Saturday, September 13, 2014


Finally complete.

GR 77 Sectopod, who will use rules of Plague Strider in games of Deadzone.

All things considered I think it turned out well and has some resemblance to the original. At least more than the Chryssalids I finished a while ago. However, it annoys me a little that there is nothing from the real Strider miniature here. I'd like to use as much pieces from original models as possible (some kind of perverted loyalty to the game I play, caused by Privateer Press' conversion policies? No idea, really.)

The miniature I used as the base was Grymn Walker from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Front should be more curved and the somethings above Sectopod's weapons should also be larger. The amount of milliputty I had to use was intimidating, and I decided not to try to go for 1:1 look-a-like, as it wouldn't have ever finished, and the whole model would have looked like Sectopod's behind.

As a side note... trying to find a view of Sectopod that shows it's back was a real challenge that tooks hours.

For funsies I took a picture where I tried to include all aliens finished so far, but blind as a I am, I somehow managed to leave one muton and celatid too far to the right.

Oh well.

It's over 100 points painted Plague for now. I tried to do an accurate calculation, but those damn Apocalypse Spitters made it impossible, as I don't know what they would represent in game. Also I don't know if I should count the plague hounds in or not. Meh. My personal first world problems.

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