Sunday, September 16, 2012

Horrible Black Void

Last we played a two-player game of Talisman with Reaper and Werewolf additional rules and random mystery ending.

Characters drawn were Alchemist and Gypsy.

This was second time Alchemist was being played, and both of us had severe prejudices against him being the most and ultimate broken character released yet. At least Gypsy had the nice skill that made it more difficult for Alchemist to spam spells endlessly.

Well, when the Gypsy found a Warhorse, it wasn't that sure anymore if Alchemist would be the automatic winner. She started to get Strenght at an alarming rate.

Before, however, she lost her horse there was a funny little thingy going on. Gypsy had turned Evil when Mischievous Imp arrived. With neither player being too much challenged by Fate, game was hilarious for a short while when both players tried to make the Imp get good items from the other player.

But doing this wasn't exactly too productive, so Gypsy went to Dungeon and Alchemist to Highlands. There in the Dungeon, at night, Gypsy faced Strenght 15 ambush (Goblin marauders + some other enemy with high strenght). She did have a chance to win the combat, but it was desperate. Warhorse galloped away.

I think this was the turning point after which Alchemist started to gain the upper hand. Lead wasn't too big, but in the end he managed to crack Portal of Power, and using Potion of Wrath (+3 Craft until end of turn) he succeeded even going through Mines.

Gypsy tried to go and win the Lord of Darkness big time to go straight to Crown of Command, but she failed and Alchemist reached it first.

Turned around, the end game condition proved to be Horrible Black Void, killing Alchemist instantly.

I hope this means that Universe and Karma and whatnot are against the Alchemist.

New character was Minstrel. He didn't have time for more than a few little songs. Then Gypsy had enough Strenght and Craft to go to Crown of Command, and she found that Demon Lord had been guarding the place all the time. I guess it was only fitting - greedy alchemist fell to Demon's tricks and was drawn to Void. Gypsy, however, had learned from Alchemist's mistakes and had prepared better.

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