Friday, December 8, 2017

Company of Iron

Some days ago I played first two games of Company of Iron.

They were 20 point testing around, scenario being the same in both games. We played Lost Patrol and switched roles between games.

I took out following list:
Ancestral Guardian (Frontline Officer)
Extoller Soulward
Minimum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen + Command Attachment

In first game opponent had:

Satyxis Raider Captain (I forget the upgrade)
Maximum unit of Mechanithralls

First game was hilarious pillow-fight for many turns. Nobody really died. Praetorian Swordsmen were able to crack Helldiver with their minifeat, but that was probably because warjacks didn't get injury roll.

Skorne got two rounds in a row some +2 defense battle plans, and it was easy for me as the attacker to have pretty much everyone benefiting from those plans. Eventually Cryx started failing their Injury rolls, and were overwhelmed. It wasn't until the last round Skorne found the correct mission marker, but it was unavoidable that Skorne wouldn't be able to do exactly that.

Second game opponent had:
Satyxis Raider Captain (I forget the upgrade again)
Pistol Wraith
Maximum unit of Mechanithralls

And was the attacker. I placed the mission tokens a little bit goofy, and found great trouble when I had to spread my forces way too thin. It isn't an ideal situation when it looks like your commander has to hold one flank just about alone.

It somehow seemed that attacker had the advantage of not failing the Injury rolls in both of these games. It was terribly difficult to remove those Mechanithralls. I was also fairly worried about the Pistol Wraith, and decided to sacrifice Extoller Soulward in an attempt to kill the ghost. This required Extoller to walk through a cloud effect that gave Fire continuous effect on entering.

My commander actually managed to slay opponent's commander, but by then Skorne was all but overrun. There were too many Mechanithralls looking for, well, whatever they were digging. Scenario victory for Cryx.

Generally I welcome Company of Iron as a change of pace from Warmachine. Flow of the game different in an interesting way, though after two games it's too early to judge. Anyway, quite recommended.

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