Friday, December 17, 2010

Venethrax decides it's time to get axe piercing

Last game for a little while.

35 point game Cryx versus Khador.

My list was:

- Stalker
- Corruptor
- Harrower

Minimum unit of Bane Thralls
Minimum unit of Bile Thralls
Minimum unit of Mechanithralls
Bane Lord Tartarus
Warwitch Siren

And I was facing, well, let's let the picture speak for itself!

Except, well, that much needs to be said that Vlad represents the original Vlad from prime and the winterguard there are Winterguard Infantry.

Opponent won the starting roll and the board was pretty. Fully painted armies on both sides and terrain placement that wasn't just "what there should be in all equality", it looked like a real random place.

Well, all in all I got bad vibes out of the set up. Winterguard capable of spraying the heck out of any meatwall I could be bringing up and Vlad with his feat outranging my "alpha strike".

Also the psychological effect of two hulking monstrosities there in the center of the board was less than welcoming.

Luckily because of the perspective they don't seem that threatening any more as I'm looking only at the picture.

I tried to close a bit but just out of reach of opponents heavy hitters. Mechanithralls formed a meatwall in front of Tartarus so no random charges would take him out and I measured my full control range so that there should have been around 15.5" in between Venethrax and Beast 09.

But opponent didn't really close in at all.

So I tried to do a bit desperate form of getting into range.

I lined up my stuff and used Venethrax's feat. Now on hindsight I should have gone way closer still. If opponent killed any of my lined-up guys they would turn into cloud effects that would block line of sight to any real targets.

But I was afraid of winterguard infantry and sure, all my troopers would have died if they had been any closer.

Obviously opponent sprayed the front line to death but couldn't do much else. After opponents third turn but before mine the Winterguard had done it again:

And then I can whine a bit about the Corruptor.

If it had been the Slayer (actually for 2 points less!) Beast would probably have been if not totally wrecked, too mauled to do anything good. But I'm getting too much ahead in this...

Anyway, Tartarus cursed the Winterguards and charged them to clear up path for Corruptor to charge Beast. Bane Thralls had moved somewhat forward so I was able to place one of the newly crated thralls with Beast 09 in its melee range. That was -2 arm for Beast there. Sneaky.

I had cast, by the way, Lamentation on the first round of the game and upkept it after that, a trend which continued to the bitter end.

You can't actually see Gorman diWulfe in any of the pictures but hey, he has Stealth and at all times he was farther than 5" away from the camera. But after Warwitch Siren had sprayed two closest Winterguards to death the Harrower moved forwards and shot Gorman that was behind a building.

My Stalker had eaten one of the Great Bears.

And then the failure of Corruptor. Earlier I had tried to make an arc node out of one Winterguard. Failed. Now was Corruptors place to shine. It could get a charge off at the Beast who had -2 arm from Dark Shroud.

Well, damage was impressive, sure, even when one damage roll was double 1's. However, in a way I can't think anything else here in this situation that I had actually paid 2 army points for 2 less initial attacks, loss of access to Combo-Strike and 1 p+s less in normal attacks. Even with the same rolls Beast would have had 2 points more damage in and I'd still be buying two more attacks.

But anyway, the ending is quite clear there in that picture there.

Distance between Drago and Venethrax does look long. But Boundless Charge + Forced March made things ugly.

Well I was at first pretty confident that Drago could not do it but I didn't realise the important fact that Great Bears could charge Corruptor and with their reach stay out of Dragos way. Beast botched its damage roll against Corruptor really good.

But the two remaining bears wrecked it and it looked like only good free strike from Tartarus would save Venethrax as Boundless Charge gives pathfinder during charge.

Well, that wasn't to be, as Vlad had moved out of Lamentation range and cast Signs and Portents.

Greylords moved close enough and sprayed Tartarus to death.

To add an insult to injury the last greylord was in range to cast Ice Cage on Venethrax and succeeded.

Drago activated.

Well, Venethrax can now brag to other Lich Lords about the new piercing he's got.

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