Thursday, August 2, 2012

First two games of WM tournament at Ropecon 2012

Well, now I'll start to compile the main tournament games here.

I decided to make it into two posts with two games in each. The tournament was 50 points, with three lists and character restrictions. I wrote up my lists here on a different post so they won't take up space here.

Well, then to the write-ups.

First game was a good example on what happens when your opponent knows exactly what he does, and you're unsure how to react.

Scenario was gauntlet. I thought that Mortenebra could launch her warjacks easily to the gauntlet zone with overrun shenanigans and do stuff. That plan didn't survive contact with the enemy at all.

I was facing following list (about something like that):

Prime Haley
- Stormwall

Sword Knights
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
Junior Warcaster
- Hunter
Storm Strider
Arlan Strangewayes

I really messed up the picking of Nightmare's prey. Somehow I thought that Hunter was a good choice, since it would go down so easily... Somehow I didn't see Stormwall as an imminent threat.

I approached cautiously, because I was unsure what would be the best course of action. As a hindsight, obviously it wasn't standing on a hill, getting shot to pieces!

When opponent was taking down 1-2 warjacks per round I noticed that I just need to do all-out attack and hope for the best.

Overrunning Nightmare advanced to Storm Strider and tried to smash it down with a combo-strike. Lame damage rolls made sure that it wouldn't just happen. Nightmare was pretty much a joke in middle of enemy lines. It was no hinderance at all.

Only thing left to do was to batten down the hatches (hah, pun! Look! A pun!) and charge in with Mortenebra. She camped all focus she could and killed some lone gun mage.

Cygnar couldn't actually take her down with shooting. Opponents damage rolls had become a bit more manageable during late game, but Gun Mages were using their Thunderbolt or something like that, which pushed Mortenebra out of Gauntlet control zone. End of story, really.

Game 2:

Next round began, and the scenario was Incursion.

I thought Scaverous might be the best here with his telekinesis to shuffle models left and right to control or contest flags.

Also, I was facing Cryx.

Opponent had a list of something like this:

Warwitch Deneghra
- Nightmare
- Defiler
- Nightwretch

Maximum unit of Bane Knights
Maximum unit of Bane Thralls + Unit Attachment
Minimum unit of Bile Thralls
2x Pistol Wraith

I think the one thing that saved me here was Icy Grip. Denying Bile Thralls from purging in a horde army like that was golden.

Scaverous had a nice position in middle of forest, where he was safe from enemy charges. Though Deneghra has easy access to Ghostly, enemy still needed Line of Sight to get to him.

Rightmost flag was the one that was removed. This wasn't good, because opponent had way more models on left. However, thanks to me passing Tough-rolls in a godlike fashion, opponent didn't get an easily scored point there.

Next picture might be from using Scaverous' feat.

Anyway, I had tried to throw Blind Oil on Nightmare and cast Feast of Worms on a close by bile thrall to get Nightmare under penalty.

Neither succeeded, but I got to clear a charge lane for Seether. Nightmare was brutally mauled by the charge. Thanks to opponents list composition that wasn't a big issue. There were loads of heavy hitters still around...

Next round it was opponents time to use Deneghra's horrible feat.

Deneghra herself backed up, though, and it happened so that Scaverous was left just outside The Withering. Her feat could have been a lot worse, but I lost a lot of key pieces from my army (Skarlock, Gorman, Tartarus, and of course Seether) and was unable to damage enemy in any meaningful way next turn.

It was thrilling situation, because Scaverous was in the thick of action all the time. Granted, he was inside the forest, but I was scared that opponent would hit the "Seeing red" switch on and cast Ghost walk on Bane Thralls, use her feat and take just a couple of pot shots at Scaverous. That could have been enough if no-one rolled any misses.

However, then scales were finally weighted down to my favor.

Nightmare positioned itself a bit badly, because Admonia and Maelovus could charge it, and Tremulus could run into base contact with it. It's been so long since Dark Industries has happened. I brought back the Seether I had lost earlier.

Attrition slowly won Scaverous his second game, well, ever.

I couldn't believe this. My Scaverous, the thrice cursed warcaster, won his second game! It didn't make any sense by then. However, just two games later it was all clear, I had fallen to a miserable joke played by fate.

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