Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Foresight is way better than hindsight, but hindsight is better than no sight at all

I'm doing the write-ups of two games I played at Jyväskylä's first attempt at a local tournament.

I had chosen to play with Circle Orboros, and funnily enough, first game (Scenario: Gauntlet) was against Circle Orboros, too.

Though it would have been hilarious to play Kaya the Wildborne against Kaya the Moonhunter, I still chose my list to be the one of Cassius':

Cassius & Wurmwood
- Woldwyrd
- Argus
- Megalith

Tharn Bloodweavers
Shifting Stones + Stonekeeper
Swamp Gobbers
2x Gallows Grove

As a hindsight I noticed that I kind of screwed up my list construction in a way. Cassius is one of the warlocks you don't want to have your Shifting Stones stealthed with. Luckily opponent had Shifting Stones of his own, so I could use them as homing beacons for Hellmouth.

Opponent was playing following list:

Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris
- Feral Warpwolf
- Warpwolf Stalker

Shifting Stones
Druid Wilder
Lord of the Feast
War Wolf

And the scenario was Gauntlet. The game was really weird one, and tough. First picture is taken from some round before all the action began.

Action here meant that epic Kaya used her feat.

See what's missing in the picture? Yeah... Megalith. For the rest of my game I'd have to do with just Woldwyrd and Argus. War Wolf rolled badly for its damage and didn't kill Gallows Grove, which gave me some possibilities.

However, I think I just missed Stranglehold I cast through it. More important fact was that I cast Curse of Shadows on blocking Shifting Stones, and then Bloodweavers tried to slaughter the Warpwolf Stalker.

It could have worked, but I got only 3 to contact with it, and the first two missed their Blood Spiller attacks. Last one hit, though, and the damage roll was something like 5,5,6,6.

I attempted something a little too risky, then.

I advanced Woldwyrd as far as possible, and started taking shots at Feral Warpwolf who had Forced Evolution on. Though rolling 4 dice for damage is nice against an ARM 16 target, pow 10 isn't just going to break it. Sure it did respectable damage, but I doubt it was worth the trade, as I was running low on warbeasts.

Ah well. At least Argus killed War Wolf.

Opponents Warpwolf Stalker failed to do meaningful kills against Bloodweavers, but Woldwyrd was bashed, as was to be expected.

On my turn Bloodweavers finished the Stalkers, and enemy Feral Warpwolf was heavily damaged by a lucky shot from Stone Keeper and a charging Argus, despite any misses I may have forgotten.

On opponents turn Argus was bashed, but that was the only casualty. Sure it was a heavy casualty, though.

I charged Cassius at Warpwolf and used Unseen Path to get back to safety, which was a mistake. As you can see in the first picture, I placed him behind Wurmwood, though I should have placed him so that I'd be able to charge with him again on next turn.

However, I scored first Control Point from scenario by getting rid of Feral Warpwolf and Druid Wilder.

Next picture is damn blurry, but Kaya and Laris came to contest the control area, and what are a couple of troopers and shifting stones going to do to a warlock and her beast? Not much, really.

I did try my best, though, when my turn started. I launched Hellmouth on one of my (now un-stealthed) Shifting Stones, and hoped for the best. If my memory serves, Kaya had already been wounded somewhere, but I don't really remember where. Could've been one of those unreported Hellmouths or something.

Kaya didn't, however, even fall under the template.

Somehow I picked the rightest Shifting Stone for my target, which as a hindsight was ridiculous. Be picking the leftern stone I would have gotten Kaya under for sure, but I wanted to protect my own Bloodweaver from the spell?! I don't know, really.

Opponent then destroyed shifting stone and bloodweaver to clear a charge path for Kaya.

And Kaya charged Cassius, who kind of died to one hit. I had been cutting Cassius for Fury for quite a long time already, and this was the cost. Being impaled and fed to Laris. Wurmwood must be really angry right now...

Game 2: Against Protectorate

Next game I played was against Protectorate of Menoth, and I chose my pKaya list just because I wanted to try her out.

And as a hindsight, I could actually try to pay a little attention to scenario being played! As it was Incursion. I had made the scenario pack myself so I very well knew the scenarios that would be played, so I can't use suprise/"not being aware of" as an excuse.

So, with following list I marched on to Incursion:

Kaya the Wildborne
- Feral Warpwolf
- Gnarlhorn Satyr
- Argus
- Gorax

Druid Wilder
Lord of the Feast

Opponent had eKreoss list like this:

Epic Kreoss
- Crusader

Maximum unit of Temple Flameguard + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Exemplar Errants + Unit Attachment
Knight Exemplar Seneschal
Exemplar Errant Seneschal

In the first picture flag from the right side has been removed already, which was good, because if center flag would have been removed, it'd have been nearly an automatic loss for me.

In the first picture there is also a grave mistake by me. I'm contesting the center flag with Gnarlhorn Satyr with such a horrible amount of Weapon Master infantry around.

I really should have done that with Argus, not the big beast!

Kreoss also casts a succesful Chasten on Gnarlhorn, and deals tons of damage in with an unnecessarily high damage roll. Charging Errants and Temple Flameguard continued the trend, and soon the goat was gone.

Also, to add an insult to injury (or more likely an injury to injury) the errant seneschal charges and kills Lord of the Feast. That was mainly because Lord of the Feast had managed to miss the seneschal with raven attack.

Situation was indeed rather horrible.

I decided to try to do something weird to see if it would puzzle opponent enough.

Gorax killed the Seneschal and used its animus on Feral Warpwolf. Kaya jumped around a bit and used her feat, accomplishing really nothing with it. However, she teleports next to flag on left side, and then Warpwolf charges Crusader, provoking 3x free strikes from Temple Flameguard and even Knight Exemplar Seneschal. The beast never reached Crusader.

Next turn epic Kreoss activates his feat and a couple of Temple Flameguard members come and poke Kaya to death.

I consider this game to be a total failure on my side and an eternal source of grief and shame.

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