Thursday, January 26, 2012

When Mummy Comes

Today I got to play a two-player When Darkness Comes.

As the two of us had earlier played the introductionish scenario where you kill five zombies, it was time for something new.

Scenario was the one where players hunted the mummy.

And it was a totally lame scenario.

First, there were no real enemies around, except for the mummy itself. And once a lucky "Woo Hoo!" -table roll revealed the building it was in, the players could avoid going there and focus on getting the students & mummy's orb to school instead.

Well, maybe scenario was less thrilling because of our characters. Both had lousy dexterity, which meant that it was a pain to get into buildings. Other attributes were okayish, but again the same thing happened that I complain about every time.

There was no hurry anywhere.

Because of crappy rolls the "heroes" spent 4-5 rounds trying to pick one doors lock, and eventually they had to resort in kicking down the door. It was a bit ridiculous, really.

So, as with the vampire hunt scenario, the mummy scenario requires more suspension to work out.

Anyway, I had shuffled some of the Nameless Mist security disks into the scenario, and they worked really fine. They brought some variety to encounters that the scenario lacked anyway.

About the game itself, it was quite entertaining at least.

My character seemed like the obvious winner for a long time, mostly because the other player had poor luck and collected a good share of Failure tokens and had to spend fortune to get rid of them.

However, if something good is to be said of the scenario, it must be the fact that it was really stingy on victory points. My character, who earlier had a lot more victory points, found the orb and almost all of the students. But still when the game ended she had only 14 victory points, which translated to only one skillpoint.

The other player, however, managed to snatch the victory at the last possible moment, really. When my character had found the last student, opposing player convinced that it was better to hang with her character. Then she rolled an additional turn from Woo Hoo! -table and ran way past for my character to persuade the student back to me.

Once opponents character dropped off the student at the high school, her character had 17 victory points.

After being frustrated enough at the vain attempts of lockpicking, she raised Dexterity of her character. Wise choise, really.

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