Sunday, October 15, 2017

All Aboard The Ambush Boat!

A game from about a week ago.

I played Skorne, toying with ambush madness:

Dominar Rasheth [+28]
- Agonizer [6]
- Aradus Sentinel [16]
- Basilisk Krea [7]
- Titan Sentry [15]
Bog Trog Trawler [3]
Bog Trog Trawler [3]
Hutchuck, Ogrun Bounty Hunter [6]
Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor [4]
Bog Trog Ambushers (max) [16]
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew [2]

Opponent had:

Grim Angus [+29]
- Rök [21]
- Winter Troll [8]
Kriel Warriors (min) [7]
- Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower (2) [4]
- Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper [3]
Northkin Fire Eaters [7]
Scattergunners (max) [14]
- Scattergunner Officer & Standard [4]
Sons of Bragg [11]

Scenario was Spread the Net, which was relatively funny, considering it's the same name as Grim Angus' feat.

Skorne started, and the first picture is from the deployment phase. I thought it would be funny to take a picture when most of my army list isn't even on the table yet.

Bog Trog Ambushers got a nice charge against Scattergunners. Master Tormentor was being used for channeling an Influence on a Scattergunner, plus a Breath of Corruption. It was a shame I didn't realize to bring one Trawler for the flag on my side. I mean, opponent would have most likely been busy with Ambushers in the first place.

If Ambushers had been brutal on Scattergunners, they paid back in full. Only three Bog Trog Ambushers survived that turn. Grim Angus took a scenario point, but so did Aradus Sentinel.

It's time for Rasheth's feat next. I bring the rest of my ambushing models, two Trawlers and Hutchuck, on board. One Trawler takes a flag on my side of the board, and Hutchuck and Trawler come to contest Angus' flag.

First Rasheth uses feat and casts Influence on a Northkin Fire Eater, plus gives Carnivore for Titan Sentry.

Swamp Gobbers go and try to block the advance of some remaining Kriel Warriors. Titan Sentry succeeds to kill Northkin Fire Eaters.

Hutchuck lobs a knockdown grenade on Winter Troll with Wild Shot and walks to take a hit against it. Troll had used its animus, so Hutchuck went stationary.

Trawler takes a shot at the knocked down Winter Troll, but doesn't kill it. Aradus Sentinel shoots it finally, though this meant it got easily within charge range of Rök. Anyway, Skorne scored two points. It was 1-2 for Skorne now.

Grim Angus uses his feat next. He gives Primal for Rök and tries to kill Hutchuck, but fails thanks to some poor rolls.

Rök just manages to kill Aradus Sentinel, which was a bummer since now scenario went 2-3 for Skorne.

Next Sentry fails to do pretty much anything to Rök even when it had Blood Mark on it. And I had hoped to score a point from there.

However, I got to 2-4 anyway. And opponent got to 3-4 next, but importantly neither Rök was able to harm Sentry in any meaningful way.

Trawler ran to contest Angus' flag, and I manage to clear both zones. Sentry takes a point from rectangular zone and Rasheth from the circular, getting Skorne to 3-6. It was getting a little late, so we decided to end the game here. Opponent wouldn't be able to contest rectangular zone, and even if Angus would secure flag for himself opponent needed to kill the other Trawler from my side of the board without being able to start scoring points there himself. It could have taken a couple of turns for Titan Sentry to chew through the few infantry models opponent still had, but it would have required atrocious rolls to destroy the titan.

Oh well. It was rather a gritty game. It was a relatively good scenario for ambushing units, since flags were within run distance of ambushing solos.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Just a quick note of a round of Love Letter that was played a few days ago.

It was a close game of two players with the wooden hearts never being more than one point apart.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Figures actually DO paint themselves

Remember all of those who told "motivational" half-jokes about how your minis ain't gonna paint themselves no matter how long they sit on the paint station.


I got undeniable footage over how Bog Trog Trawlers gather paint on them despite no effort whatsoever on my part.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Neither -2 arm nor +3 def does the trick

Maybe, then, I am trying the wrong trick?

Alrighty, I'll edit a new game right into this one. The games here have about a week in-between them, but since opponent had exactly same list and I had the same faction, I thought I wouldn't need a new post.

Two 75 point games of Warmachine with Skorne and Protectorate.

Game 1:

My list was:

Dominar Rasheth
- Agonizer
- 2x Basilisk Drake
- Basilisk Krea
- Tiberion
- Titan Sentry [
Paingiver Beast Handlers (max)
Venator Reivers (max) + Venator Reiver Officer & Standard
Ancestral Guardian
Aptimus Marketh

Opponent had:

The Harbinger of Menoth
- Devout
- Redeemer
- Vigilant
Choir of Menoth (min)
Flame Bringers (max)
2x Knights Exemplar
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard
2x Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Anastasia di Bray
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
The Covenant of Menoth

Scenario was Outlast and Protectorate started game.

Menite forces parked themselves, contesting both zones and well within Martyrdom range, waiting for me to commit.

And sure I did commit!

I rushed forward with Tiberion and Titan Sentry, and actually with pretty much everything I got. I placed Agonizer so that both heavies would benefit from Gnawing Pain, even if they would be attacked from maximum reach. Rasheth used his feat defensively, so that anything that would try to attack focal point would get -4 for damage rolls. Lucky deviations from Breath of Corruptions screened Skorne forces nicely, too.

Now, it looked and felt quite sweet to be impervious there, with two big guys closing in with opponent unable to do anything to them.

However, it wasn't that sweet when the 22 and 15 point warbeasts were tied up by two Allegiants of the Order of the Fist, with me being unable to do anything to them thanks to way too high defense.

If it wasn't for them, my bold plan of grinding control points from flag might have been a little more feasible. Now I just put Rasheth in the way of continuous assassination attempts, or at least possibilities.

Slowly and steadily Exemplars were clearing zone on the right, so my scenario victory didn't look like it would happen any time soon.

Frustrated, Tiberion trampled forward, hoping to survive long enough to somehow get to Harbinger.

Well, Tiberion was killed. Game had dragged on for quite a while by now, and there didn't seem to be any chance for a win to me, only to prolong the inevitable. I did something most unheard of: I conceded.

Game 2:

Void Seer Mordikaar
- Agonizer
- Aradus Soldier
- Archidon
- Cyclops Savage
- Titan Gladiator

Cataphract Cetrati (max)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)
Praetorian Swordsmen (max) + Officer & Standard
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor
Void Spirit

Scenario was The Pit II, and Protectorate started again.

I figured I had very little options, as Harbinger would have absolutely no trouble at all at removing Hollow from Swordsmen. I did get a couple of souls from the spell when Harbinger chose not to cast Purification, but all in all I think I lost more Fury in upkeeping and re-casting the spell than what I gained from souls.

So I decided to rush in with all I got and hope +3 defense would give a chance to do something, somewhere, preferably via charging, ghostly Archidon at Harbinger.

It kind of worked, except for the charge part. I did manage to navigate in the thick of Protectorate forces for quite a while, and Harbinger went dangerously low on her health thanks to Martyrdom a few times during game. Mordikaar was able to annoy her a bit with Manifest Void, too.

Now, for some reason it didn't even cross my mind during game that I might have tried to assassinate her during those turns of low hit points with Essence Blast targeted somewhere else so that Devout wouldn't be able to protect her. Instead I tried to win Harbinger with attrition and scenario. A choice well made!

But somehow, at the height of my power, I was at 3-0 control points. Then the downfall began and I started to run out of, well, everything, and so I did not contest nor did I score points any longer.

It's nice to know I did have the chance here, even if feeble mind didn't realize it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Since I finished The Hand a couple of days ago, I thought I might take a picture from all the Nemesis encounters of Kingdom Death. Well, all but the final. But even reaching that far in the campaign seems like a distant dream.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

In a Night at the Court

A recent two player game of Love Letter, which was categorized by me either having the Princess in my palm every round, or Princess not being there at all. I suppose it wasn't that big of a surprise then, that in the end, it was my letters that reached the royal heart.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Battlefield Comes to Life

... and it isn't pretty.

I've been practicing stop motion animations lately, and I had this thought how it would look like if I animated a Warmachine match.

It came out rather crude, but it was quite fun to make it. The 140+ frames spread out to a minute and a half didn't turn out so well and it's a bit too hectic to make much sense. For a slightly more enjoyable experience I suppose one would need to take a different take each time a model changes facing, as well as maybe try to make some sort of damage overlay for each hit.

While we are at it, leaching and allocating focus would give a greater pause between turns if each leached or allocated point was it's own frame.

But yeah. Considering my experience (or the very lack of it) result isn't that bad. Let's see if Blogger know's how to Avi, or do I need to youtube this thing posthumously.

Yup, new to these things. But there's the video now.

Oh, and the actual battle report. It was a fast game with Hexeris using feat to clear Mechanithralls off the board, and then warbeasts and warjacks failing to do anything useful.

I decided Hexeris needed to attack Asphyxious when he had only one focus point left for damage mitigation. Two attacks hit Asphyxious, but then I didn't score 8+ with three dice with two attempts. Maybe that's fair, because Asphyxious forgot to take souls from Archidon and Titan Sentry.

Asphyxious hit with his first attack, which spelled doom for Hexeris even if Asphyxious tried really hard not to kill the skorne warlock. Twice there were double 1's for damage, and twice damage roll was something like 1,3.

But once more Hexeris went splat.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Different Kind of Skorne

Alright, let's write these two 50 point games of Warmachine up before my Next Big Project.

My lists were:

Lord Tyrant Hexeris
- Aradus Sentinel
- Bronzeback Titan
- Cyclops Shaman

Praetorian Swordsmen (max) + Command Attachment
Venator Flayer Cannon
Aptimus Marketh
Ancestral Guardian
Void Spirit

List 2:

Lord Arbiter Hexeris
- Aradus Sentinel
- Bronzeback Titan
- Basilisk Krea
- Titan Sentry

Venator Reivers (min) + Command Attachment
Ancestral Guardian
Bog Trog Trawler

Notice anything two missing from both lists? Yeah. And did I regret the lack of Agonizer and Beast Handlers. But I wanted to use some models I haven't used yet during Mk3... namely Ancestral Guardian and Aptimus Marketh.

Opponent had:

Father Lucant, Divinity Architect
- Corollary
- Diffuser
- Galvanizer
- Prime Axiom

Perforators (min)
Eradicators (min)

Opponent used same list twice, and scenario was Breakdown in both games.

In first game Aradus Sentinel, Cyclops Shaman and a Sunder Spirit was enough to take down Galvanizer. But this meant Axiom could easily drag Aradus to it's demise. On the other hand I managed to devastate zone on the left. However, I had placed Bronzeback those critical 3 millimeters too far and Axiom could charge it.

There was not much left for me, then. I decided I might stand chance if I would kill the Prime Axiom, and I did quite respectable damage in to it. It did have Parasite cast on it, though.

Now, Ancestral Guardian had zero souls on it and was perhaps about the same distance off from Axiom as Bronzeback had been too close.

A single P+S 13 could have completely wrecked the colossal with a good roll, or destroy some critical systems with a mediocre roll. Or completely fail with a poor roll, of course. But it was not to be. Lord Tyrant Hexeris went splat next turn.

Game 2:

Second game Hexeris had learned from his mistakes and went epic.

I tried to protect the battlegroup a little better against drags this time, and succeeded. This time opponent devastated zone on the left. I did get to score points from the zone on the right first, but damn those servitors from Axiom kept contesting my zone. I was fairly sure I wouldn't be able to grind scenario because of that.

Titan Sentry charges Diffuser during Lucant's feat turn to keep Convergence busy next turn. Of course I would have wanted to deal some damage in, too, but I wasn't blessed with that many hits.

I secure my zone anyway and watch Titan Sentry die. Remainder of Venator Reivers contest enemy zone far longer than I expected. But not long enough.

Then I do some beat back shenanigans with Bronzeback Titan to get to Prime Axiom, but missing two attacks on Galvanizer made the attempt rather pitiful.

Then I watched Bronzeback die.

Krea charges Corollary, but misses. Eventually finishing moves were pretty much the same as in last game: Hexeris tries to charge Prime Axiom in the vain attempt to dismantle it enough for him not to die next. But nothing like that ever happened, at least not in this game.

Hexeris went splat again, and since there isn't Hexeris3 yet we couldn't continue games.

Yeah, that's the reason.

I will never play Skorne again without Agonizer or Beast Handlers.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Twenty Years and Dust

I hunted a level 1 Sunstalker next. It was a relatively short, but quite interesting fight. Nobody died, though Kara Black took a couple of severe injuries from the heat. Evasion + shield dodger survivor started tanking Sunstalker when it had zero cards in it's AI deck, giving other survivors plenty of time to mine the salt. When survivors came back, event was Weird Dream, and Armored Strangers tossed a huge carcass at the settlement, giving six basic resources.

All in all I received crazy amount of resources. Enough to build Sunspot Darts, Cycloid Scale Jacket, Sun Lure & Hook and Sky Harpoon. And an extra Bone Dagger and Bird Bread.

Settlement innovates Scrap Smelting. Even with symposium my choices were terrible.

A survivor uses Shared Experience, which triggers Age for her. She gets Burning Focus fighting art. She learns Heroic right away. Kara tries to pull up the guidepost, but fails.

Next I'm going to take my chances against level 2 Butcher. Stupid perhaps, but I have a certain trust in my +4 defense blocker. Even his most accurate attacks will hit only on 7+. I have a fairly reliable way of making Butcher lose 1 point of toughness. I got automatic hits. I just don't have Kara Black, because she broke her spleen in fight against Sunstalker. It takes a while for her to learn to live a spleenless life. Not that much ideal either, being the marrow-hungering abyssal sadist.

Fight with Butcher was a table flip rage quit inducing act of cruelty.

Until now, the fights have been exciting. Nemesis encounters have been really tough fights that in the end I somehow managed to pull through.

This fight looked like it could be like those. And I believe I could have won if Butcher would have kept his aim at my blocker. But no, I was constantly drawing Lantern Frenzy. One by one Butcher killed everyone with Lantern Frenzy, never picking my blocker as the target. On top of that I drew Overpower twice.

Perhaps I could have won even with Lantern Frenzy doing it's thing, but every damn Severe Injury roll was 1-2, though once I rolled 3. It was head location, though.

When the last survivor perished, Butcher had two cards left in it's AI deck. Annoying and depressing. Let's take a look at my lost resources:

1x Broken Lantern.
Monster Organ
2x Large Flat Tooth
Beast Steak
1x Pustules
2x Muculent Droppings
1x Love Juice
Black Lens
Fertility Tentacle
Cycloid Scales
Small Sunteeth
Tail Feathers
Fresh Acanthus

Settlement Event was Rivalry, but since there were no returning survivors, I had to draw a new one. Second one was Open Maw, which was left open as I had no endeavors.

At least I cannibalized 2x Broken Lanterns, a Monster Hide and Love Juice. Love Juice was used instantly, but settlement received only one baby.

Oh my. What to do.

To complete my Screaming Armor set, I hunt level 3 Screaming Antelope.

First hunt space was Migration, so without 1.4 rules I would have been smiling the coldest smile I have ever smiled. At least the beast stays on the hunt board now, even if I have to suffer starvation.

Next event is Object of Desire. I have realized I played the lonely tree incorrectly in this campaign because of the typographical errors. Maybe I'll do a little better this time.

Kara Black is nominated and she rolls 6.

Next hunt event is Carpet of Ticks, which is one additional face palm moment. Only Kara has any hunt experience. Luckily only one survivor has their survival reduced to 0.

Next space is 83, Flesh Monolith. One survivor needed to spend 1 survival to not get dead.

Then we get 42, Surgeon. No-one has to go in, so no one does.

Then Overwhelming Darkness happens. As I got Song of the Brave, everyone chooses the path of the brave. Except for Kara, who takes Path of the Insane. She rolls 5 and deals a little damage to other survivors, while one survivor gets +1 strength, -1 evasion and two remaining survivors take -1 accuracy each.

Then Antelope hunt event is Skittish. Rolled event is 41, Nightmare, and Kara doesn't care.

Then I have placed Sky Fishing special event, and I get a Bugfish. Yay. A bugfish.

Beneath the special event is 30, Rotten Faces, and I'm lucky enough to lose two footwear worth of stuff, and gaining nothing in return.

Last Antelope hunt event is Stampede, which causes 2 brain damage for everyone.

Now we get 65, Statue. Again. But it's been long since I had any 9+ Understanding survivors, so no-one notices that it was a familiar face there, on the statue...

Last space before showdown. Forty-five, Jagged Valley. Everyone else spends a Survival other than the survivor who has none.

And finally we're at the fight. Starvation completely empties settlement resource storage.

Random terrains are Toppled Pillar and Debris.

Fight was a long and excruciating one. And one that resulted in a loss.

Once again first severe injury roll killed one of the survivors I had kitted to deal damage. Bird bread using tanker did a fine job, allowing Kara to slowly grind Screaming Antelope down to five cards remaining in it's deck.

I got only one survivor remaining in settlement any more, and I decided to awaken the Watcher and die horribly, alone and forgotten.

Two full wipes in a row were too much to handle.

Second settlement ended on lantern year 20.

I will have permission to start settlement three when I got The Hand painted and all but the wings finished on the Phoenix.


1x Cloth
1x Bone Darts
2x Rawhide Headband, Vest, Boots, Gloves, Pants
Rawhide Gloves, 2x Boots
Cat Eye Circlet
King Spear
Whisker Harp
2x Monster Grease
Catgut Bow
Claw Head Arrow
Bone Axe
Bone Blade
2x Bone Dagger
Monster Tooth Necklace
Lion Headdress
Scrap Dagger
Scrap Sword
Screaming Coat + Leg Warmers, Skirt, Bracers
2x Blood Paint
Counterweighted Axe
Lucky Charm
White Lion Helmet + Boots
Leather Mask, Leather Cuirass, Bracers, Boots + Skirt
Rawhide Drum
Leather Shield
Brain Mint
Skullcap Hammer
Blue Lantern
Dormant Twilight Cloak
First Aid Kit
Scavenger Kit
Giant Stone Face
Phoenix Helm
Sunspot Darts
Cycloid Scale Jacket
Sun Lure & Hook
Sky Harpoon
Bird Bread

Sculptures: Tough, Heroic

Population: 0

Innovations & Principles:
Language, Ammonia, Bloodletting, Paint, Lantern Oven, Sculpture, Pottery, Partnership, Drums, Guidepost, Cooking, Inner Lantern, Song of the Brave, Scrap Smelting
Spear mastery!
Cannibalize & Protect the Young & Barbaric

Lantern Hoard
Organ Grinder
Bone Smith
Stone Circle
Weapon Crafter
Leather Worker
Barber Surgeon
Skyreef Sanctuary

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lantern years 12-17

Last time I survived this so called "database crash", though luckily I managed to save the important bits. As it is, I keep my inventory updated here. Of course other things are stored in physical object, too, like innovations and equipment and such, but since there is no actual storage of resource cards I have them only here.

Anyway, here goes, starting from the lantern year 12.

I hunted a level 2 screaming antelope to get Barber Surgeon. I rolled badly in the Overwhelming Darkness space and again had two survivors start the showdown with zero survival. I did find two founding stones on the way, though.

In this showdown I noticed the flow on Lone Rampage. Whoopsie. All this time I've just taken in that flight...

Also, I just complained how I seem to get Tall Grass all and every time, and, for comparison I have never got an Ore Vein, which has equal likelihood. I guess someone, somewhere heard my annoyance when I got... both Tall Grass cards from the terrain deck!

Anyway, fight seemed to take an eternity because again I had to be extra careful. I did take a couple of brain traumas during fight and one dried acanthus was eaten, perhaps, I'm not sure because I didn't take detailed notes when I lost it. I just know I only have one dried acanthus in bank right now.

Still I don't get the horns I need to complete Screaming armor set. Oh well, I make Screaming Leg Warmers back, plus Round Leather Shield for upcoming fight with The Hand. Settlement innovates Inner Lantern, and world seems to smile at me once more.

Settlement Event is Triathlon of Death, and the survivor I found from the statue starts to look like my next shining star once Accunaicus is going to die to Murder event next Lantern Year. This is exciting time indeed, because if I manage to score one wound to The Hand with Accunaicus with her spear, I will get Spear Mastery innovation. If I don't score that wound, well, she ain't getting proficiency level and she's going to get murdered. Even if she wouldn't get murdered, she would transform into a King's Man next.

Shuddering with fear I begin showdown with The Hand.

And I do feel like a cheater.

Random terrain was Nightmare Tree. I got three broken lanterns from there.

Gilded Codpiece was among the first three hit locations. The Hand raises a finger.

First a survivor lobs a Founding Stone at The Hand. Then Accunaicus comes and wounds The Hand, gaining instant respect. Since the revealed attack was going to hit Accunaicus, I didn't rush things. Perhaps I should have, because the attack disemboweled Accunaicus. However, she was able to get away from the 2-wide zone of death when Wartel threw the second Founding Stone at The Hand, getting the attack with ten damage and -4 to severe injury tables. Wartel took a severe injury, which burned dried acanthus.

Showdown was over.

I got three broken lanterns and one general scrap from The Hand being such a sore loser. He threw the lantern at Accunaicus, making her doubly deaf.

Lunicor got +1 permanent accuracy from Age, and Santel took Leader fighting art. How useful, since she has shattered jaw.

Settlement event was Lights in the Sky.

And then starts a disturbing amount of Story Events that have all piled up to this lantern year. First I resolve Murder, since it's a settlement event anyway. Both Accunaicus and Santel, the victim and the murderer, are killed. I get Monster Bone and Monster Hide.

I think I actually get only two Broken Lantern resources, because there's only two in the basic resource deck and they haven't been archived yet.

Hooded Knight leaves a tattered parcel for Lunicor. Silver City Stark Raving disorder seems to be a natural choice for Lunicor, then.

I nominate Wartel for Hands of Heat, and he gets +1 Speed from branded feet. I spend nameless scrap, a broken lantern, monster organ and monster hide on the feast.

Since Lunicor is a returning survivor, I have him use his matchmaking abilities right away. I pick result 7 rather than 9, since Armored Strangers are making a visit once again. I make a Skullcap Hammer for Statue person to use.

Statue person uses Bloodletting and cures Prey disorder.

Reamope makes a statue out of Heroic, and Lunicor learns Tough fighting art from sculptures.

Alright. Things are going so well that it's time for me to jump to bigger game. Next hunt is either Phoenix or the Sunstalker.

To make acquaintances with base game content, I chose to hunt the Phoenix.

I was fairly confident in my survivors. When I rolled "44", opportunists, I was pondering if I should go for the big kill. I was afraid Phoenix hunt events and I wanted the Plumery, so I thought I'd hunt the weakened phoenix even with far less resources at stake. I'm happy I did.

It was a god-awful fight.

My survivors missed around 70% of their attacks. All of my survivors had 7 survival at the start of the fight. At the end of the fight only two had any survival left. They were the Rawhide set users. Dash & Surge should have done wonders, but not when there is a general inability to roll over five or six, when many attacks required 6+ or 7+ to hit.

I fought the Phoenix three full rounds when it had zero AI cards. That was distressing. Most of the survivors were one or two bleed tokens short from dying. Rolls from triggered Age events also just gave useless fighting arts. I would not have survived the adult encounter.

Then when the survivors come back home, there's an ongoing plague.

I was dreading to see this event pop up, as the last time it nearly destroyed my settlement. But that was before settlement had Ammonia. Third roll for treatment gave 9+, so I still have one endeavor left.

Armored Strangers toss some resources on me, and I get all things combined 2x Monster Bone, 2x Monster Hide, Broken Lantern and Monster Organ.

I get Pustules and Muculent Droppings from Phoenix.

Endeavor is spent on leather making, and I construct First Aid Kit and Leather Mask.

Next I attempt Kara Black challenge scenario with the intent of training Twilight Sword user a little. Turned out the challenge was way too easy. But still I did not get the horns I need to complete Screaming armor set. Instead I built leather boots, scavenger kit and innovated Song of the Brave.

One endeavor is Intimacy via Lunicor's matchmaking. Lunicor also uses augury and gains +1 Understanding, triggering Insight.

Year 16 I decide to go for The Hand level 2. This time I will try to survive until applause. I threw most of the newborn survivors at the nemesis. Reamope was the only "old face", so to say.

In the end The Hand applauded my efforts. Only Kara Black survived, though. She gained +1 permanent strength.

Then The Hand is a sore loser and he throws a broken lantern at Lunicor, the Twilight Sword wielder. And killed him. Four dead survivors in one go. Only one Endeavor to spend.

I did get resources from scavenger's kit and from the board, plus resources from cannibalize. Skull, 2x Monster Organ, Monster Bone, Monster Hide, Broken Lantern and ???. Plus the projectile scrap The Hand used in killing my best survivor outside of a fight.

Settlement Event is Skull Eater. This made me do a heavy sigh. I knew one should not let outsiders join settlement... Kara Black gets the Marrow Hunger. She rolls 4, meaning someone is getting murdered next year. That someone is most likely the statue person.

To try and save the settlement, I make a love juice with Pottery. With a hovel I would have received a savior, but I got twins instead. Maybe it's for the best.

At the death of Lunicor relieves me from the pressure of training Twilight Sword user.

Statue person is two steps away from Club Mastery. I don't think I got other choice than to hunt Phoenix and try to get some age tokens. But not too many.

When I remember to roll for Kara's Age story event, she gets a fighting art, which is Abyssal Sadist. Makes perfect sense.

I made a Screaming Skirt.

And start hunting the Phoenix.

During hunt, though, an unmaking made me lose a few items. Monster Greases most notably. One result also caused nasty event damage, but I managed to arrive relatively intact.

This bird was bored, and I managed to put some wound locations with Eye of Storm in succession to the Bored mood. Early critical hit made a mess out of Phoenix's materialize and displacements.

It mauled the fresh face pretty badly - named Phoen, by the way, but she did not die. Which is good, as she was nicely aged to become a murder target for Kara Black.

There were also a couple of other permanent injuries, but Huice got her dismembered arm grown back at least.

Rewards were amazing. It includes everything from actual rewards, plus from cannibalized murder victims and critical hits and unmade items:

1x general bone and 2x general organs.
2x Broken Lantern
2x Monster Hide
2x Monster Bone
2x Pustules
Small Feathers
Tail Feathers
Hollow Wing Bones
Muculent Droppings

Settlement event was Silk Storm. Hooded Knight offers to teach fighting arts.

I make Phoenix Helm, Leather Bracers and two Monster Greases back. Finally settlement innovates Symposium.

Statue person learns Heroic from a sculpture (should combine nicely with his Burning Focus) and I make one Love Juice from Pottery. Resist cures her Apathetic disorder with Bloodletting. Huice uses bloodletting "just because."

I'm saving Love Juice for next year so that Armored Strangers will give me goodies once more.

Skull, 1x Monster Bone, 3x Broken Lantern and ???.
2x Large Flat Tooth
Beast Steak
2x Pustules
2x Muculent Droppings
1x Love Juice

Tail Feathers

Fresh Acanthus

1x Cloth
1x Bone Darts
2x Rawhide Headband, Vest, Boots, Gloves, Pants
Rawhide Gloves, 2x Boots
Cat Eye Circlet
King Spear
Whisker Harp
2x Monster Grease
Catgut Bow
Claw Head Arrow
Bone Axe
Bone Blade
Bone Dagger
Monster Tooth Necklace
Lion Headdress
Scrap Dagger
Scrap Sword
Screaming Coat + Leg Warmers, Skirt, Bracers
2x Blood Paint
Counterweighted Axe
Lucky Charm
White Lion Helmet + Boots
Leather Mask, Leather Cuirass, Bracers, Boots + Skirt
Rawhide Drum
Leather Shield
Brain Mint
Skullcap Hammer
Blue Lantern
Dormant Twilight Cloak
First Aid Kit
Scavenger Kit
Giant Stone Face
Phoenix Helm

Sculptures: Tough, Heroic

Population: 6

Innovations & Principles:
Language, Ammonia, Bloodletting, Paint, Lantern Oven, Sculpture, Pottery, Partnership, Drums, Guidepost, Cooking, Inner Lantern, Song of the Brave
Spear mastery!
Cannibalize & Protect the Young & Barbaric

Lantern Hoard
Organ Grinder
Bone Smith
Stone Circle
Weapon Crafter
Leather Worker
Barber Surgeon

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hack City

I finished the magnetized male survivor and some assorted limbs.

I used strong neodymium magnets, and I am surprised how well they do in a project like this. The limbs have a small bit of iron wire pinned into them with a bit of green stuff to make the limb stay in a preferred position. And they stay perfectly.

I tried to use as little armored pieces in the survivors as possible, as they're supposed to represent early game survivors.

There's one left and right arm that have no equipment, one dismembered left hand, Catgut Bow and this Elder Cat Dagger that I plan to use for some other less epic daggers, like Bone Dagger.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Warmachine tournament at Ropecon

Last year I skipped Warmachine tournament that was held in Ropecon. Mk3 had just launched and all, and I felt somehow exhausted. But this year I took part, and these were my 75 point tournament lists:

List 1:
[Theme] Infernal Machines
Deneghra, the Soul Weaver
- Corruptor
- Kraken
- Nightwretch
- Skarlock Thrall
2x Pistol Wraith
2x Soul Trapper
Mechanithralls (max)
- 2x Brute Thrall
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Soulhunters (max)

List 2:
Asphyxious the Hellbringer
- Desecrator
- Malice
- Ripjaw
- 2x Stalker
Bane Lord Tartarus
Darragh Wrathe
Satyxis Raider Captain
Machine Wraith
Bane Warriors (min)
- Bane Warrior Officer & Standard
Bile Thralls (min)

First game was against Issyria. I chose Deneghra, and I lucked out when I got to play against the list which had Imperatus in it. Mortality was pretty devastating tho Phoenix protocol.

Ambushing Mechanithralls and Soulhunters wrecked one flank completely.

I played aggressively with Deneghra, and I suppose it worked out somehow. The Retribution battle engine spent a couple of turns shooting at Deneghra, but seemed to miss more often than it should have - Issyria had no problems landing Blinding Light on Deneghra.

Eventually it was a scenario victory for Cryx.

Game 2:

Second game was against Gorten Grundback, and I had picked Deneghra3 again. I didn't have an idea what I should be doing. At one point looked like I could try to start grinding some scenario points by seizing three control points, but then dice went all kinds of awry and I was left with only one. Plus I made mistakes in my positioning elsewhere, too - I had to leave Deneghra in a terribly vulnerable position.

Opponent didn't even have to bother with scenario, he just shot Deneghra into smithereens.

Still it was a nice game - even if I was a bit clueless, I still felt like I was at least doing something.

Game 3:

I played against the newly released Morghoul3. I am always especially excited when I get to play against new warcasters, and I had never faced Morghoul3 even during Mk2, where he did not exist. I chose Asphyxious3 as my list.

Bile Thralls did well enough in removing some Praetorian Swordsmen. I was too greedy and waited too long to use Asphyxious' feat. Even a couple of extra focus points could have made the difference, when I got Malice to shoot a harpoon at Morghoul3 who had Calamity, dragging him within Dark Shroud of Bane Lord Tartarus.

But even more impact than a less greedy usage of feat would have been if I would have moved Darragh Wrathe or anyone to take a point from my flag. I didn't.

And then I lost.

Game 4:

Last game I chose Deneghra once more, as I was against Cryx. Opponent took Asphyxious2.

Game was very exciting and brutal. Opponent made one tragic mistake, where he charged with Bane Riders - only to find out the last cavalry model, unit leader, was stationary.

Opponent also missed a couple of critical attacks, most notably ones targeting Kraken and Pistol Wraiths. I did have my share of bad luck a turn earlier, though, where despite everything I threw at enemy Darragh Wrathe, I just could not bring him down to start scoring scenario.

But yeah, Kraken lasted far longer than it should have against Bane Warriors. Ambushing Mechanithralls were amazing once more and I have to say I quite enjoy Infernal Machines theme.

Though I don't think I used Hyper Aggressive even once. But it's not that often when you want to go Hyper Aggressive with a Night Wretch... or a Corruptor, for that matter.

Eventually it was a scenario victory for Deneghra.

2-2, not bad result considering I haven't played in tournaments for ages. I was happy that none of the games were decided because of Deathclock - though some matches were pretty close. I think in the last game I had like three minutes left in my clock.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Settlement 2, Lantern Years 9-11

I'm relatively angry right now, or I could be if I had the tendency to be angry about things.

I had this long post for Lantern Years 9-11 where I went and copied a batch of text to make a new draft. I closed the draft and blogger told me I had unsaved progress that would be lost. Since I hadn't done any modifications, I thought I might discard them.

Well, Blogger deleted entire draft.

Luckily the copied part was inventory. But still... those juicy details how exciting fight against King's Man was. All gone now. The way I triumphed over a level 2 White Lion that attacked me in place of level 1 Screaming Antelope. All gone now. Thank you, Blogger software.

To make somewhat of a recap: everybody else died except for Accunaicus, who received King's Curse. I lost Butcher's Cleaver, and later when Accunaicus was recovering from something I lost Lantern Halberd too to the level 2 white lion. The Hand came and rolled 4, instead of 5-7, and made me lose all my hard earned resources.

In some hunt phase a survivor switched places with a statue.

Erm. What else.

Scaverous vs Xerxis1

A somewhat traditional Warmachine/Hordes game from Ropecon against a particular friend.

My list was:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
- Defiler
- Erebus
- Nightmare
- Ripjaw

Iron Lich Overseer
- Leviathan
Warwitch Siren
Satyxis Raiders (max)
- Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
The Withershadow Combine

Opponent had:

Tyrant Xerxis
- Tiberion
- Titan Gladiator
Tyrant Zaadesh
- 2x Cyclops Brute
Cataphract Cetrati (max)
Legends of Halaak
Nihilators (max)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)

Scenario was Breakdown. I started game.

I had absolutely no idea what I should be doing, so I tried to jam enemy a little with Satyxis Raiders - so that I would lose just the unit, not warjacks.

But I did lose the whole unit and Erebus. And then opponent used feat, too. The threat range of Tiberion is scary in this list, and now opponent was pretty much unassailable because of the defensive bonuses.

Well, Skorne wasn't the only one in this match who could threat with scary ranges.

Scaverous used feat, cast Telekinesis on Nightmare and charged Tiberion. There he cast Telekinesis on Xerxis and put Icy Grip on him, too. With last remaining focus he cleared a line of sight for Leviathan to Xerxis.

It was a cheap victory, but only one I could have even attempted.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brief Note vol 2

Alrighty, this game dates back a little before Ropecon. I'll write an extra short summary here so that I can start building up the Ropecon writeups with a clean conscience.

I played against Wurmwood with following list in a 50 point game:

Lord Tyrant Hexeris
- Agonizer
- Basilisk Drake
- Cyclops Savage
- Rhinodon
- Titan Sentry
Paingiver Beast Handlers (max)
Praetorian Swordsmen (min)
- Praetorian Swordsman Officer & Standard
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

Opponent had Wurmwood with at least Gnarlhorn Satyr, Pureblood Warpwolf and Gorax, a couple of Sentry Stone units and a unit of Wolves of Orboros.

A good obliteration wreaked havoc among Wolves of Orboros, and my warbeasts decimated front on the right. Opponent had Pureblood in a forest harrying Praetorian Swordsmen when it would have needed to be killing my warbeasts. Well, it was more of a practice game for a beginning Circle player. Wurmwood tends to have quite a high learning curve.

In short: Hexeris won a game.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Settlement 2, Lantern Years 6-8

So, I hunt Screaming Antelope.

First I find a Vomit Pile that Bewh scavenges. Finds nothing. Then he encounters Consuming Grass and archives Cloth.

Then I avoid Stampede, because I want Voici to remain insane.

d100 is 13. Bewh receives a +1 accuracy token.

And then showdown starts.

Antelope just runs around randomly. Materna finds Scrap Sword from debris.

All in all fight was relatively easy - it was my own idiocy that caused most of the bad stuff to happen, anyway. I didn't bother to check AI cards once. And Lone Rampage it was, when I had just a moment been thinking how large the Zone of Death in that particular card had been... and all of my survivors were within four spaces of the beast.

A couple of heavy injury knockdowns happened, as well as one Brain Trauma on Bewh, who doesn't like Stinky gear from now on.

Last card to remain on the AI deck was - once more - the Lone Rampage. This time, however, I was a little better prepared for it. I scavenged the board or, well, what was left of it. Mostly just a couple of Acanthus plants and Bug Patch.

Despite a certain easiness of this fight, it was far more interesting than level 1 white lion at this point.

Fresh Acanthus
2x Monster Organ
2x Monster Bone, Monster Hide

Pelt, Beast Steak, Shank Bone, Muscly Gums

Accunaicus receives +1 permanent strength from Age.

Settlement event is Silk Storm. Nuhuu and Fahert endeavor there - Nuhuu endeavoring twice. Both find a Crab Spider, and Nuhuu can depart with a full grid. I couldn't believe my sensory organs when I noticed Crab Spiders were hides. Oh my.

Armored Strangers make Voici Stark Raving Mad, which is a major boon. She's the one I plan to have Butcher's Axe mastery.

I build Stone Circle, along with Screaming Coat and a new Dried Acanthus. Because of the Crab Spiders I decide to build one extra pair of of Rawhide Gloves.

And then we get last Lantern Year for a little while.

I hunt level 1 antelope again.

First event is Teething, and I find two Large Flat Teeth.

d100 is 29, Dark Blacksmith. Only Materna has 3+ Courage. She gives her Cloth away, but it doesn't turn into a Steel Shield. Bummer.

Next, Antelope is Skittish. d100 result of 61. Bewh is struck by a Frozen Lightning, and Ancient Lantern (the cola bottle lantern) is archived. Well, now every memory of having played a challenge scenario has been removed from this settlement. Time for a new one, I guess?

Last space before Showdown has some Dead Weed growing in it. Too bad I didn't have any Severe injuries.

Then it's showdown time, and Screaming Antelope gores forward and receives five wounds in retaliation. I get the feeling I was way too scared when I chose my quarry...

Chow Down tries to mitigate this, but it heals only one wound. Accunaicus critically injures the palate and causes an injury to strange eye. Bewh found skull and some insanity from survivor corpse.

Outrageous damage dealing backfired a little, when Voici wounds the restless shank, which gives her three injuries to arms location, and one from collision to a stone column to legs. And then - again. AGAIN. Lone Rampage. Why does this particular attack haunt me so? I don't think there's more than one of them in the whole deck, and in all of my encounters against Screaming Antelope it has caused me many and much a grief.

Soon enough fight was over, and I decided to not bother with level 1 quarries again. Well, White Lion and Screaming Antelope quarries, that is.

Fresh Acanthus
Pelt, Screaming Brain, Bladder, Beast Steak, 2x Large Flat Tooth
Skull, 2x Monster Hide, Monster Bone, Love Juice.

Settlement Event is Skull Eater. Voici is the Skull Eater. Makes sense - she's been killing all over the place and everywhere with a sentient axe she stole from Butcher.

She gets +1 strength and courage, but next year Materna is going to die, no way to prevent that. I'm not happy. Materna gets +1 permanent Strength from Age and Bewh gets Unconscious Fighter secret fighting art.

Phoenix Feather rolls 2 for Nuhuu. Nuhuu and Voici consume Love Juice, I roll 7 and 9. I take two newborns.

Settlement innovates Sculpture (boo!) and since Voici might find herself dead rather sooner than later, I spend the three remaining endeavors in her trying to pull up the lantern halberd that acts as guidepost. She succeeds on second attempt. (She has 3 permanent strength.)

With efforts such as this, I can't bear too big of a grudge against her for going to murder Materna.

Settlement builds Screaming Leg Warmers and Blood Paint. Last endeavor is used in building Weapon Crafter.

I'm definitely going to hunt a level 2 beast next. And I haven't had a real, distressing challenge for a few years, so a level 2 Screaming Antelope it is.

So, first hunt event is Skittish and 66 is the d100, forbidden word. +1 understanding and brain event damage. Voici gets Coprolalia and Materna gets Delicious. There's some theme in here somewhere, I think. Bewh gets Enfeebled, which doesn't couple that badly at all with his newly gained Unconscious Fighter. It now takes six bleed tokens to kill him.

Forbidden Word triggers Insight for Voici, who gets to re-roll a hunt event during this hunt phase.

Next space is 25, Titans in the Dark. Nope. Voici re-rolls it right away into 21, Drawings. Both Voici and Materna try to decipher the pictures. Voici rolls 9, Materna 10. I don't know why I wasted such good rolls on this event, because none of the results would have done any good for me. And I don't know why suddenly Voici and Materna are such good buddies and pals. Voici must have been planning this murder for quite a long time already, studying her target very closely indeed.

Third space is Stampede with a roll of 9. Thank goodness. But, before Showdown this triggers Bold for Voici and Bewh. Voici rolls 9 and Bewh 8. I won't say no to +1 permanent strength. Voici is such a shining star right now with +4 permanent strength. Please, Murder event. Spare her from judgement. Settlement will not endure loss of both Materna and Voici.

Random terrain cards are Giant Stone Face and Tall Grass.

First turn dealt a respectable five wounds to Screaming Antelope, who had diabolically trampled nearby.

It drew Infested card. During a flow I decided to move Voici to relative safety of Tall Grass. Next AI card is Great Kick. I pick Accunaicus as the target and dash her to Tall Grass. Next is Great Kick, and every damn attack hit Accunaicus. No Severe Injury rolls were caused by these five attacks, but her armor is now devastated, and Dried Acanthus is gone. I praised dice gods when trample from Diabolical resulted in targeting Bewh.

Materna takes a step back and encourages Bewh up. Next she strikes Screaming Antelope, causing a wound. This makes Antelope to jump one space away from the attacker... Bewh went down again.

Dedicated damage dealer, Voici, activates next and goes pick some flowers. Well, she does find Fresh Acanthus. Then she encourages Bewh up once more... who then moves away, encourages Accunaicus up and checks location deck, because I'm starting to fear the trap. There was no trap, but Ferocious Spasms was rather a critical card to navigate. Accunaicus charges in with Lantern Halberd and hits once. Well at least she got away the spasms.

Antelope has received seven points of damage at the start of turn three.

AI card is Back Kick, and the beast targets Accunaicus, whom I Dash to Tall Grass. Both Back Kick attacks miss, and then Diabolical trample goes to Materna's Body.

Then it's survivor turn to act. Voici huddles closer, but couldn't reach Antelope. At least she checks next AI cards, Kick and Gore. She also encourages Materna up. Accunaicus goes and inflicts two wounds on Antelope and backs to Tall Grass. Somehow I just feel next AI is going to be the Lone Rampage...

But first Bewh moves closer to Bug Patch and uses Cat Eye Circlet. Strange Eye coming up, so need to be careful.

Materna scores two hits with Catgut Bow, and first time in this showdown a damage roll fails - because of Infested trait. Oh well. Ten points of damage in at the start of turn 4.

Screaming Antelope reveals the last "blind" AI card. And it's Stomp & Snort. Antelope targets Materna, who dashes away from Zone of Death of Diabolical. This turn I will have no tramples coming in that cause damage. Yay... Anyway, Materna takes two brain damage and some knockback, but thanks to Stalwart she is not knocked down.

I flush out Restless Eye with the only non-insane survivor, Accunaicus. She scores two wounds (the blind location wasn't trap) and she gets back to Tall Grass with lantern halberd special ability.

Bewh checks hit locations, and still no trap, but a certain chest wound is coming up that would make everyone very sad if a wound is caused. But Voici would have chances on killing the Antelope right now... unless she scores four hits, and last location is a trap. She's Stark Raving, though. All in! She scores only two hits, but wounds with both. Antelope no longer has cards in AI deck. And there are no knocked down survivors, which means it will start grazing, which will mean it starts healing...

Materna Dashes and Slams closer to Antelope and attacks with King Spear. No. Hits.

So, Antelope gets to an Acanthus plant and heals one wound. Then there's Accunaicus in Diabolical lane. She's picked as a target, but she Dashes away so that Antelope did not reach her. It was last Survival of Accunaicus, though. Bewh encourages Voici up, and checks hit locations. Great. Trap is coming now. But the beast needs to be wounded only twice.

I activate Voici and she walks to blind spot. She activates Butcher's Cleaver. And scores only one hit. That wounds, sure.

Well, Materna Dashes to blind spot and aims with Catgut Bow. She still needs 4+ to hit. She hits, exactly with a 4. Now she needs a 4+ to inflict a wound. And she rolls exactly 4.

Oh dear. My first encounter with level 2 Screaming Antelope was not all that bad. It was a good battle and I felt like I made the right choices. I didn't have to roll any severe injury rolls or brain traumas, but every survivor had many hit locations that were at heavy injury levels. Curiously I didn't roll even a single critical damage.

Rewards: (includes resource coming from Materna...)
Screaming Brain, Bladder, 2x Shank Bone, 2x Beast Steak, Pelt

2x Monster Bone, Skull, 2x Broken Lantern, Monster Hide, Monster Organ

Fresh Acanthus

Now survivors return, and Voici murders Materna after receiving Axe proficiency. Of course she rolls 8+ from the event, and a new Murder is added to timeline thankfully at least five years from now. Hey, now. Voici received her from me nominating her to became the voice of reason during endless screams. This does not sound very reasonable at all. Unless might is the only thing that is right, and who is going to dispute that when Voici has +5 permanent strength?

The actual event is Acid Storm which rolls one additional scrap.

I give Burning Ambition from Promise Under the Sun to Bewh.

I endeavor to innovate, but have to choose from Pottery (which I might lose right next to King's Man...) of Face Painting. I make a Love Juice from Pottery anyway. Two Dried Acanthuses, Bone Axe, Scrap Dagger, Claw Head Arrow, Blood Paint, Screaming Bracers and Counterweighted Axe enter the settlement, as well as Lucky Charm.

Fahert goes to Bloodletting and rolls 1. Nice enough I suppose, but I really wanted Insanity for him. This triggers Insight. He rolls 10, gaining a permanent strength.

Next I use Love Juice to spawn a Savior, and I get excited when I roll 10. Only to remember I haven't innovated Hovel... Oh well, people are bound to die next year anyway.

Resource-wise the settlement is broke once more, and I don't even know if my A-team will be there after next fight. Sure, I'd have enough population to throw at King's Man just to die, but I've felt I've been damn lucky in this campaign. Even if I'm not perfectly geared to fight King's Man, I'd like to take chances.

2x Broken Lantern

2x Cloth
2x Bone Darts
2x Rawhide Headband, Vest, Boots, Gloves, Pants
Rawhide Gloves
Cat Eye Circlet
King Spear
Whisker Harp
2x Monster Grease
Catgut Bow
Claw Head Arrow-
2x Skull Helm
Bone Axe
Bone Blade
Bone Dagger
3x Dried Acanthus
Butcher Cleaver
Monster Tooth Necklace
Lion Headdress
Scrap Dagger-
Scrap Sword
Screaming Coat
Screaming Leg Warmers + Bracers
Lantern Halberd
2x Blood Paint
Counterweighted Axe
Lucky Charm

Population: 9

Innovations & Principles:
Language, Ammonia, Bloodletting, Paint, Lantern Oven, Sculpture, Pottery
Cannibalize & Protect the Young

Lantern Hoard
Organ Grinder
Bone Smith
Stone Circle
Weapon Crafter

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hellbringer vs Bane Witch

A 75 point game of Warmachine.

Asphyxious the Hellbringer
- Desecrator
- Malice
- Ripjaw
- 2x Stalker
Bane Warriors (min) + Bane Warrior Officer & Standard
Bile Thralls (min)
Bane Lord Tartarus
Darragh Wrathe
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Machine Wraith

Opponent had:

Bane Witch Agathia
- 2x Nightwretch
- Reaper
- 2x Slayer
Bane Warriors (max) + Bane Warrior Officer & Standard
Mechanithralls (max) + Skarlock Commander
The Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus
Satyxis Raider Captain
Warwitch Siren

This was a kind of a practice game for an upcoming tournament.

First picture is probably taken from a turn where Asphyxious used his feat, after me failing many times to remember enemy had Stealth from Agathia's feat.

Asphyxious' feat was good, it yielded him at least the 9 souls you can see in the d12. But most important factor was most likely that Malice survived.

Next my forces mop up most of the enemy warjacks. I do make a critical mistake here - Asphyxious is standing there, easily within charge lane of enemy Satyxis Raider Captain. Captain missed charge attack with Lacerator. I think she hit with her horns, but there was not enough damage coming up in Asphyxious' direction, as Withershadow Combine had already activated. Possibly Nightwretch, too. Anyway, Agathia scores a couple of damage points with Hellfire, but this was not enough to bring Hellbringer to hell.

Next Malice yanks Agathia right into middle of Asphyxious' army. Game over.

Monday, July 24, 2017

A quick note

Yesterday I played three rounds of Magic: The Gathering. EDH with a loaned deck. I had some kind of elemental beast as my commander for all three games.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Settlement 2, Lantern Years 3-5

On lantern year 3 I'm checking out the first one of these special challenge scenarios. This one is the Candy & Cola scenario, though I've renamed this survivor to Candice. I loathe quite a bit such light-hearted humor that Candy with her Cola lantern is supposed to give. I even renamed the lantern.

Anyway, three survivors I choose for this scenario are Rudaghet and Materna, plus a completely fresh face straight from the settlement, Voici.

Random terrains were Toppled Pillar and Acanthus plants.

Because the Young Lion already had Ground Fighting in play, I proceeded to collect both Acanthus Plants all the while Young Lion was waggling it's tail and bottom.

Voici found Fresh Acanthus and Materna found something delicious.

I manipulated Lion deck to get a critical wound at Soft Belly, getting an extra Eye of Cat and Organ Trail persistent injury.

Rudaghet and Materna deal one wound to Lion and Voici checks next hit locations.

Cat attacks Voici with Power Swat, which she dodges.

Next turn Candice gives accuracy, causing Rudaghet to hit twice. She wounds only once, though, and gains two Insanity.

Just as things start to look too easy, the Young Lion starts to lick it's wounds.

Candice gives accuracy to survivors and Rudaghet attempts to charge in. She manages to enter Young Lion's front arc with her King Spear. She hits once and scores a wound. Farewell, Lick Wounds. If Rudaghet had failed, I would have needed to use my second last Founding Stone.

Materna injures Young Lion once more, and then Sizes Up on Candice. She has no Insanity, so she is knocked down and takes a Brain Trauma. She frenzies, though.

Voici checks hit location deck and encourages Candice up. Candice gives accuracy and encourages Rudaghet up. Materna tries to lob a Bone Dart at the Lion from Blind Spot, but misses.

Lion Sizes Up again, this time on Rudaghet who has more insanity than every other survivor on board counted together. Well, Lion doesn't even roll a 4+ for this one. This showdown starts to feel like an overkill. I do mess up with one hit location, though, which causes another Grab attack on Rudaghet. But Materna encourages her right up.

Rudaghet causes one wound, and Voici checks hit locations. Now I know the trap is coming up, so I need to be careful.

Last card remaining in the Lion's AI deck is Size Up, though. And damn this Lion is good at picking the targets who have no insanity protecting their brain - it's Voici's turn now to take a Brain Trauma. New Perspective doesn't hurt that much, though.

Rudaghet causes one wound, so it's just basic actions from now on.

Next turn showdown ends with a critical hit on the Fleshy Gut. Rudaghet finds a Skull basic resource, and I'm getting quite worried about the insanity levels of this shining star of a survivor. She won't be hunting all that many Antelopes, I guess.

Rewards were, all critical hits and pick-ups from the board included:
Basic: Skull, 2x Monster Bone, ??? and Broken Lantern
Lion: Eye of Cat, Golden Whiskers, Sinew, Lion Claw, White Fur
Rare: Fresh Acanthus

Settlement Event is Elder Council. Result is 15, which is annoying because I had plans for Endeavors this year. Well, I shouldn't complain, since in last campaign every single settlement event had already been killing survivors.

Anyway, I innovate Bloodletting. I could have chosen Hovel, but that would have added quite a few cards to innovation deck and I would like to get Symposium or Inner Lantern.

I build Catgut Bow, Skull Helm, Bone Blade and Bandages.

I'm not happy with production this turn. Maybe I shouldn't have innovated. Well, Fahert attempts and Augury and receives +1 Understanding. And next I will need to figure what the heck can I do to Butcher. I decide to actually try to fight him. I don't have all that many survivors to just throw at him to die.

Year 4:

Random terrain was Lion Statue, which I placed so that it might offer me a little LoS block if the stars align right. So, let's start this sorry affair.

Candice gives accuracy and Accuniecus checks AI hit locations. Rudaghet lobs a bone dart at Butcher's Mask. Materna misses.

Then I'm already doomed. First Butcher misses Rudaghet with Hack, but second AI is Lantern Frenzy and target randomizes to Rudaghet herself. Candice has Golden Harp, though. Candice tries to strum the harp, but fails.

Materna scores a perfect hit with Catgut Bow, so Mighty Strike triggers on Furious Bellow. Wounding on 3+, she rolls 2 and is Knocked Down.

Well, at least Accuniecus gives a wound to Furious Gauntlet.

Butcher starts screaming. Rudaghet survives Hack City and gains Legendary Lungs secret fighting art, but suffers Broken Back. Candice finally manages to get rid of Lantern Frenzy and a couple of extra wounds are scored by Rudaghet and Materna.

This turn everyone frenzies thanks to Screaming.

Rudaghet takes in a Backhand and yet another Hack City. She takes six hits this time. This time Butcher doesn't even get through armor, thanks to the blistering plasma fruit ability.

Since everyone has frenzied, there is no-one to encourage Candice up. Turn causes only one wound to the Butcher, but his next turn ain't that grand either. Well, Rudaghet has been mauled beyond recognition - she's deaf and blinded from one eye, as well as having broken back and four bleeding tokens.

Materna has to patch Rudaghet up a little with bandages, making survivors lose precious attacks.

I remember I have two Analyzers and check the upcoming AI card. It's Lantern Frenzy. Ouch. And Rudaghet causes no wounds whatsoever so Candice has to fling her Founding Stone at Butcher.

Butcher bites another ear off of Rudaghet and devours her lantern, so from now on she'll be just a punching bag for Butcher. I won't even try to attack him. She sees Hack City is coming up next. I decide to keep Hack City in the deck, so I switch it to Backhand with Rawhide Headband. Candice gives accuracy. Materna scores just one wound, which knocks Butcher down and gives courage. This triggers Bold for Rudaghet.

Next is Hack City, then, and Rudaghet receives ten hits. She dies to bleeding tokens. Next attack he devours Materna's lantern.

Candice gives accuracy and Accuniecus rolls an additional point of accuracy again. I did shuffle the hit location deck, though.

So, Butcher is knocked down. I haven't checked the hit locations, and Butcher has Hack City and Devour Lantern in his deck. This is so close, and one trap might spell my doom. Materna makes three fist attacks, and all score a hit. Hardy har har, when hit locations are 2x cleaver and Lantern Explosion.

Butcher devours Accuniecus' lantern and knocks her down. Next turn he kills Candice, so now I got two survivors with -3 accuracy tokens fighting a Butcher who only has one hit point remaining.

Accuniecus removes Hack City, and now I need to injure Butcher only once. Just once. Please...!

Materna aims with Catgut Bow, but scores no hits. Then Butcher attacks her, knocking her down but not inflicting severe injuries. She gets four bleeding tokens, though.

Next turn Accuniecus is the only hope. Only hope who succeeds. I kill Butcher. Can this really be real?

I received Skull and Monster Bone from Rudaghet and Candice and one Broken Lantern and Butcher's Cleaver from Butcher.

Settlement Event is Rivalry, and Accuniecus receives a gaping chest wound. I decide to use the offered endeavor in the event which results Accuniecus dying off and Materna to receive +1 permanent strength. I got a Monster Hide from Accuniecus.

I make Bone Dagger and Rawhide Vest. Oh, and Dried Acanthus since I noticed it's Organ Grinder item, not Barber Surgeon.

White Lion starts to feel boring, but since I don't have Surge or Dash, hunting Screaming Antelope feels too risky. A level 2 lion would just devastate everything.

Year 5:

So, the hunt begins. First event is Lion in Heat. Next card is White Lion Cub, and once more I slaughter the little pup. Father Lion starts the showdown immediately. Random terrains are Debris and Toppled Pillar.

Lion started game with Ground Fighting, so I tried to position everything as favorably for me as possible. And when I finally started mauling the beast, it inflicted two wounds in one turn. Second turn got two more, as well as critically injuring Beast's Femur. That's -1 movement token and an extra white lion resource.

Voici scored a critical hit against Strange Hand and savored the moment for +1 permanent strength. I had been steadily giving two injuries per turn, and White Lion had not really succeeded to deal any real damage. Best attempt was when it revenged against Voici and isolated her.

It was a boring fight. White Lion level 1 never again. Though let's see how events kill people this time.

2x Monster Hide, 2x Monster Bone, Monster Organ, ???, Love Juice, Broken Lantern
Curious Hand, Lion Claw, Shimmering Mane, Eye of Cat, Sinew

Voici got +1 permanent strength from Age, and Fahert gained +1 permanent accuracy from Age.

Settlement Event is Lights in the Sky. Sadly, though, none of the endeavors there are available to me.

I nominate Bewh for Hands of Heat and roll 6.

Bewh and Voici consume Love Juice. I roll 4, which is far better than the 2 I rolled with my other die.

I use one endeavor to innovate Paint. Hooray for Dash. This triggers Hooded Knight, though, and I roll 6. Since I got so many Broken Lanterns I decide to give Mighty Strike for Accunaicus. She's the other one who gained +1 permanent accuracy some time ago.

I build Lion Headdress and Rawhide Boots + Pants, Monster Grease and Monster Tooth Necklace.

I put Materna to Bloodletting... twice. First attempt was useless and removed all of her survival. Second one was a success and removed Vestiphobia from her.

I even attempt to get a little insanity for Voici, but roll 1 again. Well, she got understanding, ain't that nice... Waste of resources, all of this.

But, until next time.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flammable Season (Touch of Evil)

As I was on my biannual visit to Kuhmo, I played some board games a little bit for the first time in this... year.

This visit saw a continuation of a Touch of Evil campaign game.

First game was against Delion Dryad.

Using the campaign rules we used one stashed investigation point and randomly picked two heroes and chose one of them. We got Heinrich Cartwright, the Drifter and Captain Hawkings.

These villains that have limited amount minion tokens with some guaranteed ways to spawn them are nasty when used with all three expansion boards. Good thing we had Captain Hawkings, who was able to send militias to chop some woods... some of them never came back from their assignment.

I don't think Shadow Track fell even once because we didn't have tokens to place Living Trees.

Living Trees also weren't particularly apt in rolling sixes - I believe they didn't cause any hero Knock Out's. Other kinds of Wolves and Deep Ones and ambushes in the night did that surely enough, but the dangerous spiral of being Knocked Out all the time, every time did not happen. Only a couple of turns were missed because of getting knocked out during Mystery Phase.

Corner Locations were merciful - only two or three cards that were drawn were strictly bad things or attacks or whatnot.

However, despite all of this it wasn't an easy game. Other causes made Shadow Track speed down towards Darkness. Heroes were quite tanky and had some equipment and both had Spirit + Cunning of eight or more, but beginning Showdown looked like risky business because there were zero "ignore all wounds" event cards in store for us, and neither hero was able to deal absurd amounts of damage.

Also, later in the game both heroes were badly injured most of the time, so we were waiting for the turn when both of us would be fully healed to start the showdown. That turn never came and we had no other option than to begin Showdown when Shadow Track was at "2".

Both flinged their torches at the Dryad during first round. Second round not much damage was dealt by either party. Third turn Captain Hawkings fell, and Heinrich Cartwright along with Widow Jessica the village elder were survivors of this alluring encounter. Maybe they started life together or something.

Game 2:

Next game was against The Scarecrow, which gave nice theme for this summer's touches of evil. Burn them all. With matchsticks and gasoline.

We picked random heroes, who were Valeria, the Eternal and Katarina, the Outlaw. Not too bad at all.

In this game we had to struggle against Shadow Track, as we picked up such Remains in Play cards as The Horror and later in the game Something Wicked. Also almost every single turn there was a murder. Crows started appearing all over the place. Pretty lousy Scarecrow if you ask me.

Throughout the game heroes were undergeared against difficulties they had to face, and there were next to no pick ups from corner locations. Well, actually heroes even couldn't visit corner locations all that much thanks to Order's Influences that made militias go mad, as well as a roadblock at Smuggler's Cove.

Katarina bought Sacred Chalice and got rid of The Horror and Order's Influence, and then Sacred Chalice expired.

Heroes had to start Showdown a little bit too early. Katarina had, what, five Fight dice and Valeria had four. Of course they were absurdly multiplied by ditching keyword Fire. Scarecrow had 14 fight dice at it's height.

But thanks to Katarina getting some 12 Fight Dice with a re-roll from event, damage was more than enough to burn the abomination that had set up it's lair at Icy Waters. "Nobody will suspect I hide in Icy Waters" thought the Scarecrow, I suppose, but a local fisherman was bewildered about a scarecrow that somebody had set up on an iceberg.

Widow Jessica and Lady Hanbrook both died during showdown, and as last act of defiance Scarecrow killed Katarina - just before dying.

Two victories. But still the campaign will take quite a while if we take a year and a half breaks in between the games...

Campaign statistics:

Villains defeated: Spectral Horseman, Vampire, Siren, Bog Fiend, Volgovian Nutcracker, Delion Dryad, Scarecrow
Villains still to be defeated: 12

Heroes dead: Argot Blackwell, Inspector Cooke, Isabella von Took & Liliana, Lost Soul
Heroes remaining: 20

Stashed investigation: 6

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Second Settlement, years 1-2

With King's Man painted, I gave myself permission to start a new settlement for Kingdom Death.

Intro mission went far worse than last time around.

Two survivors perished, one of them being the one who got permanent strength from critically wounding the lion.

An additional Shimmering Mane came from a critical wound against Glorious Mane. On top of that, I got Lion Testes, Lion Claw, Golden Whiskers and Great Cat Bones. Basic resources were Love Juice, Broken Lantern and 2x Monster Hide.

Once more I roll minimum number of starting survivors, meaning I got now Population 8.

Just to see how things work out, I chose Cannibalize as my death principle. I got a fourth Founding Stone and +3 insanity for departing survivors.

Fahert utters the first words and I build Skinnery and Bone Smith.

Settlement produces Bone Darts, Rawhide Headband, Boots, Gloves and Vest. (Shimmering Mane was archived for extra hides)

I nominate two random survivors for Love Juice and I roll 7. I take Protect the Young life principle. Parents get survival and permanent evasion.

4x Cloth
4x Founding Stone
Bone Darts
Rawhide Headband, Vest, Boots, Gloves

Innovations & Principles:
Cannibalize & Protect the Young

Lion Testes, Golden Whiskers, Great Cat Bones, Broken Lantern

It might take some time before I get to play next time, so this write-up only has prologue.

Second year I chose White Lion (like there's any choice...) for Quarry, and first hunt even was Aromatic Breeze with 09 from d100. Rudaghet enters the bright light and rolls 7. Brain damage. Second hunt event is Marked Territory, which is a bummer since no survivor has 3+ Understanding at this point. Roll is 71 from the d100 - and Nos founds the relic by rolling 10. Looks like I might get Ammonia after all... if I beat the lion with weapons as poor as these.

Since Aromatic Breeze brought lion a little bit forward, Showdown starts right next.

Random terrain cards are two Acanthus Plants and...

... the lonely tree.

Hiding in Tall Grass makes lion's first attack miss. Paterna checks upcoming AI cards and places Alert on top of the deck, and then Materna flings Founding Stone at the beast, critically wounding throat. Lion gets knocked down.

Since hitting is not that big of an issue this turn, I decide I'll try to get some extra critical hits against White Lion from using bare hands. Nos gets +3 insanity and ??? resource from Fuzzy Groin.

Next Lion attacks Paterna with Vicious Claw. Only one attack hits, which is promptly dodged away. Materna lobs a bone dart at Lion, hits but doesn't cause a wound, which in turn makes the lion grab Paterna six spaces forwards... closer to the Lonely Tree. Materna encourages Paterna right up. He gets to Lion'a blind spot, but doesn't score any hits.

I didn't want a turn in which I wouldn't score even one injury on the beast, so Rudaghet throws Founding Stone at the lion - and injures Strange Hand. Nice - it might be possible to try and glitch the Lion now, since I definitely know there's Vicious Claw in the AI deck.

Lion Sizes up, but that doesn't scare anyone.

I decide to use this turn mostly to regroup. Materna tries to attack with the bone dart, but doesn't hit. Rudaghet finds and eats an Acanthus plant and so does Nos.

Paterna attacks but doesn't score hits, and then he retreats back to the relative safety of Tall Grass.

I should have checked the AI card though - it was Combo Claw, which would have given Paterna understanding. Oh well. At least the Lion didn't attack anyone.

Paterna checks upcoming AI's - Revenge and Grasp. I decide to pick Grasp next since it only has Speed 1, which is easy to dodge. But I did not have to - Lion missed. Materna missed Bone Darts, but Paterna scores a critical hit to White Lion's knee, getting a -1 movement token for it. Nobody else scores any wounds.

White Lion attacks with Maul, but since there are no knocked down survivors or Grab targets from last round, it just sniffs... while being completely surrounded by survivors.

Relative easiness of this fight so far makes me feel almost bad. Almost. Paterna critically wounds Fuzzy Groin and gets Lion Testes. Priority Target token and +1 damage might yet become my downfall in this fight. There's five more cards in the AI deck. Next card is Combo Claw, which yields understanding to all but Paterna, who tried to hide a little further in the Tall Grass.

Turn for survivors is extraordinary. One critical wound (+3 insanity to all non-deaf survivors) and at least two other wounds were inflicted.

White Lion attacks with Maul, and even if there are no targets for this attack once more, the priority target is on Paterna. Both attacks hit. With the damage token hits caused four damage. Paterna dodged one that went to Body, and rolled 1 for arm injury. I knew this was going way too well! That's what you get from ripping these so called "ding-dongs" from lions, I suppose.

Nos pulls the Trap hit location and is decapitated.

No... no... NO! Everything was going so perfectly...! And now this thing escalated into to deaths in less than a full round. Oh well.

And here is where I realize the only cards left in AI deck are Maul and Combo-Claw. Eh. This game really has no steady course. I spent quite a while checking the internets (all of them) for an answer if this is a premium example of making my remaining survivors into super-understanders. Rudaghet gets +1 permanent movement and Materna ignores next severe injury this showdown.

White Secret lunacy gives Vestiphobia for Materna and Anxiety for Rudaghet. Materna rolls Story of the Survivor and Rudsghet gains Ageless.

I get rid of Maul just fine, but somehow I had shuffled Clever Play rather badly, and it caused Materna to get knocked down and lose all Body & Arms injury levels. But eventually I grind the last two remaining damage points in, and the two-hour long Showdown ends in style with a critical hit to Fleshy Gut.

I get Blistering Plasma Fruit from Lonely Tree.

Rewards: (includes critical hits and the benefits of Cannibalize)
3x Monster Hide, ???, 2x Monster Bone, 2x Broken Lantern
Lion Testes, Eye of Cat, White Fur, Lion Claw, Lion Tail

I guess I don't get the innovation from Found Relic since the event revealer died.

Settlement event was Dark Dentist, so it wasn't even a time to rage-quit at this point. Rudaghet gained +1 permanent strength from Age event.

I nominate Voici to stand as voice of reason during Endless Screams.

With endeavors I innovate Ammonia and build Organ Grinder. Rudaghet eats the Blistering Plasma Fruit.

Cat-Eye Circlet and Rawhide Pants are must haves. I also built King Spear and Whisker Harp
Second Rawhide Vest and gloves, plus extra Bone Darts and Monster Grease. Resource-wise settlement is broke now, but I dare to feel hopeful. And after all - Butcher is soon coming to town and losing to him destroys all resources. This time, though, I have read the rules a little bit better so I will not lose a gridfull of equipment if Butcher becomes fascinated with some particular survivor and distracts himself to the wilderness.

However, next year I will try to do this special showdown with

3x Broken Lantern

4x Cloth
2x Founding Stone
2x Bone Darts
Rawhide Headband, Vest, Boots, Gloves, Pants
Rawhide Headband + Gloves
Cat Eye Circlet
King Spear
Whisker Harp
Monster Grease

Innovations & Principles:
Language, Ammonia
Cannibalize & Protect the Young

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Expansions, House Rules and such

Last time I didn't make a very detailed note what expansions and house rules and such I was using in my first campaign. I have already started a second settlement. I'll post the first few Lantern Years in the near future.

So, the kit that settlement2 tag is going to have is as follows:

I use random cards from quite a few expansions even if I haven't been able to get all the contents. Additionally I use all the 1.4 modifications I've been able to find. I tweaked a couple of the events from Spidicules and Slenderman to fit to use without the rest of content.

However, fully and operating expansion are:

Lion God
Lonely Tree

Additionally I will be using the challenge scenarios from the Kingdom Death website. However, I will restrict all of them to one try per campaign regardless of the outcome. I find it somehow abusive if you can repeat a scenario until you succeed.

I've also tried to do some research on my expansions, and general consensus seems to be that Lion God is too hard for what it potentially gives. This house rule is not going to alleviate that much, but since it is Lion God after all, I think it's proper that it gives one less basic resource than usually, and 1 + monster level White Lion resource.

My encounter with Butcher on my first run was devastating, and many seem to think that there is not much to gain or even lose from Nemesis Encounters if you send four useless survivors to perish in them. However I will not tinker around the Nemesis encounters in my second campaign other than add a chance to innovate Crimson Candy from Butcher and King's Man, since I don't have actual means to innovate it.