Monday, January 10, 2011

Double Trouble (I'm trying to win the lamest headline award in case there is one)

I played two rather entertaining games today. Both seemed to drag on endlessly but eventually the other bastard was killed.

I played both games with Circle of Orboros.

Opponent played Khador and Cygnar. Cygnar was a new journey for him and included plenty of proxy models. I was supposed to take a little less pictures from that game but, well, it was a really long game and will be explained a lot easier with including the pics so... enjoy.

Anyway, first game was Morvahna versus Strakhov.

Opponent won starting roll, actually opponent won both starting rolls... I think I whined about this in my last game and it's really starting to look like a tendency. Not winning the start.

But, well, for Circle it's actually a good thing if you have Lord of the Feast around.

This picture was taken from the second round of the game, my half, before rolling dice. I attached another picture that had the Lord's attacks rolled.

Iron Fang pikemen failing their Command 10 re-rolled terror test was just an insult to injury.

However, before we counted in the War Dog Strakhov had taken 10 damage in already too. But we had to backtrack that one because it actually didn't happen. What a shame.

Well, to be honest, Strakhov had there and then a rather nasty target for Overrun shenanigans. I had cast Restoration on Lord of the Feast though so it had Arm 19 and 8 damage boxes.

Iron Fang pikemen rallied.

Then Greylords charged Lord of the Feast and did some little damage.

Strakhov cast overrun on himself and went on and butchered my lord, overrunning himself closer to my lines. There he used his feat and then sprinted off closer to his lines again, making it sure everything he needed was in range of his feat.

Man-o-Wars charged and two of them cleared my meatwall I had build up in front of my Gnarlhorn Satyr and other two killed one of my shifting stones and two of my bloodweavers.

Then Marauder charged my Gnarlhorn satyr and used its Combo-Smite, slamming the slamming king of Warmachine/Hordes, getting even super slam in because it had the focus to boost and gnarlhorn contacted terrain. It also contacted Morvahna who got luckily only 5 or so points in from the collateral damage but still...

Gnarlhorn lost some aspect, don't remember which because it was healed soon enough.

Then my turn happened.

All I managed to do that turn was to wreck off the Marauder with considerable effort (I had to use Gorax's animus on Gnarlhorn and even come scraping the paintjob with it) and then Gnarlhorn beat it up real good. However, it didn't die.

Wolves of Orboros used their minifeat and charged off the nearly destroyed Marauder, wrecking it.

Bloodweavers and remaining Wolves killed three of the Man-o-Wars and Morvahna was just scared.

I teleported one of my shifting stones as Gnarlhorn's chew toy for the upcoming frenzy.

Opponent then killed off my poor Gorax. Picture, it seems, has been from the middle of turn, not from the end of it... because Strakhov sprinted to safety after finishing my ugly monkey.

Iron Fang pikemen killed some Wolves. Didn't really concern me as I had Regrowth on them...

On my next turn Gnarlhorn toppled off my beautiful stones in rage.

I brought back something like four Wolves and it seemed likely I would use my feat this turn.

This picture hasn't been taken from the end of the turn either it seems... oh well.

Anyway, bloodweavers and the lone Wolf of Orboros failed to kill the last Man-o-War standing but otherwise things went pretty nice. All of the pikemen were killed by Wolves and blasts from Morvahna's feat.

Opponent had only two greylords remaining when he decided to pull all-or-nothing run with Strakhov. He charged my Gnarlhorn after spraying some wolves who were standing in his way.

He killed it and sprinted next to Morvahna. At this point I actually didn't feel too worried as Strakhov had taken damage in from my feat and had only 11 health left. He did, however, boost his powerfield for effective armor 19.

I brought back 3 Wolves of Orboros, facing Strakhov. I had three fury left, I was counting on boosting to hit and boosting to damage and leaving one fury left for transferring damage with Harrow.

However... it was not destined to be.

Morvahna hit just fine, no problems there. Then I just had to roll 8 with 3 dice.

Well, you can guess, botched it.

Then I tried a desperate assassination with my three brought back Wolves but they brought only 2 points in, combined.

If we're playing "if" game... If I had rolled even 10 with my damage against Strakhov with Morvahna Strakhow would have been left with 6 hit points only, meaning he could have easily killed himself if he tried to damage Morvahna.

Well, at least the last moments were a bit too thrilling!

But then, onwards.

Game 2

My list:

Cassius & Wurmwood
- Megalith
- Woldwyrd

Wolves of Orboros + Unit Attachment
Swamp Gobbers bellows crew
Shifting Stones
Lord of the Feast

And opponent had

Epic Haley
- Defender

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + Officer
Gorman diWulfe
Junior Warcaster
- Hunter

Here I was supposed to take less pictures.

But taking them almost a bit too much began at the 2nd turn of my opponents when arrogant and stupid Gorman diWulfe marched as far as he could, threw Black Oil at my Woldwyrd, missed and the deviation missed Woldwyrd but it landed exactly on my Cassius!

Also, that was exactly the turn where epic Haley used her dreadful feat. All my army was under it. Everything and all.

That wasn't the only thing Haley did, no. She also accelerated her Defender close enough to kill Lord of the Feast (which, honestly, could have done real bad stuff for opponents low model count army...)

Well, as I have said it was a proxied game so I entered into this picture what proxies what for ease of a possible random spectator.

Then Haley herself shot off a Time Bomb that fell short but killed three Wolves. Well, I had four souls for my Wurmwood, then...

Next I just had to navigate through Haleys feat. Woldwyrd was close enough to shoot Gorman for fifth soul on Wurmwood.

Megalith shot Strangleroot to Defender and goblins put up their cloud.

Wolves ran as much forward as they could to tie up enemy army.

There was a curious turn after that though.

All but the Wolves of Orboros chieftain were brutally mauled, sliced, annihilated or otherwise destroyed or killed. They even failed their re-rollable command of 8 that came from massive casualties (when it was called for the flag was still up).

Maybe that isn't as awesome as failing a re-rollable command 10, but still.

Hunter did some little damage to Megalith.

Then I was anticipating what I could do with a warlock that was filled up with 11 fury.

Well, Swamp Gobbers took the offensive course of action then. They ran next to Defender to block its possible advance.

But about those 11 fury. This is what I did.

I moved Cassius forward. I cast Unseen Path and brought Wurmwood where you can see it. Then I cast Unseen Path again and put Cassius up there somewhere. I shot a Hellmouth at one of the Gun Mages that was offering its back arc to Cassius.

Managed to hit and plenty of people were killed. Four gun mages and some damage to Haley. Then I cast Unseen Path one more time and teleported Cassius to safety (yeah, I burned 6 fury to movement!) and used Cassius' feat.


I did even have Woldwyrd's animus on on my feat turn. But still, Haley just backed off and pulled out all her movement shenanigans. It resulted in Defender moving within shooting range of Wurmwood who didn't have even single soul on.

First shot dealt 14 damage in to Cassius. Second one dealt only 3. Still, Cassius was then afterwards sitting with 3 hit points...

My brave swamp gobbers were tying up things up there in the front line of enemy and Wolves chieftain had taken a damage point in too from random shootings but still, two gobbers and a lone officer were mixing up the plans around Haley.

Then I tried to give some payback in form of Megalith and Woldwyrd and Cassius with Stranglehold. After all the beating Defender was left with one damage point in melee arm.

Opponent did anything in his power to destroy Woldwyrd. Hunter and the remains of Defender tried to destroy it but it lost only some aspect which I again don't remember because stones healed it.

Cassius tried to come and shoot another Stranglehold at Defender, needing to roll 8 on 3 dice to wreck it and leave all sorts of things to do for my beasts. But no. Cassius threw a lame duck at Defender and Wurmwood rolled its eyes and pulled Cassius back to woods to safety as apparently he could only get himself killed with any certainty.

So in the end I had to use Megalith to destroy Defender.

Stones healed my constructs and Woldwyrd gave good damage in to Hunter, dropping its ranged weapon.

Then it seems I haven't taken pictures for one round. Anyway, Hunter moved to beat Woldwyrd in melee but didn't succeed. Cassius charged Hunter from woods and wrecked it himself, then casting Unseen Path to come back.

There was a real thrill around when Gun Mage officer shot Wurmwood twice. Ignoring stealth, missing only on double ones and killing Cassius if he rolled at least 9 on one damage roll or 7 and 8 on two damage rolls. Cassius had one fury left for transfering damage but Megalith was forced to full and Woldwyrd had only few boxes left, which Haley herself dismantled with a fully boosted Time Bomb.

No damage in for Cassius from Gun Mage officer.

And then Haley was too close.

I tried to charge now-exposed Junior Warcaster with my heroic Wolves of Orboros chieftain who had actually been even damaged twice during the game and hadn't still died! Well, attack hit home but dealt only 4 points in, not enough to kill Junior. Reason for doing this was the fact that it had cast Arcane Shield on Haley.

Then I brought Cassius as forward as I could and was within range to cast one fully boosted Stranglehold on Haley. That gave 9 points in.

Well, I was quite certain I could kill her easily enough with three attacks that would give good debuff to defense after first hit.

First claw, 9 on 3 dice. Miss.

Another claw, 9 on 3 dice. Miss.

Now I was certain I would lose to dice screw.

I could buy one more attack and boost the hit. Claw hit Haley.

And damage was more than enough to kill her. She had taken 4 damage earlier from Hellmouth as well as the damage Cassius gave to her just this last turn.

Anyway, Megalith smashed her to ground with the resulting damage roll.

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