Falves' acquisition of rights to wear God Mask.


And Manhunter knows. He offers a Murderous Gaze to Chiloresc, who just babbles nonsense. He know's he's going to die.

Falves attacks Manhunter with Prism Mace. Four attack rolls and hitting on 3+. Only one is a hit, but does strike two wounds to knotted back.

Spenaccio dextrously King's Steps aside a stake trap and wounds ossified knee guards.

Chiloresc critically injures Grimacing Jaw, which infuriates Manhunter who destroys Chiloresc's genitals once again with a kick. Chiloresc is traumatized by this, yet unable to talk about it. Then comes the killing blow. This was the moment Manhunter promised just a few seconds ago. Chiloresc can see his heart getting pierced by his own bone splinter - but just a Manhunter draws it's blade off from him, the wounds knit back. Life Elixir had made it's magic.

Falves dodges a stake trap and fails to wound gritty groin, but strikes four prayed wounds together in to rippling abs and exposed forearm.

Manhunter turns to Falves and prepares a point blank shot, but Falves dashes out of the field of view, so Manhunter shoots a round into the air.

Spenaccio tries to strike at Manhunter's boot, but this only triggers him to move where Spenaccio stands. Amber Poleaxe failed to wound. Spenaccio dashed adjacent to Manhunter, and then Parkara slammed himself to Manhunter. This time Manhunter impaled itself to Amber Poleaxe, but attack scored only one hit. Which was enough to draw Death Pit, but not enough to draw trap. Parkara fell to the spikes, miraculously unharmed but forever afraid of sharp objects. So he's out when it comes to fighting capability - he can't activate his axe.

Falves comes to take Manhunter's tombstone attack and whatever AI deck could throw at him.

Manhunter swears how survivors will never take him alive. Oh no.

We are looking at a speed 14 attack. Though he's hitting Falves only on 10's, it's still a terrifying attack.

Falves dashes and then Spenaccio dashes to Manhunter's path. Manhunter gets a wound from Amber Poleaxe. So now we're looking at a speed 15 attack. Turns out it sounded more threatening than it was - Manhunter could not get enough of those 10's required.

Chiloresc had been gazing Manhunter all through the fight with Necromancer's eye. It revealed only death and destruction coming up, so Parkara slammed himself to Manhunter, striking the trap off with knuckle shield. So he was able to contribute to fight, after all.

Falves is in trouble, as he is no longer insane for triggering God Mask. She had been losing survival to various reflexes and after attacking Manhunter, had only six survival left. But Manhunter was almost dead.

All it took was Spenaccio's one hit from Amber Poleaxe. And it succeeded.

Chiloresc is wounded and Parkara is emotionally scarred, so they have to take a step back, when the real threat arrives on the scene.


This must be the attacker Horizon Man warned Sacrala, right?

Falves, Sacrala, Spenaccio, Daress arm themselves. Team is almost the best one Sanurinn Pool could gather - perhaps Halyran in place of Spenaccio would'be been the absolute A-team. Chosen field of battle also is bustling with patches of Tall Grass. Should be easy now.

However... suddenly this superior breed of survivors start to fail at everything.

First round was successful when Spenaccio managed to impale Butcher's throat so that Screaming went away. But otherwise every attack missed, or in the case of Falves, drew only traps.

Butcher is only invigorated by the slash at it's throat, so he embraces the pain. Falves, hiding in Tall Grass, would be hit only on 10's so none of this was too bad.

Butcher double hacked at Falves, and scored three hits with Hack City. This was too much - Falves got knocked down, lost rhythm chaser evasion. Daress was Butcher's next pick. He was able to dash away.

Feeling vengeful, Falves tried to attack with Prism Mace but - once again - drew trap.

Sacrala makes far better effort - she scores three hits and succeeds to wound every one of them. But Butcher just doesn't care - he's invincible and passes the 8+ test for every single roll.

Daress desperately launches himself at Butcher's thick cape, and somehow pierces through the invulnerable armor. Round three and first wounds being scored.

Spenaccio receives death sentence in the form of Lantern Frenzy. Slowly Butcher walks next to Spenaccio, who receives +2 understanding from realizing that he WILL die.

During course of single round Spenaccio receives three bleed tokens.

Falves is afraid to attack Butcher with his Prism Mace, but that's what he has to do. It's a huge risk, as he had gained Legendary Lungs. He scored seven hits, but miraculously did not draw a trap. He wounded five times, but there was a reflex that knocked him down.

He had charged himself with a strength token, but had not prayed for Devastating. Plan was to get rid of Lantern Frenzy. Well that succeeded, but as you cannot make other survival actions than to dodge while knocked down, Falves was doomed.

His life hinged on Undeathable once more. But he had pushed his luck too far. Falves was dead.

Sacrala tried to whip Butcher heedless of the terrible danger. Defenders of Sanurinn Pool needed desperate wounds to Butcher now, no matter the cost.

This gambit dealt only two wounds, but at least it did deal wounds.

Finally Butcher had some serious damage inflicted upon him, and this triggered Embracing. Spenaccio dealt one additional collision damage with Ember Poleaxe, and then it began mauling Sacrala. After flailing at her without much of an impact, he gazes to her with the truthful promise of death, and only death. Sacrala remembers White Secret and has become Leyline Walker. But now she is also frenzied.

Butcher hitting only on 10's kept survivors going. Wild Carve that deals automatic damage and bleed tokens was the only real threat there. Only Daress has been able to keep his calm throughout the battle. The remaining two are frenzied.

Five cards left in AI deck by now.

Hacking, Hewing and finally Backhand kills Daress with bleeding tokens.

Sacrala and Spenaccio deal a total of four wounds, so now there is just one card in AI deck. And it's backhand. Butcher tears four bleeding tokens to Spenaccio.

Both survivors realize how injured this nemesis beast is. It seems unable to move, but menacing threat gives three Frenzies for Spenaccio right away.

Praying hard, Sacrala walks to Butcher's blind spot and cracks her whip.

The monster falls down, breathless.

Year 23

It's clear how situation has changed at Sanurinn Pool. They are fighting a losing battle. But to improve their chances, settlement arranges a competitive event for self-improvement. It's dubbed Triathlon of Death.

Chiloresc, Ghorum, Parkara and Sanorad are the contestants.

First they have a running contest. Sanorad is the winner by a large margin. Parkara is second. Ghorum is third, and becomes a target for practical joke. He is gifted with a new pair of boots - which he can't use, thanks to his crystal skin. Laughter is hollow.

Chiloresc sprains his ankle and tears his achilles tendon.

Then contestants participate in debate challenge.

Sanorad, without her lower jaw and Chiloresc who had lost his ability to speak were the two winners, with Chiloresc somehow gaining the upper hand in heated arguments. I sure would have liked to hear that debate. Or perhaps I already have - in politics.

Chiloresc is the undisputed winner. Which makes me wonder. Sanorad almost grasps what Chiloresc is trying to say and is now a point of Understanding away from remembering the White Secret.

Last half are the Orators of Death. Their speech is a little too depressed for the crowds, which infuriates Ghorum. Chiloresc's endless babble is somehow more meaningful than his revelations about death?

Parkara become apathetic since their gift of speaking is so lowly appreciated, and he was rated the worst speaker.

Last, there is the fight contest.

Chiloresc won the battle, with Ghorum close second. Sanorad, on the other hand, unlocked her darker side when she became Abyssal Sadist after severing Parkara's (who didn't even defend himself) hand.

Curiously, both Orators of Death have now lost one of their hand.

Nenena Bulvans, a newborn, tried to learn from Daress' moment of death. Well. Nenena instantly matured to the point of nearly retiring.


The Hand is here once more, this time looking nauseated at the mere sight of human. Sacrala gathers the bravest warriors yet to prove themselves.

... which are Sacrala herself, Unar, Spiress and Resculachu.

Without wasting time The Hand orders everyone to line up. It disembowels Spiress and severs Resculachu's genitals. Then Hand offers King's Palm for Resculachu, killing him. Unar Bulvans is tossed aside as the trash he is - Full-Powered Flick kills him.

Then the god-like nemesis gets bored and offers a casual applause, nearly killing Spiress and elevating Sacrala to new heights.

Then, disgusted, The Hand leaves and punts a lantern right into Lyrna's eye, blinding her. Considering Lyrna had encountered The Hand earlier too, maybe this was a message for Lyrna.

So, survivors have started dying. Only two more years for the official ending of People of the Sun.

Year 24

Unar, still feeling vengeful towards his brother. He had his chance, but failed. This only angered him, and now he's back as a phantom!

Departing survivors must lose 1 armor point from random hit location, settlement gains no benefit from Home endeavors and Unar's incessant accusations have Sacrala lose all her insanity.

Chilons drills Parkara's apathy away.

Sauna Shrine ritual is a success.

Sanorad is purified and wastes all of her survival at Nightmare Training.

And as has been the custom, The Hand leaves his bodyguard to deal with remaining survivors. This means a new encounter with King's Man.

But that's for another update.

Survivors of Sanurinn Pool:

Sacrala Sunearr, Reflecting Warrior of the Sun
Speed +1, Accuracy +4, Strength +8, Evasion +4
Courage 6, Understanding 9, Whip Master
Overprotective, Quixotic
Sun Eater, Purpose, Rhythm Chaser

Destroyed genitals
Leyline Walker

- Grand proclamation to become a savior of Sanurinn Pool. Spiritual descendant of Ralala, the original hero of the settlement.
- Architect of level 3 Sacred Pool
- Fell in love with a rock
- Took part in killing a god
- Was warned by the Horizon Man of ill tidings.
- Survivor of The Hand level 3

Killing blows:
Gorm level 2
Phoenix level 2
Butcher level 3


Accuracy +1, Strength +5
Courage 7, Understanding 3, Katar proficiency 3
Hemophobia, Megalophobia, Absent Seizures
Double Dash, Orator of Death

Dismembered arm

Who is mostly interested in the storm. Whenever he is required to make contact with another human being, he speaks only in the language of death. And if there is a dispute, he can and will settle it by practicing what he speaks.

- Voice of "Reason"
- Lost his hand while inside Screaming Antelope's stomach
- Rival's Scar
- Killed his rival, Khantan, on the eve of Khantan's grand victory
- Crystal Skin
- Captured by Spidicules
- Returned from Spidicules with great insight from darkness, bringing news of a Beast of Sorrow.
- Awoke from his crystalized slumber when settlement was besieged by nemesis monsters.
- Survivor of level 2 King's Man - a fight where he realized how detached he is and no longer desires vengeance against monsters killing other human beings.

Killing blows: Khantan.


Spiduka/Spidunta Who?
Accuracy -1, Strength +3, Luck +1
Courage 9 (6) from listening to storm, Dagger proficiency 5
Berserker, Mighty Strike, Infinite Lives

Bitter Frenzy

Blinded in one eye

- Season of the Spiderling survivor
- Architect of level 2 Sacred Pool
- Feels rejected by society.
- Has seen the truth and tasted bitter death in a murky fountain.
- Survivor of Manhunter level 2
- Brain cannot form new memories. Infinite Lives.
- Purified


Chilons Sunearr
Accuracy -1, Strength +2, Evasion +2
Understanding 1, Fist proficiency 3
Emotionless, Overprotective

Blind from one eye

- Purified
- Vivisector of infant beasts from sacred pool.
- Trusted trepanner
- Dipped in searing light, partner to Halyran
- Permanently damaged Spiduka's brain, essentially giving her Infinite Lives.


Halyran Sunearr, Wise Sneak of the Phoenix
Speed +1, Accuracy +4, Strength +10, Evasion +4
Courage 9, Understanding 9, Shield Master
Quixotic, Aichmophobia, Binge Eating
King's Step, Ambidextrous, Rhythm Chaser

Bitter Frenzy, Leyline Walker

Blinded in one eye

- Purified
- Thundercaller
- Seen the Truth and tasted bitter death in sea of golden grass.
- Dipped in searing light, partner to Chilons.
- Phoenix traveled in time and killed all Halyran's future children.
- Danced forbidden dance.
- Nightmare training for accuracy
- Killed a god
- Resuscitated future children when hunting another Phoenix
- Tore level 2 King's Man to shreds with his bare hands. Armor pieces got stuck into his skin and grew underneath. Halyran is cursed.

Killing blows:
Killed Screaming Antelope lv1
Manhunter level 2
Beast of Sorrow
Lion God level 1
King's Man level 2


Accuracy +2, Strength +8, Evasion +3
Courage 9, Understanding 7, Grand weapon master
Otherworldly Luck, Purpose, Double Dash

Blinded in one eye
Endless Babble
Sour Death

- Bastard son of Resculachu and Chilons
- Has failed to dance forbidden dance.
- Wears God Mask whenever no-one is looking
- Been inside Screaming Antelope and Phoenix
- Marked by Cyclopean Knight who lopped off Chiloresc's ear
- Went mad and babbles incoherently
- Plucked out own eye and gave it to Sanorad.
- Purified
- Survivor of Manhunter level 4
- Has a tendency to lose his genitals.
- Lost the racing contest.
- Winner of debate contest. Go figure.
- Winner of fighting contest.

Killing blows:
Phoenix level 2


Spenaccio Bulvans
Accuracy +1, Strength +8, Evasion +3
Courage 2, Understanding 5, Spear proficiency 5
King's Step, Otherworldly Luck, Trick Attack

- Twins found from a spider's nest
- Ran bellowing madly into acid storm
- Took part in killing a god. Afterwards, climbed the staircase to find Knowledge Worm and has had a spectral follower ever since...
- Dipped in searing light with his sister.
- Survivor of level 2 King's Man
- Survivor of level 3 Butcher

Killing blows: Manhunter level 4


Spiounas Bulvans
Accuracy +2, Strength +3, Evasion +2
Courage 2 Understanding 2

- Twins found from a spider's nest
- Purified
- Dipped in searing light with her brother.


Lavias Sunearr
Movement +1, Accuracy +1, Strength +6, Evasion +3
Courage 7, Understanding 8, Bow master
Necromancer, Rhythm Chaser, Crossarm Block, Legendary Lungs

- Was the first to dance Forbidden Dance successfully - as a baby.
- Has the worst games.
- Became the Necromancer when confronting The Hand
- Retrieved God's String

Killing blows:
Manhunter level 3


Spiress Brightsilk, Foolish Savior of the Lantern
Accuracy +1, Strength +3, Evasion +2
Courage 2, Understanding 3
Overprotective, Stark Raving

- Is purified.
- (was) Partner to Resculachu Brightsilk
- Survivor of level 3 the Hand
- Lost her partner in a fight against The Hand. Went Stark Raving as a consequence.


Sanorad the Nameless, Dingle Fool of the Lion
Movement +1, Accuracy +2, Strength +6, Evasion +3
Courage 2, Understanding 8, axe proficiency 5
Timeless Eye, Abyssal Sadist

Shattered Jaw

- Former Daronas but lost her name against Phoenix
- Gained Timeless Eye fighting art when Chiloresc gifted her with his eye.
- The Hand tossed a broken lantern at her, crushing her jaw.
- Winner of racing contest
- Severed Parkara's arm.
- The last survivor to become purified.

Killing blows:
White Lion level 3


Klenovar Who?
Accuracy +2, Strength +4, Evasion +2
Courage 2, Understanding 3

- Purified
- Survivor of The Hand level 2
- Father of Spinovar, a Child of the Sun. Mother, Spidunta, doesn't probably remember.


Lyrna Bulvans
Accuracy +1, Strength +4, Evasion +2
Courage 2, Understanding 3
Combo Master

Blinded from one eye

- Purified
- Survivor of The Hand level 2
- The Hand remembered Lyrna after coming back on year 23, and threw a lantern into her eye socket.


Parkara Bulvans
Accuracy +2, Strength +5, Evasion +4
Courage 3, Understanding 3, Axe Proficiency 1
Overprotective, Quixotic
Orator of Death, Otherworldly Luck, Rhythm Chaser

- Orator of Death from the birth, which awakes Ghorum from his slumber.
- Purified
- Survivor of The Hand level 2
- Survivor of Manhunter level 4, fell into the death pits.
- Lost debate contest to Ghorum, the original Orator of Death.
- Had his hand severed by Sanorad during fight contest. Also Ghorum has a severed hand.


Cratera, Dingle Sneak of the Lantern
Accuracy +1, Strength +3, Evasion +2

- Rescued by Daress from settlement ruins.

Killing blows:
White Lion cub


Spinovar Who?
Speed +1, Accuracy +1, Strength +4, Evasion +2
Courage 3, Understanding 3

- Child of the Sun, not that of Klenovar and Spidunta.


*Nenena Bulvans
Accuracy +1, Strength +5, Evasion +2
Courage 2, understanding 3, Spear proficiency 1
Mammoth Hunting, Defender

- Spent some time in Momento Mori as a newborn. Came back three hunt xp away from retirement.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Sunk Again

To continue ongoing campaign of A Touch of Evil, we decided to try out the Tabletop Simulator version.

Villain was randomized to Sunken Seven. Heroes we got were Sara, the Bright Witch and Doctor Edwards. And what a combination that was! Sara was able to prevent KO wounds for Doctor Edwards, who could then heal himself.

Heroes had astonishing luck when it came to attribute tokens - both heroes had at least five tokens at the end of the game. Well, Doctor Edwards' luck was also astonishing - three times he attempted to gain +1 spirit token from Church, and three times he failed. First with Honor of 5, and later with Honor 7.

Shadow track was merciful in this game, which gave Sara quite an advantage. Pace was almost peaceful. Almost.

Once again Sacred Chalice disappeared after first use.

Both heroes had four bone piles from defeated hauntings at the end of the game. We could have tried to fight a couple more hauntings, but then came this Remains in Play card that lowered Shadow Track by two each time hero got KO'd.

During showdown villain attack rolls were absurd. It must have been in the top 3 of games with worst luck for the villain during showdown. We had Reverend Harding in our hunting party, and twice in a row Sunken Seven failed to kill him - despite having four dice against him.

Edwards had no investigation points when showdown started, but turned out he didn't really need those. There was one round where out of the 9 attack dice villain had against Edwards, he received only one wound.

So it was a straightforward victory for heroes. Well, the campaign needed this but still. One of the most perplexing game of A Touch of Evil. And not because the table was a virtual one.

Campaign statistics:

Villains defeated: Spectral Horseman, Vampire, Siren, Bog Fiend, Volgovian Nutcracker, Delion Dryad, Scarecrow, Krampus, Sunken Seven
Villains still to be defeated: 10, +1 investigation vs Werewolf and Shadow Witch

Heroes dead: Lucy Hanbrook, Harlow Morgan, Scarlet Shadow, Maria de la Rosa, Thomas the Courier, Adrianna, Valeria, Jack Fellows, Argot Blackwell, Inspector Cooke, Isabella von Took & Liliana, Lost Soul
Heroes remaining: 12

Stashed investigation: 8

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Tragic Birth of Burkstad

Started a new campaign of Kingdom Death with three players, with potentially fourth one joining later. (If there is anything to join...)

Prologue was one of the toughest until now.

With ease the lion disembowels two survivors and kills another.

Every survivor has been dragged, mauled and frightened to their core, having more heavy injury levels than uninjured locations in total. Yet I did not witness first full party wipe during prologue. Three founding stones were used for their special ability. With two survivors essentially out of action, I don't think we would have one had we not thrown them.

We roll minimum population for our settlement, Burkstad.

Since one survivor gained Love Juice, we were able to get both principles - Graves and Protect the Young.

Settlement innovates Hovel and crafts some armor and Bone Blade.

And off we are for real Lion fight!

Hunt phase was wonderful - The newborn survivor had triggered Insight before we encountered marked territory. That's an extra innovation for Burkstad.

Then one survivor consumes some monster droppings and gains +1 speed and strength token from this questionable act.

Exhalation of Darkness caused head injuries not for one or two stragglers - but three. Three rolled 1 for their result.

Then starts the showd...isaster.

White Lion missed it's attack around three times. During whole showdown. With most of the misses happening during last few rounds. Now if the amount of 1's being rolled had been evenly distributed between Lion and survivors, perhaps things could have gone differently.

Three criticals, one of which came from last founding stone, had given the Lion -1 movement, accuracy and toughness.

First goes our blade wielder. Instant death from severe body injury.

Second, mortal fear strikes another.

Third has his or her head explode.

And the Lion had no cards left in it's deck. It's doing nothing but basic action now, and only one more wound to kill. The last remaining survivor with four bleed tokens takes a swing at the lion. It's a hit. Hit location: Shimmering Mane.

Then Lion attacks the last survivor, who ends up with seven bleed tokens.

What a crude joke. And going to become even worse.

Settlement event is Murder. It gives +1 strength for the murderer as well as precious gear we cannot now craft, but at a heavy price. The only survivor with hunt xp is now dead, and Murder was rolled for next lantern year. Murderer is nominated to stand as the Voice of Reason, and he breaks his jaw.

With nine endeavors, survivors build Organ Grinder and four Stone Noses. Remaining endeavors are spent on Auguries, which results in one Intimacy.

... which turns out to be Birth of a Savior.

We choose the blue one. And after session I realize that we have Murder on the timeline next year and with Bone Blade as our only weapon...

Some terrible luck here. But I merely suggested the name, Burkstad. I implored no-one to accept it. Oh well. At least we effectively managed to innovate because we got Ammonia from hunt phase. That's something.

Four stone noses are also something.


Population: 6

Protect the Young


Lantern Hoard
Bone Smith
Organ Grinder

4x Cloth
4x Stone Noses
Bone Blade
Rawhide Headband
Rawhide Vest
2x Rawhide Gloves
Skull Helm


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

JMG Warmachine Tournament IV (Lord Nope Hexeris)

So there was this Warmachine Tournament.

I had two lists for this tournament, but played only one.

[Theme] Masters of War
Lord Tyrant Hexeris
- Agonizer [6]
- Archidon [10]
- Tiberion [22]
- Titan Gladiator [15]
Feralgeist [2]
Cataphract Cetrati (max) [18] + Tyrant Vorkesh [0(6)]
Legends of Halaak [8]
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min) [5]
Praetorian Swordsmen (max) [13] + Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard [4]
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer [0(6)]

First game was against Circle of Orboros, Krueger1.

Primaled Ghetorix fails to take out Tiberion, which results in a dead Ghetorix. Bloodtrackers had Legends of Halaak as their prey target, and I tried to move them to other side of the board. This was when I learned about the new minifeat that allows to pick a new Prey target. Oh well. At least Bloodtrackers were rolling exceptionally low damage rolls against them.

Hexeris' feat gave me, what, two or three extra kills in this game. So yay for that. I can already give a spoiler: they were the only kills I got with Dark Dominion during whole tournament.

Then Primaled Warpwolf Stalker destroyed Tiberion and lowered Titan Gladiator down to one hit box remaining. Krueger shot that one off. I was down to Archidon in my heavy warbeast department, and it was somewhere completely off.

I had gained a good lead in scenario game, but losing both serious heavies might change that.

Time started to be short for both players, which resulted in a panicking Krueger flying to my rectangular zone. But he had Def 17 - what was I to do?

I tried to snatch the last remaining control point, but just couldn't clear the circular zone on right. And over-excited I had also brought Archidon to full Fury.

Loki took off Agonizer, so Hexeris had no transfer targets. Krueger charges in and attempts to assassinate Hexeris, but fails to do so. Hexeris had cast Parasite on Krueger, and it was this +1 ARM that saved Hexeris. Shortly after opponent ran out of clock.

A close victory for Hexeris. But little did I know, yet...

Second game was against Grymkin.

It was a good game against The Heretic.

I saw an opportunity to score two scenario points, but this relied on hitting a MAT 8 attack against DEF 13. Failed, of course. So that was only one point for me.

My single greatest mistake was bringing a shield-walled unit of Cetrati within charge range of Skin & Moans. They were obliterated, and I didn't even get the scenario point.

Tiberion survived like a champ against Cage Rattler with Fury, and against another Cage Rattler that had no Fury. Just for the sake of it, when last Cage Rattler died Feralgeist jumped in.

I lost my lead of 3 control points in one round, and that decided the game for me. I only could try to grind up some control points for tiebreakers. But Archidon failed to repeat it's performance, and did next to no damage to enemy objective.

Hexeris stood right next to Skin & Moans full on corpses, and had no Fury.

This was something even Hexeris could not endure. Lost.

Third game was against Circle of Orboros, and again against Krueger1.

I almost lost on top of 2A. Storm Raptor is a horrifying assassination tool. Saving grace here was Tiberion's Immovable Object. Krueger attempted to throw Tiberion to Hexeris with a Tornado. Otherwise those resources could have gone to killing Hexeris.

My warcaster almost died to electro leaps. And lastly Lord of the Feast threw it's bird at something, and Tiberion used shield guard. But thanks to new and improved reach of 2", Lord was easily within range of Hexeris. But miraculously Hexeris survived - with three hit boxes to boot!

This was devastating for Circle player, and he lined every warbeast at his disposal to protect Krueger.

However, thanks to Krueger's feat and such, I could only destroy two Warpwolves and Storm Raptor, and my warcaster was at two hit boxes remaining - he had cut himself to gain one fury point.

I was prepared to lose now. Tiberion was at full Fury, so was not an eligible transfer target. Archidon died, but at least gave two extra fury points for Hexeris by doing so.

Primaled Shadowhorn Satyr did it's shenanigans and came to finish off Hexeris.

This cost me Titan Gladiator, but - how can it be? Hexeris was alive.

Had Combo-Smite brought Gorax to Krueger, I would have attempted to kill him. But Gorax moved only half an inch, which was not enough to knock Circle warlock over. So I just killed the Shadowhorn Satyr and Warpwolf Stalker.

I thought I was safe, but then Krueger flies closer and casts a Tornado at Hexeris. It hits and slams Hexeris to wall, meaning POW 13 + 4d6 damage roll or something like that.

I only had Agonizer as transfer target. Opponent hoped high enough damage roll that overspill damage would kill Hexeris, but it left him standing with one hit box remaining.

I'd prefer winning where it would feel like I played well, but I have to say game was hilariously exciting. Surviving against such odds has a certain tingling sensation in it, but really. Hexeris got lucky big time here.

Fourth game was... against Circle of Orboros. I got to play against Kaya3. And what a terrifying game it was.

I had my moment on the right sided rectangular zone, where I killed a griffon or two. Praetorian Swordsmen cleared the flag scoring blackclad. But other than that, nothing else worked - and opponent had excessively high damage rolls against Tiberion. Who died.

Also, against Titan Gladiator. Who died.

Only Cataphract Cetrati were performing well - they were passing Tough roll in such a way that it probably made the average from all of these game about right. I had not been passing those rolls earlier, but here I passed more than I failed.

But hey, with only an Agonizer I was facing five heavy warbeasts. I had pretty much given up here, and left Hexeris quite there in the open. Not exactly suicidal, but not trying to protect himself either.

Kaya cleared any free strikes that a nearby Gnarlhorn Satyr would've had to take. Then Circle filled up the Synergy chain, and Gnarlhorn Satyr launched itself against Hexeris, who only had Agonizer for transfers.

Those rolls, though.

The goat missed pretty much every attack. One attack wrecked Agonizer's spirit. Another attack Hexeris took in. Hexeris had at least seven damage boxes left after MAT 9, P+S 19 or something like that Satyr had had it's moment with him. And Kaya was withing charge range of Hexeris.

Legends of Halaak combo-smited Gnarlhorn away so it wouldn't get a free strike against Hexeris. The Legend with Naginata dealt some 10 points of damage to Kaya, which were transfered away.

Then Hexeris charges in and kills Kaya.





And I even placed third in the tournament.

Personally, this has to be the most absurd tournament I have ever attended when it comes to probabilities.

Or maybe this was my Skorne collection's way of saying: "Please play more with us!"