Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pain is good when you play Skorne

Today we played a 35 point game, my Skorne against Khador, lists are what you can see in the following picture.

Soon enough I need to count how many times I've lost the starting roll in a streak.

Just yesterday I finished my whole unit of praetorian swordsmen, finally. Yet it seemed I still had some bad karma because of my few unpainted models.


On with the game. Advancing was really, really cautious from my side throughout the game. Both Winterguard Infantry with their horrible sprays and the bowling Devastator were aspects I have already grown quite a dread against.

Opponent stayed far back too. Not much to tell about that as you can see the first rounds movements there. Superiority was cast on Devastator and opponent put Sentry on one of the mortars.

I made an arc node out of my Bronzeback and Aptimus cast Death March on swordsmen. You can see the one daring praetorian there tempting his fate.

Anyway, I moved my Thrullg too close to enemy lines.

One of the Man-O-Wars charged my poor Thrullg and decimated it. Also two Winterguard fellows marched as far as they could and sprayed my Bloodrunner Master Tormentor to death (she had already taken two blasts from mortars that weren't even directed at her... curse the deviations!)

Not much happened then on my turn. I don't know what I could have even done. I managed to kill the man-o-war that killed my Thrullg and the lone, fate-tempting bravo killed the two winterguards who had killed master tormentor.

Then it was Strakhov's feat turn.

First Man-o-Wars came and tried to make leaf steaks out of my poor little elephant. And with a damage roll of 5, 5, 6, 6 they did pretty good job. However, the bugger didn't die and left a half-dead carcass for Marauder to slam to death. Which it did. Feralgeist jumped to the husk of Bronzeback.

Devastator engaged as many praetorians as possible and tried to skewer them with Rain of Death. Only the one who was in base-to-base contact with it died, though.

Winterguard Infantry became fearless and tough when they formed a meatwall in front of Strakhov.

Then it seemed like I really needed to strike down the warcaster in the alchemical mask. I couldn't win any kind of attrition any longer. So it was my chance to shine!

I did have an evil cunning plan, though!

Aptimus made my basilisk krea into an arc node for Hexeris. Then Hexeris moved forward, used feat and beat one of the man-o-wars to death, releasing basilisk from melee. It did take two of Hexeris' fury though because some bad rolls were involved.

Then he launched Obliteration at the Winterguard formation and it was kinda brutal thing.

The winterguard who passed their tough rolls became auto-hit targets for the ones who didn't.

Then I failed Basilisk Drake's activation. It didn't manage to kill the man-o-war in front of it, not even with two damage boosted attacks that hit home.

Orin Midwinter threw Arc Lighting to clear even more path for my praetorians. Well, I did have 3 arcs. But it was more like an arc of knockdown, as everyone passed their tough rolls (even the officer who took in a damage roll of 5, 6).

Then the praetorians charged with their MAT of 8. Only two scored got a charge in against Strakhov and one managed to side-step in contact with him.

Not-too-cool damage rolls resulted in around 5 damage to Strakhov. The other charging praetorian even missed. So that was it for me, then.

Then it was opponents turn to finish me off. I had to move my Bronzeback as far as I could so I could move Hexeris to try a desperate win. Well, only thing that resulted from that maneuver was that the poor little undead elephant was smashed again into the very same wall that had killed it earlier. I tried to position Feralgeist so the man-o-wars wouldn't be able to come and kill my then-knocked-down Hexeris but there are limits in what a spirit can block.

First damage roll: 11 points in. Second: about the same.

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