Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here be dragons

I bought The Dragon expansion today for Talisman.

I guess my hopes were too high for this expansion - now, after skimming through contents, I'm a bit underwhelmed. Though some of the stuff amazed me.

Let's start listing up stuff.

First, I opened new cards and quickly looked through them. To my amazement The Dragon expansion has no new spells and no new regular adventure cards at all - it comes only with three small decks for each draconic lord. This isn't exactly a bad thing, at first I was quite interested in it. However, when the real disappointments came in, I guess it added up... Though to be honest, Talisman with all earlier expansion can survive one expansion without new spells and other such stuff.

Next I opened up the thing I had had the highest level of anticipation about - the dual sided inner region. And that one was a sore disappointment, really. Yes, the real draconic map is awesome and will be a blast to play with when playing with draconic lords. However, the other side... is actually only a simplified version of the main draconic map. Really. It's an inner region with instructions to draw cards.

Then I started looking at alternative ending cards and new characters. Alternative ending cards were nice. That's the way how you can incorporate the dragon lords with normal game without actually playing with, well, all the bookkeeping material.

New characters were rather nice, too. But what literally caught my eye was that these miniatures must be the biggest that have been yet released for Talisman. They are huge.

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