Friday, December 24, 2010

'tis season to crush nations.

After all the christmassy stuff we played a 3-player Smallworld here in Kuhmo.

We didn't use the Tales and Legends expansion because other players were playing Smallworld for the first time ever (by the way - I with my magnificient 6 game experience managed to get less points than anyone else).

Anyway, the combos were rather interesting from the start.

The first, free choice was Spirit Priestesses which seemed to be insanely good.

After that was Cursed Ratmen.

After Ratmen were Mounted Giants.

So the first player obviously took Spirit Priestesses. I was next in line and took Mounted Giants which in fact seemed like quite awesome race too.

Last player picked up Berserk Halflings.

Halflings picked their first two spots rather unsportingly so that Giants and Priestesses were against each other. Giants could actually only expand to Priestesses territory. There weren't even neutral zones available.

Well, because of such a scheme the Priestesses couldn't do their impossible dream of an awesome unassailable tower that wouldn't go away after second race goes to decline.

The tower wasn't any cool at all, in fact. Only three priestesses. Though that was three points that wouldn't go away easily.

There were six points on Cursed Ratmen at the moment and Priestesses were exchanged to them. The player got lucky and managed to conquer 4 regions with only one go. After only one turn of doing their stuff they were put into decline and Historian Kobolds entered. But that was later in game.

Around that time the Mounted Giants were exchanged for Dragonmaster Goblins and even Halflings didn't feel that berserky any longer and gave way for Ransacking Amazons.

So there was carnage.

Goblins butchered 2 ratmen and 1 halfling and the dragon crumbled Priestesses' tower.

Amazons retaliated and the co-joined efforts of Amazons and Kobolds drove Goblins in decline almost as soon as they entered the fields.

Seafaring Trolls tried to eat as many in decline halflings as they could but it was no good. There were too many even for trolls' insatiable appetite.

Once all the Ratmen were eradicated some Flying Elves arrived.

Ransacking Amazons had taken only a few casualties but they were spread to 8 regions and there were only trolls with their awesome defense and kobolds with their awesome numbers to ransack so they went to decline too. In came Wealthy Humans who got pretty easily two farm fields under their iron heel.

Game was nearing end and all the Goblins had been killed so I decided it was good to put trolls in decline and fight on last round with a fresh combo. I chose Commando White Ladies who had 5 points on them already.

Well. Humans managed to get even one more farm for them.

Then it was time to count the points.

Berserk Halflings/Ransacking Amazons/Wealthy Humans: 97
Spirit Priestesses/Cursed Ratmen/Historian Kobolds/Flying Elves: 88
Mounted Giants/Dragonmaster Goblins/Seafaring Trolls/Commando White Ladies: 81

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