Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"My Malice never fails" ... and neither does Gorman!

Today my internet connection was merciful enough to let me play a game of Warmachine on Vassal. I've spent a couple of last days painting a couple of Skorne models while visiting my parents. Once my friend left for his home town, I can pretty safely say that I doubt that here are warmachine hobbyists within at least a radius of 80 kilometres.

We played a 35 point game.

My list was:

Goreshade the Bastard
- Seether
- Malice
- Ripjaw
- Stalker

Maximum unit of Drudges
Orin Midwinter
Gorman diWulfe
Necrotech & Scrap Thrall
3x Scrap Thralls
Warwitch Siren

And opponent was playing with Protectorate of Menoth:

Amon ad-Raza
- 3x Dervish
- Repenter
- Templar

Minimum unit of Choir of Menoth
Maximum unit of Holy Zealots + Monolith Bearer
Allegiant of Order of Fist
Vassal Mechanik

And, needless to say, opponent won the starting roll, despite me rolling 5.

Action started right away on turn 2, when Templar combined with Mobility was just able to charge Seether. Two hits and Cortex was gone, the most important of Seether's systems to be honest.

Holy Zealots had spell ward on them and used Greater Destiny. They started flinging bombs, but scratched only Drudges a couple of times (heya, Mechanithralls wouldn't have survived those!) and killed one scrap thrall.

On my turn Templar was wrecked by Ripjaw and Seether that were affected by Shadowmancer again. Seether had been repaired by Necrotech, after which Warwitch Siren allocated a focus to it.

I tried to dodge Zealots' warding by launching Orin's lightning at the back of a Scrap Thrall that was parked close to Zealots, but managed to roll only 1 arc. It was kinda trade-off there too. Other than that, Drudges and one scrap thrall just ran to tie up zealots.

Then, Amon feated and choir sang hymns of battle to every warjack around.

Farthest Dervish tried to walz through Cryxian front line to start beating Malice, but missed second initial attack on Seether. Closer Dervish did the same, but attacked Ripjaw and tried to pull off side-stepping shenanigans to reach Stalker. But second initial attack missed again.

However, after Allegiant charged Seether, I had lost two of my warjacks.

Zealots had sunk to a battle with no end against Drudges and scrap thrall. Scrap thrall took three zealots with it though. Good use of 0.33 points I think.

On my next turn Gorman threw black oil on one of the Dervishes, who was attacked by Goreshade himself and focusless Stalker.

Malice took aiming bonus and tore the other Dervish to pieces and was left with two focus after that.

Drudges engaged more zealots and continued their tradition of missing every single attack roll in a game. Orin Midwinter rolled double 1's to attack roll with lighting.

But if one thing need to be said of Drudges this time - though they missed about every roll, they knew how to survive. Two out of three injured passed their tough rolls.

Amon spammed Mobility with the help of Hierophant again, and Reclaimer had helped to fully load Repenter too, and Amon had himself loaded up the remaining Dervish. Choir of Menoth sang battle hymns...

Remaining Dervish made a combo-strike at Stalker and one-shotted it. Eww. Then it side-stepped next to Warwitch Siren and with a lucky strike it killed her too.

Repenter advanced a bit short to start flailing at Malice, but as there were no reach enemies around, it opted to spray instead. It targetted Goreshade, but luckily the Cryxian warcaster was just out of range.

Then it looked like Goreshade was about to use Dark Summons. First Gorman threw Rust Bomb at Dervish that was engaging Goreshade, and then Goreshade used his feat. He advanced a bit and beat up whatever was left of the Dervish. Because he had a nice surplus of Focus, he cast Shadowmancer to ease up Malice's work at Repenter.

As the Allegiant had run up to engage Orin Midwinter, I tried to counter Allegiants high defense by running Deathwalker close by. It worked fine, but Orin did not. He missed horribly.

Also, Malice messed up his attacks against Repenter. Luckily he brought down its flame thrower, but the melee weapon at the moment posed a bigger threat.

Charging Bane Thralls dispatched last Dervish.

Then the game went weird.

Allegiant charged Deathwalker and killed it. Then what was left of Zealots charged Orin Midwinter, and killed him. Choir moved forward and sang battle hymns to Repenter, and Reclaimer filled it with focus.

Repenter started flailing at Malice, almost wrecking it. Only system that actually broke was Cortex, but that was enough to drop it out of game for next round.

Last but not least Vassal Mechanic and Amon ad-Raza charged Bane Thralls. Hierophant gave harmonious exaltation to Amon, who then cast Mobility on himself. He got five bane thralls under thresher attack, but rolled poorly and only three died. Vassal Mechanic then charged closest bane thrall, but didn't manage to kill it. Amon was left with five focus on him, which meant def 16 arm 19 elusive nut to crack.

I did, however, have undamaged Gorman diWulfe at my disposal.

Bane Thralls tried to beat up the monk, but all failed to hit.

After that Gorman threw black oil to the gathering and blinded whole melee. Then Goreshade with 7 focus charged in. It was quite amusing how difficult it proved for a MAT 7 p+s 14 caster to kill a blind monk without warcaster amor. Amon wasn't finished until Goreshade had only two focus left.

Hero for this match must be either Allegiant or Gorman diWulfe. Gorman diWulfe threw two black oils and one rust bomb at important targets during the game and didn't die, and even survived one epic flamethrower attack. However, Allegiant survived actual attacks directed at it and took risks, and in the end destroyed Seether and Deathwalker and tied up Orin Midwinter. So I think Allegiant risked more and achieved more. Hero badge goes to him!

However, what I noticed in this match was that... I don't want to see spd 6-7 protectorate warjacks buffed up with choir ever again. Or, of course I want, but it's scary as hell. Game fell to me pretty much by opponent being ignorant of Gorman diWulfe's most powerful attack and its autohitting nature when close enough. Had opponent been more careful in that, it would have been even tougher game. And even now it was awesome.

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