Sunday, January 30, 2011

Epilog: Villains humiliate heroes more than once

Today we played two cooperative games of Touch of Evil. We played two because, well, we got time before my friend had to catch a train, reason behind a new game wasn't as embarrassing as yesterday.

Anyway, on to the game reports!

Game 1:

Delion Dryad versus Isabella von Took and Anne-Marie the School Teacher.

This game isn't any longer in fresh memory.

Isabella started faring on her own early in the game. She got a crossbow from monastery items and the burning censer, meaning she rolled 6 dice against the Living Trees and if any roll was 6, additional hit would be scored. And because of her special ability to ignore wounds by spending Investigation she became a whirlwind of... well, wooden splinters? And didn't knock down not even once during the whole game.

Anne-Marie wasn't that lucky. She started out quite well and managed to get enough Investigation to get one book and the torch from town items but then she started getting knocked down and losing investigation other ways.

Honorable mention of being absolutely hilarious is awarded to Doctor Manning. Manning scored three secrets from different sources and last one came from Lies and Deceit, meaning they were all revealed. But all were good secrets or little secrets.

Then the mystery card Traitor's Blood was drawn and the responsibility to kick a town elder in front of attacking villain fell to Anne-Marie, who was already short on investigation markers. Doctor Manning died there.

Then, not many rounds later, double 6's were rolled in cooperative chart and behold! Doctor Manning stumbles back to life.

Later stages of the game Traitor's Blood was drawn again and the only elders remaining were Lord Hanbrook (Honor 6), Sophie the Midwife (Honor 5) and Doctor Manning (Honor 2). Choice wasn't too difficult as you lose as much investigation as the one you choose to be killed has honor.

Doctor Manning, dead again.

And then Anne-Marie performs Blood Transfusion, bringing him back to life.

To complete the story of Doctor Manning I go a bit ahead in the chronology. Doctor Manning had only one enchantment token from Delion Dryad when showdown started. He was designated as the one who needed to test if he was enchanted.

Of course he fails it and turns into evil elder.

And he dies third time in the showdown. Doctor died three times during the game by the heroes hands.

Anyway, the shadow track was already in the red zone when all 6 living trees were on board, meaning a rapid dropping of shadow track in the future. Also all wolves were on board too.

As a future mental (or now, electronic!) note you really need to dedicate someone to kill minions with Delion Dryad. There aren't that many wolf tokens and only six trees too. It's an illusion to think that wolves are easy and there's always time to chop the trees down.

Anyway, shadow track reached the spot 1 when heroes managed to start the showdown and Isabella had to start it alone as Anne-Marie had been knocked down earlier.

Isabella did pretty impressive damage on Dryad, though. She managed to stay around for two fight rounds and got insane amounts of dice both times and brough Dryad down to 6 wounds before she succumbed to the brambling vines and other nasty things.

Dryad had 21 wounds. Had Anne-Marie only been there even for just one fight round things could have been different...

Game 2:

Volgovian Nutcracker vs. The Scarlet Shadow & Heinrich the Drifter

Game against the Nutcracker was really a game of highs and downs as well as awesome storylines.

The Christmas Caravan started at the Crossroads, which is exactly the same space where Heinrich starts his game. A lone drifter comes to town exactly the same moment as the menacing caravan... I can't bring myself to believe it is a coincidence!

Scarlet Shadow rolled 6 for his move in the first round and opted to go to Inn to get some investigation easily. Which he did. He drew a card where he had to make spirit + honor test 6+, gaining 3 investigation from all 6's rolled. He rolled 4 of them.

Heinrich rolled well for his move too and got himself to the Inn too and that was quite story too... heroes meeting for the first time in the Inn, two outcasts who sense all is not well with the caravan.

Then Toy Soldiers are spawned in the Inn and they knock Heinrich down and shoo Scarlet Shadow away too because he didn't dare to risk getting knocked down. Bar's closed!

After this the game went pretty weird.

Both heroes raked in amazing amounts of investigation points and the shadow track speeded down like crazy too.

For example, it was quite early in game when the shadow track moved to new stage TWICE in the same mystery phase, meaning that four monsters were spawned!

Scarlet Shadow was also possessed by a demon that attacked him in the Monastery, by the way. His game after that was almost fighting an enemy on his own turn and fighting again some other enemy that happened to spawn on him during the mystery phase, getting knocked down but still beating the monster. So he got nicely investigation points too but there was little other character development.

Heinrich, on the other hand, got insane amounts of investigation points. He did have the Party Invitation which made him gain some investigation every time the event from the villain chart was rolled but somehow he just couldn't stop himself from getting richer and richer. At one point he even bought Silver Bullets and Pistol in the same round and was still left with lots of investigation!

But as has been noted, the game was fast and brutal and heroes were in hurry to start Showdown.

Scarlet Shadow started it by using Old Map he had bought.

Magistrate Kroft proved to be a huge asset in this fight as he had Inner Strenght, was Reluctant Hero and the villain was a Construct. He seemed to have been swayed by the staggering amount of leads Heinrich got and assisted as well as he could... also, by playing right cards and everything we really got Heinrich rolled a whopping 17 dice where every 6 rolled dealt additional hit.

Well, only 1 six was scored and the rolls were pretty lame otherwise too.

Also, heroes didn't have any kind of wound preventing events or other cards.

Villain rolled well enough to kill both heroes with just one blow.

Combined efforts left the Nutcracker standing with 13 wounds, which wasn't really a heroic effort.

Victory for the villain seventh time in a row!

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