Saturday, December 25, 2010

25.12. Smallworld in Kuhmo

Probably last game of Smallworld here in Kuhmo finished now unless we find enough time in tomorrows hurries.

Anyway, we used Tales and Legends again.

The cards that were in effect through the game were:

2. White Queen (obviously not affecting anything at turn 2...)
3. Puff of Smoke
4. Philter of Forgetfulness
5. Wealth Redistribution
6. Tough Love
7. Youth Powder
8. Necromantic Elixir
9. Mercenaries
10. The Great Curse

Game began with Commando Orcs butchering up some Lost Tribes, scoring 7 points for first round which was quite unusual.

I managed to pick Flying Amazons and was that combo horrible... Sure! But did it leave other players feeling I was "winning" the game? Yeah, I think so too.

Dragonmaster Wizards attacked the orcs and left the ugly guys in decline pretty much there and then.

Orcs were replaced by Diplomatic Elves.

Philter of Forgetfulness caused races in decline not to score points on round 4.

That caused Flying Amazons to go to decline too, replaced by Fortified Trolls. That trend was followed by the wizards too, who in turn got Peace-Loving Ghouls around.

Trolls wreaked havoc on the remains of wizards and ghouls were feasting on amazons. The Elves were pretty much left on their own because, well, you can't do much to them.

Wealth Redistribution didn't affect anyone because all the races - Ghouls, Trolls and Elves went in decline that turn. Obviously the upcoming card, "Tough Love" that gave commando ability looked like a promising aspect to all the players...

Well, on round 6 there were Stout Sorcerers (previously Fortified Trolls), Marauding Goblins (Elves earlier) and Bivouacking Humans (ghouls) bidding for some tough love.

Some love fell for the Sorcerers.

Goblins killed all the trolls, though. Sorcerers dealt a payback: 4 elves killed and 5 regions conquered.

Ghouls shuffled away from farmlands they had been roaming in and there was a disgusting alliance of humans and in decline ghouls.

Well, next was Youth Powder in effect. I had my Stout Sorcerers who could go in decline after their full turn of activations. And Youth Powder gave extra points if you went in decline that turn, so the choice was easy.

Other players started scoring about 10 and over points at that point.

I chose Alchemist Tritons as my next weapon.

Necromantic Elixir was auctioned to goblins who went in decline instantly at that turn. Heroic Dwarves was another chosen race.

Mercenaries made it possible for Tritons to beat the humans' teeth in even when they had their camps around in there. Same went for humans too, though. The one and only farm I managed to get was conquered easily back. Also, a collaboration of necromantic goblins and heroic dwarves with mercenaries caused me to lose 4 of my 6 in decline tokens.

Last turn had the Great Curse in effect.

It meant that no-one could use their special power badges, though racial bonuses still applied.

Not much happened, dwarves continued to expand and humans and tritons bickered themselves. In the end the scoreboard was:

Dragonmaster Wizards/Peace-Loving Ghouls/Bivouacking Humans: 83
Commando Orcs/Diplomatic Elves/Marauding Goblins/Heroic Dwarves: 80
Flying Amazons/Fortified Trolls/Stout Sorcerers/Alchemist Tritons 69

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