Friday, December 17, 2010

16.12. Nudge of Evil

Yesterday a game of Touch of Evil happened.

Villain proved to be the Banshee and heroes against her were Valeria and Eliza.

Eliza had some inherent bonus against Banshee so things looked nice enough. Banshee did have +1 combat dice against heroes that had less than 4 in Spirit. Valeria's was 2 and Eliza's 3.

Anyway, game started suprising mercifully. For many rounds Shadow Track didn't move at all. However, there was next to no character development on the side of Heroes either as Valeria was ambushed and thus knocked down during mystery phase and Eliza didn't get to do anything useful either.

Valeria found Axe once she got up and went to Echo lake when lucky dice rolls allowed her to go to Inn to heal up some damage. However, that joy didn't last long as the encounter in Inn was "It's a long way down" and Valeria did drop down to Forgotten Island.

Meanwhile Eliza stayed around in town squares and whenever she found her way to corner locations nothing awesome was found. She fought some monsters but got knocked down a few times too many.

Then the Murders started pouring in.

Just in course of very few rounds the Shadow Track was from the safe 8 zone to the first red zone.

Valeria was obviously pretty rich (from gaining investigation from shadow track going down) but Eliza less so.

Heroes had an unused Blood Transfusion and combined with that they were thinking of starting the Showdown in three turns, on to heal at Doctor's, one to train Spirit to 4 and one to visit Blacksmith & start Showdown (Villain's Lair was the Covered Bridge).

But, well.

Banshee had been looking for some time at the pathetic progress of heroes and decided that it's time to put them out of their misery.

Cooperative Mystery Phase Chart: 1, 1. Surprise Showdown.

She one-shotted both heroes so they couldn't escape.

Victory for the Villain!

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