Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Horrible Black Void vol2

Just finished a game of Talisman.

I had taken my talisman characters and spell deck with me, because there was a high possibility of playing some Talisman after Ropecon.

So we played with the basic board with no expansions, but with all released characters and spells, random ending and day/night card, Reaper and Werewolf.

Characters were (in the beginning, at least) Chivalric Knight, Elementalist and Tavern Maid.

Chivalric Knight got a Warhorse as quest reward pretty much there at the exact start of game. Scary thing, really. And after that the quest rewards just came pouring in, though curiously he drew only "Discard immediatly" type of rewards.

Tavern Maid had a good start too, but then her progress stopped entirely, for reasons unknown. She seemed only able to gain lots of gold and incompetent followers.

Chivalric Knight and Elementalist got their statistics high enough to go to inner region just about the same time. Elementalist had strenght 9 and Chivalric Knight 7 or 8. Elementalist was just one step ahead of Chivalric Knight, but maybe that was all that was needed?

Well, except that when Elementalist got to Vampire's Tower, he realised that he had no followers, no fate, and only 3 lives. But surely it wouldn't come out 5 or 6... right? Nope, not right. Elementalist died right there in Vampire's Tower, and Chivalric Knight found an awesome stash of all manner of juicy items, like Solomon's Crown and Belt of Strenght.

Elementalist was replaced by Priest, who got an amazing start. No matter what he did, it looked like it would just raise his Craft. He met Enchanters, drew Craft and Strenght spells from Lemures he banished and his Craft was very soon almost enough to enter Inner Region again...

However, that was because Chivalric Knight picked up the Horrible Black Void. Eww. Just one eww isn't enough, it's a double eww, maybe even triple.

Chivalric Knight was replaced by Spy, and Crown of Command had an amazing repertoire of items and followers.

Somehow Tavern Maid hadn't got enough rises in Craft and Strenght to just laugh off the new arrivals. Her statistics weren't high enough to just run to the Crown and win the game. She tried to, but she couldn't break into Inner Circle, and when she could, she was teleported all the way back to the Tavern.

Priest and Spy did raise their statistics very fast, but could they do so fast enough when Tavern Maid had such a huge headstart?

Apparently they did.

Priest and Tavern Maid entered Inner Region at the same time, Priest being one step ahead. Yeah, I was the Priest player, by the way. Tavern Maid was able to do this because she had found Gnome follower.

Priest had Craft 8, but he had Brainwave spell that doubled his Craft. It's easy enough to roll equal to or lower than 16 on three dice. And when he got to Vampire's Tower he noticed... again... that he had 3 lives, and no followers. And rolled... 5 or 6. This time around Priest had some Fate and was able to lower the score to just 2 lives missing. So he had just one when he encountered Strenght 4 pit fiends with his awesome Strenght of 3. But there were only two of them, and he actually won them!

Slowly and not-so-steadily Priest finally arrived at the Crown of Command and claimed all the wonderful items there were and found out that he had to fight Eagle King. And so Priest was eaten away. Omnom.

By this time Spy had also entered Inner Region with a Talisman. So despite two characters dying, one with almost a certain victory at his hands, at least every player was inside the Inner Region when game ended.

Because when Tavern Maid picked up the things that were at Crown of Command, Eagle King couldn't do much else except to fly away in fear. Though Tavern Maid had lousy statistics (Strenght 7 and Craft 6), when they were combined together by a Warhorse, she truly became a force of nature. Eagle King was defeated, and game finally drawn to conclusion.

Since it's been seen and experienced now, Horrible Black Void will probably be taken out the next time we play. It's... It's just so damn brutal.

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