Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Extended Mangled Metal in the great pine woods of Kuhmo 26.12.2010

Last two games of Warmachine for this year.

We played two 15 point games because no-one of us wanted to bring a heckload of models for such long distances.

First game we tried to do as disgusting lists we could. Format we were playing is what I somewhat jokingly call "Extended Mangled Metal" which means only warjacks + 1 solo.

For me it meant

- Nightmare
- Slayer
Bane Lord Tartarus

I was thinking that there would be no good answer for this list if played with capable hands. My hands, apparently, weren't that capable but that's another story.

Nightmare striking its prey that has its target in Dark Shroud either from Shadowmancer or Tartarus or feated thralls would be hitting with effective P+S 26 with MAT 10, and Slayer with P+S 24.

- Vanquisher
- Crusader
- Dervish
Vassal of Menoth

I was expecting opponent would play pure pop & drop. But I was wrong.

I'm not sure if opponents list was that disgustingly overpowered but surely Kreoss was more than suitable of countering half of Goreshade's annoying aspects: Mage Blight.

However, I'm not too experienced Goreshade player. Somehow I was thinking that opponent would be hell-bent on getting to knock down all my stuff just _because_. I was out of his charge range at all times so it was foolish for me to spam Mage Blight, I should have gone Shadowmancer all the way.

Because I didn't I lost my Slayer during the first rounds of both players circling each other, trying to find a way to charge in without losing the game.

To cut that I decided to rush everything forward, come hell or high water. I camped 5 focus on Goreshade. I think I could have camped all 7 because my helljacks didn't move that much after all because I really wanted to stay out of Crusader's charge range.

That maneuver allowed me to charge Goreshade to Vanquisher next turn, feat my Bane Thralls up and charge Kreoss with them.

I did try overkill though.

I ran Deathwalker as far forward as I could but was about 1/4 of an inch too far for giving Kreoss -2 defense. Also, Bane Lord Tartarus charged in and after charge he tried to curse Kreoss. Tartarus' Line of Sight to Kreoss was blocked by my Nightmare and Goreshade so he couldn't do a direct charge and because of that the Curse fell about two inches short.

So I had to take care of Kreoss with only my Bane Thralls and only 3 of them were able to charge him.

Luckily the second one hit home and one-shotted him with an amazing damage roll. It was something like 6,6,5,5, give or take.

So with lucky rolls there's no need to do any of those unsporting shenanigans... just charge in with feated thralls.

Game 2:

Well, then in next game I took a bit more pictures because there was less proxying around and more painted models on both sides.

I was playing Venethrax tier 1 list:

- Seether
- Slayer
- Stalker
Pistol Wraith

And opponent did:

Epic Kreoss
- Crusader
- Castigator
- Dervish
High Paladin Dartan Vilmon

Opponent won the starting roll again (I'm starting to think it's somewhat rare for me to win that roll...)

First picture is from the end of opponents second turn but before my second turns.

Pistol Wraith is on the rightmost hill. It flies forward and shoots Crusader to Death Chill.

Venethrax allocates three focus to Slayer, upkeeps Dragon Slayer and sits with three.

Venethrax uses his feat when he is activated and tries first to shoot Vilmon (who's in Impervious Wall) with Hellfire. He manages to hit but scores only one point of damage to Vilmon. Venethrax is then left with no focus.

Slayer then charges Castigator and attempts to Combo-Strike the snot out of the burning machine. Well, things could have gone better. Castigator had Defenders Ward on it. Slayer misses the Combo Strike and misses second attack too though it needed only 5's with two dice to hit it. Last attack hit home but dent only the mighty beak of the monstrosity.

It was obvious then that I'd suffer the full force of epic Kreoss' feat next turn. I really wanted to take lessen my sufferings so I tried to charge Vilmon with my Seether. Even if Vilmon was impervious I could get my Chain Attack on him and throw him away and knock him down.

The Devout model there is proxying Dervish.

Somehow (dunno if it was because of devout's halberd) I thought Dervish had reach too. That's why I moved my stalker to block charge line to Venethrax. In the end I only lined up a perfect feat turn for epic Kreoss...

In a picture you can see here.

Kreoss charges Seether, uses his feat and wrecks it with his Armor Piercing attack and the extra attack generated from the feat. Extra attacks bought against Slayer dealt some damage but now looking back at the game they should have probably been camped on Kreoss.

Castigator then wrecked Slayer. Not much to tell about that.

Dervish then charges my Stalker and uses both Side Steps to come into contact with Venethrax who had to suffer 3 attacks then. Damage rolls weren't impressive though and the Lich Lord survived.

Vilmon charged the Stalker and finished what Dervish began.

Pistol Wraith aimed its shots at Kreoss and dealt some nice damage.

Then Venethrax moved a bit and skewered Vilmon with Wyrmbane.

Then he launched fully boosted Hellfire at Kreoss. Final damage roll you can see in the picture. Dead Kreoss.

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