Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An arm and a leg. And a kidney.

It was a terrible thing to do to give me a board game coupon at the local gaming shop, where after ten stamps I get a discount voucher.

I already get fixated on completing every conceivable collectable set, and this was no exception.

So instead of one expansion, I came home with three expansions for different, just to get more stamps. And because I knew that eventually I would buy those expansions anyway, so why not get all of them right away?

Well, eating something other than macaroni with salt for the rest of the month might have been a good reason.

First I got the Woodland expansion for Talisman. Usually I review new purchases a little, but I think I'm skipping on that part now. Too many packages to look into in any kind of detail. But I did take a look at the new characters for Talisman. Fantasy Flight Games has been steadily moving away from the mundane and traditional hero archetypes for Talisman, but Woodlands raised the bar there. Ancient Oak (treant) and Leywalker (who escaped from Avatar?) seem a little weird. Not entirely bad design choice, just weird.

All characters, however, do have interesting token mechanics. They're first characters that come with bits and bobs other than their character sheet.

Next expansion was the Festival Season for Dungeon Lords.

I took only a quick look through the various tiles, but what I saw filled me with dread. It seems that adventurer parties will consist of four heroes, and there is an extra battle round. There were also entirely new type of adventurer, the bard. Bards temporarily increase hit points of party members.

Considering I've only played four games of Dungeon Lords by now, I think I'm not going to force anyone to play with Festival Season just yet, and only add the game elements in to the base game that work without difficulties.

Last and least, I got Unfortunate Expeditions expansion for Gloom. I got all expansions for Gloom now, but I've heard that the Cthulhu Gloom is compatible with original Gloom...

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