Monday, January 3, 2011

Be not afraid... it's only the necromancer!

Well, got two expansion for the price of, well, two.

The expansion "Be not afraid..." was priced rather horribly high for the content it brings to the game. Only five new races and five new special power badges.

New races look like fun though.

But the new special powers are named quite poorly. For example "Barricade Elves" don't sound good at all. Neither does "Catapult Orcs". I've always thought the special powers define their race somehow. "Hordes of" special power, for example, is a real good example how special power badge defines its attached race.

But Catapult? Sure, the mechanic is nice but the name is bad.

But then, Days of Wonder, the published of Smallworld, has made one other expansion, Necromancer Island, available too. It is a free expansion, though. And I managed to get that one. Here in Finland you could get it from a retail store by buying enough other Smallworld products. "Be not afraid..." was priced high enough that you needed to buy only it and you could then get the Island for free.

Seems a bit weird, though, that such an awesome expansion is given for free. Because it adds new mechanic, play style, to the game. And expands the possible number of players to 6. Expansion like these are what I would rather pay for than new races and badges.

Anyway, looking forward for next game of Smallworld!

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