Monday, September 22, 2014

Distress (of sorts)

And then the last game.

I'm not actually sure how I feel about this.

Damn you, modern technology! You're making my (non)life difficult!

Ahem. Well, anyway, we played one game of Small World 2 on a tablet. It's a digital replica of the board game. It had the base game and Be Not Afraid... expansion. My problem here is that am I obliged to write it up on this blog? After all I do count all the Warmachine games I've played on Vassal if I'm using models that I physically own.

I guess.

I guess it counts as a board game session, especially when all of us were present during play.

So I'll be using this post to compare the experiences a bit.

First, the game was played while we were eating pancakes. That's just not possible with the physical board, at least in any good and safe way.

Since everyone played their turn and passed the tablet on there was a lot less analyzing the situation during opponents turn, and planning beforehand. But that's not necessarily a bad thing - it's just a different thing. The user interface is pretty good, and game play is fast. Really fast. It took perhaps a little over half an hour to play a three player game - all the while eating pancakes.

It's probably perfect for practicing Smallworld, too. As it's an exact 1:1 replica, there is no content that isavailable in the digital play only, or vice versa. It definitely has its place and occasions to exist. Oh, and this one is a bit of a personal perversion of mine... it also has awesome statistics tha is practically impossible to keep track of in board game play.

It tells how long a race was scoring, maximum and minimum points you scored with a race in a turn and also favorite victim.

I copied some statistics from the end screen. This was the final scoreboard along with details:

1. Pillaging Amazons/Forest Trolls/Flying Dwarves: 93
- Amazons: Maximum points in a turn 15, minimum 3, 33 points total.
- Trolls: Maximum 9, minimum 3, total 36.
- Dwarves: Maximum 10, minimum 6, total 24.

Favourite victim: Player 3.

2. Swamp Pixies/Commando Leprechauns/Heroic Pygmies: 92
- Pixies: Maximum 14, minimum 6, total 62. Amazing total.
- Leprechauns: Maximum 6, minimum 1, total 18.
- Pygmies: Maximum 7, minimum 5, total 12.

Favourite victim: Player 3.

3. Underworld Barbarians/Mercenary Halflings/Wealthy Giants: 76
- Barbarians: Maximum 9, minimum 1, total 32.
- Halflings: Maximum 8, minimum -1, total 29.
- Wealthy Giants: Maximum 8, minimum 6, total 14.
Favourite victim: Player 2.

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