Saturday, December 31, 2011

Forming a tradition: Part II

Now to the second game of Warmachine I played yesterday.

I wanted to try a weird list with Scaverous. It went like this:

- 2x Slayer
- 2x Nightwretch

And opponent had almost the same list as earlier, except with a caster change:

High Exemplar Kreoss
- Reckoner
- Dervish
- Revenger
Paladin of the Order of the Wall

I lost the starting roll.

Kreoss had cast Lamentation and Defenders Ward was on Revenger.

First picture is probably taken from end of my third turn, where Reckoner had been taking pot shots at my heavy warjacks.

Revenger had charged Slayer that didn't have Death Ward on. Reckoner had also shot the same warjack earlier, but opponent rolled plenty of double 1's and triple 1's during the whole game to balance my last game's 6's somewhat.

Dervish had been thrown away with Telekinesis to prevent a charge. Both slayers did a combo-strike on Revenger, and I was lucky there, as first combo strike (hitting with seven on two dice) destroyed Revenger's shield. Second Slayer rolled a lucky hit with two dice too. Revenger lost movement and shield arm during the process.

Then things got absurd.

Kreoss forgot to use his feat, yet everything charged into melee.

It's a shame we had to proxy so much, because really. It was absurd:

Every single model there is still standing, even with just a couple of damage points.

Even Kreoss himself is banging at Slayer.

But as Kreoss had Lamentation on, Scaverous was left with only bad choices. He couldn't really use his feat and because Kreoss had charged in, Scaverous couldn't walk out of Lamentation range and start flinging spells through one arc node that wasn't engaged.

What I did was moving Scaverous away to a nearby hill and allocating focus to warjacks and hoping for the best. Revenger was destroyed, but Slayer loaded up with focus merely tickled Reckoner.

Nearly broken Slayer landed a solid hit on Paladin, who took three points of damage in. The bugger wasn't even in any stance at that moment.

Next round Kreoss didn't forget to use his feat, and all of my warjacks except one nightwretch (with arc node intact) were blasted by Reckoner & pals.

Scaverous was left with little choice. He started camping all focus and hoping to survive.

He did survive pretty long, killing Paladin in the process and doing little damage to warjacks.

And once he got a possible charge lane to Kreoss (full health) when he was engaged by Reckoner and Dervish and being surrounded by wrecks, Scaverous decided that this was where it all ends.

He cast Ghost Walk on himself and charged Kreoss on the oil barrels with 3 focus left.

First hit scored 5 points in. Second hit scored five points in. There was no third attack.

Kreoss then beat Scaverous personally in melee. Scaverous had only 6 hit points left, though, but Kreoss took them all away with just one glorious attack. Again, the one picture where every model is what it should, hasn't focused right. I guess it focused on the red die back there.

Oh well. Here is the last epic shot:

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