Sunday, August 26, 2012

Being a semi-TO

Well, things are nearing their completion.

On next weekend Jyväskylä's gaming shop Fantasiapelit will hold a Warmachine/Hordes tournament. The staff doesn't actually play Warmachine themselves, so they needed a tournament organizer who was experienced enough for the job.

Well, I really don't know if description fits me, but we'll see that next Saturday.

Here in local area I guess I've been the most active player and trekked through various tournaments that have been held in this country, if situation has allowed it for me.

However, I don't feel quite comfortable in any sort of boots of authority. This will be a completely new experience for me in this area of hobby. Luckily I won't be responsible for absolutely everything, since the gaming shop actually organises the event and has tables, terrain and whatnot there. So my role will mostly just be to act as the TO when there is a need for one, for example in rulings, and the tournament rules have been created by me.

Because in this area there are quite a few starting and/or seldom playing participants I tried to modify Steamroller rules a bit to take these things into account.

For example, first scenario will be just plain caster kill with Killbox artifice, with first tiebreaker being the warlock/warcaster who has taken least damage when round ends is the winner.

Two other rounds are Gauntlet and Incursion.

Well, I guess even if I fail completely when it comes to resolving disputes during games, organising something like this made me do some productive things.

For example, I found a few plastic sheets from my apartment and cut 'em up as 6"x8" Gauntlet scenario templates. Also my long-time frozen flag/whatever 40mm objective markers took a step forward in being progressed. I doubt I will finish their painting unless I'll be bitten by a crazy inspiration mosquito, but at least they will be something else than proxied medium base models. Though one flag in Incursion will be a Sentry Stone from Circle, but I think that's a pretty good flag marker, actually. At least no-one will mix it up with anything playable.

At the moment it looks like event will be either 8 players or 10 players, depending on a couple of uncertain players.


I'm looking at next Saturday with both excitement and pure dread.

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