Sunday, August 14, 2011

Curses! Foiled again! (Talisman)

Before bidding my friend farewell, we played a two player Talisman.

We used random end condition and characters drawn were the Necromancer and the Gypsy.

Gypsy started recruiting a good posse around her early in the game. She got something around 2-3 followers almost from the start and after both characters had got their first few craft/strenght raises and went to Highlands, she stole even two followers the poor Necromancer had managed to find. One of them being the gnome. And damn that was a long sentence.

Necromancer started enthralling spirits and that went fine only so far. It seemed that if there was a battle Necromancer could lose, he lost. That trend went straight into the end game too where he, despite being strenght 16 against Lord of Darkness who had strenght 12, rolled a tie and used a fate token to roll off his dice again, resulting in a loss.

I'm writing in a hurry and I think it might be a bit difficult to actually read this text, but oh well.

Both characters had ridiculous strenght at the end (at least 14 on necromancer and about the same on gypsy), but the gypsy had gnome follower and got her craft value to 10. So she went into the inner region, but as it turned out, we were facing the Demon Lord himself, who had to be fought with only craft.

Gypsy put up a brave fight and lasted for ages, bringing Demon Lord down to 2 lives even when she was severely handicapped against him. But then Demon Lord stroke gypsy down to 1 life and she took her leave.

All that resulted in many, many extra turns for necromancer.

However, all he could find were strenght monsters and his craft value was miserable. It didn't actually help him that the Clansman was following him around (gave -2 to psychic combat but +2 to battles).

Gypsy had found the Dreadwing follower by fighting the eagle king at the highlands, so she could find a way to heal herself quite soon and started repeatedly punching eagle king in the face (or beak? Whatever...) and got the Windlord's amulet.

Ultimately it all came down to Gypsy getting Craft value in combat to 15 and riding fast to inner region again for a re-match that ended Demon Lord's reign of terror.

Necromancer was left in the dungeon to have tea parties with spirits he had enthralled. Oh, and the clansman.

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