Monday, March 30, 2015

Only a flesh wound

Last Tuesday I got to play against Feora, who seems to be a little bit of a rare catch these days. I'm talking about her first incarnation.

It was a 50 point Riven Bonds league game, and my list was:

Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood, Tree of Fate
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Pureblood Warpwolf
- Gorax
- Woldwatcher

Maximum unit of Cylena & Nyss Hunters
Tharn Bloodweavers
Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers
Minimum uni of Farrow Bonegrinders
Blackclad Wayfarer Hero
2x Gallows Grove
Reeve Hunter
Tharn Ravager White Mane
War Wolf

Opponent had:

Feora, Priestess of Flame
- Reckoner
- Templar
- Avatar

Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Minimum unit of Flameguard Cleansers
Daughters of the Flame
Maximum unit of Exemplar Bastions
Paladin Hero
Vassal of Menoth
Madelyn Corbeau

... and that's a lot of heavy armor to be cracked. I didn't feel like I had enough high-powered attacks to bring the jacks down.

Well, the scenario was league scenario 2: Scrap Heap.

Protectorate started game, and first picture is from the end of Circle turn 1. Feora has Hex Hammer in play, which is quite annyoing spell against Circle.

Turn 2 Feora advances forward and uses feat, catching only the front line of Nyss Hunters and two Farrow Bone Grinders, plus Reeve Hunter who either died to the continuous effect or curtain of fire unleashed by Cleansers.

Daughters of the Flame ran to engage right flank.

I saw I kind of needed to get rid of Avatar of Menoth. Tough task, and even if Gnarlhorn would succeed, it'd be a piece trade I'd be losing. There were, however, a couple of Daughter of the Flame blocking the charge.

Gorax removed one of them easily enough and cast Primal on Gnarlhorn Satyr.

But then there was one Daughter in a difficult position - the one next to Woldwatcher. At first I activated Woldwatcher and was going to attack the Daughter, but mid-activation I realised that if Woldwatcher did manage to kill her, she'd explode into a forest that Gnarlhorn Satyr wouldn't ignore. And then I'd just have a frenzying satyr in my own ranks next turn...

Anyway, first I needed to get Avatar a little closer. Shifting Stones teleported Cassius forward, who then pulled all souls from Wurmwood. Cassius cast Hellmouth on a nearby Flameguard Cleanser, killing a few cleansers for sure - but most importantly, getting Avatar a little closer. Then he cast Unseen Path, and Hex Hammer had dealt four damage to Cassius.

I couldn't figure out a way to kill the Daughter in front of Woldwatcher, so Gnarlhorn Satyr just charged and suffered a free strike. After all, how much damage is P+S 9 going to do? Well... enough to break Mind branch. Ouch. Well, thanks to Primal the Satyr had MAT 8, so he'd be missing only on a roll of 1, so I thought it wouldn't be that bad. Out of all the attacks Gnarlhorn did, only one missed. And Avatar was left with four damage boxes left. Well played, Daughter of the Flame. Well played.

Tharn Ravager and War Wolf attempt to dislodge themselves from Daughters of the Flame, but miss all their attacks. Now that Gnarlhorn isn't blocking the way, Bloodweavers kill the heroic Daughter of the Flame, and relocate themselves to the right side of the board. I thought they'd be my best answer for the Daughters.

Nyss Hunters take some random shots, killing a couple of Cleansers and scratching the armour of a Bastion or two. Nothing much, really.

Turn 3 Protectorate scores first scenario point. Madelyn moves one Exemplar Bastion up, who then charges Pureblood Warpwolf, and the rest just run forward to engage Nyss. The Bastion breaks Pureblood's Mind branch. Reckoner assault a Gallows Grove into splinters, and Daughters of the Flame kill enough Bloodweavers to cause a command check... which failed, of course.

Oh my.

Situation looked grim indeed, but Cassius had not used his feat yet. That'd always buy an additional turn of shenanigans. But still I needed some rolls to succeed this turn... one of the most notable ones being a charging Woldwatcher wrecking the remains of Avatar... which never happened. How damn difficult it can be to deal four points in to DEF 7, ARM 19 target with two P+S 12 + 3d6 damage rolls? Or... let me rephrase. How damn difficult it is to deal even one additional damage point to DEF 7, ARM 19 targets with two P+S 12 +3d6 damage rolls? Impossible, looks like.

Avatar still being alive gave me quite a lot of distress, and even if Cassius used his feat, I'd be still losing the Woldwatcher. Perhaps a MAT 10 P+S 13 hit would destroy the Avatar, instead? Tharn Ravage White Mane charges Avatar, and deals no damage.

There's no hope any more, other than assassinating Feora right here, right now.

First Blackclad Wayfarer advances through Wall of Fire and casts Stone Spray in such a way that Feora is hit. And Feora is indeed hit, but it wasn't a critical hit, and didn't deal any damage. Bummer.

Next Pureblood Warpwolf warps for Ghostly, advances a bit and regenerates Mind branch fully operational. Unlucky for the pooch was that a Bastion was engaging it... so I didn't have a chance to inflict a POW 14 + 3d6 hit on Feora.

Then Nyss activate and shuffle around. Cylena herself somehow manages to take in a free strike from a Bastion, and whole unit lost Combined Ranged Attack, then. Not that too many would have been able to shoot Feora anyway.

Cassius pulls five souls from Wurmwood and starts tree-hopping into Feora, and lands attacking her with seven Fury.

I should have seen that the attacks rolls against Avatar were an omen. Cassius doesn't fare much better against the Protectorate warcaster. I don't remember for sure, but seven Fury yielded only about five damage points to Feora. Just to make things interesting Cassius uses his feat. Just in case Protectorate plays as terrible turn as I did.

Madelyn Corbeau moved the Paladin Hero 1.5" in the forest, which brought Cassius to his sight. Paladin charges Cassius and ends his life with just one attack, gaining the Mage Slayer milestone for Protectorate, as well as Vengeance. It was probably Bastions that killed Blackclad Wayfarer.

Injury roll was "7", only a flesh wound. Not on Cassius, though. He lost so much more than just his life. Down went also his dignity.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Suffering a Psychosis

Last weekend I was unfortunate enough to fall down into the delirium of a psychosis - not once, but actually twice. But hey, I don't complain. At least my therapist wasn't in a psychosis - unlike another person's therapist was. Incidentally that therapist was me.

This happened while playing a board game called "Therapy", or Tohtori Terapia in Finnish. I like the Finnish title more, and it translates into Doctor Therapy.

It's a party game-ish thing, where you travel around a board and answer questions from different stages of age, gaining a brain lobe for each succesfull answers. If you land on a special space and answer wrong, then you suffer a psychosis and lose a brain lobe. If another player lands on your starting space, you're his or her therapist there.

Other than that there's not much to tell. We had three players. The questions were a bit annoying, since so many involved either gender stereotypes or otherwise were juxtaposing different sexes. I guess it's understandable, considering the psychological aspect of the game... but damn it, they should have rather used moomins or something.

Later the very same evening we also played a game of Scrabble (with just two players.) "Nudisti" was probably the greatest word constructed in that game.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Instant promotion, ennoblement and coronation

Last... Thursday, was it? Yes, I think it was Thursday, when I played two 15 point league games of Warmachine/Hordes.

We have a new player here, who has just acquired a small collection of Cryx.

My list was:

Kaya the Wildborne
- Warpwolf Stalker
- Scarsfell Griffon

Swamp Gobbers
Blackclad Wayfarer
Totem Hunter

Opponent had:

Warwitch Deneghra
- Slayer
- Defiler
- Deathripper

Pistol Wraith

We didn't play other scenario than straightforward caster kill.

I'm not sure which one of us started the game, but first picture is from the end of Circle turn X, so it'll be Cryx activating next. Earlier Deneghra had attempted to cast Crippling Grasp on the Warpwolf Stalker, but as it was within a cloud effect and on a hill she'd have needed 11+ to hit. Not impossible with three dice, but it was a miss.

Stalker obviously beat Defiler into scrap metal, but what was a little bit more surprising was that Scarsfell Griffon did the same to Deathripper.

Next turn Deneghra used her feat, and Slayer single-handedly did the same to Stalker what it had just done to Defiler.

Pistol Wraith shot down my league hero model, which was (to my knowledge) first recorded league model kill in history. At least our history.

There was not much to do on my turn, then. I tried to bring all models I could to block a clear charge to Kaya from Slayer helljack, but -2 SPD and no run made for a rather lousy screen. Kaya saved three Fury for damage transfers.

Slayer trampled right next to Kaya, and scored one hit without a damage boost, and still scored nearly ten points of damage. Those were transfered to Scarsfell Griffon, who thankfully didn't break any life branches.

Next there was difficult choices to be made.

I might advance with Kaya first and attempt to score critical knockdown on Deneghra, but that meant a free strike from Slayer. Of course damage would have been transfered to Griffon, but a damage roll of 3d6+3 straight in could very well kill the Griffon.

Having faith in MAT 8 of the Griffon, the bird charged in first. Then Totem Hunter attempted to attack Deneghra, which was done in wrong order now when I think of it. Finally Kaya advanced to attack Deneghra, but all of Kaya's rolls are absolutely atrocitious - she barely hit Deneghra, and when she did, there was next to no damage. I vaguely remember that Kaya had only P+S 9, so perhaps she had Crippling Grasp on herself?

Anyway, Kaya used her feat and spent all Fury on extra attacks, and last possible attack made by her scores critical knockdown effect - and, funnily enough, leaves Deneghra lingering with just one hit box remaining.

That's it, then... oh wait. There is one more model that can make an attack, and now that Deneghra was knocked down, MAT 3 wouldn't be a problem...

Swamp gobber charges one of the most notorious warcasters of Cryx, and needs 10+ to kill. And it rolls exactly 10.

Uh oh.

No matter how well I may perform with my league hero during the remainder of league, I already know who the real hero was... is.

Game 2:

Second game was almost the same list, but Blackclad Wayfarer had rolled -2 arm for injury. I deemed that too bad an injury, and sent Sepoh Thalasland to detoxification treatment. He was replaced by Lanyssa Ryssyll.

Opponent, however, played a very different list:

Warwitch Deneghra
- Defiler

Maximum unit of Mechanithralls
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
2x Pistol Wraith

First picture from this game is from the end of Cryx turn X.

Totem Hunter had chosen Defiler as his prey, so he charged his prey. He didn't kill, but I think both Cortex and spray gun were destroyed. Warpwolf Stalker also attempted to charge the Defiler, as I saw little to gain from attacking Mechanithralls. Charge failed miserably - 11" carries far, but not that far.

Kaya repositioned Stalker to slightly better position, and that was it.

Cryx just rushes forward, and Deneghra is camping all of her Focus. Pistol Wraith on right scores a lucky hit against Def 17 Lanyssa and kills her.

I want to get rid of the Pistol Wraiths, and Warpwolf Stalker does exactly that to the corporeal wraith. Next one is a bit more challenging, since it is still incorporeal, and only Kaya has magic attacks. She charges Wraith and kills it, and teleports Stalker to screen her from charging Mechanithralls.

Totem Hunter survives a free strike from Defiler, and slams Necrosurgeon dead with his shield. Polearm weapon wrecks Defiler, so all in all it was a pretty good turn.

But then Deneghra uses feat, casts Crippling Grasp and Scourge on Warpwolf Stalker, and Mechanithralls charge Stalker dead. Totem Hunter isn't being charged because none of the thralls had Line of Sight, but when one dies to a free strike, two others turn to engage him.

Next turn Totem Hunter kills the two Mechanithralls and sprints 5" to engage Skarlock.

Kaya stands up and kill three Mechanithralls, and teleports to the relative safety of Scarsfell Griffon. And, well, that's it. Though I think I may have had to use Kaya's feat here, because Griffon has none.

Deneghra then personally kills the Griffon, and Mechanithralls charge to Deneghra. Six attacks later Kaya is still standing, but one thrall scored a hit and made Kaya to fall down to five boxes remaining.

Kaya cuts herself down to one hit box remaining, and even if Mechanithralls have only MAT 5, I didn't dare to risk a free strike with Kaya and go repeat the scene from last game. Instead she kills a Mechanithrall in front of her and attacks Deneghra with Spirit Fang. She scored 10+ for a hit, and some damage, too.

Deneghra was Totem Hunter's prey by now, and he was my only chance now. Though Deneghra suffered -2 DEF from Spirit Fang, I couldn't expect gobbers to have a double kill.

So, Totem Hunter charges and survives a free strike made by Skarlock.

I was rather disappointed when attack roll was 1 and 2. But after counting it about five times or so, it looked like attack was a hit anyway, thanks to prey bonus, back strike bonus and penalty from Spirit Fang. Damage roll was 5, 5, 5, which was more than enough to kill Deneghra.


The games were both quite close calls. Especially in the last game Deneghra's facing was the determining factor between victory and defeat... or, well, of course I would have had two MAT 3, P+S 5 attacks more it Totem Hunter had missed, if Swamp Gobbers were in range...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Burn the Cheater

This is the last game from last Thursday.

It was a 25 point game against Convergence of Cyriss, and looks like war weariness had starting to take its toll that evening.

My list was:

Krueger the Stormlord
- Feral Warpwolf
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Scarsfell Griffon

Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Minimum unit of Bog Trog Ambushers
Swamp Gobbers
Sepoh Thalasland, the Blackclad Janitor
Gallows Grove

Anything special about that list?

Well, for starters that's 29 points. Shifting Stones are so overpowered they forcibly teleport to your army even if you don't include them in your list, and bloodthirsty gobbers just wouldn't miss any chance to wreak havoc and mayhem upon Iron Kingdoms. That's pretty amazing mess up, which probably was caused by having mainstay models from three different lists scattered all around the board.

Luckily I don't have to feel bad about this, as we'll see later.

I was against:

Father Lucant
- Inverter
- Corollary

Maximum unit of Medium Base Infantry (shield wall)
Minimum unit of Medium Base Infantry (two initial attacks)
Attunement Servitors
Steelsoul Protector

So... kind of funny match-up, that is. Opponent had absolutely zero ranged attacks, so I kind of didn't really have any use for Stormwall. But on the other hand Lucant could just cross out the most whined spell out of his spell list: Purification, since I had zero upkeep spells and no animi that still had effect during opponents turn.

Scenario was Outflank, and Circle started. I was pretty horrified about Lucant's feat that gave his battlegroup +4 ARM. First picture is from the end of Convergence turn 1, so answer was simple: launch Feral Warpwolf at the heavy vector.

Things worked pretty fine, except that... well... Feral Warpwolf who warped for Strength couldn't take down the Inverter. It was left with just a few boxes, so Krueger attempted to come and shoot it down. Deceleration that had been cast by Lucant caused all three attacks to fail miserably. Krueger used feat next, and pushed everyone except the shield wall medium infantry on the left.

Then it's Convergence turn 2, and Father Lucant replies with feat of his own, where I learn that in matter of fact the feat works on every friendly faction model. Suddenly it looked like winning with scenario was my only option here. I didn't gain easy control points that turn yet, as two from the other medium base unit got to contest the zone.

Inverter takes swings at Feral Warpwolf, but at least it does as poor job as the wolf itself in killing large base targets. Feral Warpwolf survived, only to be killed by charging medium base infantry.

Turn 3 I bring Bog Trogs on the board, who charge and run to the zone on the left. If I remember right they dealt one point of damage. I decide to start scoring points this turn, but there was two arm 20 or something like that targets contesting zone. Gnarlhorn Satyr kills one of them, and Krueger casts Telekinesis on the other. So Circle was at 2 control points.

Krueger also tried desperately to score those few damage points in to Inverter, but first shot was taken in by Steelsoul Protector. Deceleration and feat also meant that Krueger needed really high damage rolls which never came.

Started to look like Game Over. Convergence turn 3 Inverter with Positive Charge charges Gnarlhorn Satyr and beats it into a pulp. Steelsoul and the minimum medium base unit also come to join the party at right zone, and Bog Trogs turn into sushi on the left.

Turn 4 I see no reason to hold anything back, so Krueger personally goes to wreck Inverter and one of the medium based ones. He forgets to heal (Krueger forgot! Not me!) Spirit branch from Scarsfell Griffon, so it was unable to do anything meaningful.

Blackclad Wayfarer runs away to safety. After all I didn't want my Hero to suffer injuries, though the game was all but lost.

Illegal Shifting Stones surround Steelsoul.

Then it's Convergence, who proceed to destroy the remains of dignity of the cheating druids. But for some reason Krueger wasn't attacked just yet, and Father Lucant even comes to hang around right next to Krueger. What is this? There is only one thing left to do!

Slit my wrists! Cut to full Fury!

Father Lucant wasn't very impressed about Krueger's obscene behavior. Damage rolls weren't too bad in itself, but Lucant was camping Focus and has 21 damage boxes.

Next Lucant personally skewers Krueger, and it's a victory for Convergence of Cyriss.

Even more respect for the opponent for playing four points short, and winning. This was the best result, really. Winning with such a grand mistake takes away all enjoyment from winning, but I believe it adds pleasure if you manage to win with a handicap.

Monday, March 16, 2015

"Master" "Strategist"

So, last Thursday there was a bit larger gathering for Warmachine Riven Bonds league at The Basement.

I got three games in that night, and this post gives away the two I played against Protectorate of Menoth.

First game was a 35 point game, and my list was:

Mohsar the Desertwalker
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Gorax
- Argus
- Woldwatcher

Maximum unit of Wolves of Orboros + Unit Attachment
Shifting Stones + Stone Keeper
Swamp Gobbers
2x Gallows Grove
Tharn Ravager White Mane
Sepoh Thalasland, the Blackclad Janitor

My adversary was:

High Reclaimer
- Repenter
- Dervish

Maximum unit of Choir of Menoth
Maximum unit of Exemplar Bastions
Minimum unit of Exemplar Errants
Minimum unit of Deliverers
Maximum "unit" of Paladins (2x paladin + Vilmon)
... which, I now realise, cannot be done in the league. Oh well. Happens.
Vassal of Menoth

Scenario was the Cutthroat Keep that shoots two AoE 3" templates at the end of every turn that causes POW 10 blast damage roll to everyone underneath... Circle doesn't approve. In fact... it's a weird scenario. Without very specific army builds I can't imagine that Cutthroat Keep would be won by a scenario at least in 35 points, or less! Perhaps there are more hard hitting tools available at 50 points and beyond.

But enough of that.

Protectorate started game, and first blasts from the keep caused massive casualties check on Swamp Gobbers, who failed and started to flee. Afterwards during whole game the poor little gobber didn't succeed in regrouping.

I think this first picture is from the end of Circle turn 1.

Not much happened yet. Turn 2 Protectorate dealt first two damage to the keep with a combo-striking Dervish. Exemplar Errants shoot a couple of Wolves dead, and High Reclaimer creates a smoke screen for the main body of his army. The most important thing was Repenter shooting down one of the Shifting Stones, preventing Gnarlhorn from teleporting next to High Reclaimer next turn.

Anyway when my turn starts I see a somewhat unlikely chance for assassination. Gnarlhorn Satyr had the Mirage on itself, so it was teleported 2" in Circle control phase. Gnarlhorn wasn't just yet in the Burning Ash cloud, meaning it couldn't see through the AoE. The distance looked like it was less than 1", though.

Defying the odds is always a struggle of will for me. So I decide to give it a go. Gorax casts Primal on itself, advances behind Gnarlhorn and makes Power Attack: Push. Animus made Gorax Strength 11 versus Gnarlhorn's Strength 11. Strength test comes out as 6 for both Gorax and Gnarlhorn, but after consulting the rulebook about this obscure Power Attack, it turned out that defender must beat the attacker's score. Attack succeeds if the roll is a tie.

Gorax pushes Gnarlhorn into the Burning Ash cloud, and then Mohsar advances and casts Primal on Gnarlhorn, who then charges High Reclaimer. Repenter gets a free strike on the way, but doesn't break any branches. Then Gnarlhorn Satyr breaks High Reclaimer.

Game 2:

Since first game had been so fast, we decided to play another 15 point game in the wait for the other board to clear.

I had decided at home that if I get two consecutive victories, last game would be played with Morvahna the Dawnshadow to maximise chances of gaining Master Strategist milestone.

But... Morvahna the Dawnshadow at 15 points?

Hell yeah, let's try that one out!

My list was:

Morvahna the Dawnshadow
- Pureblood Warpwolf

Maximum unit of Wolves of Orboros + Unit Attachment
Sepoh Thalasland, the Blackclad Janitor
Gallows Grove

I was against:

High Exemplar Kreoss
- Crusader

Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Minimum unit of Exemplar Errants
Minimum unit of Deliverers
Hero Paladin

Scenario was Close Quarters, and I was a bit worried about the amount of infantry models opponent had. I had only one warbeast, that would easily fall to ranged weaponry if DEF was dropped down to 5...

So I decided to try to pull off an annoying and difficult-to-counter assassination. Even with epic Morvahna I doubt I'd outlast the attrition game.

Wolves of Orboros hack down Gallows Grove, and Morvahna uses feat to bring it back close to Kreoss, who was camping only one Focus. But sometimes that one Focus is all it takes to survive.

First Sunder Spirit caused what, eight points of damage or something like that. I thought it was good enough score, so I didn't re-roll. But again I was horrified when I remembered in the middle of action that Kreoss has astonishing 18 damage boxes. So last attack needed to score quite high to actually kill Kreoss.

Second damage roll caused damage enough to bring Kreoss down to two boxes remaining. Which, incidentally, is exactly how much the one camped Focus lessened incoming damage.

Morvahna re-rolls, and the score only becomes worse. Kreoss is left with three hit boxes.

Kreoss decimates most of Circle's army next turn. Around six Wolves of Orboros and Blackclad Wayfarer are still standing after Protectorate is done beating.

Kreoss had been upkeeping Lamentation, and was camping some Focus, too.

With nothing additional to lose, Morvahna advances and casts Sunder Spirit with four Fury she had cut from herself. Attack is a hit, but damage roll was something like 1,1,3. But since it was epic Morvahna after all, that quickly turned into some 2,5,6 or whatever. Enough to kill, anyway.

I believe Protectorate should have used feat last turn to get rid of Morvahna's army entirely, but I guess opponent was saving it up for shooting/beating Morvahna personally down after the one and only Warbeast had fallen.

Master Strategist, my arse. Master Opportunist, perhaps, followed by a Master Damage Roller.

But however the milestone was gained, it was mine now. And Sepoh Thalasland gained some bats in the form of Crown of the Wild.

Fourth league game coming up sooner or later.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


We started playing slightly modified version of Riven Bonds Warmachine/Hordes league here at my home town.

The only real and visible change was that we're not playing in the regions (since we're not sending the results anywhere).

Anyway, this was the first Riven Bonds league game.

I started playing the league with Circle since I happened to have one unpainted Blackclad Wayfarer hidden somewhere in the bits boxes.

Game was 35 points and my list was:

Krueger the Stormlord
- Megalith
- Feral Warpwolf
- Gorax
- Scarsfell Griffon

Shifting Stones
Swamp Gobbers
Sepoh Thalasland, the Blackclad Wayfarer
2x Gallows Grove
Lord of the Feast

Opponent had:

Grand Scrutator Severius
- Avatar
- Blessing of Vengeance

Maximum unit of Horgenhold Forge Guard + Attendant Priest
Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Daughters of the Flame
Paladin of the Order of the Wall, the Paladin of the Order of the Wall (the Stormblade Captain)
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

Scenario was Close Quarters, and Circle got to start the game. First picture is from the start of Circle turn 2, where I have already teleported Lord of the Feast with Shifting Stones.

Defender's Ward is on Daughters, Vision on Avatar and Eye of Menoth is all over the place. Daughters had ran to block my advance, and Def 17 models sure are annoying to get rid of. Megalith and its animus eased that a little, but still... you can see my overall advance in the second picture for turn 2. Blackclad Wayfarer also scored an amazing attack roll with Stone Spray and killed one daughter and knocked down other. So it was pure luck that I killed four daughters instead of three.

I had been a bit scared if I'd have enough attacks to deal with all the infantry enemy had, but Lord of the Feast scored six kills on the Forge Guard. That should even things out.

Turn 2 protectorate rushed forward. Covenant denied spellcasting, Avatar gazed and if I remember right Severius tried to fry one shifting stone with a boosted Immolation - but dealt only four damage. Daughter of the Flame tried to poke the last remaining damage point in, but didn't succeed.

Turn 3 I kind of needed to deal with the Avatar, who had Vision on. Gorax cast Primal on Feral Warpwolf, who then warped for Strength and charged Avatar. Every attack hit, but there was not even a single damage roll above average. Not that much below average either, but the end result was that Avatar was still very much alive after Warpwolf had finished its activation. At least damaged columns had been somewhat lucky, as Avatar lost shield arm.

I had had plans that Megalith would have killed the Covenant of Menoth, but instead Shifting Stones had to teleport Megalith to destroy Avatar. This time first damage roll was a bit on the high side, and Avatar fell to initial attacks and one damage boost. Megalith used its animus, turning 5" area around him into rough terrain.

Krueger advanced and shot Covenant of Menoth three times - and then he used feat and pushed every enemy model 3" back, except Paladin of the Wall and Attendant Priest. Megalith scored one control point for Circle.

Looks like I've skipped Protectorate turn in picture. Severius cast Defender's Ward on himself, and choir boys and Covenant of Menoth attempted to contest the flag.

Turn 4 Circle mopped up all the contestors from enemy flag, and Krueger dominated flag, bringing Circle to total of three control points. Gorax failed threshold check and ate a shifting stone. Feral Warpwolf didn't have a choice in the matter either because of Primal, and it attacked Megalith for seven points of damage.

Shifting Stones just teleported to block movement.

Losing Megalith to a charge from Forge Guard and an Immolation from Severius was a bit of a scary situation. After all it made ultimate dice screw that much more possible. But it was not to be. After Gallow's Grove teleported to deny Tough rolls, Krueger cast Lightning Storm over the gathering of Forge Guard - and boosted every damage roll. Finally a shot from his lightning stick killed Attendant Priest, too.

And that was it, because last remaining Daughter of the Flame was a little too far away to contest.

Honourable mention goes to Swamp Gobber, who didn't fail his massive casualties check, and scored not only one, but two hits against Paladin of Wall during the course of the game. Well, one of them was a free strike, but still. No damage, though. Paladin kill would have been a legendary story that old gobbers tell to their young at campfires.

Blackclad Wayfarer got Electrical Augmentation for his league upgrade.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not a Fan

My laptop's fan broke down. I'm risking my past, my present and perhaps even my future... heck, I'm risking my life writing this blog post.

Anyway. Duty calls.

Over a week ago I played a 35 point game of Warmachine.

My list was:

Lich Lord Venethrax
- Desecrator
- Harrower
- Nightwretch

Maximum unit of Mechanithralls + 2x Brute Thralls
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall
2x Warwitch Siren
Saxon Orrik
Madelyn Corbeau

I don't know what Madelyn was supposed to do in this list - but I included her anyway, because it pains me to have a painted and never used model in my collection.

Anyway, my opponent had:

Grand Scrutator Severius
- Blessing of Vengeance
- Avatar

Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Daughters of the Flame
Maximum unit of Horgenhold Forge Guard + Attendant Priest
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Covenant of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

Scenario was Outflank, and Protectorate started game. First picture is from the end of Cryx turn 1.

Venethrax has Lamentation on and Severius has it all. Defender's Ward is on Daughters, Eye of Menoth is on himself and Vision is on Blessing of Vengeance.

Turn 2 Protectorate rushes forward with Blessing of Vengeance. Severius attempts to cast Ashes to Ashes on Mechanithralls, but somehow the attack misses. I don't know how or why, but I sure was grateful.

Daughters on the right engaged my front line there. I have skipped Protectorate turn from the picture, so second picture is from the end of Cryx turn 2.

If I remember right the Mechanithralls destroyed Blessing of Vengeance's shield. A big portion of my army on the right charged daughters just for fun. Only two died, and one was seduced by a Warwitch Siren to go break unit coherency.

Turn 3 Severius unleashes his feat. Venethrax is probably not your go-to guy when facing Severius... oh well. The only good thing about the turn was that Severius advanced just into Venethrax's control area and could not cast Ashes to Ashes because of that. Well, he did cast Immolation on the Necrosurgeon instead and killed her.

Forge Guard, Vassal of Menoth and Blessing of Vengeance turn whole unit of Mechanithralls into useless pulp of rotten flesh. Avatar charges Desecrator and wrecks it. Avatar even had one focus left to spare, so it activated Gaze of Menoth. Daughter of the Flame tied Cryx up again.

At this point game looked rather devastating. Mechanithralls had fallen too easily. And now I didn't have any focus at all to try to drop systems from Avatar. Well, technically I could have Power Boosted Harrower to get a charge against Avatar, but I would have needed amazing damage roll to just right column to do anything. So another plan emerged. Warwitch Siren charges the Avatar! Oh yeah, now I'd get a turn to replenish some Focus and hopefully make the Avatar at least useless if not completely wrecked.

Siren rolls to hit... and it's a miss. Damn it.

Well, good thing I had to Warwitch Sirens. Second one managed to score a hit (and even deal one point of damage!) but now I had sacrificed both of my tools against the Avatar.

Brute Thrall missed the Blessing of Vengeance. Second attack scored a hit and some damage, but I lost one Mechanithrall to a free strike.

Oh, there are no more pictures.

Well, the end was short enough.

A mechanithrall and a brute thrall couldn't survive that many attacks, so there was no-one contesting the left zone. Severius ran there to dominate for two control points.

Avatar killed both Warwitches easily, and probably Daughters of the Flame killed Madelyn Corbeau. Now there was no-one contesting right zone either.

So Protectorate went to three control points in one turn.

As Avatar of Menoth was still gazing at my remaining forces, nobody could run to contest left zone. So I had to attempt a ridiculously difficult assassination that involved slamming Avatar, somehow killing Covenant of Menoth (who denied spellcasting) and then shooting Severius dead with a Hellfire.

If I would have bothered with math at that point, I'd have seen that even triple sixes from Hellfire wouldn't have killed Severius, so I was pretty much doomed there. And now when I'm actually writing this, it popped to my mind that you can't target spells at Severius. All that futile thinking... all for naught...

Anyway. I didn't remember it then, so I tried to pull the assassination off, but the very first step failed miserably. Nightwretch missed the slam attack against Avatar.