Painted 2017 - 2010


- Arcane Scion and Scavenger for Talisman finished on 14th of January.

- Gorax Rager and Wild Argus for Circle of Orboros, plus a weird ape-thing for who-knows-what any longer finished on 17th of February.

- Magnetised Aradus Soldier/Sentinel finished on 10th of March.

- Cyclops Savage for Skorne and some random post-apocalyptic person finished on 17th of March.

- White Lion for Kingdom Death finished on 8th of April.

- Screaming Antelope for Kingdom Death + Erebus and Stalker for Cryx finished on 21st of April.

- Mother survivor for Kingdom Death finished on 29th of April.

- Magnetised Titan Gladiator/Sentry for Skorne finished on 6th of May. Messed up big time on this one.

- 3x additional starting survivors for Kingdom Death finished on 4th of June.

- Doctor survivor and Butcher nemesis encounter for Kingdom Death finished on 14th of June.

- King's Man for Kingdom Death finished on 2nd of July.

- Spear wielding survivor and an armless survivor with magnets finished on 15th of July.

- Magnetized male survivor and various limbs finished on 9th of August.

- The Hand nemesis encounter in Kingdom Death finished on 10th of September.

- Assortment of five limbs holding a piece of equipment for Kingdom Death finished on 19th of September.

- Two Bog Trog Trawler solos for Minions finished on 24th of September.

- Magnetized Inflictor/Seether for Cryx finished on 15th of December.


- Two treasure tokens and three miniatures (Bard, archer and something, probably javelineer) for Frostgrave finished on 25th of January.

- Two warhounds and "Rangifer" for Frostgrave finished on 30th of January.

- 2x Soul Trapper solos for Cryx and 2x Plague of Insects spell markers for Frostgrave finished on 1st of February.

- Bloodweaver Night Witch for Circle of Orboros and two Sectoids for Deadzone X-Com project finished on 25th of March.

- Goreshade the Bastard & Deathwalker finished on 15th of April.

- Two evil clown demons finished on 24th of April.

- 3x Swamp Gobber River Raiders for each of my Warmachine/Hordes armies (current and upcoming) finished on 17th of May.

- Two imps, raised zombie and a treasure token for Frostgrave finished on 9th of June.

- An imp and two thugs for Frostgrave, a mutant and a tick-like critter for This is Not a Test, a couple of ruin sections from Mars Attacks -modular terrain kit plus Hutchuck and Maximus for Minions finished on 17th of October.

- A random nun matron plus Barbarian and Black Knight for Talisman finished early December.

- Mutant character for Talisman finished on 14th of December.


- 5x Black Ogrun Boarding Party members + Skarlock Commander finished on 8th of March.

- 10x Stage 3Z zombies for Deadzone + 2x fences, a barricade and a pile of crates finished on 8th of March.

- Aiakos, Scourge of Meredius finished on 19th of April.

- 12x Venator Reivers (including the unit attachment) finished on 11th of June. Full unit in one go never again...

- Repaired casualties of war from last tournament, and finally finished 5x various barricades and blockades for Deadzone. This happened on 24th of June.

- A muton loader (what does it load? Nothing in particular... it just... loads?) and a muton with small launcher (boom stick) finally finished on 5th of July.

- A steamroller objective for Warmachine finished on 15th of July.

- A third Helldiver finished on 22nd of August.

- 10x 2*2 BattleZone wall pieces, 8x 1*2 BattleZone wall pieces, 4x 1*1 BattleZone wall pieces and 12x BattleZone scenic connector pieces finished on 22nd of September.

- A nurgling for Carnival of Chaos finished on 23rd of September.

- Finished three more 2x2, two 2x1 and one 1x1 wall pieces plus Plague Bearer and a Hero for Mordheim on 27th of September. And now I notice I haven't put a date on the finishing of two Henchmen! Oh no, the tragedy!

- 2x scenic connector pieces, 2x rubble piles and Rotterhorn Griffon for Circle of Orboros finished on 4th of October.

- 9x scenic connector pieces, three crates, three 2x2 walls (and one 2x1.75 or something), seven 1x2 walls and four 1x1 BattleZone wall pieces finished on 21st of October as well as three pillars of smoke.

- Deadzone equipment crates, three smoke pillars and a magnetised Riphorn/Shadowhorn Satyr finished on 23rd of October.

- Adventurers from Talisman expansion Harbinger and a couple of small terrain elements finished on 3rd of November.

- Chovaar Sectoids and second Celatid swarm for Deadzone finished on 10th of November. Also six treasure tokens for Frostgrave, and a pile of rubble.

- Tiberion and "forest" templates of fiery ground finished on 30th of December.


- Finished 4x bog trog ambushers that were the last ones to full unit. This happened on 7th of January.

- Weapons and heads for a magnetised Leviathan/Desecrator finished on 29th of January.

- 2x Ethereals and a Muton finished for Deadzone on 3rd of February.

- 2x Plague Hound for Deadzone finished on 14th of February.

- A Reptile Hound, Rufus the Reptile Hound and Nathan, the Mortitheurge Willbreaker finished on 24th of February.

- Two additional mutons for Deadzone finished on 5th of March.

- Winter Argus finished on 11th of April.

- Dervish and Nomad for Talisman finished on 17th of April.

- Celatid (plague swarm) and a Heavy Plasma Muton (Stage 3A HMG) for Deadzone finished on 27th of April.

- Warlord and Djinn-Blooded for Talisman finished on 9th of May.

- Morvahna the Dawnshadow finished on 19th of May.

- 2x Spitter aliens and a Silacoid for Deadzone as X-Com project finished on 13th of June.

- Gatorman Witch Doctor for Blindwater Congregation finished on 24th of June.

- 2x Stage 2A (Chryssalid) and 1x Stage 3A trooper and/or general (Muton with plasma pistol) finished on 7th of July.

- Asphyxious the Hellbringer & Vociferon for Cryx finished on 23th of July.

- A magnetised Desecrator/Leviathan for Cryx finished on 19th of August.

- Plague Strider GR 77, aka my very own Sectopod for Deadzone finished on 12th of September.

- 2x Saxon Orrik finished on 6th of October. Yes, two. By accident.

- Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer for Skorne finished on 10th of October.

- Void Seer Mordikaar for Skorne finished on 3rd of November.

- Two piles of rubble and two half piles of rubble finished on 16th of November. Doesn't sound much... And it isn't.

- Void Spirit for Skorne finished on 19th of November.

- Ancient Oak and Leywalker for Talisman finished on 21th of November.

- Spider Queen for Talisman finished on 23rd of November.

- Scout and Totem Warrior for Talisman finished on 28th of November. All characters from the Woodlands expansion are painted now.

- Converted (heck, entirely proxied) Carnival Master for Carnival of Chaos finished on 3rd of December.

- Madelyn Corbeau (a mercenary) mostly for Cryx finished on 18th of December.


- Maria de la Rosa and Argot Blackwell for A Touch of Evil finished on 1st of January. What a start for a new year!

- Liliana and Doctor Edwards for A Touch of Evil finished on 12th of January. Progress has been slower than I would've liked... However, all pieces from new expansions of A Touch of Evil are painted now.

- Archidon heavy warbeast for Skorne finished on 30th of January.

- 50mm objective and 40mm flag marker for Warmachine finished on 12th of February.

- Basilisk Drake for Skorne finished on 2nd of March.

- The Spy and Cat Burglar for Talisman finished on 24th of April.

- Bounty Hunter and Tavern Maid for Talisman finished on 22nd of May.

- Tinkerer for Talisman finished on 1st of June.

- Elementalist for Talisman finished on 11th of June, finally completing characters from The City expansion.

- 3x Bog Trog Ambushers for Blindwater Congregate finished on 10th of July.

- Second Brute Thrall finished on 20th of October. Whoopsie.

- 2x Bog Trog Ambushers finished on 4th of November. Finally I got a minimum unit of them painted!

- 2x Mechanithralls finished on 5th of December. Also the first half of Kraken was based, but halves don't count...


Keeping track of 2011 paintings was easy and curious enough, so on this page there are exact dates when I finished particular models during the ongoing year.

- 2x Paingiver Beast Handlers finished on 1st of January.

- Ancestral Guardian finished on 3rd of January.

- Wrong Eye finished on 18th of January.

- Snapjaw finished on 25th of January.

- Bull Snapper finished on 10th of February.

- Second Bull Snapper finished on 22nd of February.

- Made my remaining minions (Swamp Gobbers & Feralgeist) officially members of my Blindwater Congregation. Miniatures itself have been painted in ancient times, but bases were reworked. Finished this on 10th of March.

- Second Warwitch Siren finished on 13th of March.

- 4x Farrow Bone Grinders finished on 20th of April.

- Mega-adversary zombie thing model for When Darkness Comes finished on 6th of May.

- Kaya the Wildborne finished on 8th of May.

- A small piece of rough terrain finished on 9th of May. In the picture also featuring Kaya the Wildborne!

- Lord Arbiter Hexeris and Werewolf for Talisman finished on 3rd of June.

- 2x Gallows Grove finished on 12th of June.

- Finished painting all of the Blood Moon expansion set characters for Talisman on 20th of June.

- Painted the When Darkness Comes figure called "Cyber Kung-Fu Scifi Dude" on 2nd of July.

- Iron Lich Overseer finished on 1st of August.

- Skorne Agonizer finished on 5th or 6th of August.

- Two flag markers for Warmachine finished on 30th of August.

- Bog Trog unit leader finished on 22nd of September.

- Magnetised Pureblood Warpwolf finished on 10th of October.

- Two bandits for Chronicles game system finished on 12th of October.

- Scarsfell Griffon finished on 20th of November.

- Sara and Jack from A Touch of Evil Hero Pack 2 finished on 29th of November, as well as retouched two wall pieces from an old Games Workshop wall set.

- Warpwolf Stalker parts for magnetised Stalker/Pureblood finished on 6th of December.

- Frederic Léon and Abigail Sturn for A Touch of Evil finished on 16th of December.


- Ripjaw was first model painted in 2011, finished on 6th of January.

- 4x Praetorian Swordsmen finished on 17th of January. They were the last to their unit.

- Thrullg finished on 22nd of January.

- Reaper/Slayer/Malice chassis ready on 10th of February.

- Reaper/Slayer/Malice completely finished on 26th of February.

- Aptimus Marketh finished on 6th of March.

- Reeve Hunter finished on 15th of March.

- 4x Cataphract Cetrati finished on 11th of April.

- Lanyssa Ryssyl finished on 14th of April.

- Dominar Rasheth finished on 20th of April.

- Tharn Ravager Chieftain finished on 5th of May.

- Ragman finished on 15th of May.

- Wold Guardian finished on 21st of May.

- Cyclops Shaman finished on 1st of June.

- Woldwatcher finished on 6th of June.

- Rhinodon finished on 15th of June.

- Stone Keeper finished on 20th of June.

- Cryxian "baselift" finished on 29th of June. Also, three terrain pieces finished some time ago... I guess they count for something?

- 2x Cataphract Cetrati (for maximum unit of them) finished on 5th of August.

- Magnetised Erebus parts finished on 7th of August.

- Totem Hunter finished on 4th of September, hopefully stopped a lenghty "painter's block".

- Extoller and Flayer Cannon marksman finished on 17th of September.

- 2x When Darkness Comes miniatures finished on 20th of September.

- 2x more When Darkness Comes miniatures finished on 26th of September.

- 2x When Darkness Comes miniatures finished on 28th of September. All finished now.

- Minotaur & Dragon Hunter from Talisman completed on 7th of October.

- Fire Wizard & Conjurer from Talisman completed on 14th of October.

- All Talisman characters from Dragon expansion finished on 24th of October.

- Scaverous and 3x Scrap Thralls finished on 15th of November.

- 3x craters and a pond finished on 7th of December.

- Flayer Cannon platform finished on 12th of December.


Full writings here

I painted about 10-12 Touch of Evil figures but the exact number is unknown. I could shed a tear now.

For sure I painted at least 9 Talisman figures too but the exact number ranged again from 9 to 12 because I might have had a few Talisman figures left to paint from the Frostmarch expansion.

So for Circle Orboros I painted the following models:
Heavy Warbeast Megalith
Unit 6x Tharn Bloodweavers
Solo Wilder
Warlock Cassius & Wurmwood

For Skorne:
Units: 4x Paingiver Beast Handlers & 6x Praetorian Swordsmen + Unit Attachment (2 pieces)
Solo Bloodrunner Master Tormentor

And for my main faction, Cryx:
Helljack Corruptor
Solos: Warwitch Siren & Satyxis Captain
Warcasters: Lich Lord Venethrax, Lich Lord Asphyxious
Unit Attachment Bane Thrall Officer & Standard Bearer