Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gimme more 'shroom!

I was visiting a couple of friends... or a friend couple... or what they should be called? Anyway, the point here is that I was visiting friends and because I'm writing here, it means we played some sort of a board game.

Well, I thought we were going to play Smallworld, so I had taken the Tales and Legends event expansion set with me, trying to have a bit less to carry.

But as it turned out, the residing game was Smallworld: Underground.

I was sorely disappointed with this. I mean, I had made some sort of a promise that I wouldn't buy myself the Underground version of Smallworld. But now I had to witness all the nifty cool little extra things over the base game. After this it would take at least twice as much effort to resist the urge to buy Underground.

Enough complaining, about the game itself.

We had three players and decided to use Tales and Legends.

In turn order, race combos chosen were:
Vengeful Iron Dwarves & Their Silver Hammers, Immortal Lizardmen and Stone Drow.

Cards that were in effect at given turns were:
2. Greedy Gob
3. Bling-Bling
4. Blood Brothers
5. Wizened and Old
6. Barbarian Invasions
7. Wheel of Misfortune
8. Mercenaries
9. Baby Boom
10. Forbidden (mushroom) Forest

Vengeful Iron Dwarves proved to be a nasty combo, because other races seemed to be afraid of attacking them because of Vengeance tokens.

To put an insult to injury, Iron Dwarves found a tame Balrog for them to control. Suddenly Lizardmen weren't all that immortal any longer.

On 3rd round the Drow, harassed by Iron Dwarves that were just sitting peacefully at their borders, went in decline. On 4th round they emerged again as Vampire Will o' Wisps, when Blood Brothers were in effect.

4th round was where Iron Dwarves decided to fall in decline too.

On 5th round Iron Dwarves were exchanged for Reborn Mudmen that tried to do as much casualty on Vampire Will o' Wisps, because, really. They had the Killer Bunny's Sword, Stinky Troll's Socks and Flying Doormat at their disposal. And the Vampire -special ability.

Damage done was good enough so that Will o' Wisps went in decline, along with immortal lizardmen. Next round there was the Barbarian Invasions card in effect, meaning three extra race tokens in conquests for new races.

So Fisher Shrooms and Martyr Krakens carved a nice little empire. However, then we knew that next round there would be Wheel of Misfortune coming up, where every player needed to give their race combo to the person on their left.

- Iron Dwarves/Reborn Mudmen player received Martyr Krakens
- Immortal Lizardmen/Fisher Shrooms player received Reborn Mudmen
- Stone Drow/Vampire Will o' the Wisp/Martyr Krakens player received Fisher Shrooms

Last turns there was a hilarious war trend between Reborn Mudmen and Martyr Krakens. They threw the stinky socks of a troll over their borders. Then the other player conquered back the region where the socks were and threw them to neighboring region.

Anyway, final scoreboard was:

Vengeful Iron Dwarves/Reborn Mudmen -> Martyr Krakens: 107
Stone Drow/Vampire Will o' Wisps/Martyr Krakens -> Fisher Shrooms: 81
Immortal Lizardmen/Fisher Shrooms -> Reborn Mudmen: 78

I think the Stone Drow player went in decline with 'Shrooms on 9th round and beat up stuff with a fresh race in the last round, but I have forgotten which race combo it might have been.

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