Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lots of mental notes

So, today I played three games of Warmachine.

I was against a starting player, and we played 15 point games.

I played with a same list all three rounds, and it was:

Epic Deneghra
- Seether
- Nightwretch
- Defiler

Iron Lich Overseer

You might want a reasoning for the Overseer? Well... truthfully spoken, there is none. At least no other than "I wanted to play with it since I got it painted."

All the three games really pointed out the obvious: Iron Lich Overseer isn't suited for 15 point games. Well, that is to be expected surely, but I dislike this thing called "theorymachine" and want to test around with unexpected combinations.

Except here was no combination, only fail.

I was against Retribution of Scyrah, and Ravyn.

First list for opponent was:

- Phoenix
- Aspis

Minimum unit of Houseguard Riflemen + Soulless Escort

Opponent won starting roll, but it doesn't exactly matter here because first picture is taken from Cryxian second turn.

Houseguard Riflemen and Phoenix together had shot left arm away from Seether, so this was first instance where I thought that I would have been a lot better off with Warwitch Siren + Necrotech instead of Iron Lich Overseer.

Anyway. Curse of Shadows was cast on Phoenix, and Iron Lich Overseer, followed up by a charge from Seether, almost destroyed the heavy myrmidon. Except for Arc Node and Field Generator and Open Fist.

Aspis and what was left of Phoenix wreck Seether next turn.

I seem to have missed Deneghra's feat turn when taking pictures. What happened was that Deneghra charged Aspis and used Dark Banishment to move it blocking Ravyn's line of Sight to Deneghra. After these a Hellmouth was cast upon Riflemen, which was somewhat funny because of one particular interaction. As Soulless Escort took 5" away from Hellmouth's range of 8", it meant that the arc node itself needed to be within 3" of target. So the poor Nightwretch was dragged to the mouth too... along with four riflemen and the escort itself.

The mouth did bite Nightwretch's Cortex off.

After that things didn't go as planned, though.

Defiler failed to take Phoenix down (Field Generator wasn't disabled), so opponent had both a serious gun, plus a few riflemen at his disposal.

Ravyn used her feat next turn, and Deneghra was left with 8 hit boxes just from the two attacks.

Well, on my next turn Deneghra backed off a little and cast enough of spells to bring Ravyn down to some 4 hit boxes remaining.

Other models finally wrecked Phoenix, too.

Then it was opponents turn again, and I was a bit scared here, as my warcaster was down to 8 boxes. And Ravyn, taking aiming bonus, did hit Deneghra even with her having DEF 18. Hellebore did 7 points in. One more damage from dice and Deneghra would have been down. Phew.

Last picture shows situation where game ends. Deneghra turns incorporeal and charges Ravyn (who was camping up focus enough for Arm 20), and misses. Well, another attack hits and damages. Ravyn is banished to right of Deneghra, with back arc to Defiler.

Last attack with hit roll & damage boost is finally enough to kill Ravyn, though. A close match, when my warcaster was left with just one hit box!

Game 2:

Next game was with me playing the same list and opponent switched Arcanist and Soulless Escort to Ghost Sniper.

Opponent started the game again, and first picture is taken from the "opening" of the game. Deneghra cast Hellmouth on Aspis, and tried to score damage both on Aspis and Ravyn, failing in both. I guess I should have spammed Deneghra's upkeep spells.

Well, needless to say, it was the end of that particular bone chicken.

What especially hurt me here was a Combined Ranged Attack (actually a second one) against Seether. Those knocked off it's Movement system, so Phoenix was out of my reach.

I had used Deneghra's ability to go incorporeal a turn too early (I was too afraid of a Combined Ranged Attack against a focusless caster), so I wasn't able to get that defensive ability on my warcaster for now.

I ended up walking the nearly broken Seether a little bit forward and parking Deneghra behind it so enemy would need to first destroy Seether, and then kill Deneghra who would then be behind cover. Sounds like a good plan? Not really.

All efforts I did against forces of Retribution of Scyrah either missed Ravyn (despite Deneghra's feat) or just missed Ravyn. I did maybe 4 points of damage in.

Then was opponents turn and Ravyn used her feat.

Now, you'd think that even with a boosted attack roll it would be tough to hit a DEF 20 model.

It wasn't.

Not a single attack roll missed her. She was shot to pieces after I think Phoenix shot the Seether down.

Epic Deneghra, for sure, isn't that brutal against Ravyn. When only Aspis doesn't shoot, Deneghra's feat only affects a little bit of movement that isn't most often even needed. But I'll blame everything on Iron Lich Overseer, just because.

We still played a third game, though.

Game 3:

Both of us had the same list as earlier, but now I won starting roll.

It wasn't actually a long game, at least in turns.

Opponent moved Phoenix within 12" of Epic Deneghra, and Aspis was standing in front of Ravyn at the start of my second (or third?) turn. So Deneghra charged Phoenix and moved it full 9" closer to Cryxian forces. I had tried to move Deneghra so that Ravyn would not get line of sight to Deneghra, and that I still could move Phoenix where I wanted to. I thought I had succeeded. Deneghra obviously used her feat.

After that I rolled damage rather badly against Phoenix. Not one POW 14 from Nightwretch, and one POW 12 from Defiler, and one P+S 13 + 3D6 from Iron Lich Overseer and tons of attacks from charging Seether wrecked it.

Anyway things weren't too bad. Or so I thought.

It was Retribution's turn then, and Ravyn checked for line of sight to Deneghra. She was actually 1-2 millimetres positioned wrongly, and Ravyn had LOS. Hellebore dealt something like 10 damage to Deneghra, and Eliminator did the rest.

What bugs me a little was the fact that if it wasn't for those couple of millimetres, Deneghra would have needed to take only a POW 13 Combined Ranged Attack from riflemen.

All games were close-fought and interesting. However, as a hindsight, I was way too overconfident on Deneghra's survivability. Even DEF 20 wasn't enough to save her from Ravyn's feat, and last game shows how damn important positioning is in this game.

Maybe I'll leave Iron Lich Overseer away from my next 15 point game with Cryx...

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