Painted 2017

- Arcane Scion and Scavenger for Talisman finished on 14th of January.

- Gorax Rager and Wild Argus for Circle of Orboros, plus a weird ape-thing for who-knows-what any longer finished on 17th of February.

- Magnetised Aradus Soldier/Sentinel finished on 10th of March.

- Cyclops Savage for Skorne and some random post-apocalyptic person finished on 17th of March.

- White Lion for Kingdom Death finished on 8th of April.

- Screaming Antelope for Kingdom Death + Erebus and Stalker for Cryx finished on 21st of April.

- Mother survivor for Kingdom Death finished on 29th of April.

- Magnetised Titan Gladiator/Sentry for Skorne finished on 6th of May. Messed up big time on this one.

- 3x additional starting survivors for Kingdom Death finished on 4th of June.

- Doctor survivor and Butcher nemesis encounter for Kingdom Death finished on 14th of June.

- King's Man for Kingdom Death finished on 2nd of July.

- Spear wielding survivor and an armless survivor with magnets finished on 15th of July.

- Magnetized male survivor and various limbs finished on 9th of August.

- The Hand nemesis encounter in Kingdom Death finished on 10th of September.

- Assortment of five limbs holding a piece of equipment for Kingdom Death finished on 19th of September.

- Two Bog Trog Trawler solos for Minions finished on 24th of September.

- Magnetized Inflictor/Seether for Cryx finished on 15th of December.

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