Thursday, December 21, 2017

Warmachine Tournament

There was a smallish Warmachine tournament held in Jyväskylä about a week ago. And there might be more to come, so an enormous yay for that.

My lists were:

[Theme] Infernal Machines
Deneghra, the Soul Weaver [+27]
- Corruptor [16]
- Deathripper [6]
- Inflictor [13]
- Leviathan [16]
Necrotech [2]
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor [5]
2x Pistol Wraith [0(5)]
2x Soul Trapper [1]
Bile Thralls (min) [9]
Mechanithralls (max) [9]
- Brute Thrall (1) [2]
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls [4]
Soulhunters (max) [18]

No theme
Lord Exhumator Scaverous
- 2x Deathripper
- Nightmare [18]
- Stalker [8]
- The Withershadow Combine [9]
Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius [4]
- Reaper [13]
Machine Wraith [2]
Necrotech [2]
Satyxis Raider Captain [4]
2x Soul Trapper [1]
Warwitch Siren [4]
Bane Warriors (min) [10]
- Bane Warrior Officer & Standard [5]
Bile Thralls (min) [9]

Game 1:

First game was against Skorne.

I chose Deneghra who had to face:

[Theme] Imperial Warhost
Makeda & the Exalted Court
- Agonizer [0(6)]
- Basilisk Krea [0(7)]
- Cyclops Brute [8]
- Molik Karn [19]
- Titan Cannoneer [17]
- Titan Sentry [15]
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [5]
Mortitheurge Willbreaker [4]
Tyrant Zaadesh [4]
- Titan Gladiator [15]
2x Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew [2]

Scenario was Spread the Net. Opponent kept a keen eye on ambushing Mechanithralls, so they didn't get to do much. I played, true to my ill-advised style, rather aggressively with Deneghra, starting to score points with her from flag on my side.

Opponent forgot to bring anyone to contest the rectangular zone, so scenario game opened with 3 for Skorne and 2 for Cryx. To make it even, for some reason I forgot to activate Inflictor and Deathripper along with one Pistol Wraith. You know, the incorporeal solo. Against army that had close to zero magical attacks. Contesting the circular zone with no retaliation was a real possibility.

I tried to shoot Titan Sentry off the board, and, well. Sounds a little absurd, yes. But I did get Mortality on it (no healing) and nail it stationary with Pistol Wraith and break Spirit.

I tried rinse & repeat approach, again casting Mortality on Sentry and making it stationary, but this time there was quite a bit more planning to do, as opponent had more shield guards now. But mortified & stationary it was, but somehow I got fixated over killing the beast. It wasn't until some post-game talk where I realized it would have been more advantageous for me to leave it to block charge lanes from such inconsequential models as Molik Karn.

I got scenario to 3-4 for Cryx, and having used Deneghra's feat. Something moronic happened there. I wanted to give some trouble for opponent by casting Grave Wind on Leviathan that charged mid-field to kill one of the Exalted Guards - my idea here was to prolong Cryxian presence on the circular zone for contesting purposes.

Then Deneghra also made a spray just for giggles against nearby Swamp Gobbers. Well, there was this that I was afraid they'd run to contest my flag. Deneghra boosted both attack rolls and killed only one Gobber before repositioning herself back to flag, having two focus for damage mitigation.

So, what could have been a def 17, poltergeist, arm 16 target with four focus points for Molik Karn was def 15 and two focus points.

Yup, Mk3 Molik Karn still comes from far, far away.

To ease my pain somewhat, first two attacks Karn made would have hit Deneghra even if she would've had Grave Wind. But it was the third attack that killed her, and attack roll was eight.

Game 2:

Second game is against Legion of Everblight and I picked Deneghra list again.

Opponent has something like this:

[Theme] Primal Terrors
Vayl, Consul of Everblight [+28]
- 2x Carnivean [19]
- Nephilim Bolt Thrower [11]
- Seraph [14]
Warmonger War Chief [0(6)]
2x Blighted Ogrun Warspears (max) [15]
- Warspear Chieftan [5]
Hellmouth [0(6)]

I might be mistaken and I believe opponent forgot to deploy War Chief. Opponent started game and I did get to make acquaintances with these Hellmouth shenanigans, when Icy Grip is cast on Bile Thralls on the first turn.

Ambushing Mechanithralls got a nice charge against one of the Warspear units. I would've wanted Mechanithralls on different side of the table, but situation was too good to pass.

I forget opponent took the magical weapon granting objective, so I lost both Pistol Wraiths early in the game.

I was slowly whittling away Ogruns and even managed to shoot Nephilim Bolt Thrower off the board. But opponent had the big beasts very much alive, and gained the upper hand in scenario game. Annoying piece of terrain made Hellmouth way too survivable and the game came into point that I just didn't know what to do.

I kept Orin Midwinter hugging Deneghra at all times.

I guess it was a sort of game-opener when Hellmouth popped a tentacle behind Orin Midwinter, hit, and dealt only three points of damage. Opponent had already (at least mentally) committed to assassinate Deneghra. I had given a fair opportunity for that, as Deneghra had taken a free strike from Hellmouth tentacle earlier that dealt ten points of damage.

Anyway, Vayl cast Icy Grip on Deneghra three times, burning away Power Tokens from Orin Midwinter. Last Icy Grip resulted in a miss, so Vayl had no transfers.

Carnivean charged Deneghra. It needed 11+ to hit, so it boosted every attack roll. Twice it rolled 10, one of which was the charge attack.

I don't clearly remember what happened with last attack. I have vague memories that Deneghra had three damage boxes or something. Anyway, Deathripper ran close enough Vayl that Scourge wouldn't deviate off. The spell missed, but at least Legion warlock was knocked down. Then Denegra cast Ghost Walk on herself and charged Vayl, killing her.

I was a bit lucky at critical stages during this match. And I can't congratulate me for choosing the tactic "let's place my warcaster in dire spot and let's see what we can do if she survives." But it was Vayl2, so I suppose I'll gladly take any victories over her that I only can.

Game 3:

Last game was against Circle of Orboros. I picked Scaverous, as I wanted to play with both lists at least once.

I think I got this list wrong, but generally it was:

[Theme] The Wild Hunt
Morvahna the Dawnshadow [+27]
- Gorax Rager [7]
- Pureblood Warpwolf [17]
- Warpwolf Stalker [19]
2x Gallows Grove [2]
2x Shifting Stones [3]
- Stone Keeper [2]
2x Warpborn Skinwalkers (max) [15]
- Warpborn Skinwalker Alpha [0(4)]
Wolves of Orboros (max) [11]
- Wolves of Orboros Chieftain & Standard [4]

This last game was, uh, kind of disappointing. I felt cheesy and like I was abusing something. I guess this is the apologetic Finnish mentality. Though really game was more about opponent having never played against Scaverous.

Anyway. As opponent didn't have excessively high model count, there was not all that much screen for Morvahna.

Morvahna was far enough that I had to bring a Deathripper within melee range of a Skinwalker. I thought Stalker would be able to kill him, but no. It took three Bile Thrall purges to get through the last three damage points or so. Sadly my Deathripper was inside all of the three sprays - but to my advantage, four damage boxes that were left after the automatically hitting purges had Arc Node and Movement.

Then Scaverous could activate and used Telekinesis to move three or so Skinwalkers out of Morvahna's way. Telekinesis also turned Morvahna around, and after that Scaverous was even able to cast Icy Grip on her.

Aiakos had upkept Escort, so Reaper could advance 8" to shoot harpoon at Morvahna. Reaper had Puppet Master from Tremulus, but didn't need to use it. All the rolls were adequate enough.

Morvahna had five transfers I think, four for sure at least. But also on top of Reaper I could charge with a couple of Bane Thralls as well as the Nightmare. Too many attacks, so she suffered an assassination on the second turn of game.

So two wins and one loss. And a sad notion how pretty much every list in the tournament were theme lists. On a more positive note, death clock didn't dictate the outcome of any of my games even if I hadn't really practiced with either of these lists. Though I have used Deneghra3 in Infernal Machines before, so there's that.

But just like it was after the tournament at Ropecon, there was this slight spark of enthusiasm from a few years ago when I went into tournaments a little more frequently. So I went to two tournaments this year. Let's make it at least three next year.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Company of Iron

Some days ago I played first two games of Company of Iron.

They were 20 point testing around, scenario being the same in both games. We played Lost Patrol and switched roles between games.

I took out following list:
Ancestral Guardian (Frontline Officer)
Extoller Soulward
Minimum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen + Command Attachment

In first game opponent had:

Satyxis Raider Captain (I forget the upgrade)
Maximum unit of Mechanithralls

First game was hilarious pillow-fight for many turns. Nobody really died. Praetorian Swordsmen were able to crack Helldiver with their minifeat, but that was probably because warjacks didn't get injury roll.

Skorne got two rounds in a row some +2 defense battle plans, and it was easy for me as the attacker to have pretty much everyone benefiting from those plans. Eventually Cryx started failing their Injury rolls, and were overwhelmed. It wasn't until the last round Skorne found the correct mission marker, but it was unavoidable that Skorne wouldn't be able to do exactly that.

Second game opponent had:
Satyxis Raider Captain (I forget the upgrade again)
Pistol Wraith
Maximum unit of Mechanithralls

And was the attacker. I placed the mission tokens a little bit goofy, and found great trouble when I had to spread my forces way too thin. It isn't an ideal situation when it looks like your commander has to hold one flank just about alone.

It somehow seemed that attacker had the advantage of not failing the Injury rolls in both of these games. It was terribly difficult to remove those Mechanithralls. I was also fairly worried about the Pistol Wraith, and decided to sacrifice Extoller Soulward in an attempt to kill the ghost. This required Extoller to walk through a cloud effect that gave Fire continuous effect on entering.

My commander actually managed to slay opponent's commander, but by then Skorne was all but overrun. There were too many Mechanithralls looking for, well, whatever they were digging. Scenario victory for Cryx.

Generally I welcome Company of Iron as a change of pace from Warmachine. Flow of the game different in an interesting way, though after two games it's too early to judge. Anyway, quite recommended.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Envisillan, years 15-20

Lantern Year 15 hunt
Sunstalker level 1
Twinja, Twinkare, Sacronicus and Frumio were chosen for the party.

Hunt phase was uneventful. Though it could have been game changing. I had no old survivors in the party, so I did not dare to try and snatch Muramasa. Showdown, however, was distressing. Once again trap was within the first five hit location. Luckily I had the Cat's Eye Circlet, or three out of four survivors would have taken the kaleidoscopic vomit all over them.

Both Twinja and Twinkare lost their once-in-a-lifetime rerolls in this fight. And I didn't have time to get to mine any salt, either. Sacronicus took a blow in the kidneys, which was annoying as I had planned to take her to upcoming Butcher fight.

Twinja had intracranial hemorrhage instead of being decapitated, and Twinkare was fleeing for a while instead of dying to mortal terror.

But Sunstalker was stalking no more, and survivors even managed to strike it dead at the Death Blow location.

Year 16:
Settlement Event is... Bone Eater. Ech. There must be some correlation in using Axes and getting either this event, or Murder. I'm afraid to use Axes from now on. Anyway, Biliouli had to be nominated for this because of her Marrow Hunger. Her actions went unnoticed, and a new Murder is coming up right next year.

This time I'm not too bummed about upcoming murder. I plan to throw Mursonus at Butcher, and if he survives he will have the highest hunt experience. And he has the Virus Flower, so it's kind of a win/win. If Mursonus survives. If not, well, it means Mursonus had died and Paraske would be next in line...

Settlement innovates Clan of Death and makes some leathers for extra shield and completing Leather Armor set. Settlement also uses Armor Ritual and makes Love Juice at Pottery. Last endeavor is Linieve learning Abyssal Sadist.

Year 16 showdown versus level 2 Butcher.
I choose Paraske, Mursonus, Linieve and Twinkare for this job. Linieve even eats the Blistering Plasma Fruit. All but Twinkare have +4-5 Evasion from base stats and gear, so I feel really confident.

Clawhead arrow misses, how else.

Also, last card Butcher draws on his turn is Lantern Frenzy and he targets Linieve. I let loose a heavy sigh, but it could be worse as Linieve has shield and +4 evasion, and the ability that gives armor for each bleeding token. For a while I actually think that damn, Butcher went into easy mode now. He wouldn't be able to crack through Linieve's armor and I had two bandages and first aid kit to remove bleed tokens.

That was until Butcher decided to roll all hit results to Linieve's body location.

Linieve had something like 8+ armor at every other location until she died to bleed tokens, caused by severe injury rolls.

Also I drew a couple of traps in quick succession.

I could not wake any optimism in me, I was sure that I had lost.

But much to my amazement, nobody else died.

And on top of that, survivors scored another Death Blow kill. Two times in a row. And never have I ever succeeded at Death Blows before. I was especially giddy over Mursonus' evasion +3, and him dying to Murder.

But it bothers me how I lost the super ability of blood plasma fruit thing from Lonely Tree, and Lantern Halberd as well. But when the time is right I believe I can take the Guidepost from ground - survival points aren't going to be a huge trouble from now on.

Year 17
Settlement event is Haunted, and all returning survivors lose their Insanity and settlement gets one less Endeavor. That isn't a big deal as I had eight of them.

Biliouli continues her killing spree, and is going to do so right next year. Nope. Anhednia re-roll Murder to year 22 instead.

Settlement innovates Pictographs.

Anhednia and Frumio both get Founder's Eye, and choose a new surname, to create a line of super babies. I mean, they get +1 accuracy, +3 strength and +2 evasion each.

Pottery makes Love Juice, and then two Love Juices give two infants, but this places me only back to earlier population.

Sacronicus goes do some augury, and it takes three attempts to get Intimacy. And this Intimacy gives blessed twins to the settlement. Population of 12. Highest I've had.

Year 17 hunt against level 2 Screaming Antelope
Sacronicus, Anhemio, Frudnia and Twinkare take care of the Antelope.

Even with a relatively fresh party the hunt did not pose too much of a problem. If it wouldn't have been for some unfortunate tramples and brain traumas, I think I might have even tried a level 3 Antelope instead.

Most notable thing here was that I drew Lonely Tree again, though the hunt event has been archived. This place is very lonely as these trees seem to pop up all the time.

Year 18
Settlement Event is Elder Council, and the senile senior is rambling again about the Beast of Sorrow... that has already been killed.

Then Hooded Knight promises to train some fighting arts. But it's a heavy price for Mighty Strike, three resources. Armored Strangers proceed to slaughter five population, which is unacceptable. One of the new survivors expends his re-roll, and settlement loses Inner Lantern instead.

Then Mursonus, the Dingle Sneak of the Antelope is back, and Frumio Meyhope is no more. Sure Mursonus is but a shadow of his former self - he lost Fencing, King's Step and Red Fist, Bitter Frenzy and Thundercaller plus all the abilities associated with Courage and Understanding in this transition process.

Settlement manages to innovate Inner Lantern right back, which is a little bit of a boring thing.

Mursonus and Anhednia paint Founder's Eye and get twins. I'm so close to society principle now that I make Love Juice with Pottery.

Paraske even plucked Guidepost from ground until I remembered that he, the eldest of the settlement, was too busy with the story about the Beast of Sorrow. (I did not have the Endeavor to pick the Guidepost.)

Year 18 hunt
Mursonus, Anhemio, Frudnia and Twinkare set out to hunt Phoenix.

Hunt event is 41, Nightmare. Anhemio archives King Spear and picks up the cursed sword.

Fertile Field + 18, Dead Weeds. Anhemio cures his broken leg, which (at least to my understanding) is bad thing, as it doesn't heal the permanent penalty.

Next is Sickening Mess, which I re-roll via Anhemio's Insight hunt epiphany result.

Next event is Bird Brained, and Phoenix ambushes the survivors.

Party was too sane to fight Phoenix effectively, and acquired quite a few Age tokens. Blue Lantern made this fight rather easy, though, as Time Stop wasn't that near the top of deck. But to me "a little over half-way" feels like "near the bottom."

Phoenix had no AI decks remaining and there was Inner Face death blow location coming up. Last couple of rounds survivors were toying with the bird, but people started to be out of survival point. It was too hazardous to try to fish the Death Blow, so the monster was vanquished traditional way.

Year 19
Settlement event is the dreaded Plague.

At least I had Ammonia innovated, so effects of plague were heavy, sinking heart and apathetic dice rolling. But essentially it took away three of my five endeavors.

One endeavor goes to innovation, and there it is. Mocking me. Bloodletting, when it could have made all the difference during Plague. Settlement innovates it anyway.

Second endeavor is some leathers, and settlement builds Feather Shield, Phoenix Plackart and Phoenix Faulds and a couple of extra Dried Acanthuses.

Year 19 fight
Mursonus, Sacronicus, Frudnia and Niamur start the hopeless fight against level 2 King's Man.

I lucked out by drawing Tall Grass. With proper placement King's Man was hitting Mursonus only on 10's, and Mursonus had Block from feather shield and Hyper Sensitive disorder.

Fight went amazingly easily, though it took a really long time to finish.

But I would have gotten a completely wrong picture about the lethality of this fight. Once I made a mistake in positioning. Well, actually it was because of "all-out" attempt to kill the King's Man that only had one AI card left, Coupe de Grace. Flower Knight badge had given Spiral Formation for this fight, and there were couple of "perform basic attack" reactions coming next from King's Man, so.

Survivors took the formation, and failed to kill.

I didn't think this would be too bad, but then King's Man started dancing with it's "first target a survivor in blind spot" basic action and Out-Fighting.

Mursonus didn't care, and Biliouli had been mostly uninjured during fight, so she survived just fine. But poor Frudnia had to take a total of eight accuracy 3+, damage 4 attacks, so she was a deader in the blink of an eye. And because of one (1) slight positioning mistake. Frudnia had Blue Lantern, so I lost far greater asset here than just a human life.

But I managed to lure King's Man into fighting Mursonus again for an indefinite period of time so that Biliouli was able to score the kill strike - I really wanted that on her so that King's Curse would not spread.

Year 20

Settlement event is Weird Dream, and there were 7 endeavors.

Watched event puts Hands of Heat to Lantern Year 24.

Settlement innovates Storytelling.

Paraske takes the Lantern Halberd off the ground, but then I figured it was probably a mistake. Armored Strangers were gone, so there was no chance to gain another.

It takes two endeavors to a successful face painting, this time for a bonus to departing survivors. Armor ritual is a success also.

Sacronicus learned Abyssal Sadist and Twinja tried to cure her intracranial hemorrhage, but got Shallow Lungs disorder instead, and Sneak Attack fighting art.

Departing survivors are getting +2 Survival, +4 Insanity, +1 armor

I'm starting to get a little anxious over upcoming Watcher fight. I also need to find a way for to survive upcoming murder. Well... I got that one covered up. But it'll be during next five year span.

But I guess that will start the 2018.

Settlement storage:

1x Fresh Acanthus
Elder Cat Teeth
Jagged Marrow Fruit
Lonely Fruit

2x Great Cat Bones
1x Lion Claw

3x Pelt
3x Shank Bone
2x Large flat tooth
1x Beast Steak
Screaming Brain

2x Love Juive
4x Broken Lantern

Small Hand Parasites
Phoenix Whiskers

2x Sunstones

3x Small Sunteeth
2x Huge Sunteeth
Shadow Ink Gland

Dried Acanthus
2x Lion Beast Katar, 2x Bandages
Ancient Lantern
Dormant Twilight Cloak
Catgut Bow, Clawhead Arrow
2x Skull Helm
Bone Darts, Bone Dagger, Bone Blade, Bone Club
Scrap Dagger, Scrap Sword
Skullcap Hammer
Counterweight Axe
2x Full Rawhide Set, Rawhide Boots
Cycloid Scale Jacket + gloves + helm
Leather Armor Set + Leather Boots, 2x Shield
Phoenix Plackart, Faulds + Feather Shield
2x Monster Grease, 2x Lucky Charm and Fecal Salve.
Monster Tooth Necklace
Flower Knight Badge
Regal Helm, Plackart, Boots and Skirt (on Biliouli)
Butcher Axe
Lantern Halberd
Twilight Sword (on Anhemio)
Death Mask
Cat's Eye Circlet
Scavenger Kit
First Aid Kit
Vespertine Cello, Whisker Harp

Organ Grinder, Skinnery, Bone Smith, Leather Worker, Weapon Crafter, Barber Surgeon, Skyreef Sanctuary, Plumery

Sculpture: Abyssal Sadist

Language, Paint, Symposium, Lantern Oven, Inner Lantern, Face Painting, Ammonia, Sculpture, Pottery, Shrine, Hovel, Family, Sacrifice, Clan of Death, Pictographs, Bloodletting, Storytelling, Ultimate Weapon
Mastery: Fist & Tooth, Katar, Bow

Life: Survival of the Fittest
Death: Graves
Conviction: Barbaric
Society: Accept Darkness

Population 14:

Paraske, Dingle Savior of the Antelope (M) hunt xp 15, movement +1, accuracy +2, strength +6, evasion +3, luck +1 Insanity 0.
Courage 7 (Prepared), understanding 2.
Bow Mastery
Fated vs King's Man
Has no re-roll

Astarno Meyhope (F) hunt xp 6, strength +4, evasion +1, Insanity 5
Courage 1, Understanding 1
Club proficiency 2
Hemophobia, Vestiphobia, Stark Raving
Has no re-roll

Biliouli (F) hunt xp 6, strength +7, evasion +1, Insanity 5
Courage 2, Understanding 2
Dagger proficiency 4
Sneak Attack, Ruthless
Megalophobia, Secretive, Binge Eating
King's Step
King's Curse (head, body, waist, legs)
Fated vs King's Man
Marrow Hunger
Has no re-roll

Mursonus Newlinga, Dingle Sneak of the Antelope (M) hunt xp 15, accuracy +2, strength +5, evasion +3, luck +2, speed +2, insanity 8.
Courage 1, Understand 3 (Analyze)
Sword Proficiency 5

Sacronicus Dingle savior of the Lion (F) hunt xp 8, strength +5, evasion +1, speed +1, Insanity 3
Courage 4 (Prepared), Understanding 6 (Explore)
Axe Proficiency 4
Crazed, Abyssal Sadist
Has no re-roll

Twinkare Meyhope (M) hunt xp 9,accuracy +1, strength +2, evasion +1, insanity 2
Courage 3 (prepared) Understanding 3 (Analyze)
Club proficiency 4
Harvestman, Unrelenting
Ghostly Beauty, Monster Panic
No reroll

Twinja Meyhope (F) hunt xp 1, strength +2, evasion +1, insanity 3
Courage 1, Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1
Sneak Attack
Emotionless, Shallow Lungs
No reroll

Anhednia Newlinga (F) hunt xp 0, strength +2, evasion +1
Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1
No reroll

Anhemio (M) Newlinga (M) hunt xp 7, -1 movement, +1 accuracy, +4 strength, +2 evasion, insanity 10
Courage 1, Understanding 4 (explore)
Twilight Sword proficiency 2
Ruthless, Rhythm Chaser

**Identula (M) Newlinga, hunt xp 0, accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2
Understanding 1
Sword proficiency 1
No Reroll

Fabenta (F) Newlingahunt xp 0, accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2, insanity 10
Understanding 1
Sword proficiency 1
Swordman's Promise

Niamur (M), hutn xp 1, accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2, insanity 8
Understanding 1
Spear proficiency 2
Clutch Fighter
Weak Spot (arms)
King's Step

** Unnamed Survivor (F) hunt xp 0, accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2
Understanding 1
Sword proficiency 1

** Unnamed Survivor(M) hunt xp 0, accuracy +1, strength +3, evasion +2
Understanding 1
Sword proficiency 1

Upcoming events:
Hooded Knight and Murder on Lantern Year 22.

Hands of Heat on Lantern Year 24

Monday, November 27, 2017

Envisillan: years 10-15

Year 11 hunt for level 2 Screaming Antelope:

Paraske, Dingle Savior of the Antelope
Astalonia and her twin Katars
Werno with the last re-roll
Astarno (hard clubber)

Again first hunt space is Grazing Field. But this time I got a sickle, so at least there's Fresh Acanthus in for Astarno. Roll result is 96, Cloaked Stranger. Paraske gets a bleeding token and forgets he ever had Burning Ambition.

Next space is 12, Destiny Bound. Might skip as well I suppose. Werno gets Bold and rolls five.

Fourth space is 61 and Astarno is struck by frozen lightning. Good thing sickles lost Fragile keyword.

Fifth space is 91, The Beginning. Sadly settlement has neither Saga nor Storytelling.

Then it's Overwhelming Darkness.

Paraske lost all survival. Astarno develops hemophobia, and Astalonia's anxiety deepens into Post-Traumatic Stress. Werno takes some damage to head, body and waist. Not too bad, since herb gathering is coming next.

Last space before showdown is Stampede. No amount of shuffling actually randomizes these decks, it seems. Result is 1, which I deem too big price and use re-roll on Werno. Comes up as a four.

Showdown starts with Flower Patches and Dead Monster. Tactics is again Diversion tactics.

Trap within a trap within a trap means that Paraske did manage to hit with Clawhead Arrow and even wound, but next attack by Astalonia was immediately Wailing Slide.

Vespertine Arrow also misses completely, and generally everything just missed. Even Screaming Antelope just missed.

This seemed to go on for quite a while. I almost got angry at the number of 1's I rolled when attempting to wound. However, with Evasion this high I was fairly safe from Antelope's attacks. Diabolical was the problem here, and eventually caused Werno to die. A few severe injuries and brain traumas were rolled, but nothing really permanent happened. Oh, though Astarno received Vestiphobia and tore my precious White Lion Coat to pieces.

But it's a victory, though a somewhat frustrating one at that.

Settlement Event is Dark Trader. Third time in the campaign. Quite persistent fellow. Maybe I need to buy something to get rid of him/her/it.

The Hand pays a visit and denies settlement from using endeavors. Not too bad, since every living member got +1 strength.

Settlement makes Scavenger Kit, Brain Mint, Counterweighted Axe, Skullcap Hammer, Skull Helm, 3x Dried Acanthus.

I'm in an annoying position. Either I eat Lonely Fruit now, and lose a survivor and won't gain benefits from Grave principle, as well as have one less re-roll available for upcoming breeding. Or then I won't eat the fruit and will either have to fight level two tree, or risk losing the fruit anyway to feast from conviction principle.

Here, Warbliana. Have an apple. Stuck in your throat? Oh look at her, suffocated like that.

Special showdown with level 1 Lonely Tree begun. Turns out risk was far more than reward.

Well, I did draw the trap twice - during first two rounds. But the only severe injury roll I had to make of course turned out as "1", so I actually lost two survivors for a lousy nightmare fruit that I don't even want to eat.

Acropia is dead. Astalonia gained Mighty Strike fighting art and Paraske got +1 movement.

What am I to do.

I want to experience expansion content more, so I suppose it will be Sunstalker next... but I cannot lose any more survivors. I cannot lose any resources. Especially not the Love Juice. I cannot lose the re-roll I need on conviction principle.

But Sunstalker it shall be anyway. Paraske, Mursonus, Astarno and Biliouli attempt to overcome way too bright light.

First hunt space rolls 56, Dead Monster. Mursonus has 3+ Understanding, so it's going to be a second ambush in a row.

Paraske finds Small Sunteeth from cuddling skeletons, and finally before showdown survivors encounter Trollbird. There went my Brainmint. Getting to ambush Sunstalker meant some easy salt. I was a bit sorry for not having reach weapons, as there was an annoying number of these hit locations that reflect Sunstalker one space away. But Solar Track secured a dead Sunstalker just before people started dying.

Settlement event is Elder Council, and now I will be able to hunt the Beast of Sorrow. This loses me one endeavor, which is troublesome.

I choose Barbaric conviction, which rolls 3. Sacronicus uses her re-roll and turns it to 7.

Settlement innovates cooking and builds Leather Bracers, Leather Cuirass, Cycloid Scale Jacket & Sleeves, plus extra Lucky Charm.

It's here when I realized that all this time I've played one very, very basic thing very, very wrong. Since start I've somehow thought that Lantern Year ends with Settlement Phase instead of starting with it. As a consequence, I've always "skipped" one year to my hindrance. As there is no good way to fix this, I'm starting to play "correctly" from now on. This means that I kind of play one extra hunt right now, which feels a bit of a cheat.

But since I'm all out of re-roll and endeavors again, I decide to hunt level 2 Flower Knight once more. I need those Warbling Blooms. Much more than a warm Hand shake.

Paraske, Mursonus, Astalonia and Sacronicus take a hike to the forest.

We got 71, Found Relic, but Mursonus finds only insanity.

Then 98, Bloody Eyes. Mursonus rolls 5, and I'm overjoyed by the sudden boom of +1 Population. Except. Mursonus has Explore, which makes the result into instant Showdown. I've got mixed emotions about this. I mean, I would really have needed that +1 Population, but skipping so many hunt spaces is a mighty boon indeed.

It's been an annoying trend for me to get Trap card during first three rounds. Trend continues, and the beginning of the fight is a terrible mess - mostly due to my own rolls. Survivors got a little levity from AI cards like Cocoon - no lethal attacks while in Cocoon, and Toughness isn't the problem with Knight.

It was a nice fight. Challenging, though not that despair-inducing. Though nothing wrong with despair-inducing showdowns, but...

Settlement Event is Heat Wave, which means Astalonia or Sacronicus are not going to depart to fight the Hand. Well, Astalonia would've had too much to deal with anyway, thanks to her Post-Traumatic Stress.

Settlement makes Vespertine Cello with Sense Memory.

Settlement innovates Hovel and plants the seventh member of the family. I got only one Warbling Bloom, but considering Armored Strangers are paying a visit next year again, I decide to wait with the re-population attempts.

Mursonus yanks the Lantern Halberd from the ground on the first try, and Shrine gives extra armor that will come Handy later this year.

Face Painting is also a success, giving extra survival for departing survivors.

Mursonus, Paraske, Astarno and Biliouli are the only ones that can depart this year. And as I do not have Cat's Eye Circlet, there's no other option than to try and endure the rude slaps.

But turns out I had overpowering set-up for the Hand. Only real damage the Hand did was his soft chuckle, but other than that I don't think he ever actually got to even punch at armor, let alone through it. Mursonus has become insane dodge tank. Also Diversion Tactics was great help again, especially during Line Up attack.

Biliouli even found Scrap Sword from pile of debris, and a Broken Lantern with Scavenger Kit.

Settlement also gained an extra Broken Lantern, when the Hand tossed it towards Mursonus. I had prepared for the worst and was already considering best ways to reduce survivor sheet to ashes. But roll was eight, and Mursonus got Hyper Sensitivity disorder, which on his character is actually a great boon!

Settlement event is the dreaded Skull Eater. I suppose shouldn't complain when I could redirect Biliouli to have Binge Eating Disorder instead, but how am I to make new survivors now?

Armored Strangers give a few resources. Hooded Knight duels Astalonia, who rolls 10. But I don't want her to gain any other specializations other than Katar.

Settlement innovates Family. Astarno and Warbspawn choose a surname Meyhope, and a new child is born; Linieve Meyhope.

And before people start to retire, I decide to take on Beast of Sorrow!

Astalonia, Mursonus, Linieve and Sacronicus begin hunt.

First event is Marked Territory.
78, Dead Game Hunte.r Mursonus investigates and receives Dismembered Arm and tastes bitter death. I replaced Monster Claw Style with the newly acquired Berserker, as I changed Mursonus to use swords.

Next is Lion's Sculpture, which triggers Insight for Astalonia. She receives +1 Accuracy. Roll is 93, Lost Survivor, but settlement doesn't have Pictographs.

Third space, 74, Antler Gouged. Mursonus tears his muscle. Not being able to dash againt White Lion. Hmm. Sacronicus finds Founding Stone.

Fourth space is Lonely Tree. Mursonus investigates and rolls 5.

Then is Prowling Lion.

Overwhelming Darkness removes all insanity from Astalonia and Mursonus, gives -3 luck tokens for Sacronicus and +1 evasion token for Linieve.

Sacronicus finds nothing with Herb Gather. As a result we get 77, sinkhole, and of course straggler rolls 1. There goes Linieve's re-roll. Then is 16, Night Terrors. Doesn't feel that bad losing all insanity on two damage dealers now. This triggers Insight for Linieve and Sacronicus. Linieve gains permanent evasion and Sacronicus may re-roll a hunt event. I would've needed that a little earlier...

Sea of Golden Grass gets everyone a little Courage and moves White Lion back where it was at the start of hunt phase.

Last White Lion hunt event is Scratching grounds. Well well. Everyone on team has Explore, so let's investigate away! This yields two Lion Claws. Astalonia is one Courage away from See the Truth, which has me worried a little bit.

Last space before showdown is 99, Portcullis. No key, so have to walk around a bit, to event 53. Mask Salesman. Linieve receives Death Mask for the price of Rawhide Gloves.

That was a long and arduous trek survivors had to take. I really would have liked some of these instant-showdown events I've been rolling earlier, but what can you do.

Having Beast of Sorrow in Ground Fighting mood at the start was a great bonus. I got to remove priority token from Mursonus, as well as get Iron from Ore Vein, make Mursonus go berserk and remove bleeding tokens from hunt phase - everything before White Lion started to act.

Astalonia scored a critical hit on fuzzy groin. Well it was easy to lure lion now from Mursonus, who wasn't able to dash.

There was an amazing amount of critical hits in this fight. Lion got a total of -1 evasion, -1 accuracy, -1 toughness and -2 movement. Well, the evasion penalty came from Clawhead Arrow, but still rather impressive. Beast went down surprisingly easily. Beast of Sorrow is more like level 2.5 white lion instead of a level 4 one! But why should I bicker about this one.

Amount of resources was staggering. All combined I received 20 resources, hunt phase and criticals and Ore Vein combined. And finally the Cat's Eye!

Anyway, settlement event was nickname.

So, Astalonia, Dingle Sneak of the Phoenix.
Mursonus, Dingle Sneak of the Antelope.
Sacronicus, Dingle Savior of the Lion
Linieve, Wise Sneak of the Lion.

Settlement innovates Sacrifice. I will soon start to get some retired survivors, and I need to have a way to kill Mursonus! (He has the Sleeping Virus Flower and killer stats)

Founder's Eye takes last remaining three endeavors to give +2 to Intimacy. Warbspawn and Astarno have a healthy pair of twins, but Warbspawn loses re-roll in the process. One result was "1".

Settlement crafts Whisker Harp and rawhide gloves that went to the Mask Salesman earlier. Oh, and the Cat's Eye Circlet. My beloved Cat's Eye Circlet. Though I think I have fared pretty well without it.

As lantern year is 15 now, it's last time to fight a level 2 Lonely Tree.

Warbspawn eats Lonely Fruit. Yeah, he had Flower Addiction. I tried to make it into a fruit addiction instead. Oh well. With the Endeavor from Graves two newborn survivors make a baby of their own. Let's not think about this in too much detail. Now I'm all out of Love Juice, though.

A special showdown against level 2 Lonely Tree begun.

And I suppose I was being far too greedy and got punished for it.

Otherwise Lonely Tree wasn't too much of a problem. With Cat's Eye Circlet it was quite thrilling, actually. Without it, well, there would have been at least one fatal trap.

But the only time Lonely Tree had to attack against someone other than Mursonus, it was Astalonia. And it dealt one attack to the only location with no armor. And the severe injury was no else than "1". There went at least second best survivor in the settlement. Sigh. At least her legacy is passed on in the form of katar mastery innovation.

Since I got the tree to no cards remaining, I decided to milk some fruits. With Mursonus next to the tree, Tree wouldn't be able to get through his defenses as long as he had at least two survival remaining - and tree was hitting only on 7+.

Paraske shot tree dead with an arrow. Seven basic resources (six from fruits and one from Scavenger kit) got me one Love Juice, so Frumio Meyhope and Astarno Meyhope make a kid. Let's not think about this either.

I realized I cannot hunt Phoenix with zero hunt experience survivors, so next quarry is going to be level 1 Sunstalker with nearly zero experience party. What could go wrong? But that won't happen until next blog entry.

I will probably have to start making some kind of separation between lantern years. I was a bit of a mess for me trying to figure out what year I was talking about when I later checked this draft. But last time I started to make some detailed settlement inventories.

Settlement storage:

2x Iron
Elder Cat Teeth
Lonely Fruit
Jagged Marrow Fruit
Blistering Plasma Fruit

2x Great Cat Bones
2x Lion Claws
2x White Fur
Shimmering Mane
Lion Testes
Lion Tail

2x Monster Bones
2x Monster Organ
Broken Lantern

Shark Tongue

2x Lion Beast Katar, 2x Bandages
Ancient Lantern
Blue Lantern
Dormant Twilight Cloak
Catgut Bow, Clawhead Arrow and King Spear
Skull Helm
Bone Darts, Bone Dagger, Bone Blade, Bone Club
Scrap Dagger, Scrap Sword
Skullcap Hammer
Counterweight Axe
2x Full Rawhide Set, Rawhide Boots
Cycloid Scale Jacket + gloves
Leather Mask, Skirt, Cuirass, Bracers + Shield
2x Monster Grease, 2x Lucky Charm and Fecal Salve.
Monster Tooth Necklace
Flower Knight Badge
Sleeping Virus Flower (On Mursonus)
Regal Helm, Plackart and Skirt (on Biliouli)
Lantern Halberd
Death Mask
Cat's Eye Circlet
Scavenger Kit
Vespertine Cello, Whisker Harp

Organ Grinder, Skinnery, Bone Smith, Leather Worker, Weapon Crafter, Barber Surgeon, Skyreef Sanctuary

Sculpture: Abyssal Sadist

Language, Paint, Symposium, Lantern Oven, Inner Lantern, Face Painting, Ammonia, Sculpture, Pottery, Shrine, Hovel, Family, Sacrifice, Guidepost
Mastery: Fist & Tooth, Katar, Bow

Life: Survival of the Fittest
Death: Graves
Conviction: Barbaric

Population 10:

Paraske, Dingle Savior of the Antelope (M) hunt xp 14, movement +1, accuracy +2, strength +6, evasion +1, Insanity 5.
Courage 5 (Prepared), understanding 2.
Bow Mastery
Fated vs King's Man
Has no re-roll

Mursonus, Dingle Sneak of the Antelope (M) hunt xp 15, accuracy +2, strength +5, evasion +2, luck +2, Insanity 11.
Courage 9 (stalwart) Understanding 5 (explore)
Sword Proficiency 2
Berserker, Abyssal Sadist, Leader
Red Fist, Fencing, King's Step
Blinded (in one eye)
Dismembered Arm
Bitter Frenzy
Has no re-roll

Astarno Meyhope (F) hunt xp 6, strength +4, evasion +1, Insanity 5
Courage 1, Understanding 1
Club proficiency 2
Hemophobia, Vestiphobia, Stark Raving
Has no re-roll

Biliouli (F) hunt xp 5, strength +4, evasion +1, Insanity 7
Understanding 1
Dagger proficiency 3
Sneak Attack
Hemophobia, Secretive, Binge Eating
King's Step
King's Curse (head, body, waist)
Fated vs King's Man
Marrow Hunger
Has no re-roll

Sacronicus Dingle savior of the Lion (F) hunt xp 5, strength +4, evasion +1, speed +1, Insanity 3
Courage 2, Understanding 3 (Explore)
Axe Proficiency 2
Has no re-roll

Linieve "Wise Sneak of the Lion" Meyhope (F), hunt xp 2, strength +2, evasion +2, insanity 6
Courage 2, Understanding 3 (explore)
Spear Proficiency: 1
Crossarm Block

Twinkare Meyhope
(M) hunt xp 0, strength +2, evasion +1
Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1

Twinja Meyhope (F) hunt xp 0, strength +2, evasion +1
Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1

Frumio Meyhope (M) hunt xp 0, strength +2, evasion +1
Understanding 1

Anhednia Meyhope (F) hunt xp 0, strength +2, evasion +1
Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1

Upcoming events:
Armored Strangers & Hooded Knight on Lantern Year 18.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Irregular Machines

Around a week ago I played this 75 point Warmachine game.

My list was:

[Theme] Infernal Machines
Asphyxious the Hellbringer
- Leviathan
- Reape
- Ripjaw
- Stalker
Darragh Wrathe
2x Pistol Wraith
Bile Thralls (min)
Mechanithralls (max) + 2x Brute Thrall
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Soulhunters (max)

Opponent had:

[Theme] The Irregulars
Captain Damiano
- 2x Mangler
Major Harrison Gibbs
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Horgenhold Forge Guard (max)
Idrian Skirmishers (max) + Chieftain & Guide
Kayazy Assassins (max) + Underboss
2x Kayazy Eliminators
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

Cryx started game for once. It becomes apparent quickly that despite the arrival of Mechanithralls from ambush, I wouldn't stand much chance in scenario game - or at least I didn't believe in my capability to clear the board with such high defense on Kayzys all over. And contesting enemy zone and flag would only work half of the time - opponent had advantage in attack volume as well as strength. Well, sure, I had Bile Thralls, but I didn't expect them to survive Idrians and Holt for an extended period of time that scenarios would require.

So I sent Vociferon to die. Asphyxious managed to take only three souls via this particular skarlock.

Mechanithralls made impressive job in killing one Kayazy Eliminator and even scoring a hit against the other - damage roll just wasn't enough to kill her. Also, Idrian command attachment was gone.

Damiano starts scoring points. All but one Brute Thrall is eradicated, and three Soulhunters survive only because of poor rolls by Kayazy Assassins. Although it isn't showing in the picture, my rectangular zone is being contested by an Eliminator in farthest corner possible. And another Eliminator contests my flag.

Now when I look at the pictures I don't understand why did I not try to score three control points? I mean, surely everything I got could have taken care of two Eliminators and a few Forge Guard on the middle zone. Maybe being outnumbered so badly scared me, and made me attempt assassination instead - even when Damiano had used his feat.

First various models try to clear some Forge Guard. Ripjaw runs into position and Asphyxious casts Calamity on Damiano (which hits) and then Mobility.

Darragh gives Death Ride and Bile Thralls get something around three of four Purges on Damiano. Speed of seven and range of thirteen gave even Leviathan some random shots against Damiano. Finally Reaper walks into melee with Damiano, and succeeds to kill the Don Quixote of Iron Kingdoms. Once more it was last possible attack I could make that killed Damiano, but considering it was an automatic hit from sustained attack Helldriver, it was a fairly secured one.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

So it's coming

This can have an entry of it's own.

My pre-order of Kingdom Death has been shipped.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Envisillan: Years 6-10

Lantern Year six begins with a hunt.

Acropia, Astalonia, Werno and Candice set off for Screaming Antelope level 1.

First hunt event is Grazing Fields. Sadly, though, as it isn't very useful when there has been no injuries yet. Roll came out as 94, Sickening Mess. Astalonia is the only insane one, so she takes -1 Strength token. The rest of survivors get a resource and hits to random locations.

Hunt space two is 89, Cleaner Birds. Candice is the straggler, so she gains +1 Luck. Her nickname bonus and the penalty from this result cancel each other out.

Last space before showdown is Stampede. Courage gains don't trigger any Bold events. Stampede causes some brain damage, but then showdown starts. Once more fight itself is uneventful - it's more about me trying to get Candice killed than Antelope causing me much trouble. I succeeded in this questionable action. Now I'd have only seven survivors in the settlement once Armored Strangers show up.

But this quarry feels like such a loot bag.

I got:
Sword Beetle, Fresh Acanthus
3x Monster Hide, Broken Lantern, Skull, ??? and Love Juice
2x Pelt, Bladder, Muscly gums

Event is Dark Trader again. And it cannot have been caused by shuffling the deck lousily. I shuffled deck, rolled two d10 and took the event, counting from top.

And now we get Armored Strangers. Gosh, the eight member of settlement just happened to die during showdown. After counting people Armored Strangers decide upon supportive action. Roll is 4, giving me extra Monster Hide, Monster Bone and Monster Organ. Also, Guidepost. Also, Hooded Knight. Also, Hooded Knight rolls 1 on the table. Acropia uses his lifetime roll on this one, getting a desperate 4.

I use the resources right away to innovate. From the choices I figured I'd need Face Painting the most. Since I got Love Juice, why not try to have a healthy pair of twins. What could go wrong? I use one Endeavor on Face Painting, which gets +1 on Intimacy rolls.

Then Astalonia and Werno make a baby, Astarno (F), who instantly matures to Age by listening to Livia. I don't know what Astarno heard, but as a consequence she gained Ruthless fighting art. Phew, making babies with Survival of the Fittest feels stressful.

I still have one endeavor left. I decide to trigger a challenge scenario, the "free partnership" one. It results rapidly in a fail, when Clever Ploy scored two hits on the same location against Adam, who then rolled "2" on Body severe injury table.

I make Lucky Charm, Bone Sword and a second set of Bandages and Rawhide Boots. Before I get to level 2 quarries, it's time to get rid of this Flower Addiction once but not for all. Flower Knight, here we come! Livia, Paraske, Astalonia and Mursonus depart.

First roll is 72. Livia rolls 8 on the table - which isn't much of a surprise. I mean, nearly all other survivors in the settlement have been taught and instructed by her. Of course she knows the best games around to pass the time. I'm not saying she has brainwashed the whole settlement. Or am I?

Anyway, this triggers Bold for Paraske and Astalonia. Paraske gains a Speed token for next showdown, Astalonia gets a little Understanding.

Next space is 47, Banquet Trees. All of the survivors here are insane, so everyone takes a bite. Only Paraske thinks it's worth a second round.

Last space before Forest Wants What it Wants is 68, a familiar face of a friend long since passed - on the ceiling. Mursonus loses all insanity and gains +1 Understanding.

Party rolls 6 on the Forest table. Astalonia and Livia take extra bleed tokens to make it into a forced entry.

Hunt Event is Watched. Everybody just lost all of their insanity.

This fight was the most exciting one in this particular campaign until now. I managed quite often to have Flower Knight fight so that no-one was in the Fairy Ring. Good thing I did, because my attack rolls were absolute rubbish. Mursonus eventually gets Fencing secret fighting art and starts to get job done. Livia had taken injuries so that she wasn't able to dodge, which made me hesitant in bringing her into action. So it was a weird dance with Mursonus most often there in the ring, with Astalonia taking walking to-and-fro to make some futile attacks that yield nothing.

But in the end nobody died or had crippling severe injuries.

I received:
Sighing Bloom, Lantern Bloom, 4x Osseous Bloom. I would have needed Warbling Bloom quite desperately, but what can you do.
Monster Hide, Monster Organ, ??? and Broken Lantern

Settlement Event is once more Weird Dream. Again it cannot be because of poor shuffling, as I randomized it with dice. But of course I take Dark Traders and Weird Dreams any day of the week rather than, say, duplicates of Murder.

Livia breaks the silence of the passing by from Phoenix. This triggers settlement phase Bold and Insight, neither of them yielding permanent stat bonuses. But as I did have Survival of the Fittest, Livia has now impressive +2 permanent evasion.

Settlement innovates sculpture. Still no Ammonia, still no leather gear. I had five choices from Symposium + Insight. Sigh.

Acropia makes Abyssal Sadist into a sculpture right away. I just wonder how that sculpture looks like.

Paraske and Mursonus try to learn this new fighting art, but only Mursonus succeeds.

With last endeavor I use face painting, but there were no other effects except for being a laughingstock.

Settlement builds Bone Club, Monster Tooth Necklace, Monster Grease and Rawhide Pants.

So now I am supposed to be ready for level 2 quarries. Maybe I am, and start to hunt for a lion to finally get the Cat's Eye Circlet. Livia, Paraske, Pepleh and Mursonus are testing their wits against Cunning level two lion.

And first hunt event is Lion Cub, who triggers showdown right away. I got mixed feelings about this.

White Lion got a few penalties to Accuracy in early game, which helped the fight immensely. There's just something impervious in a survivor in Tall Grass that the White Lion hits only on 9+. But dashing because of Cunning quickly ate through Survival, especially when Rawhide rolls to gain back the survival point were unlucky.

All in all the party managed to pull off a victory just a turn before real damage would have started - with most survivors having zero Survival and many hit locations at heavy damage. Livia takes a couple of nasty severe injuries - she's at -1 Accuracy, -1 Strength after this fight. So maybe she'll be the one who tries to soak up attacks, not bothering with actual damage dealing herself.

Party got quite a few resources, but still no Cat's Eye.

However, I feel like I somehow jinxed the game when I talked about murders earlier. Because that's what happened - Settlement event: Murder.

Livia is murdered, Pepleh is the culprit. Both die. Probably because I didn't have axe user in training. That stuff is dangerous, as shown by earlier settlements. Livia had a special part in the story of this settlement, so I was a little sad when I had to, so to say, pull the trigger.

I had hoped I'd have the hunt event that would have given free Ammonia innovation. It wasn't to be, but at least I had the option to innovate it in settlement.

Then it's time again for a little face-painting. Losing two from seven survivors has the settlement on the brink of destruction.

Love Juice gets one new survivor - not nearly enough, but at least parents didn't lose their mind and wander off into darkness.

Settlement made Leather Shield, Leather Mask, White Lion Coat, Lion Beast Katar, Bone Sickle

Since I got many endeavors now, new survivor matures instantly and gets Sneak Attack from Age. Again right before Nemesis encounter. Is it an omen?

She fails to learn Abyssal Sadist from sculpture, though.

Next we'll see if the settlement is erased from the nightmare world. King's Man knocks on the door.

Mursonus, Biliouli, Astalonia and Acropia start to dance. First turn, before Battle Tempo cards are placed on top of King's Man deck, I try to cause a little damage. I throw my last Founding Stone at the nemesis. And oh my. Critical gives King's Man -1 speed token. Acropia manages to hit with the Claw Head Arrow, but doesn't cause a wound.

Mursonus with shield, fencing and Flower Knight badge giving Diversion Tactics, combined with -1 Speed actually made me rather hopeful. But there were something like five complete rounds before I was able to make another damage to King's Man. Many survival points had been spent by then, but neither side did any real damage.

Once Mursonus finally succeeds learning King's Step, damage actually start to slowly seep into the King's Man. Now Mursonus has Red Fist, Fencing and King's Step. I will probably cry if he would die.

Astalonia gets destroyed genitalia at some point, and Biliouli has to spend her re-roll to not die from brain trauma. She gets secretive instead.

It took every single resource survivors had at their disposal - even the +1 strength tokens had to be used for survival. But much to my amazement - I won King's Man with zero survivors dying. I had bad luck at so many different points during showdown that without that -1 speed token on King's Man I wouldn't have stood a chance.

Settlement event is Open Maw. No one dares to enter.

Hands of Heat makes Mursonus blinded, which bothers me quite a bit. Accuracy feels so important for this brawler. At least he gained +1 Luck, and there is no longer Hands of Heat tradition.

Next year I somehow will need to start breeding more survivors after Armored Strangers have made their second visit.

Astalonia learns Abyssal Sadist on second try. Someone tries to pick up guidepost from ground but fails. Shame, since supportive Armored Strangers would have given me new Guidepost next year.

Settlement innovates Pottery. I feel like I don't have enough strength capable of cracking Screaming Antelope level 2 just yet. Now, if there only were a level 2 quarry with toughness on the lower side, and that would be vulnerable to Luck... Alrighty, then. Off we go to hunt Level 2 Flower Knight!

First hunt event comes up as Pus Fields. I want to play it safe, so survivors slug carefully across the oozing puddles. At the end of the fields there were Dead Weeds, but even with a sickle nobody managed to pull out the weeds.

Next survivors come up with a Corpse, and losing survival hurts a bit. But it triggers Insight for Mursonus, who gains +1 permanent Evasion. He's not on his way to becoming an amazing Evasion tank - he is that right now. Permanent evasion +2, gear to make that at least +4 or even +5. Shield and Fencing secret fighting art, with Abyssal Sadist to keep a steady supply of Survival. He might actually tackle even Hand himself.

Then we get Madflies. I may have very well lost the battle now, when Mursonus and Astalonia both get Frenzy. The inability to dodge or use Monster Claw fighting art wrecked all of my planned tactics. But if I read the rules correctly, Secret Fighting Arts are not Fighting Arts (at least that applies in new Sculpture innovation) so I assume that Mursonus can still use his impressive set of Secret Arts.

From Herb Gathering the survivors get a little bit Survival back (and a fresh acanthus.) Last hunt event is once again an exciting game. But since there is no Livia making up the rules, Flower Knight himself appears as the fifth player. It's a showdown just before Forest Wants. Flower Knight felt insulted because it wasn't invited to last game.

Clawhead Arrow misses, which is terrible news for Mursonus.

Once again it was a really exciting fight - every wound felt like a glimmer of hope, and every failed attack felt like it spelled an inevitable doom. It was a exhilarating triumph when Astalonia scored a critical wound that gave accuracy penalty for Flower Knight. Its badge had once again blessed me with Diversion tactics, which combines so astonishingly well with Fencing.

After a long and dragging (but definitely not lacking) battle, survivors are victorious with no crippling permanent injuries. Survivors receive a stunning amount of resources, four basics and eight flowery ones.

Settlement Event is Hunt Re-enactment. Turns out settlement is so bewildered at their victory over King's Man that they want to make a play out of it. Well, roll is 3. Paraske re-rolls that into a desperate 4. Otherwise he would have died.

Armored Strangers toss six extra resources, which feels like an unbelievable boon in addition to the hunt results.
Hooded Stranger rolls once again 1, which is rerolled into 8. Thanks, Astarno. Astalonia is now cursed with Twilight Sword. And I won't start training her until she gets Katar mastery. It's so close now. Settlement has these once-in-a-life-time rerolls only on one survivor... for a little while.

Two Warbling Blooms are planted into nutritious soil, bringing total population to nine. Here we come, Society principle! (Well... actually I plan on forcing one of the stupid-faces to eat the Lonely Fruit I picked quite a while ago...)

Sense Memory makes me Vespertine Arrow and Satchel. Additional gear I make are Leather Skirt and Scrap Dagger

Oh, and settlement builds Weapon Crafter, too.

Settlement innovates Shrine and uses it right away. Departing survivors will gain +1 Insanity, which is the less ideal result.

Next I will be hunting level 2 Screaming Antelope, but those will take a new blog entry.

Perhaps I try to get some structure to these entries about Kingdom Death by putting a little bit more details about the settlement and survivors to the end of these five year spans.

Settlement storage:
Muscly gums
2x Monster Organ
Monster Hide
2x Broken Lantern
Love Juice

2x Lion Beast Katar, 2x Bandages
Ancient Lantern
Blue Lantern
Dormant Twilight Cloak
Catgut Bow, Clawhead Arrow and King Spear
Bone Darts, Bone Dagger, Bone Blade, Bone Club
Scrap Dagger
2x Full Rawhide Set
White Lion Coat
Leather Mask, Skirt + Shield
2x Monster Grease, Lucky Charm and Fecal Salve.
Monster Tooth Necklace
Flower Knight Badge
Sleeping Virus Flower (On Mursonus)
Regal Helm (on Biliouli)
Twilight Sword (on Astalonia)
Vespertine Arrow

Organ Grinder, Skinnery, Bone Smith, Leather Worker, Weapon Crafter

Sculpture: Abyssal Sadist

Language, Paint, Symposium, Lantern Oven, Inner Lantern, Face Painting, Ammonia, Sculpture, Pottery, Shrine, Guidepost

Life: Survival of the Fittest
Death: Graves

Population 9:

Paraske (M) hunt xp 7, strength +3, evasion +1, Insanity 10.
Courage 3 (Prepared), understanding 2.
Bow proficiency 4.
Burning Ambition, Fated vs King's Man
Has no re-roll

Astalonia (F) hunt xp 7, strength +3, evasion +1, Insanity 5.
Courage 5 (prepared), understanding 2.
Katar proficiency 5
Abyssal Sadist
Destroyed genitals
Twilight Sword (cursed)
Has no re-roll.

Mursonus (M) hunt xp 8, accuracy -1, strength +1, evasion +2, luck +1, Insanity 15.
Courage 4 (stalwart) Understanding 3 (explorer)
Fist & Tooth proficiency 5
Monster Claw Style, Abyssal Sadist, Combo Master
Red Fist, Fencing, King's Steå
Blinded (in one eye)
Has no re-roll

Astarno (F) hunt xp 3, strength +1, evasion +1, Insanity 0
Understanding 1
Club proficiency 1
Has no re-roll

Biliouli (F) hunt xp 3, strength +1, evasion +1, Insanity 4
Understanding 1
Dagger proficiency 1
Sneak Attack
Hemophobia, Secretive
King's Curse (head)
Fated vs King's Man
Has no re-roll

Acropia (M), hunt xp 4, strength +1, evasion +1, Insanity 3
Courage 2
Spear Proficiency 2
Has no re-roll

Werno (M), hunt xp 3, +2 strength, +1 evasion, Insanity 1
Courage 2, Understanding 1
Dagger proficiency 1

Warbliana (F) hunt xp 0, strength +1, evasion +1, Insanity 0
Understanding 1

Sacronicus (F) hunt xp 0, strength +1, evasion +1, Insanity 0
Understanding 1

Upcoming events:
Armored Strangers & Hooded Knight on Lantern Year 14.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Envisillan: First five years

Recently I started my third settlement of Kingdom Death.

This time I had extra unfortunate beginning. Only two survivors were left alive from prologue, and neither was the one who took +1 Strength from first critical hit.

I did go to quite lengths to save these particular two survivors, Paraske and Livia.

Prologue got one critical hit that gave extra basic resource and made Livia insane.

Resources were:
2x White Fur, Sinew, Great Cat Bones

Monster Hide, Monster Organ, Monster Bone, 2x Love Juice

First Day got me lowest number of survivors, again. So that's a ten, then.

Paraske utters the First Words, and Skinnery + Bone Smith are built with endeavors.

Love Juice rolls 4, which is just enough to get me New Life principle. I'm going to try the new and improved Survival of the Fittest. Life principle rolled 3. Oh boy, super parents.(+1 strength, +2 insanity)

Death Principle: Graves rolled 2.

I make Bone Darts, Rawhide Headband, Vest and Gloves.

Settlement is named Envisillan, and I start to hunt for a White Lion.

First event is Aromatic Breeze with roll of 66, Forbidden Word. Everyone is now just one dot away from triggering Insight. Oh, and Lion is one step closer also.

Next we get White Lion Cub, and as greedy as ever, I choose to kill the cub for extra resources. Of course I roll the angry mother lion. I use one of the re-rolls from Survival of the Fittest, because this early Enraged might pretty much wreck entire team. Re-roll came out as 9, so nothing happened.

Lion was there on the next space, so showdown started anyway. Random terrains are Salt Sculptures and Ore Vein.

First Lion gets Size Up, but fails in it's 4+ roll. I'm in a little bit awkward position now. Do I want to leave Tall Grass to attack the beast, or should I wait one round? I decide to wait.

Datral lobs a Bone Dart at Lion and scores a wound.

Next White Lion sizes up again, and fails again. This is getting a little bit awkward. I mean. It's just standing there, starting at the survivors? Why isn't it doing anything?

Third turn Lion comes to Chomp at Livia, who dodges. Livia scores a wound against the Lion, but reflex grabs two survivors.

Fourth turn Lion picks Alert. I'm contemplating on using one Founding Stone for an automatic critical hit, but I'm afraid of either trap or glorious mane. But anyway, the guy who already lost once-in-a-lifetime reroll throws the stone at the beast. It gets a -1 Toughness token, which is not a knockdown, but still useful. One extra hit is scored, but now it's the glorious mane.

Lion uses Combo-Claw, but scores no hits thanks to accuracy 4+ and Livia's evasion from Survival of the Fittest and fully linked Rawhide Vest. Then she punches a stone to beast's maw, causing a wound.

Pepleh, the survivor without reroll or weapons, tries to score a critical wound with his bare hands. Doesn't happen, but he inflicts a regular wound instead.

Lion switches to Vicious Claw against Pepleh. I suppose the beast didn't like how he pulled it's tail. One hit, which was dodges. I'm already ecstatic with this Survival of the Fittest.

Now the discard pile is shuffled, so at least I have the information now that the Lion isn't going to start licking it's wounds. Next attack is Size Up, and now Pepleh is singled out as it's target. Pepleh becomes Squeamish and gains one point of insanity.

Last unactivated survivor fails to wound the lion, who then jumps back - right on top of Livia. She suffers collision and knockback. Now this got troublesome with the Alert mood.

Combo-Claw misses one attack, and the other one is dodged.

Fast-forward from now on, eventually survivors win without any real casualties. Even with sub-par equipment the new New Life principle is astonishing - I counted at least three misses thanks to evasion gained from it. Though it was also because of that lucky -1 Toughness token. At least three times I scored a wound that otherwise would have been a failure.

Livia gains Last Man Standing fighting art from Age.

Welp, rewards gave me no Cat's Eye. No Circlet yet. Four Endeavors, though, and the most dreaded part of the settlement phase: Event.

Thankfully it's Acid Storm. I roll 1, so that's -4 Cloth armor for Settlement. At least nobody died.

I choose one of the returning survivors, Dartal, to become the Voice of Reason. She rolls 4, which triggers Insight. From Insight she rolls 1, an extra card for innovating this phase.

Five endeavors, thanks to this newly found Tinkerer.

Settlement innovates Paint and builds Organ Grinder.

Catgut Bow, Clawhead Arrow and King Spear are the first items to construct.
Next settlement completes the Rawhide set with Pants and Boots.
Monster Grease and Fecal Salve.

I do Candice & Ancient Lantern challenge scenario next since I got plenty of endeavors.

Random terrain were Giant Stone Face and Toppled Pillar. Fight was so easy I actually felt bad about it. At least I got lousy resources: 4x Monster Hide, 3x White Fur, Lion Claw. Can't make any weapons out of these.

Settlement event was Nickname.

Settlement innovates Symposium and makes Leather Worker.

So, we have:
Paraske, the Dingle Savior of the Antelope. (also got permanent Strength from Age)
Livia, the Wise Sneak of the Antelope
Dartal, Foolish Sneak of the Lantern (-1 permanent accuracy) (Also got Extra Sense from Age)
Candice, Foolish Savior of the Phoenix (-1 permanent accuracy, +1 permanent speed)

Parentesire uses Symposium twice and gets Rhythm Chaser from Age. Boo.
Vinkuliu Viliu uses Symposium once and gets Sneak Attack. Woohoo! Butcher killer coming right up.

I make Lion Beast Katar, Bandages and Rawhide Boots.

I actually feel quite confident about the Butcher now. Just a shame that I may have to wait for quite a while before I can continue as I don't know how much Butcher has changed.

Turns out confidence wasn't that off. However, it was a full team wipe anyway. I got Butcher down to one AI card remaining. But there were too many traps. Also, the survivor that had Bandages received Tunnel Vision disorder - she could activate only weapons. In fact the last remaining survivors died to bleed tokens.

Settlement event was Weird Dream. Since this is solo campaign, departing survivors will get +3 insanity instead of a storytelling moment.

Oh well. I got eight endeavors now. I spend every single one of them on Shared Experience - that's quite a mouthful for Livia.

Since I got so few survivors alive any more, let's make a complete list here, starting from the fresh faces that trigger Age:
Acropia (M) receives Abyssal Sadist
Astalonia (F) receives +1 permanent Strength
Mursonus (M) receives Monster Claw Style, which makes relatively likely that this one tries to level up Fist & Tooth.
Werno (M) receives +1 permanent Strength (also has +1 Understanding from being born under Graves.)

Then we got oldies:
Livia (F) has Last Man Standing and a little Spear proficiency.
Paraske (M) has +1 courage and understanding from being the first speaker, and +1 permanent strength.
Pepleh (M) has used his once-in-a-lifetime reroll, is Squeamish and has +2 understanding.
Candice (F) came from the outside, so I didn't think she'd gain Survival of the Fittest strength and evasion. She has +1 Movement, -1 Accuracy, +1 Speed and Hyperactive disorder.

Now we're going somewhere on year five.

I decide to try and fetch Cat's Eye Circlet once more before moving on with quarry.

First hunt event is Lion's Sculpture. This triggers Insight for Pepleh, who maxes out on survival. Event roll is 03, Cancer Pigeons. Mursonus manages to shake the creature off.

Second event is Sea of Golden Grass. Of course I check what's in the grass. Free courage, kind of. But the monster ambushes survivors anyway.

Random terrain cards are even more Tall Grass and the Lonely Tree. This time I will play the tree correctly.

Fight was a breeze.

Settlement event is Dark Trader, so pretty much useless.

Mursonus experiments with Hands of Heat, and rolls 7+ result. Not going to have all that many resources for crafting again. I also nominate Mursonus for Crone's Tale. Next we'll see him when I hunt Flower Knight.

I get Lantern Oven innovation. Finally I can start to spend endeavors. One goes into innovation, which may have been a bad choice since I got so few resources anyway. I take Inner Lantern. Hands of Heat tradition continues on Lantern Year 9.

Settlement builds Rawhide Vest and Headband, plus Bone Dagger. Yay.

But these were the first five years of Envisillan settlement. Since I got eight remaining survivors at the end of Lantern Year 5, I get this horrible evil plan in preparation for Armored Strangers...

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dawn of a New Settlement

I went bankrupt when I ordered my own copy of Kingdom Death 1.5. I hope I'll get some of the expenses covered by selling the miniatures from the box that I already have scavenged from all over the planet.

With some details from the upcoming content getting sneak peek reveals here and there, I feel confident in starting a new settlement sooner rather than later. I should be able to play at least the first two years before I need any information I do not currently have. Well, unless I really want to build the Bone Club after prologue.

Next settlement will have:

- Many random cards from various expansions, including terrain and settlement events and the like.

Full expansions in my possession are:

Lion God
Lonely Tree
Flower Knight
Manhunter (though I use a Settlement Event to trigger him. I plan to do this for Slenderman too if I ever get my hands to it. I don't like to replace any prior content.)

- I didn't find challenge scenarios challenging enough, but I did like a degree of uniqueness they brought. To make them a little bit less of a freebie, I'll require an endeavor to trigger them.

- General consensus seems to be that Lion God is too hard for what it potentially gives. This house rule is not going to alleviate that much, but since it is Lion God after all, I think it's proper that it gives 1 + monster level White Lion resource.

- A special milestone of my own "The world has changed": when survivors reach Overwhelming Darkness for the first time, I shuffle a few expansion terrains and settlement events to their respective decks, with a roll involved:

Nominate a survivor
1-2: You realize there's more to world than what you can see. Nothing happens.
3-5: You feel every opportunity present itself to you. You can choose any Path you like.
6-8: Take 1 event brain damage. Every survivor may add +1 to their roll in Overwhelming Darkness.
9-10: On Arrival, gain +1 strength token.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Phoenix WIP

Last time I made this oath that I'd have permission to start next Kingdom Death settlement once I got Phoenix ready except for the wings.

So here it is, my permission.

I will probably add something to base and make some adjustments to some blue feathers.

Phoenix has been on/off project throughout this whole year and one part of the reason why Painted 2017 page looks relatively empty.

What else could I say. Will probably take a little while before I actually begin the new settlement, with the advent of edition 1.5. Though I suppose it will take ages before I manage to actually scavenge the rulebook. Maybe Black Friday would have some upgrade packs for sale?

Friday, October 27, 2017

You Just Got Interdicted

Almost a week ago I played these two 75 point games of Warmachine.

After dabbling through summer with Skorne, now that snow has started falling it's only proper thing to switch for my winter based Cryx.

These were my two lists.

Infernal Machines
Goreshade the Bastard
- Harrower
- Reaper
- Slayer
- The Withershadow Combine
2x Pistol Wraith
Saxon Orrik
Warwitch Siren
Bile Thralls (min)
Mechanithralls (max) + Brute Thrall (2)
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Soulhunters (max)

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
- Deathripper
- Nightmare
- Reaper
- The Withershadow Combine
Machine Wraith
Satyxis Raider Captain
Saxon Orrik
2x Soul Trapper
Warwitch Siren
Bane Warriors (min) + Bane Warrior Officer & Standard
Bile Thralls (min) + Skarlock Commander
Black Ogrun Boarding Party (max)

Opponent had the same list in both games, and it was:

[Theme] Exemplar Interdiction
Intercessor Kreoss
- Crusader
- Redeemer
- Revenger
Knights Exemplar Seneschal
Vassal of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (min)
2x Exemplar Vengers (max)
Idrian Skirmishers (max) + Idrian Skirmisher Chieftain & Guide
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard

Scenario was same in both games, and it was The Pit II.

First game I played with Goreshade. I didn't realize how difficult Kreoss3 was for Goreshade because of his easy way to get rid of Lamentation. But that's poor excuse for poor play, anyway.

Infernal Machines theme bonus for ambushing Mechanithralls was astounding once more. They tied up and pretty much wrecked Idrians.

I kind of wasted Soulhunters. I wanted to tie up Redeemer and block easy movement for other warjacks and perhaps even kill some Vengers. Well, at least I got Exemplar Seneschal. With my eighteen points of models. Well, of course I also wanted to double-up with the ambushing Mechanithralls, but Soulhunters just gave birth to flies. They didn't tie enemy long enough, so Crusader got easy charge against Harrower.

Redeemer takes a random deviation right on Admonia and rolls enough to kill her.

Deathwalker took a blast, too.

Next turn I try to play a little scenario. Bad dice rolls screw me over on Goreshade's activation. Though honestly speaking, I just wouldn't give up when I should have. I really, really wanted to kill nearby Venger with Goreshade to get a new Deathwalker as an extra insurance against assassinations. Turned out I Goreshade either missed all of his attacks or didn't do any damage at all. I think I left Goreshade with no focus at all, when originally I thought I'd have at least two and Deathwalker.

I do use Goreshade's feat, though to get make opponent's day at least a little more troublesome. But as there was this Venger around, I had to use quite a few Bane Warriors to attack him. In my mind I would have activated Reaper first, dragged Crusader somewhere and then navigating with Bane Warriors a little better than I did. But now I had to charge first with Warriors.

They did their job. But Mk2 associations still made me feel a little too secure behind Bane Warriors. They no longer had Stealth, so were easily shot off the board by Protectorate. If I remember right, it was just one Crevasse from Kreoss that killed Goreshade's only screen. Crevasse clipped Goreshade too, who took a nasty damage roll in. Did some Redeemer blast get through, too? Well I could be remembering incorrectly, after all here are two games spinning in my head when writing these.

Then a Venger charged and killed Goreshade with lance attack. I remember that with one focus point Goreshade would have survived. And Slayer had one Focus point on it that it hadn't used anywhere...

Sour taste. Bitter, almost. But some people like sour and bitter.

Next game!

Scaverous without a theme. With this era of theme lists I felt like purposefully handicapping myself especially when I just played miniatures I wanted to use for a change. I didn't have a super effective "tech" here that would have paid for the loss of theme bonuses. Annoying for sure. It starts to feel like you should have a small perk for daring to play Steamrollers without a theme force. Scale creep, here we (could) come.


And the effects were showing right away, when it seemed like I didn't have other choice than to sacrifice way too much to contest zones, or give a major head start on the scenario for Protectorate. I chose the latter option.

This lead to a situation that opponent would have won the game if he had rolled at least two inches of slam movement with Force Hammer. But he rolled only one.

This left me a chance for assassination, which I managed to screw up entirely because I used unnecessary complexity. I could have: used telekinesis to clear a drag path for Reaper and bring Bane Warrior so that Kreoss would suffer from Dark Shroud once dragged to Reaper. Even Nightmare might have had a charge attempt at Kreoss, though this was unsure.

But here's what I tried: clear a couple of models from the drag path with Telekinesis, and kill a couple with Feast of Worms that would lead to grand total of -4 ARM for Kreoss once dragged.

For an excruciating insult to injury, the last remaining model on the path (Visgoth Rhoven) was left alive with only one box remaining, with corrosion. Though might be I actually re-rolled that one into "no damage at all."

So opponent was able to score the last scenario points at his leisure.

So that's two losses, both mostly because of my own crude mismanagement of important moves. Well, I guess it's consolation of sorts that I did have my chance to win in both games - even in the last one that quickly looked like utter defeat.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Red Mist and the Fountain of Blood

Some days ago I got to try this game called Test of Honor, a feudal Japan era samurai miniature game.

There are some refreshing game mechanics in this game. What made an impression on me was this variant of "I-go-you-go", where there is a chance that current turn ends abruptly. This means you cannot count on getting to activate each of your models/model groups.

We started to play a scenario driven campaign.

Introductory scenario was this where both samurais and their small retinues happen to come to the same shrine at the same time, and cannot agree who gets to pray. After some crude remarks about the families and the choice of color of opponents uniform, a bloodbath ensued.

I didn't know a thing about this game, so I tried out a dual-wielding Samurai. Opponent had Naginata.

My samurai felt a deep connection to the torii-portal and for a long time was the sole actor of red forces. The bowmen seemed unable to do anything, and Loyal Spearmen group were too busy with their tea ceremonies that it wasn't until the last rounds of the fight when they noticed something was going on.

Anyway, my samurai was a whirlwind of death at the doorway to the shrine, but turns out a samurai cannot wipe an opposing force all alone.

My samurai didn't die, but had to swallow the bitter defeat. These things are nasty on your ego, so samurai swore an oath of vengeance against this blue impostor, who won only because seemed like my spearmen were as loyal as they were stupid.

Scenario 2 is my revenge on the blue outpost.

This game was kind of weird.

This time blue samurai comes at my forces pretty much solo, as my red samurai is speeding to the objective markers. Red samurai notices blue samurai running past him, and is torn between his vindictive tendencies - will he personally humiliate blue samurai, or bring distress to whole family of his?

Red samurai can't decide. He tries to fight blue samurai a little, but this is useless. Blue samurai accumulates a tremendous amount of wounds, but doesn't die. At last red samurai glances his wrist to take a look at a watch that hasn't been invented yet, and takes a run at the objective markers.

Blue samurai plays ping pong with my loyal spearmen and experienced bowmen - with he being the ball, himself.

Time was running too short, and eventually scenario ended in a draw - both forces had one objective marker under their control, and one was being contested.

Scenario 3 was where red and blue families were trying to find some family members from the burning village ravaged by war and hatred.

I tried to see how almost a full-boat shooting would go. I had a group of loyal and experienced bowmen, plus a bow sergeant. This shooting range quickly depleted blue samurais from their activations when they were trying to check one of the objectives. But they just wouldn't die.

Hell-bent on having my vengeance, red samurai went to the middle pretty much alone. Eventually opponent had both of his samurais nearby.

Some luck was involved when red samurai killed blue devoted samurai. But was my leader sated? Heck he wasn't! Despite having four-or-something wounds, he continued to pursue blue naginata wielding samurai. This took many turn, but finally red mist began to fade from my leader samurai - he had taken blue guy down.

By this time all but one objective marker had been checked.

What followed was perhaps some sort of negative aspect of the rule set - game revolves so much around samurais that once opponent had none, he couldn't do much. I had much more activations than he did, so mostly I was able to make his troops to spend their activation on Avoid check. And killing stuff isn't all that easy in this game. Maybe some sort of surrendering mechanic might be nice if opponent loses all of his samurais and is outnumbered 2:1 or something.

Anyway. Three fights. One loss, one draw and one victory.

If we ever get to continue the campaign, my samurai had acquired the skills Red Mist and Fountain of Blood. It's possible, yes, that I picked the ones most fitting to my armor color.

I don't remember how long we played, but considering we got three games with me having no earlier experience and opponent having only a little, the time spent seemed very reasonable.