Saturday, September 27, 2014

Once you drink paladin's blood, no other blood will satisfy you

The last game today was a four player game of Dungeon Lords.

It was quite exciting to see how it would play with four human players, because the NPDL (non-player dungeon lord) is so random after all.

Since I was the only player who had played the game before, we didn't use the full rules.

To try something new, and to possibly rid myself of unfair advantages I decided that I would trigger the Paladin in this game and plan around it - not trying to lose, but to win with extra points from paladins. Big promises, grand words.

You could see the difference between three player and four player games. Certain orders seemed to pile up in some turns, and a lot more minions were sitting on the cards than in three player games.

But then... my boast. Uh.

First year I failed miserably with any and all goals I had with the Paladin - well, I did succeed in one goal, though. I managed to get him come to my dungeon. Well, and I did also kill him, but I didn't have enough resources to wipe out the entire party. So it was four conquered tiles that year.

Second year went a little better. Except that I kind of accidentally triggered the paladin again. Well, I wouldn't have had to, but I thought that what the heck. Might as well try.

I was relying heavily on traps, as I had the trap producing workspace. First year had actually went so horribly, because there was a thief with two trap damage blocks, plus the two from Paladin... so I made every possible action to dodge all incoming thieves. This called for some really desperate actions. Such as reaching the Ultimate Evil space on evil-o-meter.

I didn't have any healers or thieves in my adventuring party, well, except the paladin who is them all.

Adventurers were lead to anti-magic room, where I tried to stall them as long as possible. And it worked quite well, paladin and wizard both died in the anti-magic room. I was happy with that performance.

Then we started counting points, and even recorded hand clapping with a mobile device, playing it whenever a title was announced for a player.

I had the exclusive title of The Lord of Dark Deeds and a shared title of Monsterlord.

But however evil I was, jailing two paladins didn't make up for the loss of, what, eight tunnels an rooms... I definitely took a little bit too much for me in this game. I was last on the scoreboard. Which was, by the way:

Winner: 22
The rest: 14, 13 and 12.

So stay out of paladin's blood, kids. It ruins your career.

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