Friday, August 12, 2011

"Come, my beautiful, beloved one. Leave these mortal dregs behind... Uh, what's that stake you're holding for, my dear?"

It's getting late, but a friend is visiting me and brought Fury of Dracula with him.

We just finished playing one game and it was all good.

I was playing the Dracula and we're planning to play another game some other day when I'll be the hunters.

Anyway, I started dangerously close to one hunter. He was in England and Dracula started in Ireland. I pulled a good bluff by using Hide -skill tactically in Ireland before moving to Atlantic Ocean.

Ah well, I'm way too tired to write a longer report. I may edit and add more later.

Except I'll say a word about the game rules itself: I liked them. There was a real thrill of a hunt. Though Dracula always felt a bit cornered, he also felt a bit cocky and arrogant. "Yeeeah... sure they got firepower, but they can never penetrate my disguise!"

At one place I messed up with the Dracula's Track. I had thought of escaping to Atlantic Ocean when Dracula was cornered in Biscayan Bay, but the card was already reserved there.

That lead to Dracula's ultimate demise, when Mina Harker attacked him when the sun was setting, yet it wasn't night.

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