Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spycraft in a cyberworld... why not?

Finally some random writings.

Some time ago I got two expansions for When Darkness Comes.

I bought Spycraft and This Is Not Happening... boxes. Though Spycraft is somewhat of a stand-alone game.

Considering the price tag I guess I didn't do a good trade, because I'm more interested in the horror theme of When Darkness Comes. I can mostly mix and match elements from both sets to the original.

However, the new elements seem actually quite nice and will surely expand the gaming experience of When Darkness Comes. For instance, there will be a good pool of outside encounters now in the form of vehicles, civilians, "foil", street encounters and even human thugs. Also monsters from This Is Not Happening look like they will fit right in, except for the weird techno ball. Traps from the same expansion also look good and refreshing change of pace if included in horror setting. Who knows what kind of dark magics and such are present when there are undead around?

I hope these will, in a way, fix the problem of streets being mostly "safe zones".

One thing I consider is making adversaries from This Is Not Happening to work like those from Nameless Mist. That would make Willpower more of a game element than just a curiosity.

Also PSI from This Is Not Happening needs to be converted to Willpower, probably.

Now I'm only missing the two "main" expansions. I wonder if I'll actually get them ever if this games goes out of print or something soon. There hasn't been support for it for ages...

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