Friday, August 3, 2012

Last two games in WM tournament at Ropecon 2012

Then, next I was playing against Cygnar.

This time it was epic Haley on the opposing side of the board.

I find it somewhat difficult to write about this game, because I don't want to be a jerk who writes bad things about some individuals.

Gaming experience was somewhat unpleasant and left a sour taste to mouth after the match. I mean. Just about every possible rule was played wrong, and to the benefit of opponent. Some of the rules interpretations were, in fact, outrageous.

I used my Deneghra list in this match.

Anyway, opposing list was something like this:

Epic Haley
- Stormwall
- Thorn

Maximum unit of Long Gunners + Unit Attachment
Maximum unit of Field Mechanics
Storm Strider
+ some other 2-point option I can't remember any more.

Scenario was A Flag Too Far, and used reinforcements.

Now, I did think 4x pow 12 covering fire templates were a bit... much. Somehow I didn't want to double check that one, though even by this time it was apparent that opponent was reading the cards very shoddily.

Anyway, what gave me a nice chance was Pistol Wraith. It Death Chilled the Stormwall for ages, which also blocked the movement for Storm Strider. I could actually attempt scenario victory.

I brought in my reinforcements as fast as I could to swarm up the leftern flank.

Next picture is probably from Deneghra's feat turn.

It was blatantly obvious to me now that the covering fire templates were played wrongly, when three of them were placed on board, when Stormwall used only one cyclone cannon for them. However, three templates were pretty much the same as two templates where they were located so I just let it be and focus on other rules corrections that popped up all the time.

I started scoring points there, and things looked pretty damn good, actually. Sure I could do nothing to the 120mm bases there, but they were far from my objectives.

Opponent shot down my scoring models and Junior Warcaster took down my savior, the Pistol Wraith. He also brought his reinforcements and got rid of Bane Thralls and started to threaten with scoring control points.

However, I managed to score one point more on my next turn by running Satyxis Raider Captain to primary flag.

Well, now, on opponents next turn Satyxis Raider Captain was shot down by the lone long gunner next to building.

And then Stormwall trampled through my Nightwretch to contest my primary flag, meaning I could no longer score points from it.

I did ask my opponent if he was certain that colossals could trample through medium bases. I would have probably insisted on seeing the rule in a little bit more detail, but someone on next table was sure they got a special rule for that. I was fairly certain that this was not the case, but I hate drama. Looking back at the game I should have asked to see the rules and cards a lot more than I did, but this would have lead only to a longer game and probably angrier atmosphere.

What can I say. Live & don't let this happen again. Maybe after this it will be easier to call TO (tournament organiser) over in situations like these.

Game 2:

Last game was Command & Control scenario (if I remember right - the control zone in circle and need to contest flag with warcaster/warlock).

I was facing Retribution, so my choice of list was pretty clear. Deneghra, again.

This was my first time getting to taste the joy that is Ravyn's tier list.

Opponents list was something like:
- Banshee

2x Maximum unit of Mage Hunter Strike Force + Officer
2x Stormfall Archers
Maximum unit of Invictors
Epic Eiryss
+ models I can't figure out.

Game was brutal.

First picture has already combat raging all across the board. Soulhunters had charged in to kill epic Eiryss and tie up potential turn 2 feat from Ravyn.

And it worked, too. Just somehow the angry elves weren't able to kill the Soulhunter who was engaging Eiryss. My next turn looked like a perfect spot to use Deneghra's feat. Skarlock cast Ghost Walk on her, and she emerged from the woods and used The Withering on just about every enemy model. Only a couple were left over. Ravyn was under.

I attempted assassination. Pistol Wraith advanced as far as it could on left flank and took a shot at Ravyn, and dealt respectable damage. However, as it turned out, as the wraith turned corporeal it was engaged in melee and couldn't shoot second shot at Ravyn.

One of Helldivers attacked her too. Sadly nothing else could reach her at the moment.

Opponent weathered Deneghra's feat quite nicely. The elves even did casualties - even under Deneghra's feat Banshee managed to wreck what was left of Ripjaw.

Then came my next turn, and I had another chance at assassination. However, Helldiver engaging Ravyn was as good as dead. It had unmarked damage boxes left only in Movement system. Which was good, because it could burrow away and get rid of Ravyn's melee bonuses.

Ravyn was brought down to 2 or 3 hit boxes remaining, but the bugger escapes Cryxian grasp.

Ravyn backed up and went to contest one objective flag. This made me realise I could actually only bring Deneghra to contest center zone. I also tried to fling a few spells at Ravyn, because focus wasn't much of use to Deneghra against Mage Hunter Strike Force.

Ravyn had healed herself with focus. And she didn't die. Still she didn't die. Huge tarpit of a melee raged above, and it was slowly turning against me. Only really operational and functional piece was Erebus, other warjacks were either wrecks or left only with very few hit boxes.


I tried one last desperate action. Deneghra tried to cast away all Mage Hunters engaging her with a Venom and then making a hopeless charge against Ravyn.

I don't remember how the game actually ended in detail.

After two turns from this last picture I either succeeded in killing the Mage Hunters and did a charge at Ravyn, or then Ravyn just charged Deneghra with Vortex of Destruction up.

Either way, Deneghra lost.


Truly. Now, with Scaverous being the only warcaster who got a victory for me in a tournament, I realised his curse wasn' broken. It was merely mocking me.


  1. LOL, the curse of Scavvy! Nice write up. Don't worry too much about opponents like that. They exist. You can't let them get under your skin. Play your game and call over TO's as much as needed. Most of all though, make sure to have fun no matter what some jerk is doin :)

    1. Yeah, I think I should have called TO a bit more often (or even once to show opponent that his way of doing this was... wrong), but I did have some perverted satisfication in trying to cope with a player like that. Though I can't deny that it bugged me a bit that the last "ignorant cheat" I didn't call TO in actually cost me the game :/