Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Horrible Black Void vol2

Just finished a game of Talisman.

I had taken my talisman characters and spell deck with me, because there was a high possibility of playing some Talisman after Ropecon.

So we played with the basic board with no expansions, but with all released characters and spells, random ending and day/night card, Reaper and Werewolf.

Characters were (in the beginning, at least) Chivalric Knight, Elementalist and Tavern Maid.

Chivalric Knight got a Warhorse as quest reward pretty much there at the exact start of game. Scary thing, really. And after that the quest rewards just came pouring in, though curiously he drew only "Discard immediatly" type of rewards.

Tavern Maid had a good start too, but then her progress stopped entirely, for reasons unknown. She seemed only able to gain lots of gold and incompetent followers.

Chivalric Knight and Elementalist got their statistics high enough to go to inner region just about the same time. Elementalist had strenght 9 and Chivalric Knight 7 or 8. Elementalist was just one step ahead of Chivalric Knight, but maybe that was all that was needed?

Well, except that when Elementalist got to Vampire's Tower, he realised that he had no followers, no fate, and only 3 lives. But surely it wouldn't come out 5 or 6... right? Nope, not right. Elementalist died right there in Vampire's Tower, and Chivalric Knight found an awesome stash of all manner of juicy items, like Solomon's Crown and Belt of Strenght.

Elementalist was replaced by Priest, who got an amazing start. No matter what he did, it looked like it would just raise his Craft. He met Enchanters, drew Craft and Strenght spells from Lemures he banished and his Craft was very soon almost enough to enter Inner Region again...

However, that was because Chivalric Knight picked up the Horrible Black Void. Eww. Just one eww isn't enough, it's a double eww, maybe even triple.

Chivalric Knight was replaced by Spy, and Crown of Command had an amazing repertoire of items and followers.

Somehow Tavern Maid hadn't got enough rises in Craft and Strenght to just laugh off the new arrivals. Her statistics weren't high enough to just run to the Crown and win the game. She tried to, but she couldn't break into Inner Circle, and when she could, she was teleported all the way back to the Tavern.

Priest and Spy did raise their statistics very fast, but could they do so fast enough when Tavern Maid had such a huge headstart?

Apparently they did.

Priest and Tavern Maid entered Inner Region at the same time, Priest being one step ahead. Yeah, I was the Priest player, by the way. Tavern Maid was able to do this because she had found Gnome follower.

Priest had Craft 8, but he had Brainwave spell that doubled his Craft. It's easy enough to roll equal to or lower than 16 on three dice. And when he got to Vampire's Tower he noticed... again... that he had 3 lives, and no followers. And rolled... 5 or 6. This time around Priest had some Fate and was able to lower the score to just 2 lives missing. So he had just one when he encountered Strenght 4 pit fiends with his awesome Strenght of 3. But there were only two of them, and he actually won them!

Slowly and not-so-steadily Priest finally arrived at the Crown of Command and claimed all the wonderful items there were and found out that he had to fight Eagle King. And so Priest was eaten away. Omnom.

By this time Spy had also entered Inner Region with a Talisman. So despite two characters dying, one with almost a certain victory at his hands, at least every player was inside the Inner Region when game ended.

Because when Tavern Maid picked up the things that were at Crown of Command, Eagle King couldn't do much else except to fly away in fear. Though Tavern Maid had lousy statistics (Strenght 7 and Craft 6), when they were combined together by a Warhorse, she truly became a force of nature. Eagle King was defeated, and game finally drawn to conclusion.

Since it's been seen and experienced now, Horrible Black Void will probably be taken out the next time we play. It's... It's just so damn brutal.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Iron Arena at Ropecon 2013

26.-28. of July was time for Ropecon gaming convention.

I think this was the biggest year for Warmachine there - there were lots of tournaments (at least planned) and Iron Arena going on.

I played two games in Iron Arena and took part in the 50 point main tournament.

I'm writing up the Iron Arena games first now, as I'm still visiting people.

First game on Friday was against Lord Carver and some happy pigs.

It was a 50 point game, and I played with Iron Lich Asphyxious with following list:

Iron Lich Asphyxious
- Nightmare
- 2x Nightwretch
- 2x Helldiver

Maximum unit of Mechanithralls + 1x Brute Thrall
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Minimum unit of Bile Thralls
Darragh Wrathe
Bloat Thrall
Skarlock Thrall
Gorman diWulfe

Opponent played something like this:
(Not sure about exact army composition)

Lord Carver
- Gun Boar
- 2x Road Hog
- War Hog

2x minimum unit of Farrow Brigands
Minimum unit of Bone Grinders
Rorsh & Brine

There was some scenario that I don't remember any more. Anyway, first picture is taken from the end of opponents turn number X. Either first or second.

Lord Carver had been casting Batten Down the Hatches more than what is healthy. Iron Lich used his feat right next turn, and he charged closest Road Hog, cast Parasite on it, took a few hits against Road Hog and cast Breath of Corruption on close Brigands. I would have liked the shot to miss for a better chance to hit multiple pigs, but what can you do when you just roll 11+.

Then Asphyxious teleported away, and Darragh Wrathe cast Death Ride, hoping to get more Mechanithralls within charge range. Well, the 1" didn't probably help much, but two thralls got the charge and beat the beast with a whopping p+s 17, thanks to Scything Touch. Road Hog was left with just a few damage boxes, which was slightly annoying. Now I needed to bring Nightmare to the fray, which probably meant an end to Nightmare.

And Lord Carver used his feat, so it really did mean an end to bad dreams. Cankerworm went to scraps too, so all melee warjacks were gone in one sweep.

Rorsh and Brine went to contest left zone, and fool as I was, I thought they'd be some easy bacon.

Next turn Asphyxious used the good method of charging in, casting Parasite and teleporting away. Then Ragman and a ton of Mechanithralls with Scything Touch came to finish War Hog.

And despite all Cryxian forces tried to do, they just couldn't get rid of Rorsh. The smelly little pig just defied all efforts to turn him into a sausage. Luckily Warwitch Siren managed to score a hit on Brine, Shadow Binding it to place. Things could have gone really ugly.

Cryx started to win attrition when Rorsh finally bit the dust and there were only a handful of brigands on the board plus Road Hog and Gun Boar.

There was, however, a short moment when everything could have fallen apart. Asphyxious ran to left zone, trying to dominate it.

Otherwise it worked well, but opponent almost pulled off an assassination.

Road Hog, combined ranged attacking Brigands and Lord Carver himself who cast Rift on Asphyxious, and a Fire damage roll later Asphyxious was standing with only two hit boxes. Eww, way too close!

But then Ragman's Death Field and Asphyxious did their thing, and Lord Carver was put down.

It was my first game against Lord Carver, and first game against minions overall. And a good game it was.

Game 2:

On Sunday I played a 35 point game with Cryx against Cryx.

My list was:

- Seether
- Malice
- Ripjaw

Maximum unit of Mechanithralls + Brute Thrall
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Minimum unit of Bile Thralls
Skarlock Thrall
Machine Wraith

And opponents list was a rather tough one:

Warwitch Deneghra
- Defiler

Maximum unit of Bane Thralls + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Bane Knights
Bane Lord Tartarus
Gorman diWulfe
Skarlock Thrall
2x Pistol Wraith

I think the scenario was Ammunition Run, and Cryx won the starting roll (damn, what an awesome pun of sorts! I can even spoil the report a little more: Cryx won)


Best thing I could try to do here was to screen my army with Venethrax's feat and hope no banes would get into contact with the helljacks.

It did work out to some extent, but Deneghra's feat denied bile thralls' purge attacks too, so situation on round 3 looked very grim - almost all my infantry gone, only helljacks remaining.

Venethrax had been upkeeping Lamentation, because a lucky hit from Malice had dragged Defiler to its death. If Deneghra wanted to cast any of those horrendous spells, she would be paying premium price for them.

When Gorman threw Black Oil on Malice, all of my hopes for a desperate assassination were gone.

I just tried to screen Venethrax with Seether and Malice and hope for a chance to jump.

But alas, it was not to be. Venethrax fell to a swarm of various Banes. But not until he had survived them for three turns.

I know it was rather stupid in the first place to pick Venethrax against Cryx, but that's what I like to do. Stupid things, heh.

I actually got a few convention dice, a bandana and a gift voucher for these small efforts at playing Iron Arena, which was an amazing bonus.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tormented by Nightmares (A Touch of Evil)

Story of Liliana, Lost Soul comes to close, and I finally get to clean up the mess that was A Touch of Evil in the corner.

I didn't play a random villain, since I noticed how fitting Dreamweaver could be for the "storyline". I played the Master Hunter difficulty, so at the start of all Mystery Rounds I rolled the cooperative mystery chart.

I wasn't sure how rules interacted, since there was a "must" to use lowest score in any of the attributes against Dreamweaver, but Liliana had the rule of always using Spirit in combat. Her rule was written so differently from any other so I guessed that Liliana would be able to use Spirit anyway. That was, too, because Combat: 0 (from Devil's Mark from previous game) wouldn't make for a very exciting game. Maybe Liliana is just so disturbed young kid that her seeking of vengeance overrides even her worst nightmares.

This time there wasn't such a coherent story going on, at least not in such a way that was apparent in last game. This time maybe there was no Villain at all, and game was about Liliana succumbing to madness and delusions by trying to stay awake and not confront her nightmares.

She fought heroically against her inner demons - Sandmen and Shadow Beasts. She was Knocked Out a couple of times by these minions, but never without destroying the evil. Same went on with Timber Wolves and whatever was drawn out of corner locations.

First area Liliana visited was Olde Woods, and first card encountered was Waking Dreams. What a fitting card for Dreamweaver. Thanks to that card, however, when Liliana started her second turn, Shadow Track had already dropped to next stage!

Thankfully Shadow Track had a little pause then, though lots of nasty (but not crippling) Remains in Play cards were drawn. Liliana spent much of her time Knocked Out, because Dreamweaver attacks seemed to come out like 80% of the time. After the small pause Shadow Track started dropping at an alarming rate, thanks to Hour is Late card and whatnot. Evil is on the move card was also in play, meaning that whenever Liliana tried to start a showdown, on a roll of 5+ there was no showdown. To me that sounds like Liliana was chasing ghosts that never really existed.

During game Liliana found out why they probably got into a fight with Lady Hanbrook earlier, and why she survived the mortal wound: Lady Hanbrook was, in fact, a werewolf. Because Lady Hanbrook had such abysmal Honor value, Liliana really had to just try and start a showdown, or she'd spent rest of the game Knocked Out thanks to Dreamweaver attack and werewolf attacks from Lady Hanbrook.

Liliana had tons and tons of investigation points. She was probably very convinced that the source of her - and whole village's - anxiety was at barracks. She got there, paid her investigation poins and... Nothing. 'Evil is on the move' kicked in. But... surely there must be some evil villain out there? Something is causing these nightmares and murders and everything... Evil must have left the barracks, but by now it can't be farther than in Crossroads! (A new Lair card)

A dreadful fog had been around for ages, and standing on the Beach Liliana needed at least a 3 to get to crossroads and start a desperate final battle with a foe that never existed in the first place. Roll for movement was 2, and Shadow Track was at 1. And since Hour is Late card was a guaranteed drop in Shadow Track every turn, the game ended.

No-one believed there was any real reason why everyone was feeling so bad. Lastly not even Liliana believed in it any more. Everyone had fallen to depression and indifference. The town of Shadowbrook had turned into modern society.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Loss of Faith (A Touch of Evil)

I've had A Touch of Evil lying around unpacked for almost four months now.

When a friend visited me back then, I thought that I'd actually try to play a "solo campaign" of sorts, with only one Hero, and that's why I didn't re-pack the game in the first place.

Now, during a sleepless night, I finally got around to start this.

Liliana, Lost Soul seemed story-wise a perfect Hero for a solo play. Also, since during this blog no games have been played against Spectral Horseman, I picked him as the Villain.

I used Shadowbrook and The Coast maps, as I didn't want the game area be so huge for just one Hero.

And again, A Touch of Evil didn't let me down - it told me an awesome story.

Liliana started out as an outcast. She trusted everyone as little as they trusted her. This was made apparent by Lord Hanbrook and Reverend Harding and their Order's Influence. Mysteries ran rampant around the abode of higher class - The Manor. And if Liliana stopped at a Town square, some religious nuts were quick to come and ask a few questions in the form of Order of the Crimson Hand.

It surely didn't help at all when during a visit to Manor (yes, Liliana was actually at the Manor when it happened!) Lady Hanbrook and Liliana got into a fight and Liliana accidentally murders Lady Hanbrook (Traitor's Blood).

Then, something happens. Lost Ship appears on Icy Waters. Spectral Horseman makes his first Relentless Charge - and from the Icy Waters square. That can't be coincidence, right? A ship appeared out of nowhere, and dropped its supernatural payload on the shorest of Shadowbrook. That's when the undying Barghest Hounds also appeared.

Liliana saw all of this - she had tons and tons of Investigation points. Did anyone listen to her? No, she was repeatedly beaten down by Order of the Crimson Hand, Barghest Hounds and whatnot. "They Brought This Evil!" card was drawn, too, which told that whole community was accusing Liliana for anything evil that happened. They couldn't be blamed too much, though - when she was trampled upon the hooves of Spectral Horseman during one of his raids, a Devil's Mark appeared on Liliana.

Spectral Horseman wasn't the only evil the Lost Ship left to the shores. Also a powerful ghost in the form of Hauntings came into being - straight in the The Coast town squares, and attacked Liliana just after she had been interrogated by Order of the Crimson Hand.

The Haunting was no other than The Outcast. Maybe it was because they were, in essence, kindred spirits Liliana made an unlikely ally from this Outcast (Outcast did only one wound to Liliana, and Liliana managed to defeat The Outcast in just one turn, without getting Knocked Down in the process).

Liliana heard the story of the Lost Ship from The Outcast and that Spectral Horseman could be easily tricked into coming to the Lighthouse (bought Lair card with Investigation from The Outcast).

Liliana would, however, need a powerful ally well versed in ghostly matters. Very slowly and with great suffering she managed to convince Reverend Harding that there was, indeed, a ghost responsible for all the horrifying murders that had happened lately (took a total of 17 Investigation Points to remove Servant to Darkness secrets and reveal a Little Secret with buying Harbor Log & checking a Secret).

With Reverend Harding she traveled to the Lighthouse, and after a desperate fight (okay, it wasn't desperate at all, Liliana rolled godlike dice, so well in fact that I wanted to see if I could have actually won by playing with Hunter difficulty) Harding and Liliana succeeded in trapping the foul spirit forever, but tragically Reverend Harding fell to Spectral Horseman's blade.

So, unable to prove that she didn't kill Reverend Harding or that she actually saved the whole damn village, no wonder she suffers from a Loss of Faith...

I was thinking that I would play first game with Normal difficulty, next with Hunter difficulty and so on, but since it wouldn't change anything, I thought that this particular game was already with "Hunter" difficulty.

I hope I actually play another solo game soon enough, because here sure is a continuable storyline. Next game, if played, will be against a random Villain and with Liliana's current Investigation points (5) and Devil's Mark (-1 Combat). I got to keep the very same (not looked) Secrets on town villains, except for Reverend Harding that obviously needed a new one. I guess Lady Hanbrook wasn't actually killed, only severely maimed by the fight between Liliana and her. Reverend Harding was probably beaten up so badly by Spectral Horseman during showdown that he just doesn't remember anything from the encounter...

Master Hunter difficulty looks horribly intimidating, so that's probably where Liliana's story ends, unless it ended already to another four month wait.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Threshold checks already on your 2nd turn?

Well, then there was this funny game that was indeed very enlightening...

It was played during worst hangover I have ever had (I don't usually have any hangover at all, so that's not an excessive statement) but I lucked out as it turned - my opponent wasn't in too shabby condition either!

And for a 35 point HangoverMachine I chose epic Hexeris, since I have played only little against Cygnar with Skorne.

My list was:

Lord Arbiter Hexeris
- Archidon (bonded)
- 2x Basilisk Drake
- Basilisk Krea
- Cyclops Shaman

Maximum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Beast Handlers
Extoller Soulward
Bloodrunner Master Tormentor

Opponent had:

Epic Caine
- Ol' Rowdy

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + Officer
- Defender
Minimum unit of Greygore Boomhowler & Co
Epic Eiryss
Madelyn Corbeau

Scenario was randomised to be Process of Elimination. Skorne got to go first, which was good. It'd been horrible to start the game already taking in aimed shots from Cygnaran weaponry. Even like this a lucky shot from a Gun Mage killed off Bloodrunner Master Tormentor on turn 1.

Ashen Veil on Praetorian Swordsmen and two blocks of Paralytic Aura was my attempt at screening my troops from shooting, and I think it worked pretty well. Def 13 warbeasts on a hill had respectable def 17 against shooting while within 2" of Basilisk Krea. Sadly, next turn they would have to go somewhere from there.

Ol' Rowdy and Greygore Boomhowler rushed forward, killing some Swordsmen in the process, and Defender took a solid shot Archidon. But that was all - for now. Greygore's troops had Blur on them, so there would be no Black Spotting them.

Defender and Caine both got magic bullets on them. Hexeris took a disturbing amount of damage in from those two pesky pow 12's. All damage was taken in, because I was confident I'd be able to heal Hexeris somewhat with Vampiric Harvest.

Starting my second turn I picked up 7 Fury tokens from my warbeasts. Was Hexeris a Fury 8 warlock? Nope, no he wasn't. Luckily Basilisk Drake didn't get all angry and decided to play nice for at least another round.

I was wondering if I could actually pull off an assassination. Caine was Focusless and I would be able to get two fully boosted Hellfires in if I could get Archidon into proper position.

First I tried everything I could to get rid of Greygore's. Every other trollkin fell down except the big guy himself - who was right in the way of Archidon. But since I put the plan in motion, why stop here... Archidon put on itself Lightning Strike animus and charged Madelyn Corbeau that was hanging around close to the objective. This would get a free strike from Boomhowler, though. But hey, it's a heavy warbeast. Surely it can take one hit, especially when Greygore has -2 to attack rolls from Ashen Veil?

Archidon lost it's mind. Sight of the ugly trollkin was just too much to bear.

So now, boosted to 2 dice Archidon would need 8+ to hit and if it fails, its channeling abilities would be disabled. Not exactly a good thing. But dice gods were on Skorne's side, 8+ it was and Madelyn fell down. Archidon repositioned itself for better LOS against Caine.

Cyclops Shaman had already tried to take a pot shot at Caine with its evil eye, but failed miserably. I guess it looked at the disturbing trollkin too, not at Caine.

Basilisk Krea put on Paralytic Aura on itself and basilisk Drake tried to fry a couple of gun mages. I don't remember if it did much, but the main point was to fill up some fury for Hexeris' feat.

Then Hexeris activated and launched first boosted Hellfire at Caine. Miss. No 10+ on three dice this time.

This made me reconsider things a little. I wouldn't probably be able to kill Caine with just one Hellfire. Hexeris still used his feat, but used it to cast Ashes to Ashes on Defender instead. Target number was a whopping 6, which smeared plenty of gun mages, Reinholdt and even Squire with an astonishing 5,6 damage roll. Hexeris boosted damage on Caine, but left two Fury left for transfers. Because Caine would probably just go all trigger happy and shoot Hexeris down, despite him having Paralytic Aura on.

Sooo... Extoller Soulward was the only model blocking Caine's LOS to Hexeris. If Greygore could kill the extoller, Caine could just take aimed shots at Hexeris. And Extoller didn't say "no" to Greygore's axe.

Defender tried to shoot at Hexeris, too, but either it missed or rolled very low damage. Situation was then: Caine with RAT 11 and 6 Focus vs a little damaged Hexeris with DEF 17 ARM 18 vs shooting and 2 Fury left for transfers. If memory serves, which probably doesn't, Hexeris had taken 4 damage in at that point (after all healing from Vampiric Harvest.)

Caine shoots once and boosts damage. Hexeris takes it to the stomach.

Caine shoots a second time and boosts damage, and Hexeris has to transfer or die.

Caine shoots third time, and Hexeris takes it to the stomach.

Caine shoots fourth time, misses.

Caine shoots fifth time, Hexeris has to transfer damage away.

Caine shoots sixth and last time, Hexeris is down to 4 hit boxes and shots would come in at POW 16, meaning that Hexeris would go down on 6+ to hit and 6+ to damage. Attack roll results, however, a miss.

So... I will probably wet my bed in horror if I actually want to think that had I not scored lucky kills on Reinholdt and Squire, Caine would have had two shots more... and even now I needed a good dose of luck to survive that feat.

On my turn I thought it'd be best if I just shot an autohitting POW 10 in form of Ashes to Ashes on Defender to Caine and boost damage and finish things up with Archidon if needed.

It wasn't needed. Additional targets from Ashes to Ashes was again full 6, and damage roll against Caine was something like 5,5,6.

I think that Ashes to Ashes really rolls additional targets better when not fighting against Protectorate of Menoth!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's not a good idea to sit on an ammunition depot when it's being shot at with a flamethrower

Few days ago I played a couple of Warmachine games.

I knew I was most probably facing High Exemplar Kreoss, so I wanted to play with Warwitch Deneghra. She was last of my warcasters/warlocks that hadn't played against Kreoss1 - and now I have collected a sort of a "set" in my personal Funny Families cavalcade in Warmachine/Hordes.

However, I do hate list tailoring, so I tried a couple of wacky things. We were playing 25 points, and my list was:

Warwitch Deneghra
- Ripjaw
- Deathripper

Maximum unit of Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudge Thralls (YES!)
2x Warwitches
Iron Lich Overseer
- Slayer

And opponent had:

High Exemplar Kreoss
- Crusader
- Repenter
- Revenger

Maximum unit of Exemplar Errants
Vassal of Menoth

We played two games, and first scenario was Ammunition Run. Cryx got to start, and I kind of accidentally found out how fast army composition I had. Two warwitches could make the two bonejacks run, and Overseer could run around with Slayer. Since Deneghra doesn't have any important spells to fling during first round, she was able to run, camping all 7 focus.

Running at such high speeds is a little dangerous, though. Next turn Skarlock cast Ghost Walk on Deneghra, and Deneghra went forward to dominate my objective. She tried to cast 3x Venom + Influence on Exemplar Errants, but she had just walked into Kreoss' control area, right into Lamentation. Oh, poopy.

What's even more embarrassing is that on Protectorate's second turn, Crusader charged objective and destroyed it. Deneghra was set on fire and took 5 damage in, since she had emptied her focus. Repenter and its spray was easily within 8" of Deneghra, so the jack tried to come and burn the witch a little. However, she took 12 points in from that damage roll, and she had only 11 left.

All this felt a little too familiar. I guess my witch never learns.

Game 2:

Same lists, but we switched sides and scenario. Scenario was Incoming.

Cryx got the start again, and this time around I actually tried to plan around my newly found speed. Opponent had made a curious two-flank deployment where exemplar errants & Vilmon were going to contest zone on left and Kreoss himself was on right side with full entourage of warjacks & Vassal of Menoth.

I had this grand plan of bringing one arc node, one warwitch siren and possibly slayer & iron lich overseer to get the left zone for Dragonfather.

However, it didn't quite work that way. First of all, Ripjaw's Venom sprays killed only a few exemplar errants, and then Vilmon himself was upon Ripjaw. Ripjaw lost its head first, so I couldn't really do anything to Vilmon, and rest of Cryxian assets were way too far away to do anything. Then I wanted to aggressively push my own zone and hope for a caster kill. To make things really really bad a lucky Cleansing Fire destroyed Deathripper's arc node straight away.

Drudge Thralls actually made some good tough rolls in this game when Repenter was shooting at them. Too bad that they still had to survive from upcoming Fire continous effects.

Second picture gives a partial scene from the end of Protectorate's second round. Because I really had to try to get through Lamentation now I got no useful arc nodes I used Deneghra's feat.

To be honest it did very little on my own turn - Parasite + Feat + charge from Drudge Thralls wrecked Repenter, but everything else failed miserably. Deathripper with one focus was going to bite Revenger (really far in right in the picture, just left out from picture) but missed. It bought another attack, but p+s 13 doesn't really do much vs armor 17 only with two dice. A Drudge Thrall didn't do much better.

Kreoss with 10" control range didn't want to use his feat just yet, he just upkept Lamentation and backed off a little. He probably gave some focus to jacks too who mauled drudges and even MAT 4 Revenger managed to hit Deathripper too.

It seems I didn't include a picture from the end of Protectorate's turn, but the follow-up picture is where I attempted an assassination. Since Kreoss had upkept Lamentation, casting boosted Crippling Grasp on him took all 7 focus from her. I truly hoped it'd be worth it.

Skarlock cast Ghost Walk on drudges and two got to charge Kreoss. The other one missed and the other one hit and did some damage in. Then Warwitch Siren charges Kreoss too and scores a hit, dealing WHOPPADOOYAEYEI damage. Kreoss was still left standing with two hit boxes.

And here is a little rant that goes with this: Guess what is the damage difference from combo-striking Mechanithralls, that are cheaper and faster and deal more damage than Drudge Thralls and have the same MAT? Yup, that's right, their difference is 2. So if I had used a full unit of mechanithralls with one brute thrall, Kreoss could've been dead with exact same rolls.

I really want to like drudge thralls, they dance YMCA so beautifully too, but how can anyone like them with performance like this?

Ok, let's continue.

Kreoss obviously used his feat now, and I was almost sure Deneghra would go down again. I had ran one of the Warwitch Sirens close to Deneghra to prevent a possible trample, but I wasn't sure if that would ever be enough.

Revenger (I think Revenger isn't seen in any of the pictures? - oh wait, there it is, in the very last.) killed Drudge Thrall that was blocking Crusader, and then Crusader attempted to charge def 5 arm 14 Deneghra. Luckily the heavy warjack just couldn't squeeze far enough in between another drudge thrall and warwitch siren, so its charge failed.

Afterwards we noticed that the often overlooked Arcane Bolt from Vassal of Menoth could have been the key to victory, if it would've dispatched a Drudge Thrall.

But then it was Cryx turn again. Deneghra upkept Crippling Grasp and shaked herself up, Skarlock cast Ghost Walk on Deneghra and then she charged Kreoss.

Looks like Kreoss is missing from the picture, though. Duh, he's dead!