Saturday, January 29, 2011

"No-one ever gonna steal my gold any longer"

Two-player talisman just finished.

Leprechaun and Prophetess were duking it out this time with random ending.

I'm trying to be brief now, but Leprechaun found the Amulet (immunity to spells) on about second or third round of the game that put a hold on Prophetess' spell recycling.

Prophetess did find Shield of Defiance for her. However, very early in the game she visited the enchantress and managed to roll twice 1, turning into a hideous toad!

She dropped the Shield of Defiance and Leprechaun was more than happy to pick it up into his filthy pockets.

Character progress was slow and both characters fooled around without gaining anything decisive. Point of interest was when Prophetess found Holy Relic and Leprechaun found Profane Relic, making them somehow oppose each other.

Both completed a few warlock quests and picked up rewards, it was nice to see that that new feature is quite usable.

Prophetess got good statistics faster than Leprechaun and had used a spell to dominate a strenght 9 monster to be used in next battle. Before that she had used beast tamer to tame a strenght 2 animal for her. That was +11 strenght in next battle. So no wonder that Prophetess started to look into dungeon...

Leprechaun managed to find himself the +1 strengh & craft ring and Unicorn that gave same bonuses in subsequent turns. Prophetess didn't make it any less, though. She had 9 followers including Defender of Justice and Tunnel Fighter. When we count in the +11 from dominated beasts, lucky charm roll of 6 and a few strenght rises and magical objects she rolled a whopping combat roll of 26 against Lord of Darkness (yeah, she managed to dodge all battles in dungeon!), meaning even if Lord rolled 6 for his combat she would still win the battle with at least 8. So off to the Crown of Command she went, even without a Talisman.

Well, we played random ending and it proved to be Battle Royale.

Leprechaun would have probably bitten the dust without the following disturbingly broken combination of items: Shield of Defiance (if a character attacks you you will have equal total strenght of craft if you have them too low), Sword of Truth (if you roll lower than your opponent in battle your result is changed to 6) and Amulet. That meant Prophetess couldn't manipulate Leprechauns objects with spells and in battle where Prophetess attacks it would either be a stand-off or a victory for Leprechaun because their total strenght was the same and if Leprechaun rolled less than opponent it would come out as a 6.

Leprechaun had Craft 9 versus Prophetess Craft 7 also so she couldn't realistically win even using Craft (in Battle Royale everyone can decide which stat to use).

Anyway, the jolly Leprechaun won the battle.

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