Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Who needs 50% of players, anyway?"

Yesterday the 25-point Warmachine/Hordes tournament was held which I was talking about in my last post.

It really was an experience.

This city is pretty much in the centre of Finland. And somewhat hilariously it seems that most of the Warmachine activity in this country is around coasts and borders, which means that, in fact, Jyväskylä is far away from other players.

Now, it still managed to spark enough interest to hope for around 10 participants, give or take a few.

As the date came nearer and nearer, more people got something in their way, whether it was due to work schedules, travels away from Jyväskylä and travel costs TO Jyväskylä. A few days before tournament date there was 7 participants, so either it'd be a 8-player tournament if we got a suprise player from one of the local hobbyists, or only a 6-player event with me dropping out.

Starting on the morning of the event, one of the players reported he had got sick, so it looked like it'd be a 6-player event with me stepping in. Well, no biggie, since most important thing here was to activate local players and get them, for once, actually see each other.

Well, then we started the tournament, though one player was late. Random pairings made me to take the "bye" with late player.

After first round it was quite unlikely that this player would come for later rounds either, though I couldn't reach him to confirm this. I hope there is nothing more serious to this other than "whoopsie, overslept".

However, it was a 5-player event after that, then.

I asked if either of the players who scored no tournament points during first round wanted to take the "bye" next round, and one player did.

He did take the "bye" on last round too, because he wasn't actually all that motivated right now to play multiple games in somewhat short time.

So, it was a 4-player even after that, then.

Now, I guess it wasn't too bad after all. Games got played and people got to play against different armies they've used to. Hopefully next time a crapload of players won't drop out in such a short time.

There was a little talk about league and such, which might fit better this very active player base of Jyväskylä.

I'll write up my actual two games during event at some later time.


  1. I was pondering on attending the tournament because my friend was to play in that tournament and I hadn't played in a tournament before.
    Alas the trip from Helsinki was to be to much for my budget at the moment so I didnt even contact you.
    The possibility did inspire me to finally start painting my force though.

    1. Heya!
      Thanks for the interest anyway - I know really well how tough it can be for the wallet to travel to Helsinki or Turku from here (and vice versa, obviously).

      Maybe next time we have a bit more luck in getting at least eight players or so :P