Sunday, September 7, 2014

What trolls and imps and... oh my!

Actually this should have been written in Thursday 4th of September, but I felt moral obligation to write last games of Warmachine in first.

But anyway, I bought a new board game last Thursday called the Dungeon Lords.

Idea seems weird and lovely twisted - you're the evil overlord building underground dungeon, and some annoying goodie good heroes are attempting to do good things (ie, loot your treasures).

Rules look really complex and deep, probably a little bit too complex for random gatherings. I have this fear that Dungeon Lords needs a dedicated gaming group. But we'll see.

Also I thought that there would have been imp miniatures you can paint to match player colors. Well, yeah, there are imp miniatures, but there's not much point in painting them, since everyone uses same stack of imps.


  1. So is it like Dungeon Keeper the Board Game?
    I'm in.

    My friend, who just loves DK, recently moved to Jyväskylä, so he might also be interested.

    And if the rumors hold true, the 2nd shipment will arrive by 23rd of this month.

  2. I'd be very suprised if original Dungeon Keeper wasn't one of the major inspirations for the game. But I don't understand... they left out the Dark Mistress equivalent!

  3. Hmph, political correctness my @$$. They clearly don't tolerate the BDSM culture :P