Monday, August 8, 2011

Continuing Slayer/Reaper/Malice with Erebus

Well, I bought the Erebus upgrade kit. And wanted to magnetise it.

However, it was a lot more... adventurous thing than making a soul swirl base for Malice. The loin cloth and shoulder thingies were difficult to magnetise, and in the end, I didn't magnetise the shoulder stuff.

I toyed with the shoulder things, first I was thinking that maybe I could thin the metal parts enough to slot them steadily to recesses between torso and shoulders. Well, didn't really work, but then I wondered how I would do if I put some wire to them.

Until my cloud castle falls down, they seem to be easily detached and inserted, and don't drop from use.

Loincloth was a nasty one, too. I put a magnet into Slayer torso's butt and then put quite a lot of milliputty to the loincloth and placed a magnet there too, but had to fix its position so that the loincloth wouldn't snap to the magnet on to the torso vertically.

Anyway, after some work (painting obviously was the fastest part, the Slayer could transform into Erebus. And back, if needed.

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