Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interlude: Werewolf beats some heroes in lack of better things to do

Continuing board game streak here in Hankasalmi we played two games of Touch of Evil.

We played two games because we lost the first game on the second round of the game. How it happened: Tide of Darkness spawned 2 Feral Kins to South Dock and Monastery. Second round: Suprise Showdown at North Dock.

Heroes involved were Katarina the Outlaw and Morgan Harlow. Morgan was beat in the first round of the game but Katarina survived because she had found the dog ally from Olde Woods.

Because we didn't find a real answer if Katarina could escape to Forgotten Island we decided that the same rule applied to retreating to Forgotten Island as retreating from it. That meant Katarina needed to roll 4+ to be able to escape. She didn't.

She survived another round, however. Tried to escape again. Didn't.

Game 2:

Because we lost so embarrassingly the first game we decided to play another with the same heroes and same villain because the first try couldn't even be called a game.

That game went on for quite a bit longer.

Morgan managed to get Tools of Science early in the game and someone drew an event that raised Katarinas combat rating to 3. Beating Feral Kin wasn't too hard, but there was one Rat Nest that deserves a mention.

First, Morgan goes to clean it with 5 combat dice. He is knocked down eventhough he had 4 wounds.

Then, on the same round, Katarina tries to continue the job Morgan had failed. She even used her Book of Riddles to add her Cunning to her combat, giving her 8 dice. No wounds to rat nest.

Rats slowly gnaw Katarina to one wound remaining and Katarina decides it's best to retreat as the game ends when all heroes are knocked down.

Soon after this Morgan starts to get amazing amounts of investigation points. Some mystery events had placed quite a lot of cards to discard piles already so it was time to see what all could be invented from a horse and a map. We found out that they're enough for a sabre, a book and a woodmans coat.

Then things went awry. Shadow Track was there in like 11-12 so we decided we're aiming to start Showdown as soon as possible, especially because we drew the card "Something Wicked" that gave the werewolf +2 wounds every 3 turns and lowers the shadow track by 2.

Next turn, all hell broke loose.

Even after few Lies and Deceits we had two promising village elders free from the taint of evil and no evil elders, though one was dead.

One Lies and Deceit later we got four evil elders, two of whom had the Darkest Secret. We counted the total combat and total wounds Werewolf had and we were not happy. 13 dice in combat and 26 or so wounds.

We managed to buy the Lair. It happened to be the Forgotten Island and we were hiding in the village squares.

Both heroes tried to run to manor to use the secret passageway but to no avail. Just in course of very few round the shadow track went from about the middle of the track to zero.

Heroes didn't even get to the showdown.

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