Thursday, March 26, 2015

Suffering a Psychosis

Last weekend I was unfortunate enough to fall down into the delirium of a psychosis - not once, but actually twice. But hey, I don't complain. At least my therapist wasn't in a psychosis - unlike another person's therapist was. Incidentally that therapist was me.

This happened while playing a board game called "Therapy", or Tohtori Terapia in Finnish. I like the Finnish title more, and it translates into Doctor Therapy.

It's a party game-ish thing, where you travel around a board and answer questions from different stages of age, gaining a brain lobe for each succesfull answers. If you land on a special space and answer wrong, then you suffer a psychosis and lose a brain lobe. If another player lands on your starting space, you're his or her therapist there.

Other than that there's not much to tell. We had three players. The questions were a bit annoying, since so many involved either gender stereotypes or otherwise were juxtaposing different sexes. I guess it's understandable, considering the psychological aspect of the game... but damn it, they should have rather used moomins or something.

Later the very same evening we also played a game of Scrabble (with just two players.) "Nudisti" was probably the greatest word constructed in that game.

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