Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dracula hunting

Yesterday we played a second game of Fury of Dracula.

This time I was playing the hunters, and obviously the game experience was a lot different.

First of all I deployed my hunters initially a bit weirdly, leaving almost all of Eastern Europe empty. I did have Van Helsing himself and even Lord Godalming going to have a little trek there, but Van Helsing tried to catch train and was "delayed by the papers" twice in a row, and even Godalming once.

And as it turned out, Dracula started in Eastern Europe, very close to Castle Dracula.

It was an epic game, and during whole game I think Dracula got more event cards than hunters, which is somewhat rare as there are about twice as much bonus cards for hunters than for Dracula in the same deck...

It seems that Dracula needs to be quite careful, as once his trail starts to unveil, the knot tightens around his undead neck very fast.

This time Mina Harker fought Dracula three times. Two first times were quite filmatic. First, bitten Van Helsing was hypnotised and Dracula announced his next move. Mina Harker used one resolve to go to the town where Dracula was heading.

When they encountered, Dracula played "Trap" card, but Mina had taken that into account, she knew Dracula knew she was waiting him. And played "Advance Planning".

Well, ultimately Dracula escaped and the final encounter was somewhere in Italy, when the doctor had tried to confront Dracula, but just as he was going in with his crucifix shining bright, a herd of wild horses came and brought him to Rome.

It was time for Mina to use a resolve token again, finally putting the end to Count Dracula.

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