Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year 2011 in painting

So, I made a new year's resolution to beat my last years painting. Today is the last day to take a look on that.

My new years resolution for 2011 had an extra clause: I was to go to a tournament using Circle of Orboros. I went to Ropecon warmachine/hordes tournament, so I succeeded there.

Now, a summary of my paintings:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous
Reaper/Slayer/Malice/Erebus magnetised kit
3x Scrap Thralls
"Baselift", meaning repainting bases to look a bit nicer.


Dominar Rasheth
Cyclops Shaman
6x Cataphract Cetrati
4x Praetorian Swordmen
Aptimus Marketh
Extoller Soulward
Flayer Cannon

Circle of Orboros:
Wold Guardian
Reeve Hunter
Tharn Ravager Chieftain
Stone Keeper

Totem Hunter
Lanyssa Ryssyll

Couple of barrel obstacles
Overturned pillar
Three pieces of craters

6x When Darkness Comes miniatures
6x Talisman miniatures

Now, last year I painted only two heavy warjacks/warbeasts and Wurmwood, that were on large base. This year I painted five.

Last year I painted only two medium based models too, but they were both warcasters: Lich Lords Venethrax & Asphyxious. This year I painted thirteen of them. Nice gain there.

2010 seemed to be the year of small based models, as I painted 25 of them. Now there will be some tough competition, let's see... Only fourteen of them this year. But as I had a nice surplus from medium based models, it seems that I painted quite a bit more Warmachine/Hordes models this year.

Other models, then.

Board-game sized playing pieces weren't written up in too much detail in 2010, so I guess that I painted around 20 Talisman & Touch of Evil miniatures.

This year I did only 12 of such pieces, but I'm quite sure that terrain pieces I did this year make up for at least 8 tiny miniatures.

I think I can say that I succeeded in my new years resolution.

I'll refrain myself from making a resolution for 2012, because looks like it will be quite a busy year. But I'd like to get to play Talisman & Touch of Evil a little more.

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