Monday, September 24, 2012

"And then Caine got LOS"

Okay, I oversimplify the game in title.

However, a few days back I was playing against epic Caine with my Cryx.

I played Scaverous (oh, why I ever did that... but I am not superstitious, I will not yield to superstition!) at 35 points. We had no scenario.

My list was:

- Seether
- 2x Nightwretches

Minimum unit of Bane Thralls + Unit Attachment
Cephalyx Overlords
Withershadow Combine
Bane Lord Tartarus

And Cygnar had:

Epic Caine
- Ol' Rowdy

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + Officer
- Defender
Minimum unit of Greygore Boomhowler's
Epic Eiryss
Madelyn Corbeau

And opponent won starting roll. Most of the Cygnaran thingies ran straight forward, which was most unexpected. However, since my camera tried again to be a little problematic, first picture is taken from the end of opponents second turn I think.

I had run a Nightwretch close to Boomhowlers. I was thinking of dropping Icy Grip on them, followed by a Feast of Worms. But then, when I activated Scaverous, I noticed that heck. Caine would most probably have a LOS to him. That's why I cast only Icy Grip. Seether in the picture, by the way, is facing 180 degrees the other way. It just wouldn't balance otherwise on a slope.

Far to the left in the picture you can see half of Eiryss.

What you can't see in the picture is my Skarlock, who had already bitten the dust thanks to Magic Bullet. I really start to hate that spell, because it was quite close that Tremulus died too. Luckily not, as he was left with two or three health boxes remaining. Boomhowlers also had all but wrecked my Nightwretch. I think it had Head and Movement remaining. At least no arc node any longer.

Well, next I want to move Scaverous a little closer and use his feat. It was about half an inch up to one inch that I didn't die on next enemy turn.

First Tartarus advances and curses Ol' Rowdy. Bane thralls charge it, and the three that make into contact with it wreck just about everything else except it's hammer.

Then my other Nightwretch advances, and Scaverous advances to a ridiculous position, if you happen to remember where Eiryss had been sitting.

He uses Black Gates, uses Telekinesis to re-place Defender and then launched a Feast of Worms on it. Madelyn survived without a scratch, but I boosted damage on Caine, who took respectable damage in. With last remaining focus he cast Death Ward on himself, sensing a feeling of false security on a hill & ARM 19.

Cephalyx Overlords and Seether focused on Boomhowlers, and the Boomhowler on the right deserves a mention. He was the only troll that succesfully rolled 4+ Tough's, but sure he did it something like 6 times during whole game. Also, I often whine how badly my Bane Thralls seem to roll Tough, but this time I cannot blame them. In a way I can think that I had a full unit thanks to the number of succesfull rolls.

Now, next turn Eiryss tries to come and shoot Scaverous. She was that half and inch up to one inch short. I guess that fixed opponents plans on not trying a caster kill. However, Cygnar did pretty good job at decimating everything else.

Ol' Rowdy used tremor to knock down four bane thralls closest to it, and then gun mages banished them with their fancy pistols. Rightest Nightwretch is finally wrecked, too.

One Gun Mage even hit the Nightwretch that was still standing with a Thunderbolt and pushed it back full 3 inches. It's funny how just the last round it looked pretty good for me, but after opponent had done his stuff, I had only a couple functioning pieces any more...

Now, on my next turn I made a little mistake. Only a very small one.

Okay, I did a buckload of them.

First, I somehow thought that mostly crippled Ol' Rowdy was more of a threat than Eiryss with no-one to engage her. Tartarus then charged Ol' Rowdy and wrecked it. Looking back at the pictures I'm pretty sure that a 6" advance + reach would have been enough to engage Eiryss. Or maybe not, it's difficult to judge pictures taken from different angles.

Last remaining Bane Thrall charged Defender and then Seether came to beat the warjack up. A point here: Boomhowler had shouted this Fell Call that reduced warjack's attack rolls by 2. It made MAT 8 Seether miss twice on Defender and once on Boomhowler. That's not a bad Fell Call for sure. Overlords also threw a broadside of psychic sprays on Boomhowlers and Dark Shrouded Defender, killing none. Damn that rightmost Boomhowler grunt was a hero!

Tremulus gives a Puppet Master on Scaverous, who then advances and casts Feast of Worms on Squire.

This was the biggest singular mistake, really. Why did I not choose Caine as the target? Sure, he had a horrible DEF, but I would've needed only 10 to hit with 3 dice, being able to re-roll the dice I didn't like? Somehow I wanted a guaranteed hit on the damn Squire and boosting blast on Caine... which did two or three damage in, by the way.

Picture is taken from a weird angle because I wanted Eiryss to be shown now. Since she was quite ultimate key piece in Scaverous' downfall. Also, what did I think when I moved Scaverous away from hill and elevation bonuses...

Anyway, on opponents turn Eiryss comes and shoots Scaverous... to back arc, even. I somehow remembered that she had only Dispel, that's why I camped up a little focus and upkept Death Ward with Admonia.

I guess I'll remember now a little longer while that EIRYSS NEEDS TO DIE before you can actually try any cool looking thingies with your warcaster within 19" of her.

So, there Scaverous was, again. To be ridiculed by some Cygnaran rogue pistol hero. First Gun Mages nail Scaverous and score some lucky 5 points in. And then Caine got LOS.

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