Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ending my new career (as a Dungeon Lord)

This morning a third game of Dungeon Lords was played.

We had three players again, plus the yellow guy. Actually the yellow player was different than in last game - it was no other than Eeyore.

First year event was VIP visit, which didn't cause problems for anyone. Second year event, however, was Earthquake that is bound to have a real effect, as two tunnels (or rooms, if you wish...) are collapsed.

In third game players started to manipulate the Evil-o-Meter more than earlier - previously it was mostly avoiding to attract paladin, but first real attempts to get the right adventurers were made now.

Oh. And the demon made first appearance now (and saved my arse, or whatever counts as an arse for a dungeon lord).

It's too early to say, but I think I'm falling in love with this game.

Scores were something like 23, 13-16 and 11, and again the winner got tons of titles. Perhaps it tends to go that way at least in three player game? Or is it just lack of experience?

Game lasted almost exactly two hours. I wonder how much fourth player will add to this?

Since this game doesn't have that much direct player interaction it's difficult to write any meaningful description of the games. But don't get me wrong, Dungeon Lords is full of indirect player interaction, so it doesn't feel at all like you're playing solitaire and then count points and see who won. No. Far from that.

In fact CGE has found a pretty damn good mechanics where you can, should and will affect other players, but nobody will feel like all the blows are aimed at him or her, because after all it's just blind guess work when and where you put your minions. At least in three player games, where the fourth player will be a completely random spoilsport.

But it was the last game for now.

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