Monday, September 17, 2012


A few days ago I played a 35 point game of Warmachine/Hordes, which was... interesting.

I was playing Skorne with Dominar Rasheth, and opponent was playing Legion of Everblight with epic Lylyth.

My list was:

- Bronzeback Titan
- Rhinodon
- Basilisk Drake
- Basilisk Krea

Maximum unit of Praetorian Swordsmen + UA
Maximum unit of Paingiver Beasthandlers
Minimum unit of Farrow Bonegrinders

Opponent had:

Epic Lylyth
- 2x Ravagore

Striders + Unit Attachment
Minimum Raptors
Anyssa Ryvaal
Blighted Nyss Shepherd

We played Gauntlet scenario, hence the templates in pictures. Legion of Everblight won starting roll, and picture is taken from the end of my first turn. Lylyth had cast Shadow Pack, and on the Skorne side Carnivore was cast on Praetorian Swordsmen.

As it started to look like Praetorians were nothing else except some meat bags to be filled with blighted arrows, I decided to just run them forwards and hope that even one or two would survive.

Templates you see in the picture are Scather templates from Ravagores. They had earlier done a little damage to my brick of beasts.

I messed up my activation order a little, though. I had activated Rasheth before I activated Swordsmen - I could have tried to punish the elk riders a bit with a well-placed Breath of Corruption.

Anyway. I kept Rasheth as far away from enemy forces as possible, because Lylyth has this feat of 4x pow 15 aoe 3 blasts to 18" from Ravagores. You know.

Next opponent butchered my Praetorians completely. Not a single survivor. I think Lylyth cast a Pin Cushion on them, so it's no wonder. They fulfilled their promised fate of being cannon fodder filled with pointy sticks. Imagine the glory!

I tried to retaliate with Basilisk Drake against the Striders, but the spray didn't actually hit anyone. Then I tried to cast a Breath of Corruption through one of Beast Handlers, and I wanted it to miss. Well, it hit, and killed only one strider. Go Skorne!

However, because I started to run low on arc nodes (= warrior models) I thought it might be best just to force opponent to melee, and I ran both Bronzeback Titan and Rhinodon to contest gauntlet zone. Basilisk Krea tried to keep up to them, but failed.

Next round was hilarious, in a way. First Lylyth used her feat, and Striders and Raptors and Lylyth herself made short work out of Basilisk Drake, most of remaining Beast Handlers and Bone Grinders, and filled basilisk Krea with damage. Any attacks against Rhinodon, however, failed to do anything meaningful. Opponent is left with a tough choice to go into melee with Ravagores and waste Lylyth's feat on them, or sacrifice the beasts and deal ranged death over my remaining troops.

Rasheth was quite far away, however, so both Ravagores charged in.

What was quite awesome was the fact that Bronzeback didn't just want to die. It was left alive with something like 3 boxes. It didn't bode well for Lylyth's battlegroup.

Come my turn, I thought it might be best to use Rasheth's feat now and close in enough to get the two beasts to Plague Wind. It worked quite well, since Bronzeback mauled both of them well enough so that enraged Rhinodon needed to punch only once the last remaining Ravagore.

Now things started to look actually pretty good for me. I was winning there in the gauntlet zone, but the feeling of triumph lasted only as long until I looked to the leftern side of gaming board. A horde of infantry, with only Agonizer and a couple of bone grinders in between them and my def 10 arm 14 warlock.

Second picture gives out a rather hilarious turn of events again.

First Lylyth and Anyssa and Striders try to kill Rhinodon, but they fail. Then opponent needs to tie up the beasts somehow, and that's where Raptors charge them, and they fail to finally kill Rhinodon, too. Good times, because Rhinodon has the sweet Thresher attack and animus for it, too.

However... Since the thresher attack was 360 degrees, I moved Krea away from it. I eye-judged that Bronzeback was close, but not close enough. My eye-judgement was way off, though, and my nearly dead Bronzeback had to weather even a frenzied thresher attack made by my own Rhinodon.

Bronzeback didn't die, though. It was left alive with one or two points. I had healed it with four Fury last round. However... All of my beasts were now in really bad shape.

Legion's last remaining forces made me an unhappy devout of pain and torment, when this picture was taken:

Then I made my last attempt at killing Lylyth. I ran Agonizer as far as possible, and cast Breath of Corruption through it to Lylyth, who was no longer upkeeping Shadow Pack and had already cut herself. Good idea, but damage roll wasn't just high enough, she was left alive with 3 or 4 damage.

Next turn Lylyth and striders killed what Skorne had remaining on the board except Rasheth.

Anyssa came in and shot 4 damage in to Rasheth.

Next round Rasheth had to cut himself for 4.

He attempted a bravado, and launched his bulging mass upon the face of the blighted ones. Breath of Corruption killed Anyssa.

Next opponent comes in with Striders and one remaining Raptor. Raptor doesn't do any damage, but a Combined Ranged Attack from Striders did 4 damage in.

Rasheth had to cut himself again for Fury, this time with 4 damage.

He killed Raptor with Sunder Spirit, and took away a couple of Striders with a Breath of Corruption.

Then Striders charged him.

And the finishing strike dealt 4 points in.

I need to say that game goes a bit weird if two Hordes players battle each other and both lose their beasts. Game was really tough, and had its highs and downs for both participants.

It was a good game, but now I need to start a new one on Vassal.

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